The Rockstar Chapter 24

“Pfft! Hahahahahaha hiccup~”

“Goosey Goosey Goosey Goosey Goosey Goosey Goosey Goosey Goosey Goosey Goosey Goosey ……”

In dressing room 1, Zhao Liya, who was watching the live stream of Jitterbug, laughed so hard that she couldn’t straighten up, and the assistant next to her laughed so hard that she rolled her eyes a little from lack of oxygen.

Originally last night, Zhao Liya still had some insomnia because of that towel, and today her spirit was not very good. But as soon as she saw the live broadcast of this pair of live treasures, she was instantly resurrected, and a female master inexplicably poked her funny bone.

Must send pop-ups!

Hot pot should be eaten standing up: “Shu Du female master a, sign in!”

There were quite a few people behind who followed with pop-ups:

“A female master of Changsha, sign in!”

“Hu Jian male master one lump, sign in!”

“Hey, the one standing and eating hot pot is the one who wrote Big Fish last time!”

“The Great God also watches the live broadcast?”

“Fondue God, are you also a fan of Serious Brother?”

Hot Pot is going to eat standing up: of course, I’m a fan of steel.


Zhao Liya didn’t lie, although I don’t powder Li Tiezhu as a person, but I powder his songs. Moreover, I am still the first fan who let him write a song, hehehe ……

At this time, the programme’s make-up artist arrived.

Zhao Liya cooperatively sat in front of the dressing table and put her mobile phone on the stand to watch.

On the screen, the two idiots were looking into whether the smart TV in the room had a VIP punch so they could watch a film or something.


In dressing room 10, the door opens.

A humanoid creature with a perm and bobbed hair and leggings, over a fancy gauzy jacket, wiggled her way in, a small box hanging from her arm.

Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao looked dumbfounded, and both forgot to mash the TV.

There is such an ugly person in the world!

Forgive my ignorance.

The visitor put down the small box, looked Li Tiezhu up and down for a long time, tsked twice, rolled his not-so-secret white eyes, and sighed with a knotty sigh as the corners of his mouth went down:

“Hey …… Li Tiezhu contestant right? I am the make-up artist assigned to you by the programme group.”

Li Tiezhu: “Huh?”

Qin Tao: “Shivering hissing ……!”

The make-up artist’s slender tattooed eyebrows were raised, and his voice was a little more shrill: “I’m really bitter, tsk tsk …… but although you’re wearing dirt, your appearance is still good, so you can salvage a little bit. Luckily you met me!”

Li Tiezhu shrank back in fear and hurriedly waved his hand, “No need, sister, really no need! I don’t wear make-up.”

The make-up artist crossed her arms and was slightly angry: “Who are you calling sister? Who are you calling sister? If you come across someone who is a little bit better looking, you will call them blindly.”


That’s blind, not screaming.

Li Tiezhu immediately changed his words, “Auntie.”

The make-up artist roared, “People are male, call me brother, call me Tony brother.”

Li Tiezhu’s eyes narrowed slightly, staring at the make-up artist’s chest for a while before saying, “To …… Tony brother. On the programme’s contract, there is no stipulation that you must wear make-up, right?”

In the latter half of the sentence, he was staring at Qin Tao.


Qin Tao shook his head indignantly, he went back and studied that contract several times, and he couldn’t remember it at all.

He was now just like Li Tiezhu’s manager, only that he hadn’t been recognised by the law yet, because he only turned eighteen next month. Li Tiezhu said that the money from Penguin Music a few days ago would also be shared with him, a tenth of the commission, that would be more than twenty thousand.

Who in their right mind raises pigs?


Donghai, inside a rented house.

Zhang Jianjun used a tablet to watch the live broadcast of Jitterbug, and used a computer to arrange work in multiple fan groups to prepare for the evening’s live pop-up support.

