The Rockstar Chapter 184

Soon ah, Xiao Yue served the strawberry smoothie as fast as she could, the portion was full, she gratefully glanced at Li Tiezhu and said to the lewd man, “Please enjoy your meal, sir.”

The lewd man did not move and looked at Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu laughed twice and said, “Don’t be polite! Do you think I am joking with you? Said to invite you to invite you, do not eat is not to give face to the brother. I this person it, the temper is not too good ……”

But all lewd men are usually goons, without exception, a little bit of guts are not bother to do this kind of thing to scratch the itch, directly to the QJ.

Therefore, this big brother silently ate a smoothie, the speed is quite fast.

Not long after finishing his food, he said, “Can I go now?”

Li Tiezhu: “It’s okay if you don’t go, I’ll take you to a fun place to play?”

The lewd man was so scared that he rolled and ran away, afraid of being anal.

He didn’t recognise Li Tiezhu, maybe he usually doesn’t pay attention to entertainment, but Li Tiezhu wasn’t afraid of him recognising him, it was just so rigid.

Xiao Yue filled twenty five cups of milk tea with two cardboard boxes, and did not strain to hold it over, laughing: “Thank you! That guy comes often, annoying as hell, but I can’t scold him.”

“Just call the police!”

Li Tiezhu looked at her petite body, I didn’t think it was still very strong, these milk tea thirty or forty pounds.

Xiao Yue slightly shook her head, “If I call the police, the boss will fire me. It’s hard to find a job ……”

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen, forty-nine days older than you.”

“Don’t you study?”

“I dropped out of school when I was fourteen, my family didn’t have any money, my grades weren’t good, stupid, and my dad was too tired at the steel factory, so I came to work in East China Sea.”

“Hey ……”

“I can support myself now, and I can still send five hundred to my family every month.”

“Isn’t your salary 1,800? Why do you still send money?”

“When mum and dad see that I can still send money home, they’ll think, I must be doing okay in Donghai. Although …… mum won’t necessarily miss me.”


Li Tiezhu already did not know what to say, lowered his head and saw that the edges of her canvas shoes were already yellowed and the cloth was brushed and hairy, she was indeed a poor child, but she did not need pity.

He smiled, ”Cheer up! You’re great, Ogoshi! Everything will pass, be brave when things happen.”

Kotoshi nodded fiercely, “Thank you!”

Li Tiezhu carried the milk tea and left.

Xiao Yue was still leaning against the door to watch, and could no longer see the silhouette.


For the matter of Li Tiezhu’s treating himself to milk tea, Zhao Liya felt extraordinarily surprised, when did this bastard become enlightened? It must be Song Zhu’er’s nudging, having a girlfriend is different!

Aiya, my stupid brother Tiezhu finally got the hang of it.

“What are you thinking about? Keep staring, talking to you.”

Li Tiezhu poked Zhao Liya.

Zhao Liya came back to her senses and sipped her original milk tea, “What is it?”

Li Tiezhu was now in the lounge where Zhao Liya was recording her songs, just the two of them, and next door were the teachers who were busy fixing the sound.

Zhao Liya’s eyes are a little dark, her look is a little tired, and she seems to have lost some weight when she was already thin.

Li Tiezhu said, “You don’t look in good shape, you are exhausted from recording the song, right?”

Zhao Liya nodded: “The last song is stuck in the main, I wrote it myself, but I always feel that the writing is not good, the arrangement is also poorly …… teachers said that you can give up, this album is a total of ten songs, abandon one if there are only nine songs left.”

Li Tiezhu said: “Nine songs on nine, why do you have to ten songs? Your health is important. In your condition, I’m embarrassed to ask for your help.”

Zhao Liya: “What kind of help?”

“I was going to ask you to help me check, the game soundtrack for Dream – Three Kingdoms, recorded a few songs, you’re a professional in this area of music, are you free later, go with me to listen to it and give me some advice.”

“Oh, free, there’s plenty of time! Anyway, the last song is stuck, it’s just the right time to go with you to find inspiration.”

“Well, thank you. After recording the song, you’re going back to Shudu to go to school, right?”

“No, I still have to go on roadshows to play songs, and I even have to go on a few music radio shows. You think everyone’s like you and the whole country knows about your album? Penguin gives you a big cover push straight away! What if I don’t advertise and the album doesn’t sell?”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, “Eh …… what about your studies?”

