The Rockstar Chapter 2

The competition was about to start, Qin Tao shoved his guitar to Li Tiezhu, who was holding a guitar in one hand and a popsicle in the other. Qin Tao was just dumbfounded, why was this guy still licking the popsicle?

It’s over!

Yi Feng said: ”This contestant, shouldn’t you throw away the popsicle before you start singing? Or, you can just get off the stage and eat your popsicle.”

He felt that this group of contestants did not have enough respect for the judges, so his words were a bit hard.

“Oh ……”

Li Tiezhu sluggishly looked around, he didn’t find a rubbish bin, moreover, there were still so many left, it was a strange pity to throw them away. It was so hard to force Qin Tao to treat him, and the next time is not sure what monkey year it will be.

Then, he jogged to the front of the judges’ table and handed the popsicle to Leng Ba who was pressing the corners of his eyes.

“Please, hold it for me.”


“Thank you.”

“I *#@&%……”

Leng Ba took the popsicle almost subconsciously, with an incredulous expression on her face.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

Also, this popsicle is surprisingly …… pineapple flavoured.

That damn scent.

Leng Ba, who was a senior foodie, actually swallowed his saliva extremely shamefully, and the movement was so hidden that it shouldn’t be photographed.

Yi Feng stared blankly at Li Tiezhu’s strange behaviour and even forgot to say something.

Newcomer singer Lin Fan even inexplicably gushed out a strong feeling of admiration, oh my god, this is a real first tier actress ah! Get you a popsicle?

Chen Posong took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed his temper.

Qin Tao covered his forehead.

It’s really over! My dream of being a star!

The people eating in front of the screen once again exploded as pop-ups poured out.

“Fluff (broken voice)”

“This is a master, this is a master ……”

“Poor little Lengba, no stealing oh!”

“Is it the devil who says steal food?”

“Iron 666.”

“Serious brother, the first ruthless man in the history of The Voice!”

“Serious Brother is not a bad name.”

Li Tiezhu’s simple brain circuit, does not feel that there is anything wrong with what he did, diligence and thrift is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Re-entering the stage, blindly strumming the guitar twice, he said to Qin Tao:

“Get ready, it’s starting.”

Qin Tao looked towards the judges’ table, fearing that he would be beaten out with a messy stick in the next second.

Luckily, although the judges’ table was shocked, Leng Ba did not have any expression of anger other than a bitter smile, she was a kind person.

Or Chen Posong helplessly nodded his head, signalling to hurry up and sing, and roll away after singing numbly.

Li Tiezhu also wants to hurry to finish singing back to the construction site, do not be found by the foreman that he is absent from work. He strummed the guitar strings, and his unbelievable calmness made Qin Tao also calm down a lot.

Qin Tao sang the lead vocals, and Li Tiezhu was also responsible for the harmony while playing the guitar:

Once upon a time, our youth ah

Love took root in our memories

Yesterday preserved that land in the heart

Tears that bloomed in splendour and eternity.

Once upon a time our ……



Qin Tao did not brake the car, inertia continued to shiver twice: “Youth, ah, rooted that germination ……”

As if struck by lightning.

The little fat man seemed to hear the sound of a broken dream.

Li Tiezhu: “Don’t sprout, or go back to raising pigs.”

Although he deliberately lowered his voice, he was facing the microphone, so the whole country heard it.

The pop-up crowd naturally went into another frenzy, this group was too comical. These two goods really didn’t let everyone down, contributing a disaster type of singing.

It wasn’t normally hard to listen to.

Leng Ba also couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, tossing me around for most of the day, and this is it?

But it’s good to be relieved.

The one who called them to a halt was precisely that white haired old musician Chen Posong, who boarded up his face, “Qin Tao, right, you don’t have the talent to sing, but the young man who accompanies and harmonises has a voice ……”

He could hear that the little fat man was pentatonic, while the flat-headed young boy’s voice was in good condition.

The audience was puzzled, really?

How come we didn’t hear it?

Li Tiezhu was calm and removed his guitar, “Didn’t pass, did you? Good, we’ll go now.”

Chen Posong: “Wait! That song just now, you sing two lines.”

Li Tiezhu: “Me? I can’t sing, I usually don’t sing, decent people who …… just this song, I only remember the harmony, he forced me to learn it.”

The old gentleman, however, was vaguely disappointed, and he who has been in the music industry for decades, has no doubt that the voice he heard was very plastic.

On the stage, Qin Tao died and pulled Li Tiezhu’s clothes: “Sing the song you wrote yourself!”

Chen Posong: “Yo? You can still write songs?”

Li Tiezhu kicked away Qin Tao and waved his hand, “No.”


Decent people who write songs!

Qin Tao said sharply, “It’s that song, someone as gil good as me, ow ow ow, that song.”

Li Tiezhu: “That’s called People Like Me.”

Qin Tao: “Whatever, sing.”

Chen Songbai: “Sing.”

Li Tiezhu: “Sing?”

Chen Posong: “Sing!”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

Li Tiezhu was speechless, why are you forcing me?


Decent person.

Just want to move bricks properly.

In fact, Li Tiezhu had no knowledge of the things in that world, after all, he was not a traveller. However, the song “People like me” has been in his mind, occasionally humming a few lines, and was heard twice by Qin Tao.

Under the forced eyes of the four judges, Li Tiezhu, a serious person, took out a second hand Rocky Mountain out of the year 00 from the pocket of his shorts, looked at the time, and said:

“Sing a couple of lines then.”


“Serious brother, Ollie give!”

“Miracle: Serious Man is going to sing!”

“I advise you to pause your eating, and beware of an untimely death.”

Yi Feng and Lin Fan looked at Chen Posong in surprise, and then looked sympathetically at Leng Ba, who was holding the popsicle. They also didn’t so much as hear how good the flat-headed kid’s voice was, but they couldn’t question the old gentleman, which made Leng Ba awkward.

Leng Ba looked at the melting and dripping popsicle and thought to herself, “When am I going to get it? Throw it away, it seems inappropriate, keep holding it like this, it’s even less of a thing ah.

Now that she looked like this, she must have been laughed at by the audience.

Li Tiezhu is like nothing, put back the mobile phone, so he strummed the guitar, he deliberately lowered his voice and sang, casually:

A good man like me

Should have lived a life of splendour

What happened to me in the last 20 years?

I’m still floating in a sea of people



Chen Posong’s eyes suddenly lit up and his body leaned forward, concentrating even more. This little guy, there was something.

It wasn’t just the voice!

Compared to the song’s composition, his unassuming voice was not worth mentioning in return.


Lin Fan, the previous fourth place winner, gently sucked in a breath, he wrote this song himself?


Last year, he had met opponents who sang original compositions during the competition, but even in the final, there was no contestant who could write such a good song.

Lin Fan couldn’t help but turn his head and lock eyes with Yi Feng, and could see the surprise in the other’s eyes.

Yi Feng wasn’t considered a professional singer, but he could hear the good and bad, this song was extremely well written, was it really written by a less than twenty year old folk?

This is too much of an exaggeration, right?


Leng Ba was actually a bit dumbfounded for a moment, the vocal line was mesmerising! It was so immersive that one didn’t realise it.

Even that guy looked more and more handsome, his facial features were all good looking, only his scores were pulled down by his clothing and temperament. Especially his eyes, when he sang his eyes were deep and sparkling with a ghostly light, not at all like before when he was so silly.

The audience in front of the screen was even more subdued as soon as Li Tiezhu opened his mouth, it was a real opening crunch. And, the song is really beautiful.