The Rockstar Chapter 187

On the second day back in East China Sea, Li Tiezhu earned a wave of even better.

From now on, no longer miss the days of moving bricks ……

Electric Spirit held a session of the Dream-Three Kingdoms Cup beauty contest, aiming to select female character cos models for the game’s internal beta test starting in November, as well as for the 15-day-long trial show at the Electric Gaming Pavilion.

The contest was divided into two days, with the first day being the preliminary round, in which twenty-four contestants were selected out of forty-eight, and the second day being the final round, in which twelve contestants were selected. The final twelve, each of whom will cosplay a female character from Dream-Three Kingdoms, will perform in the half-month of the show to warm up the scene, and incidentally take some cosplay photos for publicity.

Those who enter the audition will receive a three hundred yuan bonus, while the final twelve selected, the top three will split the three thousand yuan bonus, and all will work for the game for fifteen days, no one will get an extra three thousand yuan salary, and a dinner will be included.

This is because the Game Trial Show is open every day from 12 noon to 8pm.

How does that price …… sound cheap.

But Li Tiezhu is different, he came to be a judge for this competition, two afternoons, one million two hundred thousand.

Higher than Nie Yao’s eight hundred thousand, who let him not be popular recently? But Li Tiezhu is not the highest, the highest is Chen Chi Chi and Deer Hani, these two “marginal investors” opened is the price of friendship – three million each.

This game jittery live, is the game’s first big publicity, the judges of the facade to take enough.

Even the host is to spend three hundred thousand invited a talk show champion.

October 28th, one o’clock in the afternoon, Li Tiezhu came to the rest room of the gaming hall, he saw Nie Yao on the sofa to make up for his sleep, he is recently exhausted. Li Tiezhu didn’t disturb him, and went to wander around, anyway, wearing a mask and hat is not easy to be recognised.

The game music has actually been recorded a long time ago, two days ago Li Tiezhu came just to confirm the final version, directly replace the changed tune on the line.

The live broadcast of the talent show to create momentum is the real purpose of inviting him to come.

The app of Dream – Three Kingdoms can already be downloaded, but you have to log in with an invitation code, and you can only do novice training and hero practice. Waiting for the official internal test in three days before allowing one million internal users to officially play.

Li Tiezhu’s mission for them to come to the live broadcast was actually to create heat and try to make the number of people who downloaded and tried to play break through one million.

After all, a beauty contest with a salary of three thousand dollars is truly guilty of inviting them to be judges, and a few staff members will pick the people.

East China Sea gaming hall is huge, the internal decorative style is very sci-fi colour, Li Tiezhu look seek not understand, but see a lot of game enthusiasts, scanning the QR code on the poster to download the game.

There are also a lot of strange clothes of young girls streaming, probably to the game, everywhere POSS photos, chattering squeeze chest exposed legs.

Li Tiezhu was bored, girls and other things are the most uninteresting, turned around and walked towards the backstage.

“Alas good oh, actually met a big star here, come come come, give me an autograph.”

In the aisle, a voice rang out.

Li Tiezhu looked up and froze, then hurriedly took off his mask and quickly greeted him, calling out, “Hello Zhou Dong!”

Although he was born wooden, he couldn’t help but be taught well by Song Zhu’er.

Zhou Dong held the takeaway bag in one hand and patted Li Tiezhu’s shoulder with one hand, “Not bad not bad! I listened to your new album and it’s doing well! Especially that song ‘East Wind Break’, it’s my favourite.”


Li Tiezhu sweated, thinking that of course you would like it.

A certain giant in that world has a style that is literally 99% similar to yours, and writes songs that are different, I wonder if he also likes to say ughhhh not bad oh.

Zhou Dong took out his mobile phone, “Exchange a WeChat, I will find you when I encounter bottlenecks in writing songs.”

Li Tiezhu even said, “Okay, okay.”

Then, Zhou Dong led Li Tiezhu towards a room, “Let’s go, they are playing games inside, thought you were going to be late. Why didn’t you say anything when you came?”

Li Tiezhu: “I saw Yao sleeping in the lounge and thought they hadn’t arrived yet.”

Zhou Dong laughed badly, “Nie Yao that’s exhausted, recently filming the second and third promo, which I directed, haha, tossing him around, he can only sleep five hours a day, hahaha ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Then you are not tired?”

Zhou Dong: “The director and do not have to get up four hours in advance to put on make-up, after shooting to remove make-up but also two hours.”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

Zhou Dong: “In fact, he does not have to be so tired, the original plan in December the game is only online, the result is that you compose too fast, so ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Still blame me?”

Zhou Dong was there because he is the game’s big investor, it is said that he and Wang Da Shao two people accounted for 60% of the shares, the producer of the electric spirit only accounted for 30% of the Chen Chi Chi and Deer Ha Ni is shameless hard top in.

The two came to a huge gaming hall, Chen Chichu, Deer Hani, Lin Mou, Wang Da Shao, Wang Da Shao’s girlfriend and an unknown male, is playing 3V3, see Li Tiezhu came, just nodded to indicate, then play.

