The Rockstar Chapter 29

Li Tiezhu sadly looked at his current “shining” IQ value: 92 points. In the end, he bought Big Fish in tears.

He had no choice.

Ding! Consumed 4 IQ points to purchase the song ‘Big Fish’]

Li Tiezhu clearly felt a sharp drop in his brain’s revolutions, returning to the pre-liberation era in one go.

Started at 87, now 88.

Fear not, there are 20 IQ points rewarded after this promotion!

The good news is that the information coming from the head, this song “Big Fish” is really awesome! It’s a whole lot stronger than the two songs on Jitterbug, and even, Li Tiezhu privately thought that this song was more infectious than People Like Me.

It’s just that the high notes are a bit scary.

It is extremely difficult to sing!

Although Li Tiezhu’s voice range is relatively wide, the high pitch is basically not very difficult, but he has no professional foundation, singing pitch and so on is actually a bit of a problem.

He was a bit unable to hold himself, but after carefully going over it in his head.

Surprisingly, it is not very difficult to look!

It seems that …… is the prize that he neglected “absolute sound sense” is working, he can easily hear or send out the exact sound, almost no error.

After eating, Li Tiezhu began to close his eyes and rest his mind, repeatedly previewing “Big Fish” in his head, Qin Tao and Tony did not dare to disturb.

The number of people in the live broadcast room has begun to drop, and the pop-ups are gradually decreasing, the shake live broadcast is about to end, and the competition live broadcast is about to start. Previously, the “Tony teacher kidnapping case” that made a lot of noise, along with Tony teacher “defecting from the life”, has also lost its novelty.

The most amazing thing is that no one has accused or discredited Li Tiezhu for this, and they have all expressed that they are very happy to watch.

Tony himself has defected, what else can we say?

The programme team also found it hard to understand, is this the magic of Li Tiezhu? He turned a vicious incident into a comedy.

Xiao Zhen, who was far away in the East China Sea, dropped his mobile phone, he saw that no one dissed Li Tiezhu, he couldn’t help but send out a pop-up screen to let Li Tiezhu be blocked, he was scolded back by hundreds of sentences, and there were even countless people who scolded him in private messages, and his mobile phone blew up.

The time came to seven thirty in the evening.

The TV station, Penguin Video, simultaneously started the live broadcast of Super Voice – Season 6 – Western Region Second Round.

After the credits ended, the draw recorded at six o’clock was played directly, and Li Tiezhu’s stunt of treating Zhao Liya as a staff member caught the viewers’ eyes, and there were those who didn’t recognise Zhao Liya?

Drawing the Group A group of death plus Li Tiezhu’s last appearance, but also let a lot of viewers who like Li Tiezhu pinched a sweat, have sent pop-ups to express sympathy.

The viewers who have seen the afternoon shake live broadcast, they have flirted with each other, the serious brother does not need sympathy, Tony teacher is the only one who needs sympathy, Tony is too difficult.



“What’s the story with Mr Tony?”

“If you don’t know it, go to Shakeology and learn it, it’s all over the top hits now.”

“Teacher Tony kidnapping case!”

“On how Tony rebelled against the grimoire!”

“Tony: From now on modesty is the way.”

“The pre-match broadcast in the afternoon has become a speciality for Serious Brother and Postpartum Brother.”

“Miss Tony is the only female lead!”

“So …… what am I missing?”

Ten minutes later, the video of the draw was shown and the camera cut to the stage.

The five people, Zheng Qian, Lin Xiao, Zhao Liya, Sui Fei’er, and Li Tiezhu, walked onto the stage in order of appearance.

The host started interviewing the contestants, nothing more than whether they were nervous or not, whether they thought they would advance or not, who the best contestant in this group was, etc.

The contestants were interviewed humbly, but tried their best to attract the audience’s attention.

Only Zhao Liya superb, after all, she has taken a lot of awards already, not very old psychological quality is very high, the answer is very low-key: “I think this group are very strong, everyone has their own advantages, I myself in the field of singing is also a primary school student. The opponent I fear the most should be Li Tiezhu, I’m looking forward to the ‘Big Fish’ he wrote.”

The host asked again, “Liya, do you think that the ‘Big Fish’ written by Li Tiezhu will be better than the two ‘Big Fish’ songs on Jieyin?”

Not many people knew that the second ranked “Big Fish” was written by Zhao Liya.

Zhao Liya, however, knew that the first song was written by Chen Posong, and stole a glance at the old man who was sitting comfortably at the judge’s table, and found that the old man was actually a little nervous, so she couldn’t help but laugh in her heart.

She nodded and said, “I think there’s a good chance!”

Chen Posong frowned gently, wanting to surpass me, how can it be that simple?

Zhao Liya added, “So, I suggest that viewers in front of the TV don’t need to be too hasty to vote, they can listen to ‘Big Fish’ before making a decision. Li Tiezhu came out last and was at a disadvantage, but the other three contestants and I are looking forward to a fair fight with him.”

There was a round of applause, apart from the audience, there were also the staff, and the four judges.

This was Zhao Liya’s bottom line, she was low-key but also powerful.

Zheng Qian, Lin Xiao, and Sui Fei’er nodded their heads, expressing their approval of Zhao Liya’s statement, but in their hearts, they were screaming.

What are you pulling votes for him for a good reason?

The one who suffered the most was Sui Fei’er, when she was asked by the host if she wanted the audience to listen to Big Fish before voting, her heart struggled immensely, could I say no?

“Of course! None of us want to rely on the advantage of the bidding order to put Serious Brother at a disadvantage, we’re willing to compete fairly.”

It’s actually good, Sui Fei’er is still the penultimate appearance, no loss.

Finally, the host began to ask Li Tiezhu: “What do you think about the good intentions of the previous four contestants?”

Li Tiezhu said, “In fact, there is no need, there is no need to wait until I finish singing to start voting, you can start voting now, vote for me! I am A5 Li Tiezhu, edit SMS A5, send it to 123XX, during each group of competition, a mobile phone number can only vote once. It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember, there’s a phone number in the bottom right corner of the live screen, late master, please hit the phone number, my finger’s here, thank you.”

Host: “……”

Zhao Liya: “……”

The remaining three contestants are also winded, we pretended to be noble for half a day, but you are good, you canvassed for yourself as soon as you came! You even stepped on the four of us to canvass for votes? What’s wrong with you?

The audience laughed.

The pop-ups on the live screen were dense, wildly praising Li Tiezhu for being brazen and not wanting Bilian.

He did not exactly follow Mr Tony’s advice to canvass, after all, how to sell misery? Li Tiezhu feels that he is not living a miserable life at all, how can he say nonsense?

It is better to be sincere, very sincere.

Moderator: “Li Tiezhu contestant, the previous several people are considering taking care of you, why are you not grateful at all? On the contrary, you’re pulling up your own votes? Is it not too good? ”

Li Tiezhu: “I canvassed based on my strength, what’s wrong with that?”

Host: “Not ……”

Li Tiezhu was impatient: “OK, OK, OK! They didn’t canvass, I’ll make it up for them. For those who like Zheng Qian, please vote for A1, she sang very well with my group last time.”

The host couldn’t pick up the conversation at all.

Zheng Qian was shocked, and for some reason was actually a little bit grateful, this was not scientific.

Li Tiezhu added: “Those who like Lin Xiao and Sui Fei’er, please vote for A2 and A4, one handsome and one beautiful, you can’t be fooled into voting and lose.”

Lin Xiao and Sui Fei’er looked at Zhao Liya, how did they leave out A3?