Zhao Liya said, “I can score 480 points in my first year of high school by doing the college entrance examination paper, what is this? If I don’t study for a year, I can get into the first class line. Besides, I’ll only take the college entrance exam the year after next, and the exam will also be for Chuanle where my parents are.”

Li Tiezhu: “Excuse me ……”

“Silly column.”


“What’s going on with you and Leng Ba and Song Zhu Er? Two days ago, Song Zhu’er called me to ask me about you and Lengba, I didn’t tell her about the cat. Cat also called me and asked me if Song Zhu’er was a whim or serious, what do you think I can say?”

“Erm …… a word.”

“So, long story short, did you and Cat have sex yet? Oh, got it.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“No need to explain, Semi-Raider status, I get it! You can’t hide anything from your face. Where’s Matsutake-chan? Wow! It’s a real favourite!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Don’t be sophomoric, your eyes betrayed you, your true love is Song Zhu’er. Tsk tsk tsk ……”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Of course not, I just swindled you a bit, I didn’t expect you to admit it yourself. You think I have mind reading? It’s all lies you wa le, melon le ……”

“Even you have become bad.”

“No, silly column, in fact, not bad. You think about what we learnt in maths, triangles are the most stable shape, right? I’m with you! Take it all in!”

“Lia, why are you calling me Silly Pillar?”


“A man used to call me that, but in a letter.”


Joelia pursed her lips and asked knowingly.

After chatting with Li Tiezhu for a while, Zhao Liya’s state was also a little better, but she just wasn’t going to tell Li Tiezhu who she was.

I can not say the reason, she has always been a bit of bad taste, such as teasing the cat in public, such as thanking Wan Yun mother mother is really good, such as encouraging Song Zhuer to pursue Li Tiezhu, that book of nine nine is what she recommended to Song Zhuer. Resurrection match that time, Zhao Liya can see that Song Zhu’er has feelings for Li Tiezhu, at that time, Song Zhu’er herself did not know, so Zhao Liya backhand is a set of combinations ……

She is a dark belly little villain with the appearance of a white rabbit.

Li Tiezhu said, “Her name is Ya Ya, Shu Du Tu chamber primary school 2006 class three. Wasn t it a time when big cities supported poor mountainous areas? I was in the third grade, and their class was associated with our class, and the pen pal I was assigned to was Ya Ya, whose full name was Zhao Ya Ya.”

Zhao Liya snickered, I Zhao Ya Ya changed my name, haha, even though we should not know each other!

Li Tiezhu pondered, “She doesn’t know my full name, right? I wrote a letter to introduce me as a pillar, she called me a silly pillar, the recipient of the letter wrote Li Zhuzi, we wrote a letter for three years, the beginning of the letter inside a lot of pinyin.”

Zhao Liya also some emotion, indeed, a grade younger Zhao Liya know more words than Li Tiezhu: “Then how to break?”

Li Tiezhu said: “How do you know it is broken? Sure enough smart. Later, my father took me to the field to go to school, write to her, she did not return to me.”

Zhao Liya heart said not coincidentally ah, coincidentally that time she also transferred to school, the first time to silly column where the school wrote a letter to inform, also did not receive a reply.

This break is six or seven years.

Zhao Liya smiled and said, “What kind of person is she?”

Li Tiezhu said, “She is super powerful! Very smart, in the second grade knew a lot of words, almost never use pinyin, a lot of words I do not know, can only turn the dictionary. Moreover, she also learnt to play the piano, and she plays very well! You remember the music box, don’t you? The song to Alice in it, she played it when she was ten years old, amazing, right?”

Zhao Liya: “You’re in the music business now, can’t you hear that song is played badly?”

Li Tiezhu was embarrassed for a moment: “She was ten years old at that time, and she was already very good!”

“The octave box she sent?”

“Well, after she knew my mother died, she sent me the octave box to make me brave. I didn’t have any money, so I had to pick up a rock that looked like a panda and send it to her, the postage was so expensive! I dug bitter bamboo shoots for a month to save enough money.”

“Heh heh heh ……”

Zhao Liya smiled with eyes like crescent moons, then a little melancholy, yes, the panda stone, has been thrown into the river bay by the mother who loves you the most, Wan Yun ……

Li Tiezhu was also a little lost in thought.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for triggering the special song, please ask if you want to buy it?]

It’s not even a competition anymore, and there’s a special offer song? Looks like it’s a long-term benefit, similar to …… inspiration.

A song about a childhood friend?


