The Rockstar Chapter 19

“Hmph! I’d like to ask, why did you pretend you didn’t see me that night? Even if you really didn’t see me, you still have to apologise! I helped you get into the TV station in the first place!”

Zhao Liya grunted and ground her teeth, she still couldn’t forget the shame of being ignored that night.

So, when she met Li Tiezhu, she naturally had to ask for clarification, and then stick her nose in and count him out until he was so ashamed that he had no place to go.

This is very girly!

Quickly chasing into the alley, Zhao Liya caught up with Li Tiezhu and was about to shout at him.

“Run faster! This point is crowded, wait ha might have to queue.”

Grandpa Huang suddenly an accelerated rushed out, old and strong.

Li Tiezhu, who couldn’t figure out the situation, subconsciously followed up with a strong stride. What’s so exciting? You still need to queue up?

Zhao Liya stared at the dog, running what ah?

However, Zhao Liya, who was bent on revenge and humiliation, ran along, panting.

Soon Huang led the way, and at the end of the alley, a tail drift, turned into another smaller alley. That alley was curved, and under the night, the alley flashed with piercing red lights, and each shop was highly uniform in style.

“This is the one, it has a good reputation, a lot of workers have tried it and said it’s good.”

Huang stopped in front of a shop not far from the mouth of the alley, to the young man to popularise the knowledge.

“Hammer oh!”

Li Tiezhu at least is also 90 IQ people, which can not understand what Master Huang wants to take him for, immediately angry a mouthful of old blood turned up.

This thing also group?

This is a human thing to do?

Zhao Liya’s brain buzzed, not running short of oxygen, but found himself in an inexplicable place, terrible!

Three views exploded!

At this time, she was only three or four metres away from Li Tiezhu, but she didn’t dare to speak.

Why are you here?

And why are you here?

It’s strange to think about.

In particular, the men passing by around her started to look at Zhao Liya with strange eyes, sending a chill down her back.


“Go go go, second half price for their regular customers.”

Huang master skilfully pulled Tiezhu into the shop door, and inside a few aunts familiar with the family routine, ask a few business is good health important and so on, the aunts also have to praise the young man’s body is good, it looks like a very capable look.

Li Tiezhu found that the smart IQ, there are also down time, such as by the wolf like tiger old aunts staring at the time of unsuspecting.


Zhao Liya sucked in a breath of cool air, that guy really went in!

That workmate of his was something else, how old was he, to bring him to a place like this, it was just too much.

A slap in the face, Li Tiezhu is not a good thing!



“Ignore him from now on.” Zhao Liya stomped her foot, turned around, covered her face, and started to run, “Ahhhhh ……”

Finally, Li Tiezhu still walked out of the shop, he came to his senses.

The treat, moncler huang, chased out, “What is it? Quickly go in to do business ah, do not be afraid, I have communicated with others, you will not, she will teach you.”

Li Tiezhu covered his forehead and took a deep breath, “You say you, have an old partner, still come to this kind of place?”

“What? Don’t we hit the teeth every month and eat a 39 a person buffet hot pot?”

“What does it matter?”

“Look, it’s impossible to eat one hotpot and not eat for a month. Nor can we eat white rice every day and not have a toothsome feast thi!”

“I ……”

The logic was perfect, Li Tiezhu was speechless.

“Forget it, you personally go to the whole, I’m going back.”

After saying that, Li Tiezhu drew himself up and left.

Huang moncler outlet online chased a few steps, see Li Tiezhu go intention has been decided, have no choice but to return to kill back to the shop, to the little guy set a good senior package, waste a strange pity, the old man I …… was forced to luxury a time!

Who knows that the food on the plate, the grain is bitter.


Li Tiezhu returned to the construction site and also worked two hours of overtime to earn back the wasted traffic fees. Naturally, he was mercilessly ridiculed by his workmates for working overtime, reprimanding him for failing to live up to moncler outlet online Huang’s efforts.

That night, Li Laohan knew about it and complained about moncler outlet online Huang for a long time. How can you take your own son to that kind …… of cheap place?

The next day, Li Tiezhu ate breakfast at the construction site, took a half day off, carrying a piece of bacon brought from his hometown to donate money.

In the past two years, in order to Li Tiezhu study stable, Li Fugui are working in the nearby construction site, so the Li family father and son and Hong Fund here in charge of also familiar with.

“Simone Zhou, have you eaten yet?”

“I’ve eaten. Zhu Zi is here! Simone has left you some newer clothes, I’ll go get them for you.”

“Thank you, thank you. Home-smoked bacon, you bring it back to try.”

“You have no need for this whole …… thing.”

Zhou Sufen excused herself, took the bacon, and went to the back of the house to take out three T-shirts, two pairs of trousers, and a pair of sandals for Li Tiezhu.

Hong fund has a lot of good people donated old clothes, Zhou Sufen learnt that Li Tiezhu family poverty, his father also often donate money, applied for a little, occasionally to Li Tiezhu to leave some clothes.

Over the past two years, Li Tiezhu in addition to school uniforms have not bought clothes, relying on Zhou Sufen’s help.

Li Tiezhu took the clothes on the body to simply compare, the size are quite suitable.

“Thank you! I came today, I also want to donate some money.”

“Your old man didn’t come? Why are you the one to donate?”

“I earned it myself, and my old man said for me to come and donate it myself.”

“Good boy, you’ve got talent.”

“Hey ……”

Zhou Sufen put Li Tiezhu leader in front of the transfer machine, gave him the account number of Hong Fund, and went to pour tea for Li Tiezhu.

She is really like Li Tiezhu this kid, although poor, but have backbone not inferiority complex, but also helpful, also he did not graduate from high school, otherwise Zhou Sufen has long been busy to introduce him to the daughter-in-law.

How much to donate?

Li Tiezhu put the card in, thought about it, first donate 20,000, right? To the old man to buy a car, the rest saved up to give, back home to repair the house so that the old man to marry a daughter-in-law.

The idea was made, Li Tiezhu entered the amount of the donation:

2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.

The transfer was successful, the current balance of 29,000 yuan.

Well ……

Li Tiezhu was a little lost in thought for a while, and fell into a deep thought, this matter, right, he …… did not say that his IQ has become higher?

Lost an extra zero.

The transfer machine of Hong Fund is silent, and it is said that it is to protect privacy, so, there is no beep.


Twenty-nine thousand left, that’s quite a lot.

To buy a car for the old man, Li Tiezhu is not chagrined, he is at most complaining that he is a little stupid, do not care about the 200,000. He knows that there are a lot of people who need this money more than he does, and it’s worth it.

Zhou Sufen did not ask Li Tiezhu donated how much, handed him a cup of tea, Li Tiezhu sat down to drink tea, but also some thirst.

At this time, a soft voice came.

“Auntie Zhou, I miss the tea you made again, hehehe.”

Zhao Liya parked her battery car at the door, hugged down a huge snakeskin bag, and strained to walk in. She didn’t wear a mask, her pretty face was flushed, and a layer of fine sweat beads on her forehead.

As soon as she entered the door, Zhao Liya was a shock, this …… coincidence was a little too much!