The Rockstar Chapter 186

When Hou Xiaopei spoke, her eyes unabashedly revealed the light of greed, the female artists of the treasure island are accustomed to the large scale on the island programme, suddenly came to the mainland, a moment of time can not close the legs is normal.

However, over the years, the mainland’s variety show scale has also made great breakthroughs, but also can be accommodated.

Just a side of Sun Nan some can not stand, a look I do not know this woman’s expression, the body are sideways.

The audience, on the other hand, began to coax, “Take one off.”

Hou Xiaopei followed suit and shouted, “Take one off, take one off!”

Li Tiezhu seriously said, “This big sister, this is a public place, your request …… like this is very immoral.”

Hou Xiaopei laughed and whispered, “Haha …… oops you are cute!”

The four guessing teachers are also overjoyed, Li Tiezhu’s way of speaking is too iconic, even if you are not exposed in front, it is undoubtedly a self explosion here.

A week later, the argument on the pop-up screen was fierce:

“This woman has a problem, right?”

“It’s disgusting, that face looks like she’s never slept with a man in eight lifetimes.”

“It’s just a programme effect.”

“Fart! She really wants to see Li Tiezhu’s abs, I want to see it too.”

“Same look, same look!”

“Tiehouwa headbutt warning!”

“Song Zhu’er has thirty seconds to reach the battlefield.”

“No, Songzhu’er said that Ironhead Wa wants to see it too!”


“Anyway, I find this Hou Xiaopei annoying.”

Big Teacher said, “Li Tie …… yuck! So who, fellow Pig Killing Sauce, may I ask if you’ve ever heard of the expression ‘Iron Words, Iron Words’?”

Li Tie Zhu: “Mo have.”

Big Teacher said, “That is, there is a talent show champion called Li Tiezhu, he often dislikes the hosts and tutors in the programme, the way of speaking that is simple and sharp, naive with the wild flavour of catching up, the netizens call it ‘Iron Words, Iron Words,’ and ‘Sharp Words, Sharp Words ‘ and called the two magical languages of the entertainment industry. The way you talk is very similar to him!”

Li Tiezhu thought about it, “Is that so? Then it’s really fateful.”

God damned karmic.

Sure enough, it’s very ironic!

To the big teacher who still has to speak directly whole laugh, completely unable to speak, turned into a box spirit, has been box box box box.

Whacking the ground Yang Mimi shuddered with laughter, deep V neckline in the ripples of sparkling, aside the eyes of Li want to straighten, as if seeing the sea, even forgot to speak, and said that this is with the Liu Yan have to be a spell ah.

Qi Xian saw the host lost concentration, had to continue to say: “Look at you singing like Li Tiezhu, body like Li Tiezhu, the way of speaking is also like Li Tiezhu, so destiny, after encountering is not to worship ah?”

Li Tiezhu: “Ah …… I am forty five, accept him as a godson.”

Qi Xian jumped up on the spot and gave a thumbs up, “I thank you for Li Tiezhu! In the future, you are Li Tiezhu’s godfather! Niu Pi!”

The audience clamoured even more fiercely, accepting yourself as a godson, this is a very fierce operation.

Chen Jia painting said, “Forty-five years old should be Qi Xian brother’s generation, and also a singer, who could this be?”

Qi Xian said with a bad smile, “Jia Painting, wait a moment, I have another question to ask him. Pig Killing Sauce, you are forty-five this year, so I ask what year were you born?”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

The stage bursts into laughter.

Chen Jia Painting jumped up and gave Qi Xian a two-handed high five, well done.

Sun Nan also laughed so hard that he scratched his hair, this group of people can really play.

Hou Xiaopei broke his fingers beside him, then shouted to Li Tiezhu, who was still frothing on the stage, “Seventy-one years! Tie Zhu, seventy-one years!”

Li Tiezhu wailed, “I was born in seventy-one years.”

Qi Xian: “What do you belong to in the seventh year?”


“Not true.”

“Ah …… let’s see, pigs.”


Li Tiezhu said, “Right? So what about this pig head cover I chose today, there’s a reason for that.”

Qi Xian couldn’t keep up for a while, “…… Ah …… you’re right about everything!”

Tao Bi Luo: “This has confused us all, we can’t guess who it is at all.”

Big Teacher said, “Hidden to such an extent, even the selection of the headgear was carefully planned, the mind is so delicate that it’s ridiculously hard to guess. Let’s just ask the next person first.”

