The Rockstar Chapter 26

The History of Li Tiezhu’s Explosion, aka The Super Voice – Season 6, exploded to a pulverised death in the second round.

This is a common sentiment shared by the members of the Serious Gang, who all feel that Serious Brother is finished.

Whichever way you look at it, brawling backstage at the show and tying up the make-up artist. Regardless of whose fault it was, it was inevitable that the public would condemn it, as well as the ultimate sanction from the show.

However, just as they were lamenting the fact that they had died before they were able to leave the show, there was a sudden turnaround.

What is the operation of tickling?

And the strangest thing is that none of the viewers in the live broadcast room even dissed Li Tiezhu. It should be known that in normal times, there are quite a few spammers who blacken Li Tiezhu, and there are even many people who say that they have turned from black to pink since then.

What’s going on here?

What’s wrong with this world?

But, no matter what, Li Tiezhu’s fans have surged a trace of hope:

It seems that there is still salvation?

It seems that extreme stupidity can sometimes be a blessing (sad context).


Tony struggled, like a worm, looking futile.

Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao began to drink yoghurt, after all, this thing does not cost money, and even more excessive, Li Tiezhu also pulled out a summer holiday homework from the canvas backpack and began to do it.

Then, the melon eaters in the live broadcast room were dumbfounded.

Doing homework?

You participated in a show, kidnapped a make-up artist, and were being stared at by the whole country at the scene of the crime, and you actually did your homework? And, you can’t even do such simple questions?

Qin Tao is a little better than Li Tiezhu, took out his mobile phone and began to play the King of Pesticides, the dish is a force.


“Where is the programme team?”

“Why isn’t anyone there to save Tony?”

“What’s going on here?”

“It’s fine just the way it is! The crew, secure the crime scene.”

“Those two simpletons don’t know it’s being broadcast live.”

“What fun!”

In fact, director Wang Zegang was under quite a bit of pressure, and many of his subordinates said that it didn’t matter if Tony would be bad.

Wang Zegang also difficult, tube it, he has to make a choice, either when nothing happens, or deal with Li Tiezhu. However, on the other hand, the atmosphere of the live broadcast is now extremely wrong, he was afraid that he handled it wrongly.

So, let’s do this first!

Tony really don’t feel aggrieved, it’s you who made the first move and made a fool of yourself.

Teacher Tony gave up struggling at this point, oddly tired and a little hungry.

Time has passed almost half an hour, the programme group has not sent someone, Tony teacher has realized …… where there must be a problem.

No, have to think of a way to save themselves.

Seeing Li Tiezhu scratching his head at a physics question, Tony squirmed over and started whimpering, his eyes signalling that question.

Li Tiezhu received the signal, “You can?”

Tony nodded frantically.

Li Tiezhu said viciously, “I’ll take away the cloth in your mouth, no screaming, or I’ll tickle you ……”

Tony nodded again.

Then, an unbelievable scene appeared on the live broadcast screen, and Tony, who had his hands and feet tied, began to tutor Li Tiezhu in his summer homework. As a reward, Qin Tao fed him peaches on the side, in a picture that was weird and full of harmony.

The number of people in the live broadcast room was already almost five million.

Everyone unanimously said that this was the best looking edition of The Voice, the pre-match live broadcast was better than the main event.


At 6pm, there was a knock on the door of dressing room 10.

Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao were immediately nervous, Qin Tao covered Mr Tony’s mouth, Li Tiezhu flew against the door of the room and asked:

“Who is it?”

The two tacitly cooperated, watching the audience in the live broadcast room froze.

A staff member’s voice came from outside the door, “The pre-match group draw will be held soon, please gather in the hall.”

“Oh! Got it.”

Li Tiezhu answered, then asked Qin Tao in a low voice, “I’m going to draw lots, can you do it alone to beat him?”

Qin Tao bared his teeth, “Piece of cake.”

The two looked at each other and once again revealed an evil smile. No, we have to deter this guy a bit, lest he forgets the pain after a good injury.

