The Rockstar Chapter 185

Early in the morning of 27th October, Li Tiezhu came to Sunan TV Station, he was one of the first to arrive, one after another other singers also came, came three.

Li Tiezhu got up and called his teacher, said hello and then sat down obediently.

Li Tiezhu is not familiar with them, and do not know if they are red, anyway, he did not pay much attention to the entertainment industry before he did not know. They knew each other and chatted, and Li Tiezhu sat alone with his mobile phone to brush the history questions.

Fifth, finally came a recognition, dark and tanned male singer, everyone rose to greet greet.

Li Tiezhu was the first: “Good day, Mr Sun.”

Sun Nan: “Hello, the young man is very good! I’ve heard all your songs.”

Li Tiezhu said, “Thank you.”

A female singer suddenly realised: “Dare I say that Li Tiezhu doesn’t know us, just now to us are teacher good teacher good, without a surname. I thought he looked down on us.”

Another male singer said, “He is simply do not know, look down on who can not look down on you ah, you come out of the same programme.”

The female singer then teased Li Tiezhu: “Tiezhu, do you know me?”

Li Tiezhu shook his head awkwardly: “Sorry, I’m face blind.”

The female singer laughed: “Good excuse! You still recognise Mr Sun Nan?”

Li Tiezhu uttered, “Uh, this this …… he’s black.”

You damn well have the nerve to say someone else is black?

Sun Nan all laughed and sprayed: “Well, you guys don’t tease him, he’s so nervous that he’s black and red. Let me introduce you, this is Yu Wei who came out from The Voice like you, this is Luo Xu, and that one is Yang Wenwen.”

Li Tiezhu: “Hello Teacher Yu, hello Teacher Luo, hello Teacher Yang.”

Yu Wei came in, “Good day, Teacher Li.”

Li Tiezhu picked his brain, and everyone laughed along with him, this kid is quite funny.

“What are you laughing at? So happy?”

A delicate and gentle voice came, and a beautiful woman walked into the doorway.

Sun Nan: “They’re teasing Tie Zhu, it’s really as funny and honest as on the programme.”

The woman laughed: “He’s honest my arse!”

Yu Wei patted Li Tiezhu: “Come, come, face-blind teacher Li, do you know this one?”

Li Tiezhu nodded: “I know. Auntie Yang Mi.”

“Pfft ……”

Yu Wei laughed and sprayed, Auntie?

The rest of the few were snickering too.

Yang Mi took two steps to Li Tiezhu and pointed at him, “I’ll give you one more chance, you reorganise your language for me.”

Li Tiezhu smiled nervously, “Then …… big sister?”

Yang Mi stomped her feet, “Call Miss Sister.”

Li Tiezhu: “Miss sister.”

Where is small? Obviously, it is very big, very big, more than ten years older than me.

Yang Mi shook her head breathlessly and sat down next to Li Tiezhu, sneering, “I’ll tell you, he’s not honest at all, if he’s an honest man, then I’m the Holy Daughter …… tsk tsk ……”

The cabbage that I have raised for several years has been arched by you, and it is still honest? Of course, it can also be said that the cabbage has arched the pig.

Yu Wei and the others are a little embarrassed, this big brother Yang seems to have a lot of opinions about Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu didn’t understand how to offend her, so he had to be silent and didn’t know how to respond. The relationship in this entertainment industry is too complicated, I have not the kind of small wit like Song Zhu’er, how can I get it right?


Right, I forgot to send the gift, it must be so.

“So what, I brought some small gifts for the teachers, I hope you don’t mind, thanks.”

Saying that, Li Tiezhu took out five cans of Bamboo Leaf Green Tea from the small box next to him, and gave them to five people respectively. Each can is also several hundred it, not cheap, Li Tiezhu himself can’t afford to drink it, this is Song Zhu’er teaching with merit.

A few people have briefly thanked Li Tiezhu, Yang Mi is a sneer:

“This is what you call an honest man? All know to send gifts.”

Li Tiezhu was embarrassed again.

Sun Nan felt that Yang Mi had gone a bit too far and took the initiative to solve the problem, “This show is a half-true, half-false show, the guessing panel doesn’t know who we are, but the director’s team will also give them hints to act out for the audience to see, there are both true and false. The first round is a chorus, we just happen to be three men and three women, see how to divide it up? Lady’s choice!”

Yu Wei had a bit of pity for Li Tiezhu and said, “I’ll choose first, I’ll choose my fellow junior brother Li Tiezhu.”