Save up for now, the special only costs 1 IQ point anyway, but it seems like this song doesn’t really suit male voices.

Chatting and chatting the milk tea bottomed out, Li Tiezhu stood up, “Let’s go, go to the recording studio where the game soundtrack is recorded, and help me guide some professional issues.”

Zhao Liya followed and stood up, “Good.”

“Ya …… Tiezhu! My Tiezhu, where’s my mobile phone?”

Suddenly, a sharp voice came from the doorway.

Zhao Liya covered her face, “Mum, calm down, and don’t call me by my nickname.”

Only then did Liuanyun calm down quite a bit, took out her mobile phone and walked in, and without asking, she forced Li Tiezhu to take several pictures with her.

Li Tiezhu was confused, what is the situation?

Zhao Liya: ”This is my mother, Ms Liu Wan Yun, also your iron fan. I’m in a bad state recording songs, she took time off work these days to come over to take care of me and make soup for me.”

Saying this, Zhao Liya went to take the thermos box that Liu Wan Yun was carrying in her hand.

Liuanyun raised her hand and handed it to Li Tiezhu: “Tiezhu, come and taste auntie’s handiwork.”

Zhao Liya: “This ……”

Li Tiezhu thief embarrassed: “Thank you, give it to Liya to drink, I don’t need it.”

“She is not a pig, can’t drink so much, auntie give you a feast, you taste, taste ……”

“Then thank you ah.”

“How does it taste? Who’s that, don’t you have any hands yourself?”


“Right? I learnt this from the national banquet chef, you serve less and save some for Tie Zhu, rude.”

“That’s enough, Auntie.”

“This girl has been unruly since she was a child, don’t get on her bad side.”

Zhao Liya’s face was expressionless, her eyes were empty, and she mechanically drank her soup, I knew it would be like this.

After drinking the soup, Li Tiezhu took Zhao Liya and Liuanyun to another recording studio. When it comes to professionalism, Liuanyun is the real professional, Li Tiezhu respectfully asked her to guide, Liuanyun was very happy and severely belittled Zhao Liya.

When he arrived at the recording studio, Li Tiezhu went in and applied to the producer in charge of the recording, after all, if he brought someone to listen to unreleased music without permission, he was afraid that the teacher would think that Li Tiezhu didn’t trust him.

Zhao Liya and Liu Wan Yun were in the lounge.

Zhao Liya: “Mum, remember not to call me by my nickname in front of Li Tiezhu.”

Liu Wan Yun suddenly showed a wary look, “Why? Is Ya Ya hard to hear? What are you doing? It can’t be that you like Li Tiezhu, right? Just you? Song Zhu’er won’t beat you to death I’ll beat you to death!”

Zhao Liya rolled her eyes in anger: “I would like him? It’s like this, he’s that pen pal of mine from primary school, the panda stone that you threw away was sent by him ……”

Liu Wan Yun was surprised, “It would be such a coincidence?”

“Hehe! How do you feel now? Personally lost the panda stone your family Tie Zhu gave you.”

“It’s all your fault! I want to beat you up again!”

“Why should I be blamed?”

“Who told you to hit your grandpa’s walnut with a panda stone? Otherwise I could have thrown it for you?”

“Aren’t walnuts meant to be smashed for eating?”

“That’s the walnut your grandpa has been coiling for twenty years!”

“I know.”

“You knew and you still smashed it?”

“I just wanted to know if the twenty year old walnuts were bad inside, and if they were still edible. Besides, isn’t there one left for him?”

“How can one dish?”

“It’s not like Grandpa blames me, he loves me so much.”

“He doesn’t blame you, but I’ll have to beat you up, too… gotta show some attitude. Otherwise it’s not polite!”

Not long after Li Tiezhu came out and invited the two to go in and listen to the recorded music, only then did Liu Wanyun give Zhao Liya a lump in the face in anger, terminating the conversation of dumping each other, Zhao Liya was beaten without temper.

Li Tiezhu said, “Auntie, what’s wrong? Don’t hit Liya.”

Liu Wan Yun: “It’s fine, she was beaten by me since she was a child, she looks weak, but she is actually very resistant to beating.”

Li Tiezhu was speechless.

Zhao Liya glared at Li Tiezhu: “What are you looking at? Do you still want to test if I’m resistant to beating?”

Li Tiezhu: “That’s not so ……”

Entering the recording studio, the teacher played all twenty-four pieces of music, totalling more than forty minutes.