Chen Jia Painting raised her hand, “The girl is still laughing, let her slow down, let’s ask Li …… er Kill Sauce, is this girl next to you older or younger than you?”

Li Tiezhu said, “Smaller, right? She looks less than forty.”

Yang Mi came with a sweeping leg, and Li Tiezhu ducked.

Yang Mi slowly stood up and finally laughed enough.

The waves of Hanhai calmed down, Li wanted to come back to his senses, “Thank you for the wonderful answer of Pig Killing Sauce, below, let’s interview the student of Slanted Eyes Smile, may I ask if you are a singer?”

Yang Mi: “You guess.”

Qi Xian said, “May I ask if you are very popular recently?”

Yang Mi: “Those who are on this programme, apart from the guessing panel, are all justly popular. For example, this one next to me.”

Li Tiezhu: “Ah, right.”

Chen Jiaxue smashed the dolls in her hand, “What are you right about? Am I not popular? I’ve been popular too, okay? Which one of us hasn’t been popular?”

Li Tiezhu: “She’s talking about being rightly red, not having been red.”

Chen Jiahua rolled her eyes and asked Qi Xian, “How did this kind of person get the title? It’s strange not to have been beaten to death hey!”

Li Tiezhu: “I told you I’m not Li Tiezhu.”

Qi Xian: “All told you he’s not Li Tie Zhu, and is now asking girls. And let me tell you, the reason his godson wasn’t killed is because ordinary people can’t beat him.”

Tao Bi Luo then asked, “Squinty-eyed smile student, are you particularly confident in your looks and body, I see you are dressed very well.”

Yang Mi spun in a half-circle to show off her figure, her high split skirt revealing a large white leg, “Do you think I have a reason not to be confident?”

Big Teacher said, “Conceit is fine! However, I don’t think you are a singer, you should be an actress.”

Yang Mi: “Why?”

Big Teacher: “This one next to you is already a very average singing presence in the singing world, and your singing seems to be about …… that much worse than his, so if you are a singer, it might not be very fair to us.”

Yang Mi: “But you don’t sing well either.”

Big Teacher: “Erm …… got it, I’m done with my questions, next.”

Qi Xian said, “Big Teacher is right, your singing is really not as good as Li Tiezhu …… his godfather! Ah! Godfather! But you are born with a better voice in that category, the big teacher is not the same, he is not no singing, he sings well, is the voice is difficult to listen to.”

Big Teacher nodded: “No problem.”

Qi Xian asked again, “Have you ever acted in a film that grossed over a billion dollars?”

Yang Mi: “Can you afford to hire those that have exceeded a billion?”

Qi Xian gave up: “I’m asking in vain, okay?”

Chen Jiaxue: “Squinty-eyed smile, have you acted as a divine eagle before?”

Yang Mi: “I’m not Liu Yifei. Thanks, my boobs are twice as big as hers.”

Chen Jia Painting: “This is obvious, that said, do you usually use products like breast enlargement cream? Is there anything you can recommend?”

Yang Mi: “It’s a gift, you can’t learn it.”

Chen Jia Painting: “I …… Today’s contestants are all so arrogant oh! It’s so hard, recording a show and being humiliated!”

Tao Bi Luo: “Let the show raise the money.”

Li wanted to take over the topic, “If you add money, by the way, add a little bit for the hosts as well, after all, the hosts who have been disliked by ‘Iron Words and Iron Words’ have all suffered serious internal injuries. Next, ask the two of you what talent you have to show everyone.”

Yang Mi: “I can beat up a jumper.”

Li Xiang: “What’s there to show? My mum also knows how to knit jumpers.”

Yang Mi: “Have you ever seen a beautiful woman with such a good figure knitting a jumper?”

Li Think: “That’s not true, so let’s see.”

Yang Mi started to get up in the air, “Get on the props.”

The staff brought up a jumper a stick.

Li Xiang: “You this ……”

Yang Mi picks up the stick and starts squatting down to knock the jumper.

Bang Bang Bang ……

Yang Mi dropped the stick, stood up, and gracefully clapped her hands, “Thank you all for your appreciation, thank you!”

Applause rang out.

The big teacher stood up and gave a thumbs up with both hands, “Well played! Never seen such a wonderful talent show!”

Chen Jiaxue laughed so hard she couldn’t straighten up, “So, it’s really jumper beating not knitting right?”

Qi Xian man was dumbfounded, his mouth opened wide in surprise, this damn treats me like a fool?

