The Rockstar Chapter 21

Stealing half a head from the door of Hong Fund, Zhou Sufen was stunned, nowadays young people are so wild? A rich girl, a poor boy, even ride a car and hugged on it?

It looks like, I quietly give Tie Zhu to pay attention to the few girls, temporarily can not be used.

You’re a good boy!

He eats the fattest meat!

Zhao Liya does not know how fat she is in the eyes of Zhou Sufen, she only knows that Li Tiezhu’s guts are very fat. Not familiar at all, dare to extend the salty pig’s hand, must have been brought up by those civil workers, see me good bully?

Yes! I probably look like I am better bullied.

But, but ……

Thinking about it, Zhao Liya’s eyes are red, from childhood to adulthood where she is the most precious one, when did she receive this kind of bullying?

“Why don’t you say anything? You usually rarely eat ice-cream?”

Li Tiezhu looked at Zhao Liya strangely.

Zhao Liya on the verge of collapse, eh? The emotions didn’t follow and didn’t cry out. What kind of eyes do you have? Doubt with some pity? It looks quite realistic.

Li Tiezhu added: “It’s okay, I also rarely eat ice-cream, my family is also very poor.”

Zhao Liya: “……”

Not so angry, Zhao Liya vaguely, seemed to understand a little something.

Li Tiezhu took a 50 cent cream ice-cream and rushed the boss, “Which ice-cream is the most expensive?”

The boss picked out the most expensive hashtagan and said, “This one is nine yuan!”

Li Tiezhu paid the money, then held the hashtagan and handed it carefully to Zhao Liya: “Eat it, see if it’s good. Also, thank you! If it wasn’t for your idea, I wouldn’t have been able to get into the game, are you still working there for the next game? I’ll come find you to play then.”

Now, Zhao Liya really understood, and her resentment subsided.

So it’s a fool!

Really think I’m a staff member? I’m only sixteen years old!

And I’m poor? One of my watches is enough for you to work at the construction site for a year.

And don’t you know the programme has an official phone number?

If you couldn’t get in last time, you could have called this number and asked the staff to help you in. Do you know how anxious they were when you didn’t go?

That day, they just saw you as a dork. Helping you get in was one thing, but tricking you into pretending to be a courier was another.

Zhao Liya looked at the iron column in the hands of 50 cents of ice cream, and look at their own hands “valuable” ice cream, slightly touched. Seeing as you sincerely thanked the sake, I’ll eat a little bit of it, really strange hot.

I don’t think he really saw himself after the game that night, silly.

Last night, well, he must have been tricked by an unscrupulous labourer, he’s so dull and gullible, that old labourer has a bad conscience!


Zhao Liya laughed, and the touching disappeared.

This is Hastagen, not Haagen Dazs, this nerd invited me to eat ice-cream for the first time and ate a fake. I told you, where can I buy Häagen-Dazs for nine dollars.

“What are you laughing at?”

Li Tiezhu sipped the ice-cream with an innocent face.

“What’s it to you?”

Zhao Liya boarded up her face, although just now you were like that not because of bad, but I still can’t forgive you so quickly.

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, slightly nervous.

Why is she angry?

Zhao Liya lowered her head and ate such a cheap ice cream for the first time. The taste was average, but in the middle of summer, it felt good to eat it.

The two of them just leaned against the kiosk and ate ice cream, one wearing Liberation slippers and vests, one wearing a Prada dress wearing a Patek Philippe, and next to it, leaning against a 30,000-something Suko electric car.

“Do you know where they sell electric cars these days?”

Suddenly, Li Tiezhu remembered to buy a car for the old man, of course it is an electric car, and the old man does not have a driving licence.

Zhao Liya glared at Li Tiezhu: “I don’t know.”

Li Tiezhu took the ice-cream and pointed at Zhao Liya’s electric car, saying, “Liar! You definitely know.”

Zhao Liya: “……”

He said, “Big brother hey, I’m a customised version.

Li Tiezhu compensated with a smile, “Help out! Miss, my dad broke his back some years ago, and now he works twelve-hour shifts every day, and often rides an old-fashioned bicycle carrying a hundred and seventy pounds of Auntie Liu to buy food, and I’m afraid he can’t pedal.”

Zhao Liya almost did not collapse to laugh out, one hundred and seventy pounds is a bit excessive, top two me. But she forced to hold back, coldly glanced at Li Tiezhu, not bad, know filial piety to their father.

“OK. After eating, take you there.”

To be reserved, Zhao Liya secretly said, I am the victim of your salty pig hand, I am willing to help you now because I am kind!

“Thank you, you’re so kind.”

Li Tiezhu grinned.

Zhao Liya almost didn’t collapse again, this guy smiled, even more stupid.

In Li Tiezhu’s opinion, his current IQ of 92 has been outstanding antelope, and in the opinion of Zhao Liya, who has an IQ of one hundred and one towards the top, it is almost a gorilla.

Zhao Liya suddenly asked, “Have you written ‘Big Fish’ yet?”

Li Tiezhu shook his head, “No, recently busy, I did it late last night …….”

Zhao Liya suddenly blushed, who let you say it? This wording, no, no, there is a picture.

She angrily said, “Don’t want to talk to you!”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, “Oh.”

After a period of silence, Zhao Liya saw that Li Tiezhu was still scared to eat an ice-cream, and the anger in his heart was slightly weaker. She took out her mobile phone again and put out three of the hottest “Big Fish” of Jitterbug, and asked him which one was good, with a gentle attitude.

However, Zhao Liya was putting out harsh words inside:

This is your last chance, think about it!

Li Tiezhu was honest: “The third song is by Wine Pen, but it shouldn’t be written by him, although the writing is also average, but Wine Pen can’t write it. The first song is quite well written, but it’s too old-fashioned to like. The second song is very good and awesome, there are so many innovations, it’s impossible to imagine that it can still be written like this, tsk tsk ……”

The corner of Zhao Liya’s mouth hooked up slightly.

Sure enough, this guy was just plain stupid, in this aspect of music, the talent was still awesome, and the person was honest. Hmph! Li Posong’s song, it’s just old fashioned! I’m not the only one who sees it that way.

After eating the ice-cream, the two of them got into the car, ready to run to the nearest electric car store.

Li Tiezhu got into the car again, couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice: “So fragrant? It smells even better than the ice-cream I just ate.”

Why does she smell so good? Is it perfume? There wouldn’t be a perfume with this flavour, would there? The richness of milk and the freshness of grass, tsk tsk …… odd.

Big brother, you’re muttering a bit loudly.

Zhao Liya regretted, why did I agree to take him to buy an electric car?

Fortunately, this time, Zhao Liya drove slowly, and Li Tiezhu did not put his arm around Zhao Liya again, and the whole way was peaceful.

To the store, Li Tiezhu bought a high-horsepower electric car, and then said goodbye to Zhao Liya.



“That what ……”

“Oh, go ahead.”

Li Tiezhu, who turned to get on his car and ride away, was called by Zhao Liya.

Zhao Liya bit her lip, hesitated, or said it, “You have now advanced to the main round, and, according to your talent for writing songs and singing, you are likely to go farther. Even, completely change your destiny, so …… pay attention to the image in the future, okay?”

After all, his own determination to turn to the singing world, also has the credit of Li Tiezhu’s song “People Like Me”, help him once more, just once.

Ignore him again in the future! Treating me to ice-cream won’t work either!