The Rockstar Chapter 23

“Late reply?”

Hearing the news from Wu Yongqiang, Xiao Zhen was slightly surprised.

The animated film Kun was a summer film, originally scheduled to be released on the 10th of August, and it was less than two weeks away from its release, and it still wasn’t set in stone? There wasn’t even enough time to record the song!

Wu Yongqiang said, “Should I rush them?”


Xiao Zhen lowered his head to play with his mobile phone, “Leave them hanging, there will be times when they beg me to record songs, wait and see!”

Wu Yongqiang stuck out his thumb, “High!”

Xiao Zhen smiled haughtily, “Don’t look at who my godfather is?

“This bitch, grass!”

Xiao Zhen suddenly showed fierce light, staring at the mobile phone and gnashing his teeth, I have lowered my posture so much, how dare you reject me?

He was tweeting even more Zhao Liya.

The two met at a party at the beginning of the year and added each other’s WeChat. This half year, Zhao Liya to the piano princess identity suddenly string of red, traffic hidden directly after the cold bar and other first-line small flowers, far more than Xiao Zhen fire.

Now, the two at the same time to participate in the “Super Voice”, Xiao Zhen team will play up the idea of rubbing Zhao Liya heat to create a screen CP.

Xiao Zhen has just sent a message to Zhao Liya, inviting Zhao Liya to enter the finals to cooperate with himself, Zhao Liya played the piano, Xiao Zhen singing.

Also promised to give Zhao Liya 500,000 reward.

Moreover, Jiuzhou Arts will give priority to Zhao Liya to sign a contract with her, providing the second only to Xiao Zhen’s operating resources.

Even, Xiao Zhen hinted that the top three in the country was not impossible.

Xiao Zhen sent a string of messages, his hands were numb and clawed, and as a result, the other party just replied back:

I’m sorry, I’m here to sing.


Xiao Zhen was shaking with anger and slammed his mobile phone hard on the table.

What’s the point of pretending to be noble?

Stinking bitch, toasting wine but not eating punishment wine! Do you really think you are a princess?

We’ll see.

At that moment, Wu Yongqiang took out a tablet and handed it to Xiao Zhen:

“The people sent to Shudu, there’s a discovery.”

Xiao Zhen picked it up and took a look, two videos, both about Li Tiezhu.

In the first one, Li Tiezhu followed a civilian worker into the so-and-so shop, but came out later. However, it was completely possible to cut out the back part.

The second one, Zhao Liya rode a bike and took Li Tiezhu to the roadside kiosk to buy ice-cream, the two of them talked and laughed, moreover, the paw of that earth dog even hugged Zhao Liya.

Xiao Zhen forehead veins are bulging, ignoring me, actually so close to that earth dog? How did they know each other? What kind of relationship is it?

Nope, seems like I’m missing something.

Xiao Zhen picked up the first video again and looked at it, then, paused.


On the screen, a girl in a mask in front of the What’s-His-Name shop turned and ran past the camera to look into those eyes.

It’s Joelia?

Watching the video again, Zhao Liya actually took the initiative to follow Li Tiezhu to the door of the Na-whatever shop.

What’s their relationship?

Moreover, the day before Zhao Liya found out that Li Tiezhu went to the shop, and the next day even went out on a date to cuddle?

Xiao Zhen and agent Wu Yongqiang looked at each other and found a new continent.


The next day, 29th July afternoon.

Li Tiezhu straddled the electric car he bought for the old man yesterday and picked up Qin Tao to go to the competition together.

The programme team made a special phone call to inform the contestants that they must arrive at four o’clock to prepare for the match in advance. Especially for Li Tiezhu, director Wang Zegang personally made a phone call to urge.

Li Tiezhu’s heart is dripping blood, and less than half a day of moving bricks.

Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao drove to the TV station, they were picked up by the staff of the programme, assigned to the 10th dressing room, much better than the last treatment.