Li Tiezhu smiled gratefully.

Yang Mi quit, “Sister Yu, let me have it? I want to group with Li Tiezhu.”

Yu Wei had a bit of trouble keeping up, “You’re not ……”

Yang Mi froze: “You guys don’t think I’m targeting Li Tiezhu, do you? I can’t wait to love him, how could I be targeting him! He even wrote ‘Cool’ for my drama. Don’t worry, I just don’t see eye to eye with him.”

Yu Wei: “But he doesn’t seem to see eye to eye with you.”

Yang Mi: “That’s true, hasn’t he never met me.”

In the end, Li Tiezhu and Yang Mi were divided into a rehearsal room, Yang Mi brought three assistants and a make-up artist into the scene, and after everything was put in place, the assistants and make-up artist retreated, leaving only Li Tiezhu and Yang Mi in the rehearsal room.

Yang Mi looked up and asked, “Where is your assistant?”

Li Tiezhu: “I don’t have an assistant.”

“What about the make-up artist?”

“Doesn’t the show provide one?”

“Will the one provided by the programme team work? Where did you get a make-up artist when you used to go on other variety shows?”

“Rubbed it in! Infinite Challenge didn’t have a make-up at the very beginning, then rubbed off on Brother Fang Bo’s make-up artist, and in Mushroom House it was rubbed off on Brother Yue’s.”

“So you’re rubbing me today?”

“Forget it if you don’t want to, I’ll find the programme team.”

Yang Mi’s expression was particularly weird: “Don’t! I’m willing to let you rub up against me. Later, I’ll let my make-up artist make you look handsome, so that when she watches the programme, she’ll be so greedy that she’ll be able to see and eat it.”

Li Tiezhu was bewildered: “Who drools? What can’t eat? Teacher didn’t you have breakfast?”

Yang Mi suddenly laughed and slapped her thighs, “Hahahahaha ow…… that’s funny! I fucking finally understand now what her cool point is! Who can top this nymphet! You are also too cute, right?”

Li Tiezhu: “Actually, I also brought two rolls.”


Yang Mi laughed out of her eyes and came up for air.

Li Tiezhu then ignored her, like a madman. He took the tablet out and started to catch up with Miss Leng Ba’s Three Lives, and suddenly saw that the protagonist inside the drama was none other than Yang Mi, and he reacted to the fact that this Mimi seemed to be the boss of the cat.

Then she just said that she ……

Li Tiezhu cold sweat came down, could she know something?

Yang Mi is a human essence, a glance to see through Li Tiezhu’s mind: “Do not doubt, should know should not know, I know all, there are a lot of you do not know, I also know. I also know that your cat is called Xiao Jiu.”

Li Tiezhu panicked, at a loss for words.

Drooling? Can t eat …… is too scary!

Yang Mi raised her eyebrows, I like to see you nervous, that one is probably in the same mindset, right? Tsk! Quite good at playing ah!

Until Li Tiezhu fumbled to take out his mobile phone ready to give Leng Ba “alarm”, Yang Mi only spoke:

“OK! She did not bring a mobile phone during the daytime filming, don’t be nervous. I guessed this matter, asked her and she admitted it, not that I secretly investigated her ah. And don’t worry, I can keep my mouth shut better than you two! She is the top card in my hand, if this matter were to be spread out, how would I lose out?”

Li Tiezhu nodded his head repeatedly, relieved, thought for a moment, and said:

“Sister Mimi, this matter is my fault. You’re right I’m not honest, I bar, saw that teacher Leng Ba is beautiful, then moved bad thoughts, it’s all my fault, she actually refused.”

Yang Mi was surprised to look at Li Tiezhu, did not say anything.

Li Tiezhu said, “I am sorry, this matter gives you trouble, also …… quite delayed her.”

Yang Mi said, “Listen to your two words, I am finally relieved. You two who took the initiative, can I not know? I and she is not only the boss and employees, but also friends are sisters, not more than you pro? She didn’t hide it from me, so don’t take the blame for her.”

Li Tiezhu ran out of words, “……”

Yang Mi tone eased a lot: “Know why I just scared you? It is to let you experience the consequences of this matter leaked in advance, and she will be even more miserable than you, you are a male, shrink your head and pass, and her? The image is all ruined. So, you have to be extra careful.”

Li Tiezhu nodded his head, thinking, isn’t the safest way to directly separate?

