The Rockstar Chapter 189

East China Sea, Qingpu River, a certain pier.

“Ah! How come you’re here first?”

“What? Can’t I come first?”

“You can come first.”

A hidden camera records the conversation between Tide getting out of the car and the show’s staff.

Guided by the staff, Tide boarded the yacht.

The staff said, “I didn’t even recognise Chao just now.”

Deng Chao wore black-rimmed glasses and was still proud: “I brought my own disguise.”

After taking his seat, Deng Chao looked left and right: “Where are the two of them?”

Staff: “On their way.”

Not long after, Chen Chichi arrived with Deer Hani and Li Tiezhu.

Chen Chichu: “Played a game of football in the morning, didn’t you?”

Deer Ha Ni: “Yes, also thigh strain, afternoon you do not see me did not walk around?”

Chen Chi Chi: “Ah?”

Deer Hani: “It’s been a long time since I kicked.”

Li Tiezhu: “I can pinch tendons, I’ll pinch them for you after dinner.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Of course it hurts.”

“Forget it then, I’m not pinching.”

The group got on the yacht as well, and the crew below said bye-bye.

Li Tiezhu was confused, “How come it’s bye bye?”

Chen Chi Chi also asked, “What’s the situation?”

The female staff member saw Deer Ha Ni and teased, “Hey, you’re here? So white!”

Deer Ha Ni: “Haha.”

Female staff saw Li Tiezhu: “Good black ah! This is ……”

Deer Ha Ni: “Li Tie Zhu ah.”

Staff member: “Of course I know Li Tiezhu, why is he here again?”

Get this, this is also the one that Director Yan brought over from Infinite Challenge.

Deohani: “We brought him over to eat with us. I talked to the director on the phone on the way and he agreed.”

The three of them greeted Deng Chao and the four of them talked to each other, Chen Chi Chi even lifted up her clothes to show off the picture her daughter had put up for her.

The director said, “Serve them hot dishes when everyone arrives.”

When it premiered half a month later, the pop-ups were unusually lively:

“My God! This programme is too doggy, isn’t it?”

“Deokhani is so white!”

“Tie Zhu is so black.”

“Tie Zhu is the same as Deer Hani, with or without make-up.”

“Aren’t there three of them? Why is there an extra Tie Zhu?”

“Li Tiezhu seems to be here to rub it in.”

“Dilly-dallying and the boat sailed away, laugh to death!”

The staff brought the four to the upstairs dining room, where Deer Hani and Chen Chi Chi sat on one side, Li Tiezhu and Deng Chao sat on one side, and the bitchy director Yan Min sat alone on one side, stealing glances at Li Tiezhu.

The waiter was serving the food, and Deer Ha Ni was holding up the scene on a daily basis:

“Oooh~ wow ……”

Deng Chao patted Li Tiezhu: “Which issue are you from? I don’t know why I see you especially kind!”

Li Tiezhu thought for a moment, “Maybe because we’re all bad looking. I don’t know exactly which issue, I only know that it’s the one that advertised for Dream-Three Kingdoms and the one behind it, as if Dream-Three Kingdoms gave money to the programme team to make an issue about e-sports ……”

Chen Chi Chi and Deer Hani laughed out loud, Deng Chao is not good looking.

Deng Chao smiled bitterly, “I was also a school grass back then hey! You say I’m not good looking?”

Li Tiezhu: “Good-looking people acting in films don’t have box office, Fang Bo, Xu Shanqiang and you, how high the box office! You look at the opposite side of the two, good-looking, right?”

Deng Chao: “They’re simply divine!”

Chen Chichu: “Actually, I’m ugly too.”

Deer Hani: “……”

Deng Chao was cool: “Tie Zhu you’re so good at talking! Why don’t you just start with us from the first issue, resident.”

Across from him, Chen Chi Chi then nodded, “That’s right! This proposal is good! Tie Zhu’s sense of variety is really innate. Director?”