The two once again pounced on Tony and tickled him.

Three minutes later, Tony rolled his eyes and lay on the sofa, uninterested, he felt that his endocrine was disrupted. This livestock …… plucks and hangs relentlessly! Just now also good.

“If he’s slightly off, you tickle him.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Mmmmmmmm ……”

Satisfied, Li Tiezhu walked out of the dressing room and carefully closed the door.

A contestant walked by and subconsciously looked towards the door, after all, everyone knew that something extraordinary had happened in dressing room number 10.

“What are you looking at?”

Li Tiezhu ferociously batch exploded, forcing the other party away with his gaze, and then, followed the other party to rush to the hall.

In the hall, surrounded by a circle of staff, some set up machines, some playing lights, and some are setting up sponsored goods. And the contestants who participated in the competition, have arrived at half, most of them have put on good make-up and changed their costumes.

“Hello hello hello ……”


“Your voice is amazing, I’m so envious.”

“No, no, you’re the one who sings well.”

“I hope I don’t draw you, I’m most afraid of opponents like you.”

“You are so modest.”

Three or two familiar unfamiliar, are each exchanging pleasantries and greetings, the competition is cruel, but face should be done, until Li Tiezhu’s arrival. The hall, which was slightly noisy just now, instantly quieted down, and the players looked at Li Tiezhu.

This is the fierce man who just nationally broadcast the live kidnapping of the make-up artist!

So calm?

“Brother, sister, uncle, auntie, hello.”

Li Tiezhu was very polite, turning in a circle and bowing, after all, he had just retracted his foot on the edge of the offence, and his heart was more or less a bit weak.

The players instantly squeezed out fake smiles and polite, and silently stared at Li Tiezhu again.

Spectacle ah!

A glance is less than a glance, a glance is less than a glance.

Brother Serious has a very calm expression on his face! He’s a good actor!

The crowd admired in their hearts, Chen Mingdao did not dare to act like this, and Li Jianxue did not dare to act like this ……

Li Tiezhu finally felt that something was wrong, he thought, what’s wrong with these people? What are you looking at me for? Moreover, the eyes are slightly fearful. Was it scared by the genius of my last live song writing session?

The players in this realm, their psychological quality is not good.

Li Tiezhu found the most leaning seat and sat down, a little hungry. He had always finished eating at six o’clock at the construction site, so he pulled a staff member who was setting out yoghurt:

“Master, didn’t the programme team say that they provide free dinner? When will it be handed out?”

The staff member was startled and smiled awkwardly, “After the draw. You wait a little longer!”

At this time, Zhao Liya walked into the hall carrying a large bag of snacks, it really wasn’t that she was playing a big game, but she was kindly going to prepare snacks for everyone.

When the contestants saw Zhao Liya, they stood up and prepared to greet her.

Zhao Liya is the youngest, but she is the most famous, and the real reason for everyone to stand up to greet, is that Zhao Liya’s parents and grandparents are big names in the music industry.

Li Tiezhu was also delighted, finally meeting this Miss Milky Miss again, did she come to help the programme distribute snacks?

It seems that the programme group still has some humanity!

The starving Li Tiezhu was shocked to see everyone standing up, is this a robbery? Is there any quality? We are all decent people.

So, he took a healthy step forward, stopped in front of Zhao Liya, and took the pocket of snacks in her hand. Li Tiezhu is a quality, did not swallow, he took out the pocket snacks issued one by one, each person two children.

At the same time, Li Tiezhu also smiled towards Zhao Liya: “Thank you! Hard work.”

Zhao Liya awkwardly said, “Ah …… no, it’s okay.”

Li Tiezhu added: “This snack is a little less ah, are not enough to stuff teeth, you go get some more? Trouble you!”

Zhao Liya revealed a honeyed expression, what the hell? It’s still too little? I bought it with my own money, how much is a token of …… affection Yes, this guy treats me as a staff member!

Others are also shocked, Li Tiezhu is as raw as this!!!!