The Rockstar Chapter 188

Chen Chichi bitchily asked Li Tiezhu, “Is it nice? Tiezhu.”

Li Tiezhu covered his eyes and shook his head decisively, “Not pretty.”

On this side, Chen Chi Chi flirted with Li Tie Zhu: “It’s hard to see that you’re quite sincere about Zhu’er! You actually know how to avoid suspicion? Hello? Little Deer, your eyes fell out, wipe your saliva.”

Li Tiezhu: “Song Zhu’er and I are innocent.”

Deer Hani bewildered: “What? Isn’t it watching the game?”

“You see people Li Tiezhu how to keep the husband’s way, eyes are covered, you still staring? No wonder Shuang Shuang cleaned you up.”

“Ah? I’ll learn, learn.”

“Right, that’s more like it, young people need to have survival skills ……”

Over there, Nie Yao, who has a serious lack of sense of variety, came to say, “Li Tiezhu doesn’t look at it, purely because the player’s little clothes are worn too close to the top, right?”

Chen Chi Chi and Deer Hani laughed on the spot, brother you do not say out ah, live broadcast it.

Li Tiezhu looked at Nie Yao angrily, “You’re on the show! Pay attention to the impact, don’t keep telling the big truth, no wonder you’ve gone out of fashion, there’s a reason.”

Nie Yao: “I haven’t had enough sleep lately, so I might be blurry.”

Li Tiezhu: “It’s too late to explain now, your ugly face has been recognised by the whole country.”

The contestants took the stage one after another, and the four judges didn’t comment, they all held up signs according to their personal preferences, and were even chatting, with more cameras than the contestants.

Nie Yao: “Then why aren’t you watching? Tell me the truth!”

Li Tiezhu brought his own dislike system and was not afraid, “I was afraid that the contestants would be shy! After all, I’m more popular than all of you these days, and the contestant will easily get nervous if I stare at her.”

Nie Yao: “……”

Deer Hani applauded and shouted, “Well done Li Tiezhu!”

Chen Chichi was dismayed: “Are all the young people …… nowadays so shameless?”

Nie Yao: “Learned, looks like there’s really a reason why I’m not hot ……”

I’ve been a little fresh meat to old fresh meat for more than ten years all the damn time.

Chen Chi Chi waved her hand, “The contestants in the back will come out later, pause! Let’s chat for a couple of minutes.”

Hey, it’s just so casual.

Wang Tie then ran off to ask for WeChat from the next female contestant who was ready to come out.

Chen Chi Chi looked at her mobile phone, ”There are already two million people watching the Jitterbug live broadcast! Are you all so idle? Don’t you go to school or work?”

Iron Head Wa Total Wa: “Watching it while I’m at work, wearing headphones, the director doesn’t know.”

Li Tiezhu said, “Hot claw you work well. Then who, the camera to me, thank you, watch live students click on the link at the bottom of the screen, download the “Dream – Three Kingdoms” APP, and then send a message ‘Nie Yao over the top’, the staff will give you a private invitation code. Thanks!”

Nie Yao: “By what right do you send me over the top?”

Li Tiezhu: “I’m helping you get on the hot search, if you don’t believe me just wait and see.”

Deer Hani said, “Brother Yao, you have to listen to Tie Zhu in this regard, he is simply heartless in grabbing the hot searches! Half of the time in the first two months, he was on the hot searches. My team has also studied his routine and found that no trick is better than a trick! Yesterday, he spit a bubble on the programme and it was on the hot search.”

Li Tiezhu’s talent demonstration of spitting bubbles on “Masked Singer” was cut into a promotional advert and played on TV, then it caught fire on Jitterbug and all over the internet.

Nie Yao: “Do I even have to fucking thank him?”

Li Tiezhu: “You’re welcome, just buy dinner.”

This live broadcast talent show is actually a jittery micro-variety show with no director and no planning, no scripts and no routines.

To say that the director, it may be the Chen Chi Chi who has been controlling the rhythm, Deer Hani is the left arm, Li Tiezhu, Nie Yao and Wang Tie are the guests, and the contestants are conversely the least important.

Li Tiezhu finished the advert and said, “Wang Tie, stop chatting and continue the match.”

Another oddly dressed and extraordinarily exposed girls slowly came.

Li Tiezhu frowned as he watched, what kind of dress is this?

There was also a cosplaying cat lady?

Tsk, far far far, no temperament.

Thirty-four once again appeared, this time she cos …… milk tea shop girl, wearing a so-and-so milk tea shop uniform, but also a serious walk the runway, temperament take as if seem to be like that, but ……

Walked to the forefront of the fixed point when the foot slipped, a stagger.