“Hahahahahahahaha ……”

From the moment he saw his love beans, his laughter didn’t stop much, my love beans really have clear bones and a different style of painting, different from those demonic pieces of goods next door.

The male make-up artist is called auntie?

I’m sorry, my love beans to the programme team to pull down the style, well, this ruthless cheating! Well done, you’re my serious brother! There’s no such thing as a high profile, I’ll pretend you’re a big man.

So far, things are looking good tonight, Xiao Zhen’s fans aren’t doing anything overly aggressive.

Zhang Jianjun thought to himself, as long as Xiao Zhen doesn’t get into trouble, he is really a little afraid. After all, his own love beans have no power, even if, or a naive, some things, it can only be his kind of hardcore fans to help worry about.

And as a father and mother ……

I hope that the serious brother will not be too offended by the make-up artist and the programme team, especially now that it is still on the air, and if something happens, the impact will be great.

But on the contrary, Zhang Jianjun’s aegyo doesn’t follow the norm, and barring that, he doesn’t even know he’s being live-streamed.

Thus, something terrible happened.


Tony said, “Who goes on stage without make-up? That’s disrespectful to the audience!”

Li Tiezhu disliked: “Huh …… made up like you to respect the audience? It doesn’t make sense, you look so disgusting.”

Qin Tao helped: “No problem! You can’t even make up yourself, but you still help others to make up?”

“I’m nasty! Me Nima? I Nima!!!”

Tony’s eyes popped out in wonder! You can question my gender, but you can’t question my craft.

So, he took out his foundation and lunged towards Li Tiezhu, just got on with Li Tiezhu, he must put make-up on his old lady!

Isn’t it just a broken player?

I’ll make up that face of yours! Even Coconut Sue can’t keep it, I said so!

I won’t bring a handle, no, not with fear, old lady! Anyway, he usually does the make-up for the popular hosts, this is just a temporary transfer. If he messes up, he’ll be fine. The presenter will back him up, so he won’t die.

That’s how wild I am, Tony!

Tony, the little wild horse, thought that he would be criticised by the leaders if he did this, but he never thought that his career would go off the rails from now on and he would walk onto the peak of his life.

Tony screamed and went to grip Li Tiezhu’s face.

Broker Qin Tao lost his peach and came to help, holding both of Tony’s legs.


“Crap! Crap! Crap!”

Snapping, Zhang Jianjun slapped himself in the face.

How did the fight start? Li Tiezhu, can’t you speak more politely? And what’s with the make-up artist? He’s got a temper! How dare he attack a contestant?

Luckily, the crew reacted quickly and cut to the other contestants the moment Qin Tao dropped Tony.

Zhang Jianjun suddenly had a deep sense of powerlessness:

Can we serious gangs bring up this kind of love beans? It seems that there is still a need to recruit widely!

Li Tiezhu and the make-up artist are drying out.

Zhang Jianjun could foresee that the melon eaters would definitely go crazy.

Hopefully, it wouldn’t have too much of a negative impact on him, especially not on the upcoming matches.

Could this Nima not be affected?

The several groups of the serious gangs also blew up, being a fan of Li Tiezhu is really …… exciting.


Television conference room, Wang Zegang is with the team before the opening of the last recollection, coordinating the implementation of the preparatory work.

“Not good, not good! The director is not good!”

One of the team panicked and ran in with a mobile phone, handing it to Wang Zegang.

Wang Zegang blackened his face, and before he could even bother to get angry, he saw the pop-ups from the Jitterbug live stream fly by:

“Well played!”

“We want to see Serious Brother fight!”

“Cut back, cut back!”

“Serious Brother, you send out a locator, and the brothers will immediately arrive with their swords.”

“Is that make-up artist crazy? Actually made the first move!”

“Doesn’t he have any sense? Tie Zhu is so strong!”

“He’s on fire!”

“Heh, rural people are just unqualified, fighting on a programme.”

“For the first time in the history of the world, the Good Voice live broadcast flopped!”