This was the first time Zhao Liya and Liu Wanyun had heard the soundtrack of Dream-Three Kingdoms, and they were clearly awed.

Zhao Liya frowned, she thought that the gap between herself and Li Tiezhu wasn’t too big, he writes better songs than me, I crush him in singing, and I can still catch up in song writing. This is also the reason why she is so entangled in the last song of the album, there is an obsession, Li Tiezhu’s new album is hot, she does not want her new album to flop.

But by now, she realised that the gap between herself and Li Tiezhu’s composing talent is huge, no wonder this game is willing to take out 20 million sky-high price to find Li Tiezhu such a newcomer.

The twenty-four soundtracks are all very short, but the atmosphere is majestic and reverberating, all very good to listen to.

In addition to the theme song of Dreaming of the Three Kingdoms, the song of the four seasons is the best.

The Spring Sprout is lively and melodious, showing the vitality of all things in the spring in the best possible way.

Summer’s March” is a stirring and magnificent piece, combining the vigour and lushness of summer with the advancement of war in a clever way.

Autumn’s Abundance” is joyful and surging, with a great sense of autumn’s high and refreshing harvest.

The Silence of Winter” is bleak and solemn, with goose feather snow accompanied by the harsh north wind sweeping in, carrying the heavy breath of history.

There are also tunes such as “Prologue”, “Superiority”, “Breaking the Bamboo”, “Battle”, “Yoyo”, “Past Times” and “Ultimate”, all of which are great to listen to, in addition to presenting their respective themes with great precision.

These pieces are highly unified yet innovative in style, combining classical Chinese instruments with Western orchestration in seconds, i.e. classical and majestic.

Zhao Liya was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say, having previously felt that it was both.

Now, she just wanted to be a singer in peace.

Liu Wan Yun also froze for a long time, she has always thought that she powder Li Tiezhu so the position is a little biased, often give people wildly blowing Li Tiezhu’s composing talent, there is exaggeration and moisture.

Now, she realised that she still underestimated Li Tiezhu, his level, is already a master.

This world really has geniuses!

“Before, I was lamenting why you didn’t take the Chuanle exam.” Liu Wan Yun shook her head, “Now I understand, there is no need for you to go to Chuan Le, because many of the composition department professors of Chuan Le may not be able to write a piece like this, whereas you can write twenty-four pieces in such a short period of time, and your style is still so uniform.”

“Professor Liu overpraised, I’m sorry.”

Li Tiezhu blushed at the compliment, I’m not a genius, I’m just simply hung over.

Liu Wan Yun said, “Just call me auntie, so what can I make some suggestions? The composition is completely fine, a work of genius, there are some minor flaws in the recording. Teacher Chen?”

The producer, Teacher Chen Pin, who also knew Liu Wan Yun, smiled and said, “What are you polite about, just say it directly, I also found some problems, just to discuss it together.”

Liu Wan Yun then spoke meticulously about the problems in several tracks, mentioning them professionally.

Li Tiezhu completely unable to insert words, even listen to not quite understand, Zhao Liya understand but do not dare to speak, absolutely forced to be beaten.

Teacher Chen Pin, on the other hand, talked to her in a back and forth manner.

An hour later, finally finished talking.

Chen Pin said, “Tie Zhu, don’t worry! This series of your soundtracks is definitely top-notch in the industry, if these twenty-four songs still can’t hold up Dream-Three Kingdoms, then the other games will just go straight off the shelves.”

Li Tiezhu was really a bit worried about it, and he was relieved to hear that the professionals had approved it.

Out of the recording studio, Liu Wanyun is still praising Li Tiezhu, Li Tiezhu himself can not listen to it, embarrassed as a match.

Zhao Liya did not dare to speak, for fear of being beaten.


A slap on Zhao Liya’s back.

“Ugh ……”

Zhao Liya was unsurprised that the second boot had finally landed, Wan Yun’s mother punched her when she was upset and punched her when she was happy, anyway, she couldn’t have too many mood swings is all.

Liu Wan Yun said, “Heh! Just you? Still want to catch up with my family’s Tie Zhu? Not self-important.”

Zhao Liya: “I was wrong, I won’t dare again ……”

Li Tiezhu: “This …… Liya, isn’t your last song stuck master? How about, I send you a song?”

Liu Wan Yun: “Give her to spoil a good song to do what? You stay and sing it yourself.”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

Zhao Liya: “What’s the name?”