Yang Mi couldn’t help but ask, “Hey, are you really adamantine?”

Li Tiezhu instantly cracked even leveled …… that is the cat described the fierce words, this are chatting? The women are so open to each other?

Yang Mi said: “Forget it! Let’s choose a song, which song will we sing in the afternoon?”

Li Tiezhu nodded repeatedly, skipped, skipped …… He is now mending the song library, but it is still a little slow, said, “Mimi sister you choose, I can do it, I can barely keep up with the ones I haven’t learnt by listening to them a few times.”

Yang Mi then directly set the song, and then the two simply rehearsed.

At noon, Li Tiezhu waited for the programme team to release the boxed lunch, and was taken directly to eat outside by Yang Mi.

Li Tiezhu also struggled a bit, “Sister, the programme team has a boxed lunch, I’ll just eat the boxed lunch.”

Yang Mi domineering: “I promised her to take good care of you, follow me. Originally, I was the next issue of the programme, she let me transfer to a period with you, saying that she was afraid that you do not know how to cooperate with the programme team. Hey, Li Tiezhu, you in your past life is to repair how much good fortune ah? Recently that guy is getting spooked!”

Li Tiezhu didn’t understand a bit.

Yang Mi himself could not understand the special people like Leng Ba, obviously should be angry and resentful, right? How also ……

During the meal, Yang Mi also deliberately asked about Wang Da Shao.

She knew that Wang Dashao had bumped into Li Tiezhu at Leng Ba’s house, so she was even more curious about why Wang Dashao had a good relationship with Li Tiezhu, but it was still good. After learning that Wang Dashao pestered Leng Ba because of a bet, Yang Mi’s appetite was quite bad, and she stopped before eating two bites.

But Yang Mi is also clear that this matter is good for Leng Ba, otherwise if Wang Da Shao retaliated, she and Li Tiezhu can not carry.


In the afternoon, before the recording of the programme began to select masks, Yang Mimi picked a squinty-eyed smile emoticon bag headgear, the programme team named “squinty-eyed smile is very chicken thief”, Li Tiezhu picked a sunglasses pig headgear, the programme team named “against the wind to fly the pig-killing sauce”, the other people also picked their own headgear, the programme team named “the pig-killing sauce”. The others also chose their own headgear.

Sun Nan and Yang Wenwen appeared on the stage, Sun Nan was signed for two periods, the last period has not been picked up, this time and Yang Wenwen chorus after a song, directly be picked up, was invited to guessing group as a special guest, Yang Wenwen into the second round.

The second round was Yang Mimi and Li Tiezhu.

The host Li wanted to say, “…… Here are the second group of guests, squinty-eyed smile very chicken thief and fly against the wind killing sauce, to bring you a song ‘waiting for you to be old’.”

The stage darkened, Li Tiezhu and Yang Mimi were helped by the staff to send them to the stage, after all, they couldn’t see the road with their headgear.

This is the first time Li Tiezhu sang someone else’s song, barely, at least better than Yang Mimi next to her, she was out of tune several times, and the inflection was a little far, it is estimated that the teacher who fixes the sound in the later stage will curse.

Li Tiezhu’s singing skills are average, but his voice is very good, sharp high notes and charming low notes.

Yang Mi’s strength is also okay as long as she doesn’t go out of tune.

Overall it’s still good, especially after the late repair of the sound, put on TV certainly will not lose face is.

The crowd spontaneously applauded when the song was sung, and although the audience was small, it was still substantial when stacked up later in the day.

The four guessing teachers also had different expressions, Big Teacher was shaking his head, Chen Jia Painting Teacher was nodding his head repeatedly with some surprise, Qi Xian Teacher was humming with his eyes closed to the tune of the male voice, and Tao Jingjing was applauding, although there was an element of acting, there was also truth.

Several guessing guests are also eye-catching, after all, on the show is to steal the camera.

Hou Xiaopei held her face with a face of infatuation, eyes are shining: “Wow! This voice is so good, it’s so magnetic, I have goosebumps.”

Sun Nan: “He’s still singing with his voice collected, not all of it is his original voice, otherwise you might have to get drunk.”

Hou Xiaopei: “You’ve met them, haven’t you? Brother Nan, tell me who he is, quietly.”

Sun Nan: “I can’t say.”

After the song was sung, the host Li wanted to come on: “Thank you both for singing, let’s start by asking the squinty-eyed smile student, why did you choose this headgear?”