Deer Ha Ni: “Three ha to four ha, no problem! Tieba Moviba tua duo vs National Siamese twins duo.”

Yan Min was silent and old.

Li Tiezhu waved his hand, “No no no! I still have important things to do, and besides, I have to go to CCTV the day after tomorrow to rehearse for the Spring Festival Gala.”

Yan Min raised his eyebrows in a slightly unnoticeable manner, get on my thief ship and still want to run away? How could it be that easy?

Deer Ha Ni pretended to be sour, “Oh yo yo~ A big star on the Spring Festival Gala, can’t afford to mess with it.”

Li Tiezhu passive skills launched again: “Brother you are so hot, if not suddenly grew into a ‘Haidian District round-faced fat deer’, should also be able to go on.”

Chen Chi Chi mercilessly ridiculed, “Hahahahahahahaha …… round face ……”

Deng Chao was taciturn: “Hahahahahaha …… fat deer ……”

There was even a high five.

Deer Hani was dumbfounded, “Tie Zhu are you helping me get on the hot search? I think calling a round-faced fat deer during the official recording will be on the hot search!”

Li Tiezhu nodded, “Remember to treat me to dinner.”


“Is the round-faced fat deer in Haidian District okay?”

“Serious Brother is really good at giving people nicknames.”

“Li Tiezhu hot search maniac real hammer, want to go on not to say, want to let whoever on who.”

“National brother-in-law is good.”

“They are really no make-up ah ……”

“Is this show so random? It doesn’t matter if there are more people?”

“Deer Ha Ni is really fat! Her face is all round.”

Chen Chichu: “Deer, how did you get fat? Tell me what it’s like to grow fat.”

Deer Hani ruffled his hair: “I don’t know, just suddenly the whole person is swollen! Kick the ball when passing people much easier, a squeeze on the past, unlike the previous fancy a whole lot of shit no use.”

Chen Chi-Chi also said: “I also, after the fat after playing basketball is very easy, under the basket a bully!”

Li Tiezhu: “Playing basketball is too fat, easy to break the foot. Qin Tao is, playing three times to break twice.”

Chen Chi Chi swore: “Impossible! With my skills and awareness, it is impossible to break a foot. A bully under the basket, I’m telling you! You play basketball too?”

Li Tiezhu hmmmed, “Varsity blue collar, specialising in grabbing rebounds caps and fouls.”

Chen Chichu: “Let’s spar some other day.”

The food was almost served, and the five people started eating.

Li Tiezhu was very attentive to eating, each dish was carefully tasted, and then silently reviewing the chef’s production techniques in his mind, although not completely, but also comprehended. These dishes, all very delicious, the chef’s skills are deep, many dishes Li Tiezhu completely clueless.

The only thing that can distract Li Tiezhu in front of the top priority of killing cats is food.

Killing cats is not in a hurry, when I eat and drink enough to save up, kill back to the flat ……

Li Tiezhu picked up a piece of fish fillet, which was so tender that it was intoxicating.

The few present are actually foodies, led by Chen Chi Chi and Li Tiezhu, eating that is quite high, unaware that all of this has been captured one by one by the hidden camera.

Chen Chichi was eating and interacting with the staff outside: “Come over and eat together later!”

Female staff member: “I like you the most.”

Chen Chi Chi: “Me? I have an eye.”

Deer Ha Ni pursues, “Just like him?

Female staff member: “My daughter likes you.”

Deerhani was overjoyed.

The female staff member added, “My mother and my sister like Li Tiezhu.”

Chen Chi-Chi and Deer Ha Ni burst out laughing.

Li Tiezhu bit into the beef, “Thank you!”

The director took a few bites and got up to leave, patting Li Tiezhu on the shoulder before leaving:

“You’re the CCTV rehearsal for the afternoon of the day after tomorrow, the 1st of November, right?”

Li Tiezhu nibbled on the seafood: “Ang!”