A certain old man smiled bitterly and came over towards Zhou Dong and complained, “Totally can’t figure out the current game, we can’t keep up with the times anymore, old old old.”

Zhou Dong handed him a cup of coffee, “You’re hello, right? I can keep up with the times, I’m not an old man, I’m a thief at this game.”

Older man: “Brother! You are twenty days older than me, how come you are not old?”

Zhou Dong handed another cup to Li Tiezhu: “That depends on who to compare with, compared with him we are all old.”

Li Tiezhu hurriedly nodded: “Brother Chao is good.”

This is not face blind, and the cat together with the old man who did the flying bar, the cat said that Brother Chao took good care of her to come.

Deng Chao is very good at making friends, came up and gave Li Tiezhu a hug, “Li Tiezhu, hello hello! My wife especially likes you.”

Li Tiezhu’s old face was rare red: “I don’t know her, don’t misunderstand.”

The dog skills were unleashed again.

Deng Chao froze, “Haha …… you are as humorous as on the show.”

Li Tiezhu hurriedly changed the topic, “Why are you here? Did you also invest in this game?”

Deng Chao disdain through some aggrieved Baba: “I will not engage in this thing, play things. I’m here with Chik and Hani to record a new programme, starting the day after tomorrow. That guy over there is called Wang Tie, a stand-up comedy champion, and he’s also with us. I’ll just come with them for a couple of days first, I heard that show won’t stop for most of the month once it starts.”

Li Tiezhu: “Hahaha?”

“Yes, how do you know?”

“My agent booked this show for me, I just don’t know how many instalments it is. Trouble Brother Chao to take care of me when the time comes!”

“No problem, hey? So the programme team lied to us that the guests are all random?”

“Can the words of the programme team be trusted? They’re all dogs.”

“That’s true. Aren’t you going to play the game?”

“Who in their right mind plays games?”

“Pretty! I like thoughtful young men like you, as good as I am.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, what’s that, it’s a little random gift I brought ……”

Then, Li Tiezhu went to give gifts one by one, with a slightly skilful technique.

Almost 1:30, finished playing the game Chen Chichihui and Deer Hani took Li Tiezhu, dragged on the unsleeping Nie Yao to the beauty pageant site, and took their seats in turn. That called Wang Tie, holding a microphone on stage to start warming up.

The scene is amazing with more than two hundred audience, later, listen to Chen Chichichi said, more than 150 of them are electric spirit employees.

Wang Tie said a section of improvised stand-up comedy, warming up the end of the scene, began to report and introduce himself: “…… Welcome to the four judges, welcome to the ‘Dream – Three Kingdoms’ baby audition site, I’m the host of the iron head Wang Tie.”

Chen Chi Chi immediately opened the microphone to dislike back: “Wang Tie, I told you on other occasions you can call yourself Iron Head, today this occasion is not appropriate ah!”

Wang Tie was confused, “What’s wrong brother?”

Chen Chichu: “I’m afraid that Li Tiezhu will be face-blind for a while and can’t resist rushing on stage to kiss you.”

Wang Tie is also very comedic, subconsciously held his chest: “Why? Tiezhu brother what do you have in mind for me ah?”

Li Tiezhu skimmed his lips, Chen Chi Chi really cheap, in order to show the effect is also very do not have integrity ah!


Deer Hani said: “I’ll introduce you, Li Tiezhu my brother-in-law ……”

Chen Chichu: “How can you be a brother-in-law?”

Deer Ha Ni has reasoned: “His daughter-in-law and my girlfriend are national sisters, right? Then he and I are brothers-in-law, no problem. Song Zhu’er Tie Tou Wa, the number one hot search, Wang Tie you do not know? How dare you call Iron Head? Do you know ……”

Jitterbug Live also suddenly caught fire because of Li Tiezhu and Tiehou Wa, the comments are more lively:

“I don’t know if this Wang Tie Tie is iron or not, but I know Song Zhu’er can mallet blast him.”

“Li Tiezhu, rush up and kiss one.”

“Let’s see if this iron head is moist.”

“Are you devils? You guys can’t even kiss an iron head that looks like this?”

Ironhead wa always wa Songzhu’er: “Let’s see who’s impersonating me.”

“I’ll be damned, Chief Wa is blown out!”

“Wang Tie you wait for death!”

Deer Hani has not finished, suddenly raised his mobile phone, “Hahahahahahaha …… you’re finished iron head! Song Zhu’er watch the live broadcast, you’re finished I tell you!”

Wang Tie pursed his lips and smiled, “From today onwards, please call me Copperhead, I changed my name!”

Deer Hani laughed and sprayed saliva without any idol baggage: “Hahahahahahaha ……”

Chen Chichu: “Count on you to know what you’re talking about! Tie Zhu, did you have the urge to go up and kiss him just now? Honestly, don’t be shy.”

Li Tiezhu didn’t even think about it, “I’m face blind, but I can tell beauty from ugliness.”

Chen Chi Chi also laughed.

