The Rockstar Chapter 28

On the live broadcast screen, the pop-up screen had already begun to mourn for Li Tiezhu.

“Cool! Cold!”

“It’s actually the fifth out of the group of death, there’s no one else with this luck.”

“Serious Brother has been manipulated by the programme team, right?”

“It’s normal to be manipulated, look at the things he did. He deserves to be destroyed by heaven and earth!”

“It doesn’t matter if he’s eliminated or not, I’m waiting to hear Big Fish.”

“Shake’s two ‘Big Fish’ songs are not below the standard of ‘Someone Like Me’.”

“Can Serious Brother write a better one so quickly?”

“Yes! It’s too hard for Serious Brother to not surpass those two songs, so it’s basically cool.”

“I’m betting 50 cents that Serious Brother will reverse the trend and seal the deal!”

“Che, let’s see what the opponents are, this group of gods!”

Half an hour later, the draw session ended, all four groups’ lists were confirmed, and Wang Zegang said, “Everyone, dinner will be distributed next, so prepare well, and one hour later, the match will officially begin. Also ……”

Li Tiezhu rubbed his hands together in excitement, finally he was going to hand out the dinner.

Wang Zegang suddenly came to a bit of bad taste, hey, since the audience likes to see it, let’s do it enough.

He looked at Li Tiezhu: “Li Tiezhu, why haven’t you put on any make-up yet?”

Li Tiezhu froze: “Er …… Teacher Tony said that I have a good appearance and don’t need to wear make-up.”

The players didn’t have the face to look at Li Tiezhu, brother de, the east window is broken!

Zhao Liya stifled her laughter, at least in the future you can take this matter and laugh at him to your heart’s content, laugh at him for the rest of his life, hahaha. Nope, I already said I’d ignore him.

Wang Zegang seemed to be smiling, “Really? Ask Tony later.”

Li Tiezhu was a bit flustered: “No need! Director, you are busy with your own work. Teacher Tony is so talented, so dedicated, and speaks so well, how could he not be responsible?”

The contestants were all suffocating, and Zhao Liya’s small shoulders were already shaking.

Teacher Tony is dedicated and speaks well, and you guys still beat him up? And tie people up? And tickle people?

Wang Zegang heart for Tony silent sorrow, just assistant said, the number of people in the live broadcasting room exceeded eight million, most of them are rushing Li Tiezhu “kidnapping case”. In that case, then we can only aggrieve Tony.

After all, the ratings are greater than the sky.

“That’s fine, disband it.”

Wang Zegang led his team away without looking back.

The contestants went back to their respective dressing rooms to prepare for the competition, Li Tiezhu dragged himself to the end and slowly knocked on the door of dressing room number 10.

A voice came from inside: “The Heavenly King covers the Earth!”

Li Tiezhu: “Chicken Stewed Mushroom!”

“Robe family.”

“Never pull the plug and swing the tape.”

The door opened a slit and Li Tiezhu flashed in.

Unbeknownst to him, this scene was captured by the camera that the programme team secretly set up behind a green plant on the side, and naturally went on the Jitterbug live broadcast.

“How did you untie him? And move my homework?”

Li Tiezhu was shocked.

Tony was squatting in front of the coffee table, doing Li Tiezhu’s summer holiday homework.

Qin Tao: “I can’t run away, I can beat ten like him. Besides, it seems like we’re wrong about him.”

Li Tiezhu: “What do you mean?”

Qin Tao gave Tony a wink, “Hmm?”

Tony smiled gratefully and held his mobile phone to show Li Tiezhu, “Player Li, I didn’t want to put my kind of make-up on you, but this kind, a very simple kind!”

On the screen of the mobile phone was a picture of Li Tiezhu, but a little more spirited.

“This is the makeup I designed for you! When I received the task of doing your makeup three days ago, I stayed up for two nights in a row and made several sets of plans. In the end, it was found that your appearance is actually good, no need for heavy make-up, you only need to simply put on a little bit of it to make your five features stand out slightly on the TV screen.”

“Oh ……”

“Look, shall I redeem myself?”

Mr Tony’s smile was jittery as the show condoned the guy’s murderous behaviour, and the good guys were not to be denied.

Li Tiezhu snapped, “Then you didn’t say it earlier?”

Tony thought, “Did you give me a fucking chance to say it? Almost didn’t get sat to death. However, he could only confess, “It’s my fault, my temper shouldn’t have been so impetuous.”

Li Tiezhu thought to himself, “Without make-up, it is possible to cause suspicion from the director’s team, so let’s put on a drop of make-up.

Thus, Tony regained a certain degree of freedom and put on Li Tiezhu’s face make-up, simply enhancing the shape of the eyebrows, contours and whatnot.

Li Tiezhu looked quite satisfied: ”Brother Tony, the craftsmanship is not bad! I found that your face is still quite friendly when you look closely.”

Tony reservedly smiled, just screwed me, have you ever felt friendly?

Knock Knock ……

There was a knock on the door and the food delivery crew arrived.

Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao glared at Tony at the same time, and Tony’s complexion stared and nodded repeatedly, “I understand! Trust me, I will keep my mouth shut!”

Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao were still hesitating, Tony had already opened the door and took the boxed lunch from the astonished staff and instructed, “We are discussing about the performance secrets, don’t come close if you have nothing to do.”

“Oh, oh ……”

The staff left in a daze, Tony was not “kidnapped”?

Closing the door, Tony very doggedly opened the box lunch for Li Tiezhu, handing over chopsticks: “Don’t worry, we are our own people! The family scandal is not to be disclosed, I have a sense of proportion.”

Li Tiezhu pulled rice, when did we become our own people?

Tony gave his meat to Li Tiezhu: “Eat more meat and perform well on stage!”

Li Tiezhu was confused, it won’t make Tony’s brain laugh, right?

Tony added: “Contestant Li, we drew A5, this is very unfavourable for us, remember to vote for yourself as soon as you come out, before you start performing, let the audience hear you sing before they vote!”

Li Tiezhu didn’t quite understand.

Tony explained the power of Group A and the disadvantage of coming out last.

Li Tiezhu frowned, “What then?”

I’m going to earn IQ ah!

Can’t afford to lose!

Tony smiled mysteriously and said, “The mountain man has a plan! You’re a hit in your own right, and ‘Big Fish’ is going to be the big attraction of tonight’s show. When you make your opening appearance, try to grab the chance to talk and heat up the Big Fish gimmick a bit more! Better yet, put in a couple of hard-hitting lines about anyone who votes before hearing you sing is missing out on a billion dollars or something like that.”

Li Tiezhu learnt, Tony brother you fucking really are a talent!

“Awesome awesome!”

“Also, when you go on stage you have to be careful to gain sympathy from the audience, such as ……”

Brother Tony has been in the circle for more than ten years, and has seen too many living cases of casting, and poured out his knowledge of what to do and what not to do when you go on stage.

Not to mention, Li Tiezhu listened to it.

Tony brother’s eyebrows fluttered, I am willing to dedicate my life’s learning to help you be a person! As long as you two don t mess with me, people are most ticklish.

After a round of enlightenment, Brother Tony asked, “Say, our song ‘Big Fish’ should be very good, right?”

Qin Tao: “That must sound good!”

Li Tiezhu then stayed: “It should …… sound good, right?”

Almost forgot again, haven’t bought the song yet, only bought the words last time. Immediately enter the system and buy the “Big Fish” song sheet.

[“Big Fish” song score, 4 points of IQ]


I’m a big grass!

Didn’t we agree on a special price?

Lyrics 1 IQ point, thought the song also 1 IQ point, but the result is not added together 5 points? What’s the difference?