“Haa! Hah~”

Xiao Yue forced herself to pose as an international model, raising her chin and looking at the sky at forty-five degrees, her temperament slightly stubborn.

Then, turning around.

Twisted, a stumble leapt forward several steps before returning to the air of an international model.

The stage erupted in laughter.

“Wait wait wait, this contestant please wait.”

Chen Chichi decisively called out to Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue turned around with a bewildered look on her face, her cheeks flushed as if she had been embarrassed.

Chen Chichi kicked Li Tiezhu: “Don’t raise your card, I know you want her to advance, number thirty-four, we understand! Then who, number thirty-four, what is your name? Age, place of origin.”

Xiao Yue looked at Chen Chi Chi.

Wang Tie sent up the microphone in a slither and signalled for her to speak.

Xiao Yue was nervous: “How …… what happened? It’s not that the East China Sea account won’t give the match or something?”

Chen Chi Chi directly sprayed: “You hahahaha ……”

Deer Ha Ni said, “It has nothing to do with the account, pfft! So what, did you know that this session is a cos session? cos, do you understand?”

Koshi: “I get it! It’s just role-playing.”

Deerhani: “What are you wearing?”

Xiaoshi: “Milk tea shop uniform ah! I, I …… I borrowed that cataract Daisy’s cos clothes did not borrow, people clothes can be expensive, I had to change one. Milk tea shop clerk, also cosplaying, right?”

Deer Ha Ni and Chen Chi Chi looked at each other and started to burst out laughing.

Cataract Daisy?

Nie Yao said, “Don’t be nervous little sister, we’re just asking, why did you come to the competition without a cosplay costume?”

Xiao Yue huffed, “This is a proper cosuit for me too! The boss deducted a hundred and twenty-five dollars of my salary to buy it! What’s wrong with that? Does it have to be an anime character or a game character? It doesn’t say so on your recruitment poster! You guys, you guys, you guys …… aren’t having a serious competition?”

Is it a serious competition?

Of course not.

The live message was also joyful:

“This is the first time I’ve heard someone humiliate my Daisy like this.”

“Milk tea shop clerk cos seriously?”

“I don’t know why, but this girl’s style of speaking gives me a sense of familiarity.”

“‘Iron words, iron words’ understand.”

“Don’t say it, it’s really like Li Tiezhu’s style, earthy with killing power.”

“This girl is really good looking.”

“Dumb and dumber, I like it.”

Chen Chi Chi and Deer Hani instantly looked at Li Tie Zhu, even Nie Yao hesitated or looked over, this girl has a similar style to you.

Li Tiezhu was a little confused: “Ah …… this …… I think this cos clothes are quite good, they are all LSP, like the kind just now.”

Xiao Yue: “Huh~”

The other three stared, you damn ……

Anyway, it’s a jitterbug live broadcast, it’s not so preachy, Li Tiezhu exploded boldly.

Raise the card and advance.

Li Tiezhu put down the sign and said, “Go for it!”

Xiao Yue smiled proudly.

Nie Yao asked again, “What’s your name? Who did you learn to walk the catwalk from?”

Xiao Yue said, “My name is Yang Feiyue, I learnt it from a famous model on TV called, called …… Haskitana Cherapova!”

Nie Yao: “…… Excuse me.”

Chen Chichu: “Xiao Yue the clothes you’re wearing are your own work clothes right? So you work at a milk tea shop?”

Yang Feiyue nodded, “Yeah.”

Chen Chichui scratched his ears, “Then why did you come to the competition?”

Yang Feiyue: “Why did you come to be a judge? Because they pay you, aren’t we all the same?”

Chen Chichih took another look at Li Tiezhu, this dislike style is very familiar ah: “Feiyue student, I have to remind you, you are now talking to a heavyweight judge, can you …… be a little more polite?”

Yang Feiyue: “Why? Because you have a big head?”

Chen Chichu: “……”

Li Tiezhu couldn’t help but laugh, I fucking dislike people because the system is too doggy, this sister is really disliking ah!

Yang Feiyue added: “Three thousand yuan for half a month, and food is also included, how nice! I’m a fool if I don’t come and try, and I can still help out at the milk tea shop in the morning, and I can’t lose that job, humph!”

Chen Chichu: “This last hum is exquisite.”

Deer Hani: “Brother, he said you have a big head, didn’t you hear him?”

Chen Chichu couldn’t hold it in, “Get lost!”

Nie Yao said, “Why are you called Fei Yue? Fei Yue what? Fly over the mountains and the sea?”

Yang Feiyue: “I have to ask my dad about that, but I can’t right now, I don’t have much traffic on my phone, is there WiFi here?”