Li Xiang: “Thank you squinty-eyed smile very cocky crotch pulling performance, may I ask Flying Against the Wind’s Pig Killing Sauce, what’s your talent?”

Li Tiezhu said, “I can do a lot of things, it’s just that it’s not convenient to show them.”

Big Teacher: “That’s okay, I can bring a pig up for you to kill.”

Li Tiezhu said, “No need, if you lead a pig up, I don’t know who to kill, after all, I’m face-blind and easy to accidentally hurt.”

Big Teacher covered his head and jumped up, “What did I hear? This is a personal attack right? I’m going to sue you! I’m telling you, it’s not over for him.”

Qi Xian: “At most it’s a pig body attack, people are face blind.”

Big Teacher sits down and shakes his head straight.

The Waterloo of his hosting career, ah, he who mixed the hosting circle by playing smart, has been disliked by Li Tiezhu countless times today.

Li Tiezhu is still very much a sense of variety, although he blew himself up at the beginning, but that was an accident. Li Tiezhu this back is actually trying to cooperate and perform well, of course, many times it is still passive skills at work, just like this sentence just now.

Li thought, “So the talent you’re going to perform is?”

Li Tiezhu: “Spitting bubbles.”


“Spit bubbles.”

“What the fuck bubbles?”

“It means spitting bubbles with your mouth. Director, he’s swearing, dock him.”

Li Think: “You’re wearing a headgear, big brother, how do you spit bubbles? Besides, what kind of talent is spitting bubbles?”

Li Tiezhu despondent: “Ah …… I actually forgot that I was wearing a headgear. It’s okay, you guys give me a tissue.”

The staff sent a paper towel, Li Tiezhu keyed a hole, turned around, half uncovered the headgear, with a paper towel to block the face only revealing the mouth, and then, began to spit bubbles.

“Quack quack quack quack quack ……”

Only to see, Li Tiezhu’s mouth flew and moved, a string of tiny bubbles flew out of his mouth and floated towards Li Want.

Li Want was so scared that he only dodged, “Don’t spit at me.”

The people under the stage were dumbfounded, this is comparable to a bubble machine!

The guessing panel once again fell over laughing.

“Quack quack quack quack quack ……”

Finally, Li Tiezhu finished puking and called it a day, his headgear on.

Next to him, Yang Mimi, who has always maintained the style of a royal sister, suddenly let out a burst of laughter, “Poof goose goose goose goose goose goose ……”

Her body fell back, stumbled on her feet, and then fell to sit on the ground, continuing to laugh maniacally, once again waves. While laughing, she gave the staff member who came over to help her, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m okay goose goose goose …… goose goose goose goose ……”


A few days later, when Leng Ba saw this, she couldn’t help but ask Yang Mi, “What’s wrong with you, Mimi? Why are you laughing so exaggeratedly? Spitting bubbles may be cute, but it’s not that bad, right?”

Sister Mimi laughed wryly, “Do you know what came to my mind at that moment? My God!”


“I don’t know why, but at that moment, an image came into my head. You’re on your knees, nodding your head and giving him that, and he’s happy and spitting bubbles. You think I could stand that?”

“Puhahahahahaha …… you’re disgusting!”

“Disgusting what? You guys didn’t try it in Kyoto two days ago?”

Then the two of them were fighting again.


Originally, everyone had already stopped laughing after seeing Li Tiezhu spitting out bubbles, but suddenly they were stunned by this string of weird laughter from Yang Mi, and then they also laughed along.

Li thought, “Squinty-eyed smile, you haven’t been laughing just now, what are you laughing at after his performance?”

Yang Mi laughed so hard that she couldn’t stop, the image in her head kept playing, the kind with sound: “Goose goose goose goose goose …… I squinted my eyes ah, slow reaction, goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose goose ……”

Qi Xian said, “Very good! Li Tiezhu’s godfather, your performance of spitting bubbles I personally appreciate it, and I have never seen such a versatile singer in my life! Makes me even more confused.”

Big Teacher nodded, “The thief is confused, more blind than face blind.”

Qi Xian: “Who shall we guess? I think guessing Pig Killing Sauce? Squinty-eyed smile makes her smile first.”

Chen Jia Painting said, “This group is too hard to guess, let’s ask the guest guessers for their opinion.”

Sun Nan: “I can’t say, I’ve met him.”

Chen Jiaxiao cried with laughter, “Brother, we all count ourselves as having met him, what can’t you say? Just don’t guess it’s Li Tiezhu.”

Sun Nan drifted off, “That’s so! Then I guess it’s Peng Yuyan.”

