The Rockstar Chapter 22

Zhao Liya was hinting at what happened last night, and with Li Tiezhu’s current status, his future would be ruined if he was photographed.

Li Tiezhu did not understand, just nodded blankly, is it because I dress too sloppy? It seems to be a little reasonable, next time the competition dress weigh a little. After all, if even the staff can not look at it, it must be where he went wrong.

“I know, thanks!”

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Liya nodded, the children can be taught! Besides, you’re only eighteen, isn’t that a bit early? Cough! So what, ignore you! Hmph!


Li Tiezhu is gone.

Zhao Liya covered her forehead with one hand, I’m also a fool!

The towel hasn’t been asked back yet!

The towel I used after my bath, he took it to wipe his face? That’s not right! To take a bath? Even worse! To wipe his feet? Absolutely not!


Zhao Liya winds up, this electric car is just great, it accelerates hard.

Catching up.

Two electric cars parked on the side of the road, Li Tiezhu a bewildered, not just said goodbye?

Zhao Liya eyes staring at their toes, fingers Li Tiezhu electric car hanging on the plastic bag: “Inside that towel, is what I just donated.”

Li Tiezhu suddenly realised: “Oh -”

Zhao Liya breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately, it’s good that he understands, so as not to embarrass everyone.

Just take it out and give it to me!

Li Tiezhu then said, “Don’t worry, I will cherish it.”

Zhao Liya: “%@#$*&~”

Li Tiezhu asked again, “This towel you use to wash your face?”

Thinking too much, this fool doesn’t understand at all!

Zhao Liya’s beautiful features, a little twisted, how to organise the language?

Li Tiezhu smiled cheekily, with a bit of playfulness, “It’s okay, I don’t mind. Even if you use it to wipe your feet, it’s okay, you smell so good.”


Gone, gone.

Li Tiezhu rode off again.

Zhao Liya covered her face with her hands, this is finished!


Mighty! Too Jill Mighty!

Li Fugui surrounded the newly purchased battery car around a dozen laps, ate Hyun Mai like, simply can not stop, mouth tsk sigh, my son is filial piety!

Li Tiezhu gave the bank card to the old man, there are still 26,000 yuan inside, and did not give the old man the number. He took the line, the future income will also be credited to this card.

Back a little late, the workers have eaten lunch, Li Tiezhu played the rice squatting in front of the guard room to eat.

Cafeteria Aunt Liu is their own people, will always give Li Tiezhu left rice, and chicken legs.

Li Fu Gui looked at the strong son devouring, and look at the hand of the bank card, although I know that the money inside will not be much, but still the old man is relieved. Silently in his heart, he read the name of his wife who has been gone for many years, and said:

See? The child has grown up, all know the heartache of the old man.

He also went to donate money today, those who have helped us, we can not return in this life, so learn them to help others.

Li Fugui eyes gradually wet, he wanted his late wife again.

Li Tiezhu does not know the old man’s mind, three times to finish eating, and then ran to the construction site.

Labour makes me happy!


On Friday, the day before the second round of the main round of The Voice, The Wine Pen apologised.

The shaky video featured a full 5,000-word apology with a positive attitude, clear diction, and even tears of remorse glistening in his eyes.

Not remorse can not ah, Xiao Zhen side do not know in fear of what, froze a little leeway does not leave, forcing the wine pen to explode, and even afraid of the other side is not satisfied, but also the number of words of apology increased by two thousand words.


Wine pen can do nothing, he has no way to resist, dead end. And if he carries everything himself, even if his music career is ruined, he can still rely on Xiao Zhen’s relationship and mix some food and drink in other areas.

The original stirring plagiarism incident came to an end, but the melon eaters looked a little disappointed, just this?

Only in a rental flat in East China Sea, holding a mobile phone to watch the apology video of Zhang Jianjun heart secretly surprised, gecko broken tail, so decisive? Did not even struggle a little! Just like that, he abandoned the abandoned son of the wine pen.

At this moment, he was incomparably afraid, fortunately at that time, Xiao Zhen was not involved, with their ruthlessness and insidiousness, the current Li Tiezhu could not afford it.

Hopefully, after this incident, both sides can be well water.

Thirty years, in addition to the bald strong I have not worshipped other idols, I’m easy to me? Don’t come to trouble my love beans! Otherwise ……


East China Sea, inside the opulent villa.

Xiao Zhen used his mobile phone to look at the demo of the new song “Kun Peng” sent by the creative team, and couldn’t stop nodding his head, this song was good! The rarest thing was that that animated film had also basically approved of the song and was going to use it as the theme song, and it would be sung in the next match.

It’s simply heavenly that this song isn’t a hit.

Moreover, a singer who is still competing can take the theme song of a film, so who else can compete with me?

The manager, Wu Yongqiang, was relieved to see Xiao Zhen satisfied and said:

“Battle, what did Godfather say about Li Tiezhu’s dirt dog? You can’t let the wine pen die for nothing ah, the team is big, it’s easy to chill people.”

“Use you to teach me?”

Xiao Zhen rolled his eyes and crossed his arms with one hand.

Wu Yongqiang hurriedly compensated with a smile, “How dare I? Isn’t this an invitation to teach you?”

Xiao Zhen’s face looked much better, “Godfather said, that dirt dog can only go as far as the second round of the division, and will be finished tomorrow! He won’t be able to enter the top ten, let alone the national finals. Godfather is even angrier than I am about him pressuring me to get to the top. Hmph, just wait and see!”

Wu Yongqiang nodded solemnly, in this world, the one who can pressure you is your godfather, how dare Li Tiezhu?

Dead, dead!

One of the three giants of the Chinese literary world, the Kyushu Culture, wants to crush an ant, and will not blow dust.


Meanwhile, somewhere in Kyoto.

The directors, producers, supervisors, investors, etc. of the crew of the animated film “Kun” had gathered together and were watching the demo sent by Xiao Zhen. “Kun Peng” was the best-written and most appropriate candidate for the theme song of “Kun” as filtered down by the crew so far.

After listening to the song, the director was silent, the producer was paralysed, the executive producer rubbed his hands together, obviously not 100% satisfied, and the investors were waiting for the opinions of the three of them.

Or the director first spoke: “This is the most suitable song at present, if there is no more suitable ……”

“Wait!” The producer interrupted, “Let’s set it a day later! I swiped ‘Big Fish’ on Jitterbug, you all know it, right? The Voice is also very hot this year, although those three ‘Big Fish’ songs are all good, they don’t quite match our film, but, I think the lyrics are fluff!”

The producer nodded, “I also think the lyrics suit us. How about …… waiting for a day?”

The producer explained, “Tomorrow, that singer sings the original ‘Big Fish’. Judging from his first two songs, it shouldn’t be bad, it’s amazing maybe.”

The director had also heard about it, and after thinking about it, he said, “Okay! Reply to Xiao Zhen’s agent, we’re busy with the premiere, we’ll give him an answer later.”