Nie Yao glanced at Li Tiezhu and said, “How about I turn on a hotspot for you?”

Yang Feiyue nodded, “Sure!”

Nie Yao didn’t give her the hotspot, but instead said to Li Tiezhu, “Come on! It’s your turn to speak! This one on stage is simply a female version of Li Tiezhu! One and the same! Even the temperament of her name is very close. Mainly, another one that makes me turn on the hotspot.”

Li Tiezhu picked up the microphone, “Xiao Yue, don’t be afraid, they’re teasing you. Well, anyway, as long as you go on stage I’ll give you the promotion sign, you’ll earn this three thousand.”

He knew that Yang Feiyue really needed this job.

Yang Feiyue jumped up in excitement, “Really? Sent ……”

Li Tiezhu: “You go down, don’t pay attention to these few, they have brain problems.”

“Does a big head affect intelligence?”

Yang Feiyue glanced suspiciously at Chen Chi Chi, turned around and ran, aside Wang Tie chased after him to grab the microphone, and was kicked twice by Yang Feiyue.

Wang Tie: “Words, words, microphone, I I …… mine.”

Yang Feiyue: “Oh, you said it earlier.”

Then, ran away, throw throw throw ……

Live Commentary:

“Is assaulting the host serious?”

“This girl doesn’t seem too smart for Yako ……”

“Smart can be like Li Tiezhu?”

“So does a big head really affect intelligence?”

“Refer to Lei Big Head.”

Chen Chi-Chi was a bit sceptical, “That makes me embarrassed! Me! Chen Chi-Chi, actually being questioned about having intellectual problems as well?”

Deer Hani: “Brother you be more confident, she’s not questioning, she’s asserting.”

Chen Chichihui lifted her mobile phone, “Something must be wrong with this world, this Iron Head baby even left a message saying that Yang Feiyue is so cute, don’t you have any sense of crisis? It might turn into a love rival ah!”

Deer Hani: “She said that you are indeed cute and adorable when you have a big head.”

Nie Yao also bitchy: “Guan Shuang Shuang warning.”

Deerhani covered her mouth and lapped it up, “Not cute at all, my insides are not fluctuating.”

Wang Tie stood on the stage, aggrieved, “Doesn’t anyone feel sorry for me? I was kicked twice by her, moreover, this Feiyue sister’s strength is big ……”

Saying this, he pulled up his trouser leg, and his calf was already red.

A few under the stage laughed more joyfully.

The competition continues, anyway, there are no rules, mainly a few judges dislike each other, just such an unorthodox live broadcast, surprisingly, the number of people in the live room is still up to more than three million.

Chen Chichi and Deer Haney advertised once each, both leaving the audience with the message, “Nie Yao has gone too far”.

The last round of the catwalk was swimwear.

This is the final round, and each contestant will be critiqued one by one, as well as perform a talent show.

Li Tiezhu more dare not look at, one by one is a very large size of the girl, but also pick the fabric less to wear, walk the show when the ground shaking call.

Eleven girls tall legs long wave big, after the completion of the show stood for a full three seconds, fluctuations only gradually subsided.

Chen Chi Chi dazzled: “You this …… I had to give you a promotion card ah!”

Deer Hani: “Who’s going to comment on it?”

Nie Yao: “I’ll do it, this contestant, may I ask what your dream is?”

Deerhani: “Pfft…”

Chen Chichi was even more dumbfounded, what the hell kind of question is this? People came to give Go Xubo, and you’re asking them about their dreams?

Li Tiezhu lowered his head to play with his mobile phone and answered Song Zhu’er’s rogue question.

The girl was also dumbfounded, “The dream …… dream is that Nie Yao is over the top!”

Nie Yao: “Why curse me?”

Meizi also straight: “I’m not just here to mix three thousand yuan of wages? What are you pulling with me here? And dreams! My dream is to be a world-famous model. Can you make me a star in this competition? Anyway, Chi-Chi has promoted me, so I’m not afraid of you.”

Nie Yao: “Even if I’m asking the wrong questions, why are you looking forward to me going out of fashion?”

The girl shivered, scaring Li Tiezhu, and said, “To help you get on the hot search!”

Nie Yao: “……”

Seeing that Nie Yao couldn’t resist this big wave of attack, Chen Chichi had to reach out his friendly hands to help fend it off, “Is this swimming costume sturdy?”

The girl nodded, “Not bad.”

Chen Chichu: “If you can still hold up, let’s talk again, if I’m not mistaken, you should be a professional cosplayer, right? Models can’t have this size, they’re all bamboo poles.”