The paid audience on the scene applauded wildly, this melon has also been eaten for a long time, finally eating sugar, Li Tiezhu sprinkled sugar in public.

The pop-up screen is also a joyful, forcibly @ iron head wa total wa.

Chief Wa once again appeared, “Please give me a little time, I am currently in the middle of a frenzied pursuit, and strive to trick him into his hands a year ago.”

The pop-ups began to forcefully support Song Zhu’er, the vast majority of which were male.

It was strange to say that other beautiful actresses, male fans were afraid that she would be rumoured to be no longer pure, but only Song Zhu’er, male fans couldn’t wait for her to forcefully push Li Tiezhu earlier.

Chen Chi Chi took his mobile phone to show the comments to Li Tiezhu and smiled even more cheaply.

Li Tiezhu angrily said: ”Hot paw you shut up! Post another comment and I’ll beat you to death!”

Sure enough, since then, Song Zhu’er did not send a single comment, and a group of good people were quite shocked. There are two kinds of shock:

One, Li Tiezhu’s tutelage is so strict!

Second, this beat you to death he is decent and legal?

Soon, the number of people in the “Dream – Three Kingdoms” official jitterbug live broadcast room broke half a million, Wang Tie cue the process, the competition began. According to the design of the competition, the first round is a fashion show, the second round is a cos show, the third round is a swimsuit show, and each round eliminates eight people.

The first contestant debuted, the second, the third ……

Li Tiezhu did not understand the modelling industry, so he voted blindly, anyway, none of the four judges present knew anything about the industry, according to the company before the competition, picking good looking with a good body will do.

To the thirty-fourth contestant, Li Tiezhu’s eyes lit up, this is not that who? Xiao …… Xiao Yue? Xiao Yue from the milk tea shop?

Li Tiezhu instantly raised the promotion sign.

Xiao Yue was so excited that he almost fell over, barely completing his walk and hurrying off the stage.

After the first round, forty contestants advanced to the second round.

Wang Tie came out to regulate the atmosphere, gave the contestants time to change clothes, and even improvised a song.

When it was over, Chen Chi-Chi messed up, “Li Tie Zhu, not that I’m talking about you, why did you raise your sign the moment that number thirty-four came out? People haven’t shown anything yet! Is there something wrong with you?”

Li Tiezhu: “Because she is good looking, isn’t it a beauty pageant?”

Ten advancement spots per judge in the first round, eight per person in the second round, and six per person in the third round, all based on the judges’ votes.

This broken beauty pageant is just so random.

Chen Chi Chi exaggeratedly laughed: “Hahaha! You’re not right, I’ll tell you, Iron Head Wa is watching the live broadcast, you will easily die like this!”

Deer Hani interjected, “No, no, no, no, Tie Zhu looks like the family status is extremely high, with me two extremes, you see Song Zhu’er even dare not send a comment, I guess he is fine, unlike me …… Well! What the hell did I say? Ah!!!”

Nie Yao helped him recall, “You said you have a low family status, you said Guan Shuangshuang has a short temper and is controlling, you said ……”

Li Tiezhu all laughed along with him, but of course not as cheaply as Chen Chichi did.

Deer Hani froze before saying, “I go, this live broadcast ah! Can not cut ah! That what, kneeling to beg all the big brothers must not cut out the section just now, Guan Shuangshuang should not have watched the live broadcast, it’s fine.”

Li Tiezhu looked towards Nie Yao at the far end, “Brother Yao?”

Nie Yao: “It’s on!”

Li Tiezhu then raised his mobile phone with confidence and boldness, “I’m going to @Guan Shuangshuang and ask her to come and take a look, I’ll let Song Zhu’er tell her personally what you just said. Zhu’er, you can speak now.”

Song Zhu’er immediately returned a, “Don’t worry, I just recorded the screen, I’ll send the video directly to Shuang Shuang.”

Deer Ha Ni: “You guys are too doggy!!!! Both are national son-in-laws, they are too anxious for each other! Why are you so cool with Li Tiezhu! This Song Zhu’er is also too obedient, right? Why is the double just manic as ……”

Chen Chi Chi hurriedly covered Deer Hani’s mouth, “Stop it, still think that death is not fast enough brother?”

The crowd laughed.

Deer Hani used his last desire to survive and struggled, “Please Bamboo! Don’t send it, don’t send it. Forget it, I’ll beg Tie Zhu, Brother Tie Zhu! I’ll treat you to a big dinner tonight! How’s that?”

Nie Yao held up his mobile phone, “Song Zhu’er said the video has been posted.”

Deer Ha Ni slumped headfirst onto the table, “I’m screwed! However, I can still wave for most of another month before I’m finished, I’ll be recording hahaha for at least twenty days ……”

In fact, this live broadcast, there are not many people who are even watching the pageant properly, in addition to the swimsuit segment, most of them are rushing to these four, so they have to have enough drama.

The second round is a cos clothes show, the first one out let Li Tiezhu red face, said it is a cos of what Nami, wearing too little right? With no wear like.