After all, there are 100 contestants in the first round, the dressing room is simply not enough, and Li Tiezhu finally arrived, no one knows.

“This sofa is so soft.”

Li Tiezhu sat on the sofa and bounced it, slurping.

Qin Tao also squirmed, “Is it? It doesn’t bounce at all!”

Li Tiezhu: “That’s because you’re too fat.”

Li Tiezhu picked up the peaches on the coffee table again and asked Qin Tao quietly, “Is this really free to eat? No need to pay?”

Qin Tao pondered for a while, “It should be, and I heard that they even take care of dinner at night.”


Li Tiezhu bit hard: “Well …… so sweet, a little good seven, later after the competition to load a few away, my old man likes to eat peaches.”

Qin Tao rolled his eyes, “Haven’t seen the world.”

Then, he stretched out his chubby little hand and took one too, “Mmmmm, crunchy!”

Li Tiezhu picked up a white remote control and pointed to a corner of the room, “There’s air conditioning! Look, is it an air conditioner?”

That was the central air conditioning outlet, which could adjust the temperature.

Qin Tao nodded, “Turn it on, it’s so hot.”

“I won’t.”

“I’ll do it. You see this key ah, he, um ……”


“I can’t either.”

“Keep eating peaches you.”

Li Tiezhu despised the other party, so he opened the door and came with a voice: “Waiter, please help turn on the air conditioner.”

The staff were confused, calling me?

The live broadcast of Jitterbug’s Super Voice was once again lively.

The live broadcast was just to warm up for the night’s competition broadcast, and the camera switched back and forth between each contestant’s room until the arrival of Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao, when the popularity suddenly went up a notch, and the interactions exploded.

There were a few times when the live stream camera was given to the rooms of the other contestants, and the pop-ups bristled with wall-to-wall requests to see Serious Brother and Postpartum Brother.

The programme team had no choice but to give Li Tiezhu as much footage as possible.

The director Wang Zegang who was informed of the situation also felt that it was not a good taste, a good and exciting music programme, how is there a tendency to be like a comedy pulling the crotch?

But …… really fragrant!

Since Li Tiezhu boarded the live screen, the number of people in the live room has risen from eight hundred thousand to one and a half million, and it continues to increase. Just a pre-match live broadcast of a division, this data as well is luxurious enough, much higher than other divisions.

The pop-ups of the melon eaters washed the screen:

“Warmly welcome Serious Brother Postpartum Brother’s grand arrival!”

“Postpartum Care for Sows – From Getting Started to Giving Up.”

“Postpartum Brother is all sunk inside the sofa, pop an egg.”

“The programme’s peaches are $10 a pop, so they can understand the evils of society.”

“Eat peaches even if, take away is excessive.”

“These two are the hottest duo in the country, not accepting any kind of rebuttal.”

“The two Beaners can’t turn on the air conditioning.”

“Die laughing o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o”


“Is the waiter serious?”

“The phrase waiter made me laugh, and now I’m being punished by my teacher.”

“You can still post pop-ups when you’re punished?”

As a matter of fact, the melon eaters on the internet didn’t think much of Li Tiezhu.

Many people felt that although Li Tiezhu’s second song, “You Look Good When You Smile”, had exploded in Jitterbug, it was actually not as good as the first song, proving that Li Tiezhu’s creative ability was declining, and seemed to have been affected by the intensive schedule.

It was impossible for a songwriter to maintain a top level of songwriting for a long time, and participating in this kind of talent show type programme was actually a great disadvantage.

But, this does not hinder the netizens from being joyful, the serious brother is the source of joy, if it is coupled with the words of the postpartum brother …… that is the source of neurosis.

At this time, the live broadcast room, the staff helped to open the air conditioning, and smiled bitterly: “I am not a waiter, don’t shout blindly.”

Li Tiezhu naive: “Ah, sorry ah, female master.”

Staff: “Pfft–”

The live pop-up screen obviously went crazy again, female master?