The girl said, “Yeah! In the past, when you came to East Sea to compete, I even cosplayed the character you played, and even took a picture with you, don’t you remember me?”

Chen Chi Chi and the sister began to climb the friendship.

Li Tiezhu looked at the message sent by Song Zhu’er and was furious, what do you mean, do you like the big one or the small one?

Finally, the sister asked, “Think about it, right?”

Chen Chi Chi laughed twice: “Didn’t think of it.”

The younger sister covered her chest and made a show of saying, “Ouch, people’s hearts hurt!”

Nie Yao was uncomfortably embarrassed by the awkward acting and opened his mouth, “Did the silicone burst?”

Sister: “……”

Deer Hani, who was drinking water on the side, sprayed on the spot.

Chen Chi Chi face has changed, this live room do not be blocked ah, feel and the girl and two more sentences, to fool her off the stage, and then helplessly look at Nie Yao.

Nie Yao straight man nature: “At first glance, it is a fake.”

This time Nie Yao is really hot, live comment area, are brushing:

“Nie Yao is over the top.”

“Did the silicone explode?”

Chen Chichi shook her head, “The competition is almost over, so come on, Yao, let’s make an advert! You’re so talkative anyway.”

Nie Yao: “Click on the bottom of the screen …… to leave a message ‘Nie Yao is over the top’, the staff …… is the same as who wouldn’t be, I’m Nie Yao although I’m straight but …… just now that one is really fake!”

New words came out in the comment section:

“Brother Yao has a good eye!”

“Brother Yao’s fiery eyes.”

“Brother Yao is a treasure hunter!”

“Brother Yao is a professional master of counterfeiting!”

The match continued and the number of people in the live broadcast room exceeded four million.

It was Fei Yue’s sister’s turn again.

This time she’s wearing a real swimsuit, too real to be true.

It was a one-piece swimming costume, all wrapped up from the shoulders to the thighs, with nothing exposed except the arms and legs, and even with a skirt underneath.

Chen Chi Chi’s eyes were puzzled, “Sister Fei Yue, there is a headstrong judge teacher who wants to ask you, do you have any misconceptions about swimsuits?”

Yang Feiyue: “It’s you who has a misunderstanding about swimsuits, right? You like to see the size eleven kind, right? That’s very unethical of you!”

Chen Chichi’s eyes widen, “What did I hear? What did I hear?”

Deer Ha Ni replied, “You heard it right, she uttered Comrade Li Tie Zhu’s famous words. You are immoral!”

Li Tiezhu: “There’s nothing wrong with what she said! That’s what a proper swimsuit is, if the eleven kind of swimsuit goes swimming, it will be washed off by the water, right?”

Nie Yao: “Is it bad to be washed off?”

Chen Chichu, Deer Hani and Li Tiezhu looked at Nie Yao at the same time and didn’t say anything.

Nie Yao woke up, “I didn’t say anything! You guys heard wrong.”

Yang Feiyue hunted down, “It’s only good if you say flush it out, are you guys all so horny? I’m telling you guys, when you’re an artiste, you have to work hard to improve your own connoisseurship and be a role model for society! No wonder you’ve overstayed your welcome.”

Nie Yao: “Thank you! I’ll reflect on it.”

Defeated Defeated.

Li Tiezhu held up the promotion sign and relieved Nie Yao: “Fei Yue, what’s your talent show?”

Yang Feiyue: “I’ll perform a cartwheel for everyone.”

Chen Chichu: “People sing and dance, and do acrobatics, you do cartwheels?”

Yang Feiyue: “What’s wrong with cartwheeling? Li Tiezhu even spits bubbles, but still hotter than you?”

Chen Chi Chi: “He is now more than my fire no problem, but a girl on the stage heeling, this …… you will not be anything else?”

“Not ah.”

“What can’t you do? Mixing milk tea can also line ah.”

“I don’t know how to make milk tea.”

“Don’t you work in a milk tea shop?”

“Yeah, it’s only been four months since I learnt, I haven’t learnt yet.”

“Four months and you still haven’t learnt? What do you know then?”

“I can eat. I’m a fast eater.”

Yang Fei Yue serious face.

Chen Chi Chi nodded, “I can do that too, ha! You’re awesome my Feiyue sister.”

Yang Feiyue: “Why don’t I show you a …… dry rice?”

Li Tiezhu stops, “It’s better to do a somersault.”

Yang Feiyue began to warm up, “Wait, I’ll warm up.”

Chen Chichi concluded, “Li Tiezhu, the difference between Feiyue sister and you is two points, the first is the gender is different, and the second is that you know everything and she knows nothing.”