With the voice changer on, Yang Mi’s voice was a bit low: “Because the headgear you guys prepared are all mega ugly, strangely ugly, just this one still looks good, you’re looking at this one next door to me, what the hell ……”

Li wanted to say, “So this is a beautiful woman, then ……”

Yang Mi disliked: “Could it still be a handsome man? Is my deep V evening dress very masculine, or is my career line not deep enough?”

The whole audience laughed and applauded.

Li Xiang said awkwardly, “Sorry for taking offence! I’ll punish myself with three glasses.”

He pretended to drink three glasses of wine and came back to Li Tiezhu, “If I’m not mistaken, this Flying Against the Wind Killing Sauce should be a male.”

Yang Mi disliked again, “Are you blind? Their arms are thicker than your legs, how many female celebrities have you seen with these arms besides Jia Lin? And they are half a head taller than you.”

Li thought, “I …… say anything is wrong anyway, I’ll just ask directly, pig killing sauce do you know how to kill a pig?”

Li Tiezhu hesitated, “Er ……”

Li wanted: “What are you hesitating ah? It …… is difficult for me, and the teachers of the guessing panel don’t need to ask anymore, how simple it is.”

Li Tiezhu stammered, “I don’t know how to kill a pig.”

Li thought: “Don’t stutter when you lie.”

Yang Mi laughed maniacally next to him, “Hahaha ……”

The guessing teachers and guests on the opposite side of the room also laughed, this Nima directly solved the problem with a pike, so embarrassing!

The first battle is the final battle!


How can the show still be recorded? It’s a show that’s meant to be suspenseful!

There were individuals who didn’t know, but also reaped the benefits of the information in the exchanges of words, revealing expressions of dawning realisation, after all, Li Tiezhu was considered to be a famous person during this period of time.

Sun Nan saw that everyone knew, so he had to tell Hou Xiaopei.

Hou Xiaopei’s face turned even redder and exclaimed exaggeratedly, “So it’s you! I know you, the song you wrote is really super invincible and good, moreover, you have a great body, I’ve seen that picture of you showing your abs online ……”

The audience also laughed their heads off, Li Tiezhu deserved to be Li Tiezhu, the style of the programmes he participated in was always different from others.

Li Tiezhu was a bit flustered, thought for half a day, and waited for everyone’s laughter to die down before he said to Li Xiang: “The one that just pinched, let’s reenact it again? If you were guessed at the beginning ……”

Li thought, “Are you afraid of affecting the effect of the programme?”

Li Tiezhu: “That’s not true, I’m just afraid of looking too stupid.”

Another round of laughter.

Li Think: “Okay, the programme team cut you out, so let’s do it again ah!”

When the programme aired a week later, the segment was not subtracted.

The pop-up dogs mocked it like crazy:

“Li Tiezhu hahahahaha ……”

“The programme is too doggy.”

“Serious brother is also a real budding man, revealing himself when asked.”

“My heart aches for Brother Serene.”

“The key is, this paragraph is not reduced, and the back is asked twice, look at the serious brother’s serious answer.”

“Happy to death.”

“So, Li Tiezhu is not a star, he is a harmonic star.”

Li wanted to add: “Li Tiezhu, you have to be sure this time, be decisive, don’t hesitate, got it?”

Li Tiezhu: “Got it.”

“Do you know how to kill pigs?”



“Hahahaha …… One more time, director sorry.”

“Excuse me, killer sauce, will you or won’t you ……”


“Kill …… er, kill the pig. You can even snatch the answer here!”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Li Tiezhu’s current IQ wasn’t stupid anymore, but the naivety that had been overflowing in his body for eighteen years was difficult to eradicate for a while.

Yang Mi directly squatted on the ground, laughing so hard that her headgear trembled.

The stage is even more joyful, Qi Xian has already laughed so hard that he slid under the chair, Chen Jia painting is wiping her tears, the big teacher is patting the chair, and the most exaggerated is Hou Xiaopei.

Hou Xiaopei laughed so much that she was trembling, and said, “Hahaha …… he is so cute, I love this kind of boy …… haha …… ”

Bouncing screen:

“Tie Tou Wa beat you to death!”

“This woman is afraid she doesn’t know how hard Iron Head Wa’s head is.”

“I suspect she’s not acting, look at that wave.”

“Mouthful, but it’s just for the sake of the show’s effect.”

“But I’m still in favour of Song Zhu’er beating her to death.”

