The Rockstar Chapter 183

“No time, I’ve been quite busy lately. Besides, what am I looking for you for? It’s not like I’m chasing you.”

Li Tiezhu was now speaking with a straight face, already immune to Song Zhu’er.

Song Zhu’er’s face collapsed, “Still want to kiss him in person.”

“Please be a human being? People are chasing you with good intentions, are you as good as this? When no one is chasing you, you’re greedy, and when someone is chasing you, you’re disgusted.”

“Isn’t this for me to show my loyalty to you?”

“Old me doesn’t need it!”

“Well then, there’s a bit of other video in hand anyway.”

“Grass! You didn’t film it when you peeled off your trousers, did you?”

Li Tiezhu was so shocked that he was memorising history that he ripped a page out of his book in fear.

Song Zhu’er froze, “What did I film that for, I’m not a pervert.”

“You’re not?”

“I …… shouldn’t be?”

“Hammer! You are.”

“Not to dwell on that, I’ve just picked out some autumn trousers and underwear, I’m sending you the link, help me pick out the ones that look good.”

“Just send me the ones for the autumn trousers, thanks.”

And chat for a while, hung up the video, WeChat more than dozens of links, Li Tiezhu clicked in to take a look at the immediate x off, but also let a person not let a good back?

It was not easy to calm down, the cat came again, Li Tiezhu connected to the video caught off guard, nosebleed almost sprayed out.

“The weather is cold, you still eat popsicles?”

“I just finished that one, I can eat it.”

“Can you eat it properly? You’re like this, who are you scaring?”

“Aren’t popsicles meant to be licked and eaten? Do you have to …… like this? Sigh ……”

“I’m honest, and one by one you guys have to make me the bad guy.”

“Who else? Erha? Did she send you colourful pictures?”


The next day, Li Tiezhu went to ride the little yellow car recording studio early in the morning.

It was a large recording studio that Penguin had been working with for a long time, and now Justin and Zhao Liya were still recording there, the new songs were too much work.

And Li Tiezhu’s “Seventeen Years Old” has already reached the third place on the bestseller list, with more than six million purchases, and Li Tiezhu has thus harvested more achievement values, and is about to break through the one thousand mark.

Music Achievement: 963 points. (Album sells like hotcakes, plus 1 point for every 10,000 people who buy it)

When passing by a milk tea shop, Li Tiezhu stopped and went to buy some milk tea for them to drink, this is what Song Zhu’er taught – the human condition.

Since it was morning, the milk tea shop didn’t have many people, only a man and a woman and two shop assistants.

Li Tiezhu walked up and said, “Hello, I’ll order twenty-five cups of milk tea.”

The male clerk said, “Sir, what specific flavour do you want?”

Li Tiezhu: “Whatever, you look at the adjustment, a few more flavours.”

“Li Tiezhu!”

The female clerk suddenly shouted, scaring the male clerk.

Li Tiezhu was also startled, I’m wearing a mask and a duck tongue cap, only a pair of eyes are exposed: “So you can recognise me?”

The female shopkeeper’s eyes glowed: “Ha! Into dust I know you.”

“I don’t have a grudge against you, do I?”

“No! You’re my favourite bean! Sign it, sign it ……”

The shopgirl was beginning to fear the bar, one leg already up.

The male clerk stopped her, “Koshi, you don’t need to climb out to sign autographs, do you?”

Koshoshi said, “There’s still a group photo to be taken!”

Male shop assistant: “There’s a door over there.”

Xiao Yue then put down his legs and ran out: “You should have said so! You made me lose face in front of my idol.”

The male clerk was speechless, showing Li Tiezhu a look that she is a fool, don’t get along with her, and went to mix the milk tea.

Xiao Yue looks quite cute, looks about the same age as Li Tiezhu, she excitedly led Li Tiezhu to the shop and sat down, signed a photo, and then began to chatter.

“You’re amazing, I love every song!”


“The favourite song is ‘Diao’, I feel full of power after listening to it.”

“Yeah? It’s good to like it.”

“Hey, are you 185 tall?”

“No, 181.”

“I’ll tell you what, I went to the Voice audition and got blown out.”

“Eh ……”

“Actually, I can sing, I just get nervous easily.”


“I’d super like to go to your concert, but I don’t have any money.”


“Did Matsutakeer catch up with you?”


“That’s right! Mustn’t say yes to her too quickly, boys should be reserved …… But she’s really good to you! Head is really iron too! Titanium alloy head!”

“You really don’t need to go help your colleague?”


Only then did Koshi turn his head to see that the male clerk was already busy with twenty-five cups of milk tea, after all.

It was only then that she went back to help, reluctantly.

A moment later, another customer came in, and Koshoshi was busy greeting him.

The customer was an older man who looked at Xiao Yue and said, “How do you sell this milk?”

Xiao Yue blushed: “It’s milk tea, sir.”

“Oh, tea made with milk? Is your milk fresh today?”

“The flavours are written above, what would you like to order sir?”

“Let me add your wechat, I often drink milk, I’ll call you directly when the time comes.”

“Sorry, we have an ordering phone number, and the takeaway app is also available.”

“Don’t do it with this salary of 1,800, listen to my brother, do it with me, it’s super cool to do it with me, and there’s more money.”

“Sorry, I don’t want to change jobs.”

Xiaoyue was already angry, it wasn’t the first time this person had done this, but she couldn’t offend the customer.

The lewd man laughed, “You like selling milk that much?”

Xiaoyue’s eyes were red and she was about to cry.

“So what, order this uncle a cup of strawberry sabi. My treat!”

Li Tiezhu plopped down next to the man and smiled at Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue said, “Is it a strawberry smoothie?”

Li Tiezhu said, “Yes.”

Xiao Yue turned around to make the smoothie as if she was amazed, “Okay. Please wait.”

The lewd man looked at Li Tiezhu with an angry face, “What do you mean?”

Li Tiezhu laughed: “How do you sell this milk?”

Man: “What the hell do I sell milk for?”

“Is your milk fresh?”

“I don’t know… ……”

“Shall I add your wechat? I drink milk often, so I’ll call you directly when the time comes.”


“I don’t know if you’re well paid or not, but you’re not as rich as me anyway, fuck me, it’s super cool to fuck me, and there’s more money.”

“You’re sick, aren’t you?”

“Just say yes or no.”

Li Tiezhu found that his memory was good now, and his central ideas were all correct.

The lewd man turned around to slip away, was Li Tiezhu yanked the collar, struggled a few times to no avail, scared: “Brothers, let go of me, I’ll call the police ah!”

Li Tiezhu looked innocent: “Please eat your smoothie you call the police tube? Not giving face is it?”

The lewd man looked at Li Tiezhu’s block, and the hidden pectoral muscles under the T-shirt, did not dare to speak.

Li Tiezhu pushed him towards the shop, “You are not allowed to leave until you finish eating.”

Over there, Xiao Yue has already shivered with laughter, amused and grateful, really relieved, Li Tiezhu is great! Worthy of being my favourite bean!