On the stage, Yang Feiyue jumped twice, crouched down, then, with her head on the ground, she rolled forward, rolled, rolled, and rolled again, rolled three heels, stood up, and was a little dizzy.

Then, Yang Feiyue spread his hands and bent down, “Thank you!”

Chen Chi Chi applauded, her face numb: “Wonderful!”

Deer Hani: “Perfect!”

Soon, the first day of the live broadcast ended, and the final number of people in the live broadcast room exceeded five million, and the number of downloads of Dream-Three Kingdoms exceeded the one million mark, which had a remarkable effect.

At the same time the show directly made three hot searches.

The third hot search “serious girl Yang Feiyue”.

The fourth search was “Nie Yao has gone out of fashion”.

Hot search: “Silicone Explosion”.

The sad thing is that “Dream of Three Kingdoms” is ranked outside the top 20 hot searches, but it’s a good thing that the new game is mentioned in the first three hot searches.

Li Tiezhu’s Variety Achievement Value rose by a total of 81 points to 383 points.


The next afternoon’s live broadcast, the number of people in the live room was even higher.

Li Tiezhu supported Yang Feiyue as always, plus she herself was on the hot search because she was good at Bean’s dislike skills, so, she became the first place in the competition and got the prize money of fifteen hundred yuan, excited and bad. The number eleven big wave girl that Chen Chichi admired got the third place, excitedly hugging Chen Chichi, Nie Yao hid far away, seemingly genuinely afraid that the silicone would explode.

This time, Li Tiezhu harvested 113 points of achievement value, the variety of achievement came to 496 points.

After the game, Li Tiezhu added WeChat with Yang Feiyue, and went to play games with Chen Chichi and the others.

Li Tiezhu watched them play and was messaging with the cat himself.

“Cat went back to East China Sea, and the day after tomorrow I’m going to Kyoto for the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal, so Mimi gave me two days off.”

“Really? You’re going to the Spring Festival Gala too?”

“You don’t even care about my news? It’s been scheduled for a long time, it’s been rehearsed twice.”

“Oh, then where are you now?”

“At our flat, changing curtains and decorations and stuff ……”

Li Tiezhu got a bit anxious, these people playing games don’t even look at the time? It’s now seven o’clock in the evening, do they still eat?

It was Nie Yao who offered to invite Chen Chichu, Deer Hani, Li Tiezhu and Wang Tie for dinner because of the hot search thing. But Wang Tie excused himself and left first.

Today, Zhou Dong, Wang Da Shao, and Deng Chao are all out.

Li Tiezhu couldn’t help but say, “Still eating or not? I’m hungry!”

Chen Chi Chi said, “Immediately immediately! Finish this round.”

Li Tiezhu replied on his mobile phone, “I’ll be back after having dinner with them.”

There was no reply for a long time, until Chen Chichihui finished their game, Li Tiezhu received a new message, and his eyes went straight:

“The cat is ready.”

“Is …… ready?”


Li Tiezhu was restless and couldn’t help but want to tell them I’m not going to dinner. Returned the message:

“Wait for me.”

At this time, Chen Chichi’s phone rang, and not long after, Deer Hani’s phone also rang.

Chen Chichu: “Brother Yao, you can’t invite me tonight.”

Deer Ha Ni said, “The director asked us to go to a gathering.”

It turned out that Chen Chichu and the others received a call from Hahaha director Yan Min, inviting their three main creators to a dinner on a yacht, so Nie Yao had to invite them next time.

Chen Chichu, Deer Hani and Li Tiezhu then left, Nie Yao still had to communicate with Electric Spirit as the image spokesperson, so he didn’t join them.

Li Tiezhu thought to himself that he was lucky that the meal was cancelled and he could go back.

“Tiezhu, go with brother, have you been on a yacht?”

Chen Chi Chi put his arm around Li Tiezhu’s neck, two contacts down, he and Li Tiezhu are already very familiar. The relationship between people and people is never dependent on fate, he and Deer Hani are much more distant from Nie Yao.

Li Tiezhu: “What yacht?”

Chen Chi Chi said, “Director Yan invited us to dinner, on the yacht, brother to take you to see the world. You know Director Yan, haven’t you been on Infinite Challenge?”

Li Tiezhu: “It’s that bitchy director? He didn’t invite me! It’s not appropriate, right?”

Chen Chichu: “What’s inappropriate? Besides, aren’t you also booked to be on Hahaha? It’s also a guest on the show, not an outsider.”

Deer Ha Ni: “Right, go go go, let’s have some beer tonight.”

“Alright then.”

Li Tiezhu couldn’t refuse well, what yacht? I, Li Tiezhu, don’t care! Anyway, I’ll slip away after dinner.