Hou Xiaopei pointed at Li Tiezhu on the stage: “I’ll guess Peng Yuyan too, if I guess right I run naked, if I guess wrong you run naked!”

Li Tiezhu panicked: “No no no, I’m afraid of scaring the male compatriots.”

Hou Xiaopei eyes glittering: “So powerful?”

Qi Xian: “Stop before it’s too late, don’t block the programme, I’m guessing Peng Yuyan too. After all, Peng Yuyan can also spit bubbles.”

Big Teacher: “Peng Yuyan.”

Tao Bi Luo: “Since he’s a singer and has such a good body, it can only be Peng Yuyan.”

Chen Jia Paint: “He’s forty-five years old and he can kill pigs, it has to be Peng Yu Yan.”

Li wanted to not even think about saying anything more, “Okay, audience members on the spot, please vote, if you think it’s Li Tiezhu, vote A, if you think it’s Peng Yuyan, vote B. Below, please ask the students of Pig Killing Sauce to head to the face picking area.”

Yang Mi smiled and went off the stage, Li Tiezhu was helped by the staff to the face receiving area.

Li thought, “These viewers also made the right choice, within the two hundred viewers, one hundred and eighty chose Peng Yuyan and twenty chose Li Tiezhu. Those who chose Li Tiezhu, what do you think? People have said they are not Li Tie Zhu. Here, we count down ……”

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ……

Li thought, “There’s no one in the receiving area, and he …… surprisingly isn’t Peng Yuyan!”

It’s time to spell acting again.

Big Teacher: “Impossible! He’s definitely Peng Yuyan!”

Tao Bi Luo: “How can I guess wrong?”

Chen Jia Painting: “Did the director make a mistake?”

Qi Xian: “It’s okay, let’s ask for some more information in the second round, after all, he’s disguised himself too well, it’s no wonder we couldn’t guess.”

Hou Xiaopei: “I really guessed wrong, Naked Run! Run naked!”

Sun Nan: “My fault, I was looking at the backstage and I’m face blind too.”

After the third group sang, the programme team let the artists rest for an hour, naturally Li Tiezhu took off his headgear to eat, the programme team sent afternoon tea, it tasted pretty good, I heard that it was bought by a certain fan support group.

Mimi sipped her coffee and watched Li Tiezhu wolf down his food.

Li Tiezhu: “Mimi, don’t you want to eat some?”

Yang Mimi shook her head and said, “Cat Jun asked me to bring you a message.”

Li Tiezhu almost choked, “Cough cough cough ……”

What the heck Cat Sovereign?

After pounding his chest a few times with his fist, Li Tiezhu swallowed the cake and looked embarrassed, “What did Miss Lengba say?”

Yang Mi smiled playfully, “Cat June said, that flat you have in East China Sea, she bought it, and the rent will be directly handed over to her in the future.”

Li Tiezhu froze, did not understand: “Why did she buy it? I also said to wait for me to save enough money to buy it.”

Yang Mi: “Why did you buy ah?”

Li Tiezhu: “Of course because …… don’t tell you.”

Yang Mi smiled disdainfully, “Isn’t her reason for buying a flat the same as yours?”

Li Tiezhu then lowered his head and ate the cake, mmm so fragrant and soft ……

Soon, the second round of singing began, this round is a solo. Yang Mi went on first and was guessed wrongly and left for the next period, after all, she signed a contract for two periods of the programme.

Yu Wei and Luo Xu were guessed out.

Yang Wenwen was also left to the next instalment.

Li Tiezhu made his appearance at the finale, which was a temporary order by the programme team, as Li Tiezhu had no suspense, but had gimmicks and stems.

This time, Li Tiezhu sang a male-female duet song “Hiroshima Love Song”, seamlessly switching between male and female voices, shocking the guessing panel and the audience on stage with his strength. When the programme was broadcast, the pop-up screen was not stingy to praise, after all, it is the most awesome champion of The Voice ever, without a little stunt still into?

After the performance, the applause is also very warm.

Li Tiezhu repeatedly bowed and thanked, “Thank you, thank you …… hey hey …… my head!”

When bowing the headgear fell off, the huge pig’s head rolled forward, Li Tiezhu two steps to catch up, pick up to wear on his head, but also did not forget to say a sentence: “The programme team remember to play mosaic ah!”

When it was broadcast, Li Tiezhu’s face was indeed mosaiced.