Yan Min paced away, “That’s no problem.”

Li Tiezhu continued to eat, suddenly felt a little wrong, but exactly where it was wrong, but could not remember, the expression was once a little odd.

The camera caught Li Tiezhu’s dumbfounded expression in a big close-up, and later on, it was accompanied by a few big words:

“There seems to be an ominous premonition.”

A siren sounded.

“Has the ship sailed?”

“Must be, backing the boat.”

“It’s my first time doing a yacht. Woo–”

“Hani the stupid kid who stays in the theatre all day, it’s pathetic.”

“Huh? There’s a drone?”

The crew rounded up, “Drones are for filming the airspace, filming the airspace.”

The so-called empty realm is a shot where no one is on camera, used for scene transition.

A few people did not doubt it, and Chen Chi Chi even asked how long it would take for one round, and Deer Hani said it would take two hours.

Li Tiezhu is very annoyed, how to open the boat tour up? To open, wait for me to get off the boat and then open ah! Another two hours to waste, I’m busy.

Deng Chao suddenly laughed strangely, looking across the river: “Look, look, hahaha logo hit!”

Chen Chi-Chi and Deer Ha Ni looked around, where is it?

Li Tiezhu almost collapsed, is this going to start recording straight away? He jumped up in a flash, “Director, come out! Put me down! You come out, if you let me find it, I’ll beat you to death!”

Deng Chao did not expect Li Tiezhu to be so fierce, and hurriedly said, “Hey! It’s so easy to be fooled, I lied to you guys.”

Chen Chichi and Deer Ha Ni had a bored look on their faces.

Li Tiezhu breathed a sigh of relief, huffed and puffed and sat down, “Scared me, if we really started shooting directly, I’d really go beat up that director, fooling me!”

Deng Chao: “How can it start directly, the programme team still has this sense of propriety. Why are you so grumpy, Tie Zhu?”

Li Tiezhu: “I, I …… I tonight, have something very important to do, he is going to directly drive me away, I may not really be able to control myself!”

Deng Chao: “What very important thing?”

Li Tiezhu uttered up: “What …… about that I don’t next year’s college entrance exam? There is a set of Huanggang cat roll waiting for me to do it, newly bought, just ready! Just ready, I …… I haven’t done such an advanced paper yet ……”

It’s incoherent. It’s a secret scroll, not a cat scroll, KAM.

Deng Chao also dumbfounded: “Look, the college entrance examination to the children are forced into what kind?”


“Huanggang Secret Scroll, right? Li Tiezhu was so nervous that his mouth dropped.”

“How much do you love studying?”

“Deng Chao you actually think the programme team has a sense of propriety?”

“People who came out of Flying Bar don’t know how ruthless the director of Five Stripes is, normal.”


On the other hand, Director Yan sat in the middle of a secret room and pushed Wang Tie, who was drooling next to him, “Go see if the door is unlocked.”

Wang Tie went to look and said, “It’s unlocked, what, director are you really afraid that Li Tiezhu will come and beat you up?”

Director Yan: “Be careful.”

Wang Tie: “Not me, director you are really too doggy this time, you tricked them to get on the boat even if, why don’t you let me go and have some too? I haven’t had any water or rice until now ……”

Yan Min pretends he didn’t hear and picks up the walkie-talkie: “All departments prepare, countdown twenty minutes. Twenty minutes later, the yacht sails out of Wusongkou.”


At the restaurant, Deng Chao, Chen Chichih and Deohani were guessing where to go tomorrow, and learnt that it was Seafood City, and then the chatting got sidetracked and turned into slandering each other.

Chen Chichi looked at Li Tiezhu and said, “I’m telling you, the two of them will end up begging me on their knees for this show, and when they eat the hot pot, they’ll all turn around and ask me if this is cooked or not, cooked or not, is it ready to eat?”

Li Tiezhu: “That stupid?”

