The Rockstar Chapter 20

Zhao Liya gritted her teeth, she was afraid that she would never forget the way the passersby looked at her when she ran out of that alley last night.

It was all Li Tiezhu’s fault!

Zhou Sufen immediately ran over to help: ”Aiya, come to donate clothes again? Don’t carry it yourself, it’s so heavy and your hands are golden, don’t scratch them ……”

Zhou Sufen and Zhao Liya is also very familiar with this little girl family matters extremely good, parents are teaching music professor of Sichuan music, I heard that on the central station it. And Zhao Liya good-looking and polite, who look like, the little girl is very young to play a handful of good piano, often abroad to perform.

I heard that she recently went to participate in a TV show, have become a big star, this piece of all the rumours.

Zhao Liya wiped the sweat, white Li Tiezhu a glance, the heart cold humming, see you have the courage to greet me not! Shameful! Scum! Shameless!

Li Tiezhu: “Hoo…… sucked.”

The tea is a bit hot.

Li Tiezhu stared at the hot tea in his hand almost the whole time, and didn’t even look in Zhao Liya’s direction for even a glance, he didn’t know that the person who came was someone he knew.

He was still checking that message in his head.

[Ding! Host donates 200,000 and receives 2 Intelligence Points reward]

Donating and earning IQ?

What’s the principle?

Doesn’t matter, add points, add points, Zhao Tiezhu added IQ points to 92 points, a record high ah!

Just thinking about it makes me happy.

Zhao Liya was still a little embarrassed, but when she saw Zhao Tiezhu with his head down and “no face to see her”, she instantly felt that she was fine. She has already occupied the moral high ground!

What’s the point of being afraid of him?


Zhao Liya sat down opposite Li Tiezhu, holding the cup of tea handed by Zhou Sufen, attempting to kill Zhao Tiezhu with her gaze.

New hatred and old hatred together!

Zhou Sufen took Zhao Liya’s snakeskin bag and went to the back of the house to sort, leaving only Zhao Liya and Li Tiezhu in front.

Li Tiezhu finished adding points, found that the brain is a little more flexible, greatly satisfied, tilted his head and drank a mouthful of tea, through the glass teacups to see a beautiful girl across the street.

He swept a glance, really good looking!

Then, Li Tiezhu lowered his head and continued to study the system.

He didn’t recognise Zhao Liya at all, after all, he was a bit slightly face-blind. As his IQ improved, Li Tiezhu’s face blindness got slightly better, slightly feeling that the lady across the street looked a bit familiar, but he didn’t dare to ask ah, the lady was glaring at him, afraid.

Suddenly, a fragrant wind came.

Is she?

A sharp inhale, and sure enough, it was her!

“Miss Milk Scent, it’s you! I almost didn’t recognise you.”

Li Tiezhu put down his teacup in surprise, revealing a bright smile, no wonder he felt familiar, he didn’t expect that it was actually his great benefactor.

From the backstage once goodbye, Li Tiezhu has not seen her, still want to find a chance to thank her properly to come.

What a coincidence!

Zhao Liya revealed an incredulous wonder, pretending to recognise me only just now? This trick is too clumsy, right? Besides, what did you call me?

Although, Zhao Liya’s girlfriends had also said that she had a very special smell on her, but ultimately, it was a very private and intimate thing that even the girls didn’t say easily, and you actually shouted it out directly?

Well, I have my own responsibility in this matter!

“My name is Zhao Liya.”

Zhao Liya grimaced and put on an expression that made it obvious I was angry.

Li Tiezhu couldn’t read words, “Zhao Liya, you came to donate something?”

Zhao Liya looked Li Tiezhu up and down, going to that kind of place last night, but coming to donate something today? Split personality? She said, “You donate things too?”

Li Tiezhu pointed to the plastic bag containing clothes next to him, “No, I came to get clothes to wear.”


Zhao Liya rolled her eyes, that was enough!

I actually thought that people like him would donate things, but I didn’t expect it to be even worse than what I thought! To come and take donated clothes to wear, excessive!

Really ……

Obviously so talented, did not expect the bones are bad,亏我之前还有些欣赏你。

Ai! After all, it is a mistake to pay!

Zhou Sufen walked out and handed Tie Zhu a pink towel: “Tie Zhu, look this towel is quite new, take it back and wipe your face.”

Li Tiezhu was not picky and took it smoothly, “Thank you, I’m leaving, I’ll see you next time.”

Zhou Sufen nodded smilingly.

On the side, Zhao Liya grudgingly swept a glance at Zhou Sufen, “That’s the towel I just donated to wipe my body with! You turn your hand, give it to a person who went to that kind of place last night ……

Can t think about it anymore, it s going to explode!

Li Tiezhu stuffed the pink towel into a plastic bag and looked at Zhao Liya: “I haven’t thanked you for last time, let’s go, I’ll treat you to ice-cream.”

Zhao Liya: “……”

Zhou Sufen froze: “You guys know each other?”

Li Tiezhu: “Know each other.”

Zhao Liya: “Don’t know.”

Zhou Sufen: “……”

Li Tiezhu: “We know each other, have you forgotten? Last time ……”

Zhao Liya: “Met.”

Zhou Sufen: “……”

Zhao Liya felt her cheeks burning a little, why? Why? It’s obviously him who is shameless, he goes to that kind of place, why am I blushing?

Finally, Zhao Liya got up and left.

Li Tiezhu smiled and followed out, this time, what to say also want to repay this staff sister. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have been able to participate in the competition, wouldn’t have been able to get a promotion place, and his IQ would have slipped for the rest of his life.

The favour is the same again!

Zhao Liya gas puffed across the lady battery car, since this guy shamelessly, has not recognised his own mistakes, then ignore him.

Don’t pay attention to him forever and ever.


Suddenly, the battery car sank.

What the hell?

Li Tiezhu easily made it to the back seat of the battery car, pressed against Zhao Liya’s back, and asked: ”Do you know that there are ice-cream sellers in the neighbourhood? What flavour do you like to eat? Cream flavour? Chocolate flavour?”

Zhao Liya was going crazy, I didn’t let you get into my car! Her body went rigid, too close to feel body heat.

Blast him off!

This was Zhao Liya’s first thought, but it was quickly dismissed, he didn’t even know that going to that kind of place was bumped into by me, I’ll blow him off, in turn, it’ll become me being impolite.


The logic went in a strange direction!

But, I am not related to him, and he did that kind of thing …… why should I drive him?

Go buy ice-cream to eat.


Strange logic closes the loop perfectly!

Suddenly, the rest of Zhao Liya’s eyes caught Zhou Sufen peeking around the room with an expression of brainstorming many plots.


Frightened, Zhao Liya twisted the throttle and rushed out.

This start is too fast, right?

Li Tiezhu startled, reflexively embraced Zhao Liya’s waist, really electric car is more than two eight big bar wind.


Zhao Liya sharp brake, very coincidentally stopped in front of a kiosk, in fact, she is just angry, can no longer resist to scold Zhao Tiezhu, because he has broken through her bottom line.

Li Tiezhu jumped out of the car, and went to open the freezer: “I like to eat cream flavour, do you?”

Zhao Liya had already organised her language in her mind, even arranging swear words that her parents never allowed her to say, but she was blocked all the way back by Li Tiezhu with an innocent look on his face.

Zhao Liya was completely confused, and there were echoes in her head.

I was hugged by him, hugged by him, he hugged, hugged, hugged ……