A huge close-up of his face with several rows of words “I am Peng Yuyan”, “Li Tiezhu’s godfather”, “I am a mosaic”, “Scared my head off! “, and, these words perfectly avoided Li Tiezhu’s five senses.


“Exquisite mosaic!”

“This is the first programme to give Li Tiezhu a mosaic, a programme with a conscience!”

“I just want to know if Li Tiezhu is wearing SpongeBob SquarePants underwear today?”

“Serious brother broad!”

“A suspense programme froze and he brought it into a hilarious variety show.”

“Li Tiezhu’s simplicity is not feigned.”

Li wanted to be speechless again, “That ……”

Qi Xian will come to things to throw the pen to the ground: “That what, I dropped the pen, oops …… eh? What just happened? Whose head fell off? I did not see ah!”

Big teacher also throw things: “I things also fell.”

Chen Jiahua tilted her head, “I’m dropping eye drops.”

Tao Bi Luo tilted her head down, “My stocking is torn.”

Hou Xiaopei cupped her face: “Li Tiezhu is quite handsome.”

Sun Nan: “To act something dropped.”

Qi Xian said, “Okay! One more question and start guessing. Killing Sauce, what do you think of the song I wrote?”

Li Tiezhu thought and thought again, “Do you write songs too? What’s the name of the song?”

Qi Xian: “……”

Big Teacher: “I don’t even ask suicidal questions like that, he’s sure to humiliate me! Let’s just guess, Li Tiezhu!”

Chen Jiaxue: “I’ll guess Zhang Youxue.”

“Li Tiezhu.”

“Zhang Youxue.”

“Li Tiezhu.”

“Li Tiezhu.”

Li think: “Okay, please fly against the wind killing sauce again to the receiving area. Friends of the audience, Zhang Youxue chose A, Li Tiezhu chose B. Teachers chose the final result is Li Tiezhu, is he or is he not Li Tiezhu, let’s hey …… I can’t act, what kind of choice result is this? More than half of the live audience chose Zhang Youxue. The following reveal the answer.”

Countdown to the end, Li Tiezhu Bean holding a pig head smile coy, came a sentence: “Hey hey …… is the old man, did not expect it?”

I don’t know why, but I suddenly want to learn from Bamboo.

When the programme was broadcast, holding a flat plate of Song Zhu’er a mouthful of milk tea sprayed on the screen: “Ahem …… haha, not ashamed to be my Hanzi!”

Qi Xian stood up and led the applause, “Welcome Li Tiezhu!”

Li Tiezhu walked up, “Thank you, thank you! I’m sorry that the host let it slip as soon as I came out, I was disguising myself quite well.”

Li wanted to not talk and was even shaking his feet.

Big Teacher said, “It’s okay, we all know it’s not your fault. Even, your wonderful disguise skills deceived us for a time, high, really high!”

Li Tiezhu: “It’s not that great, just average.”

Chen Jia painting said, “No! You’re too powerful, at the beginning when this host who can’t host said you’re Li Tiezhu, we didn’t believe it, we were pitched by the host, and still managed to make it to the second round, you’re too strong!”

Taobilo: “Eh, awesome.”

Sun Nan: “I …… forget it, I won’t talk.”

Hou Xiaopei: “Now, can you show us your abs?”

Li Tiezhu: “No.”

Hou Xiaopei: “Why?”

Li Tiezhu: “Because you’re not right.”

The whole audience doubled over in laughter again.

Hou Xiaopei finally got angry and stopped talking, petty, how much a man who shines his abs attracts ratings.

After laughing and joking, Qi Xian said, “After talking and joking, I still want to say here to Li Tiezhu very sincerely, thank you for your appearance, you injected new vitality into the entire singing world! I look forward to the day you become a heavenly king!”

Chen Jia Painting also said, “Indeed, your musical talent is simply superb! When you become the King of Songs, remember to perform a bubble spitting performance for everyone.”

Li Tiezhu: “Thank you, thank you.”

Big Teacher said, “How can you let him go after coming here? Do you all want to hear ‘Big Fish’ and ‘A Diao’?”

The whole audience chanted, “Yes!”

So, Li Tiezhu sang two more lines of each of the two songs in a clear voice, and the recording of the programme came to an end.

Hou Xiaopei ran to find Li Tiezhu to ask for WeChat, Li Tiezhu flatly refused, making Hou Xiaopei very embarrassed.

Li Tiezhu returned to the backstage, and after saying goodbye to Mimi and others, he returned to the East China Sea alone with a suitcase, the feeling of earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, it is really cool.