The Rockstar chapter 25

Wang Zegang’s eyes went straight and he was shivering with anger.

Under the assistant’s three words, he already knew what had happened, and the accident was even broadcast out live, so he couldn’t cover it up even if he wanted to.

That’s right, now the number of people online in the live broadcast room even came to the beginning of three million, are heard to see the lively.

The pop-up screen has been summoning Brother Serious.

What should we do?

The second round of the main event hadn’t even started yet, and the contestants were getting into fights, how to deal with it?



The other staff members in the conference room were all staring at Wang Zegang, and everyone knew that this matter had to be dealt with as soon as possible and could not be delayed.

Wang Zegang thought about it and opened the intercom:

“This is Wang Zegang, guide, guide, what’s the situation on Li Tiezhu’s side now? Can you see it clearly in the camera?”

That side returned:

“Can see clearly, Li Tiezhu subdued Tony with one hand, luckily, no one was injured. However, I don’t know about their footage, should it be broadcasted or not.”

“Broadcast! The trouble you made, face it yourself. Whether it’s life or death, Li Tiezhu bears it himself!”

“Huh? Ohhh, okay!”

Wang Zegang calmly made a decision, having experienced more things, he was more experienced.

This matter, right, actually has little to do with the programme team, if the team handles it privately, instead, it will make the audience have bad associations. The best way is to broadcast it out live and let the audience see it, and you can distinguish between right and wrong by yourselves.

In short: the programme team does not take the blame.

If the audience feel that Li Tiezhu should be responsible, then Li Tiezhu himself, the apology apology, the compensation compensation, the withdrawal withdrawal.

Everyone withdrew their gazes and understood that, in a sense, the programme team had actually given up on Li Tiezhu.

Switching off the walkie-talkie, Wang Zegang cursed, “Shit!”


“Hey! It was fine before, how did it get like this?”

In the lounge, Leng Ba was eating a pineapple flavoured popsicle, looking at the live screen in her phone in disbelief, and really couldn’t figure it out. Although she hated Li Tiezhu with a passion sometimes, but you’re the one I personally issued the promotion medal to!

Can you fight for it?

No. 1 dressing room, Zhao Liya and her assistant were wide-eyed and a little confused.

Especially Zhao Liya, she hadn’t experienced many things, but she was superior to being smart and saw the essence of the problem at a glance.

Backstage brawl, Li Tiezhu’s persona is diluted and seems to be unable to pick it up.

Oh exclusion?

At this moment, she actually had some sympathy for Li Tiezhu, the programme team should find a way to save it, right? No matter what, but also to help Li Tiezhu whitewash ah, even if others do not believe it does not matter,…….

How do you do it?

How did the programme team cut the video back to Li Tiezhu’s dressing room?

Are you trying to throw stones?

Xiao Zhen, who was far away in the East China Sea, hadn’t been paying attention to the Shudu division, but after receiving the news, he still immediately opened his mobile phone to gloat and watch the fun.

Without waiting for Godfather to make a move, this guy took his own life!

Retribution ah!

This is what happens when you offend me!

Suddenly, the live screen cut back to Li Tiezhu’s live room.

Xiao Zhen almost exclaimed in shock that the programme team had given up on that earth dog! This was to force him to withdraw from the competition! After all, the impact of this matter could be considered extremely bad.

However, why did this situation seem so strange?


Only to see, strong with the calf almost Li Tiezhu, easy to press Tony lying on the sofa, Qin Tao a fart pier sitting on Tony’s back, skinny Tony no resistance, can only grunt, the scene was once some attracted reverie.

“Yes, it …… is male, I checked.”

Qin Tao sat on Tony’s back panting, but also did not forget to report the results of the work.

Li Tiezhu was incredulous: “What if you …… check out that it is a female? How rude is that?”

Qin Tao: “Hasty, hasty ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Stupid.”

The pop-up screen called out straight to the insiders! This posture, this dialogue, tsk tsk …… simply! Hey Rui Bar Drops get high! Witness the first spectacle in the history of variety art!

Qin Tao asked, “What next?”

Li Tiezhu thought for a moment, “Tie him up first and don’t run away, and don’t let the programme know that we beat him up, everything will wait until after the competition.”

Tony: “%@#&*……”

Then, Li Tiezhu found a few hair bands from Tony’s make-up box and tied up Mr Tony’s hands and feet, and Qin Tao, with his rich experience of watching films and TV dramas for many years, stuffed a towel into Tony’s mouth.

Tony revealed a look of horror, going on a show, how can he still be tied up? Moreover, I remember that this show has a live broadcast segment, right?

However, soon Tony revealed a sad look.

Yes that’s right, these two guys were stupid, not knowing that the programme team saw what was happening here clearly. But, I’m afraid the showrunners wouldn’t broadcast this situation live, would they?

Now, he could only hope that the programme crew would hurry to come and rescue himself, otherwise, he was afraid that these two guys would do something else.

Think about it!

Throwing Tony onto the sofa, Qin Tao couldn’t help but feel a bit scared: “Tie Zhu, is it alright for us to do this? In case the programme team knows about it ……”

The pop-up screen in the live broadcast room had a seizure.

“It’s not just the programme team! The whole country knows.”

“Teenagers, you’re committing a crime!”

“What the hell are these two Iron Beaners thinking? Can’t you guys see a camera that big?”

“Tawdry operation!”

“I’ve seen it all, I’ve seen it all ……”

“Well done Serious Brother!”

“Can it still be played like this? Xiu’er!”

“Who puts on make-up when you’re a decent person?”

Li Tiezhu thought hard, he felt that with his current high IQ of 92 points, solving this little problem was a snap.

He bottomed out, “Don’t worry! We’ll be fine if we don’t let the people from the programme come in, they shouldn’t be able to find out. When the match is over, we’ll release him.”

Qin Tao said, “What if he goes to the programme team to sue us?”

Li Tiezhu coldly grunted, “He’ll just deny it! He doesn’t have any evidence, and in this matter, heaven and earth know that you know and I know that he knows.”

Qin Tao thought deeply: “Or you’re smart!”

Tony: “……”

The crew watches!

Little did he know, the audience was watching too!

Li Tiezhu looked at Tony: “No martial virtues! How dare you sneak up on me, let’s see how I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Saying that, he and Qin Tao exchanged glances and revealed evil smiles at the same time.

“Hehehehehehehehehe ……”

Toni’s delicate body trembled.

Immediately after, Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao pounced on Tony at the same time, and then …… tickled him, the technique was skilful and swift, and the moves were deadly.

Poor Tony struggled violently, his nasal cavity made a weird sound, and tears and snot flowed down.

You two are real dogs!


“God damn show can’t find out, hahaha ……”

“What a God knows, you know, I know, he knows!”

“Tiffany’s show show!”


“Xiao Yueyue couldn’t even stop you guys from winning the championship!”

“Is tickling so so ferocious?”

“Ah… Kirikou Kirikou Kirikou Kirikou Kirikou Kirikou Kirikou Kirikou Kirikou Kirikou ……”

“Mr Tony is so pathetic, look, he’s crying.”

“Let go of that Tony, let me do it!”

Fondue is going to be eaten standing up, “Suddenly I want to join ……”

Just finished the meeting of Wang Zegang veins straight jump, I le a fairy board board, this is a person to do things?

However, it seems …… as if …… the audience instead of crazy denigration tirade Li Tiezhu and the programme group, but …… happy to see?


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