The Rockstar Chapter 27

Li Tiezhu muttered, “How stingy.”

He meant that the programme team was stingy.

The contestants sucked in a breath of cool air, eating other people’s food and still thinking they are stingy?

Be a man, Serious Brother!

Zhao Liya was incomparably embarrassed, it seemed that it was indeed a bit less. It is okay if you don’t break it, but if you break it, it is very embarrassing, she was once again disliked by Li Tiezhu, and she was a little bit unable to get off the stage.

Fortunately, there is still a big bag in the dressing room, Zhao Liya secretly poked and glared at Li Tiezhu, smiled at everyone: “Sorry, I’ll go get some more!”

Then, Zhao Liya turned around and walked away.

The contestants, the field staff were shocked, why is Zhao Liya so obedient? Hard to dislike this shameless goods ah! That child in the end thin-skinned ……

The live broadcast room is even more laughable, and they have sent pop-ups to praise Li Tiezhu for having eyes and not knowing Taishan.

Even Zhao Liya’s fans, were high as hell.

After distributing the food to the contestants, Li Tiezhu gave some to the staff before he took two biscuits and started to eat them, well, the biscuits bought by the programme group are quite tasty.

Soon, director Wang Zegang came to the hall with the documents, “Are the contestants all here?”

The crowd looked at Li Tiezhu, who just kept his head down and ate the biscuits.

The assistant whispered, “There’s still one missing, Zhao Liya.”

Saying that, the assistant also sorrowfully swept a glance at Li Tiezhu, who buried his head and ate furiously, and said, “If this kind of person doesn’t die, heaven will not tolerate it!

Wang Zegang was a little angry, he was not afraid of Zhao Liya’s name: “What’s wrong with her? Is there any sense of time left?”

The crowd looked at Li Tiezhu again.

Li Tiezhu seemed to be aware, slowly raised his head and slowly said, “Is there anyone who has not arrived? Was …… he stopped by the security guard downstairs again? Deduct his salary.”

Wang Zegang: “……”

Crowd: “……”

Don’t you have any idea where people have gone?

Da da da da ……

Zhao Liya trotted over with a bag of snacks, her cheeks slightly red: “Sorry, I’m late ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Give the director some, the director is old, I guess he is starving.”

Zhao Liya then gave the director two pieces of chilli fries, the director took it with a confused face and frowned: “Why did you come so late? Didn’t I inform you earlier?”

Zhao Liya: “I ……”

The assistant came to the director’s ear, quietly adding oil and vinegar to explain some, Wang Zegang gaze melancholy to look at Li Tiezhu, really nima can do! Where can you make a mess.

Wang Zegang helplessly said: “Okay, Liya, go sit down. All players take their positions, the match draw is ready to begin.”

Zhao Liya had a red face and silently walked towards the row of sofas.


Disgraced again, again because of you!

However, there were not many sofas in the first place, and all the other places were full, only Li Tiezhu had an empty seat beside him. Because, everyone didn’t want to be next to Li Tiezhu, after all, this bastard is now known for his ferocity.

Li Tiezhu looked suspiciously at Zhao Liya who walked slowly, and after a few seconds of being stuck, he suddenly realised:

“Ah! So you’re here for the competition too?”

Zhao Liya had a mouthful of old blood rushing to her heart, but now that the competition was being recorded, she couldn’t get angry. That’s right, ignore him, what I thought yesterday, never ignore him again.

“Why didn’t you say it earlier! You really are, I take you as a friend, you actually lied to me. Not righteous!”

Li Tiezhu stood up and let Zhao Liya sit beside him.

Zhao Liya thought to herself, “Blame me?

Wang Zegang lowered his head and read up, “Okay, the contestants are all in place, let me say a few words about this round of the competition system, the beginning of this round, will weaken the mentor’s right to vote, and increase the audience’s online voting. Audience voting 10,000 votes counts as one point, mentors ten points per vote ……”

In fact, this is the old rule for the main round of Super Voice, where the mentors of the initial auditions directly make the decisions in order to control the standard of the contestants. In the middle and late stages, audience voting is introduced to weaken the mentor’s right to decide, in order to select the contestants with the highest popularity.

Although strength is important, popularity is more important, and traffic is money.

“This round, is the twenty into ten elimination round. The twenty contestants will be divided into four groups of five each. The two people with the highest points in each group will directly advance. And then, the third place of each group will then sing a round of additional matches to compete for the last two out of the tournament. Do you all hear me?”

The players looked grave and nodded their heads.

Wang Zegang said to his assistant, “Next, start drawing lots. Everyone will draw their group and order of appearance.”

The assistant smilingly held a paper box and walked to the far left of the contestants. From left to right, the players drew out their own sign numbers.

Li Tiezhu was the one on the far right, and when it was his turn, there was only a piece of paper in the box.

He drew it out and took a look:


As the name suggests, fifth place in Group A is on the line.

The assistant retreated back behind the director, a seemingly unnoticeable smile hanging at the corner of his mouth.

“Those who drew Group A, please raise your hands.” Wang Zegang began to “name” them one by one, and the camera teacher began to capture the details.

Zhao Liya, Zheng Qian, Li Tiezhu, Sui Feier, Lin Xiao.

Three women and two men in the …… Group of Death.

Seeing this lineup, Wang Zegang are confused ah, he knows that every season has a group of death, but this group is also too much death, right? It can be called the most in history.

Zheng Qian, Sui Fei Er and Lin Xiao couldn t help but face down, their lives were bitter.

On the other hand, the players who drew the other groups unanimously breathed a sigh of relief, the strongest enemies had all arrived in Group A! They were all in Group A!

Firstly, Zhao Liya was the undisputed number one, both in terms of fame and singing skills, she topped the entire group.

Secondly, Li Tiezhu this nerve knife, in fact, is also a first-class powerful, and even above Zhao Liya, just this powerful easily be covered by his funny attribute, especially this one made a “serious mistake”, very likely to be blacked out.

Then, with Feier and Lin Xiao, a bar singer, a contestant of The Voice, singing outstanding.

These four people, in fact, in the twenty contestants, are the best of the bunch, if they each divided into a group, almost every one of them may take the first place, but now you have to fight to the death.

The last Zheng Qian also strength is not bad, casually in which group can take the second promotion.

Pity, the last Zheng Qian was crushed by Li Tiezhu strong, it is not easy to advance through the resurrection match, I did not expect to meet Li Tiezhu …… plus Zhao Liya again.

However, it can’t be overturned when it’s elected.

Wang Zegang hardened his head and said, “Who is A1?”

Zheng Qian raised her hand, this was the only thing worth celebrating, drawing the first appearance. Although the pressure of being the first to appear was immense, the benefit was that the most time was left for the audience to vote.

The Good Voice voting rules are that the first contestant of a group of competitions sings to start voting, and after the last contestant finishes, a wave of commentary immediately ends the voting.

In addition to hardcore fans who like to vote for their favourite beans right from the start, most neutral viewers vote when they hear something good, so the first one takes the most advantage and the fifth one suffers the most.

Especially, when the audience found that the fifth sang the best, they had already voted and regretted it.

Of course the showrunners know that’s not fair, but …… it’s exciting!


Lin Xiao raised his hand.


Zhao Liya.


Sui Fei’er grimaced bitterly.

“A5 Li Tiezhu, well, that’s it for the first group. Go for it!”

Wang Zegang sympathetically glanced at Li Tiezhu and found that the bastard was still mindlessly eating biscuits, shook his head, and continued to ask for the list of Group B.

Li Tiezhu was quite happy to be in a group with Miss Milk Fragrance, he didn’t realise that he had drawn the lower lot.