Li Tiezhu: “Or you gave me inspiration, I remembered that I used to write letters with Yaya, the name of the song is ‘Little’, turn around and write it for you.”

Zhao Liya vaguely handed out a look towards Liu Wanyun, “It was originally a song written for me”, said: “Good.”


Liuanyun slapped Zhao Liya on the back of her head, “Say thank you, rude.”

Zhao Liya: “Thank you ……”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, this Professor Liu is a bit raw!

The time has come to twelve o’clock.

Liu Wan Yun glared angrily at Zhao Liya, her hand was already stupid, Zhao Liya hurriedly said, “Silly column, I still owe you a meal, I’ll treat you to barbecue meat!”

Li Tiezhu: “Eating roast meat at noon?”

Zhao Liya nodded: “If you don’t want me to get beaten up, follow me.”


Zhao Liya: “Awwwwwwww ……”

Liu Wan Yun withdrew her hand and smiled at Li Tiezhu: “It’s rare that Liya treats her, go go go, you’ve written three songs for her, plus ‘Little’ is four, consider it her way of thanking you ……”

Soon, the three came to a barbecue restaurant.

The barbecue meat still smelled good, and Liu Wan Yun was very talkative.

Chatting and chatting Li Tiezhu was not restrained, except for the heartache of Zhao Liya who was slapped from time to time, the meal was still very fragrant.

Only, Professor Liu’s words are too sharp, Li Tiezhu is a little bit unable to catch.

“How far have you and Song Zhu’er come? Is she really still chasing you?”

“Such a good girl, what are you still hesitating for?”

“Lia doesn’t bully you, does she? If she bullies you, you can just beat her up, she just owes a beating.”

“Then who, from now on, don’t call Silly Pillar, call Brother Tie Zhu, okay?”

“Tie Zhu ah, add a WeChat, in the future if there is anything directly find auntie, understand?”

“If someone in the circle dares to bully you, Auntie will help you out, Liya’s grandfather will not say, you know. My dad, Zhao Liya her grandfather vice state level retired ……”

“Last time you were eliminated, you want to get Yehnala to come, fortunately later you came back. This time they can not be good, you wait and see good.”

Zhao Liya secretly rolled her eyes, dozens of years old and still spelling father, chasing a star as far as?


Liuanyun didn’t even need to look, she knew that the little one must be spitting at her in her heart, and decisively struck out, and then said to Li Tiezhu: “In a few days, you’re going to rehearse for the Spring Festival Gala, right? Auntie will help you say hello.”

Li Tiezhu was flattered and quickly thanked him.

This aunt is a real big brother ah, Li Tiezhu never dreamed that he could dine with this kind of big shot. Although she is engaged in music, but her father is indeed a textbook character, the kind of war hero, no wonder she played Zhao Liya so smoothly, it seems to be the family style inheritance ……

Just, she is such a high-end character, how can she be my fan?

Zhao Liya’s eyes are very poisonous, directly said, “Don’t guess blindly, my mother powdered you in the beginning because you don’t have a mother.”

Snap! Snap ……


“Auntie you calm down, don’t cop out!”

“Hoo…… haven’t beaten her for a long time a bit impulsive. Tiezhu you see, I told you that she is resistant to beating, right?”

“Mum, you beat the beating, but do not pull my hair okay? Weed bald all ……”

“Auntie, Liya, eat eat eat.”

In the afternoon of the same day, Li Tiezhu used the tablet to make the sheet music and accompaniment demo of “Little” and gave it to Zhao Liya.

“It’s so beautiful!”

Zhao Liya was a bit bitter, why is it that when Li Tiezhu casually writes, every song is a classic? I can’t even scratch my head for months?

Li Tiezhu said, “There is a small request, is it okay to attach a line of small words to the back of the song? Write: To Ya Ya. Although I have never met her and she is far different from what is written in the lyrics, it is still a song for her.”

Zhao Liya nodded, of course it’s okay, I sing songs dedicated to myself, well, it makes sense.

After squatting in the recording studio for two days and helping Zhao Liya record “Little”, Li Tiezhu took the finished Three Kingdoms song to Electric Spirit Company and then took a car to Nandu to participate in the recording of “Masked Singer”.

“What the mumble? You have to prepare talent for a singing programme?”

Li Tiezhu was confused by the director of the programme, he is not seen this show, after a few bad times, began to fall into contemplation, I Li Tiezhu in addition to moving bricks, fighting, driving a tractor, killing pigs, what other talents to come?