Then, the three people began to show off their new skills, will WeChat payment will play drip will unlock the shared bicycle and so on, the life of the rich is so boring and tedious.

After a while, several people went to the yacht deck to see the scenery and take selfies.

Li Tiezhu did not have the pleasure, a face of despair in the corner of the cat to send WeChat.

Cat owner: “Sorry ah, this meal is estimated to eat more than an hour.”

Captive cat: “So long? Have you been drinking? Shall I drive to pick you up?”

“No, driving doesn’t work, coming in a boat is more like it.”

“You’re eating on the yacht?”

“Brother Chao and their programme team are treating us, if I had known I wouldn’t have come. It’s so annoying!”

“You won’t be unable to get off the boat, right? What if you just take the boat away?”

“We’re not recording the programme until tomorrow, Director Yan said so himself.”

“Yan Min? You guys believe his words too?”

Li Tiezhu stopped replying to the message and hurriedly looked for Chao to confirm, Chao swore, “Impossible, we don’t even have assistants and make-up artists with us, we don’t even have a change of clothes, how can we just start filming?”

The pop-up screen once again went wild with mockery. Mocking Chao’s gullibility, mocking Li Tiezhu’s grip.

Li Tiezhu was worried and began to search all over the ship for Yan Min’s trail, but with no luck, the whole person looked grumpy.

Then, he was even more hopeless in his heart.

When he returned to the restaurant, those three were drinking champagne and chatting like thieves.

Li Tiezhu sullenly sat down, and then his mobile phone rang, picked up to see that it was actually sent by Zhang Xiaomeng, a look at the content is even more wrong.

He said, “Not right!”

The three stopped their discussion and looked at Li Tiezhu: “What? How is it wrong?”

Li Tiezhu: “Sent me a message, take care brother! Just these four words.”

Deng Chao nibbled on a duck’s foot: “Who is it?”

Li Tiezhu: “My agent.”

Deer Hani was a little confused: “Hahaha …… ah?”

Chen Chi-Chi glared and pulled out his mobile phone, “Mine came too, three words …… Take care, brother!”

Deer Ha Ni: “What do you mean take care?”

Crackle bang bang ……

Strange noises coming from all directions, a group of staff pouring in, some carrying tripods, some carrying cameras, some holding up recording equipment ……

Even the table board on top of the wooden cabinet next to the dining table slowly stood up, and it was actually a display screen.

Deer Haney were dumbfounded, “So arrogant?”

Chen Chichu laughed epileptically, “Oh goose goose goose goose goose ……”

Deng Chao laughed bitterly throughout.

Li Tiezhu began to look for weapons, and finally got a more handy champagne bottle with half a bottle of champagne inside.

Deer Ha Ni: “Chao …… stiffened.”

Chen Chi Chi kept the action of pinching the food: “Brother Tie Zhu’s weapons are ready. Hahaha!”

The display screen lit up, and inside were Director Yan and Wang Tie.

Director Yan: “Can you hear me now?”

Deng Chao: “Too hasty this?”

Deohani: “What do you mean?”

Li Tiezhu: “Where are you? I came over to talk to you!”

Chen Chi-Chi ate silently, eating something tasty to suppress the shock.

Director Yan: “Oh, that’s audible. It’s like this ah, it’s …… we’re leaving.”

Deng Chao was bewildered: “Who are we gone?”

Chen Chi Chi chopsticks were lost, and Deer Hani looked at each other and laughed bitterly: “Oh my God, next to even the light is gone.”

Li Tiezhu pointed at the display, “What do you mean? What does it mean to be gone?”

Director Yan: “Walking out of Wusongkou, we’re going in the direction of travelling.”

Li Tiezhu was confused, I just came to rub a meal, how can I leave? I don’t want to go travelling with you, I want to go home and feed the cat!

Li Tiezhu smiled stiffly, is really a little bit of fire: “Yan guide you out, either let me beat up, or I jumped ship.”