Li Think was all confused, “Li Tiezhu, you’re making me panic, I realised I can’t host!”

Names were directly shouted out.

Li Tiezhu said, “Don’t give away my identity!”

Li thought, “Blame me?”

Qi Xian got up from under his chair and stifled a laugh, “It’s you who’s to blame! Can you host, Li Think? This Pig Killing Sauce contestant is so well hidden that we don’t even know who he is, you were seen backstage, no leaks or this show won’t be pure.”

After saying that, he laughed himself.

Big Teacher also said, “Right, right! So whoever killed the pig sauce, we couldn’t guess your identity at all, we don’t have a clue, you’re simply too well disguised.”

Li thought for a moment, okay, it can only be like this, so he said to Li Tiezhu, “Tie …… no! Classmate Pig Killing Sauce, can you answer the questions from the teachers of the guessing panel? They are desperate to find some clues from you.”

Li Tiezhu nodded his head and almost threw off his headgear, hurriedly covering it, “OK.”

This action again made the crowd laugh.

Chen Jia Painting: “May I ask poof goose goose goose goose goose goose …… your head almost fell off, er goose goose goose goose ……”

Qi Xian held back his laughter, “Jia Painting, you laugh first, I’ll ask first, when I’m done asking and I’m laughing you ask again, let’s whirl around. So what, Pig Killing Sauce contestant, may I ask what you think about this pig head head cover?”

Li wanted to all laugh and huffed from the sidelines.

Yang Mi has not yet stood up, afraid to laugh later and have to squat down, wearing a dress is not convenient.

Li Tiezhu seriously said, “This pig’s head plastic flavour is too heavy, I strongly recommend that the programme group do a good job of cleaning and hygiene of the props, and at the same time disinfecting treatment, otherwise …… it is very unfriendly.”

Qi Xian hissed, “Hiss …… He answered in all directions, I have no clue at all.”

The big teacher said, “Your question is too untargeted to get valid information, look at mine, Mr Pig Killing Sauce, may I ask among the people you know, is there a person whose nickname has the word against the wind in it?”

Li Tiezhu was bewildered and looked at Li Xiang, “Can I tell a lie?”

Li Think: “You can.”

Li Tiezhu: “That no. Just now I asked if I could tell a lie that minus, on the line, right?”

Li Xiang: “Of course.”

Big Teacher nods and says to his associates, “Well, I presume he didn’t lie, so, still no information.”

Chen Jia Painting said, “He sounded so sincere, of course he couldn’t have lied! So, my question is, are you a singer?”

Li Tiezhu: “Yes.”

Chen Jia painting suddenly jumped up, “I got valid information! He is a singer!”

The crowd of guessing judges gave Chen Jiahua a thumbs up.


“So annoying, it feels like they’re bullying Tie Zhu.”

“No, it should just be an effect.”

“Li Tiezhu was already naive, and Li Tiezhu should be cooperating la.”

“The serious brother with his own funny attribute has brought the programme off course.”

“To be reasonable, this matter is not really the fault of the guessing team, Li Tiezhu blew himself up as soon as he came up, they were most embarrassed.”

“So it can only be changed from suspense to sand sculpture!”

“I look quite good, Li Tiezhu is naive, and it doesn’t affect us liking him.”

Tao Jingjing asked, “You all are so good at asking questions oh, I’m not so good at it, I’ll ask one randomly, you are eighteen years old right?”

Li Tiezhu: “No, I am forty-five.”

“Pfft ……”

Tao Jingjing did not collapse, in fact no one can collapse, Li Tiezhu you are too bottomless.

After a while, Tao Jingjing regretfully said, “I guessed wrong, I thought it was that eighteen year old singer I know, the winner of a singing talent show! Singing can be good! Writes songs too ……”

Li Tiezhu: “You said that one is Li Tiezhu, I’m not as good as him.”

Just about to stand up Yang Mimi squatted down again and laughed and pounded the ground, you are really a simpleton, Lengba you girl picked up the treasure! No wonder you are all playing crazy ……

The guessing panel and the audience burst into a ball of laughter, Tao Jingjing was speechless, “You are also great ……”

A flamboyant Hou Xiaopei said, “Let me ask, do you really have eight-pack abs?”

Li Tiezhu: “Six, exert yourself to see eight, what are you asking this for? It’s impossible to guess who this is.”

Hou Xiaopei cupped her face, “I don’t guess, I just want to see the abs.”