The Rockstar Chapter 3

Why don’t you call it quits?

Suddenly, Li Tiezhu’s voice turned, and his voice line rose with a slight hoarseness:

A smart person like me

Bid farewell to simplicity a long time ago

Why did you use a love affair?

In exchange for a bruise


Both the judges on the floor and the viewers in front of the screen were physically and mentally shaken.

The scene went quiet, and the live pop-ups disappeared.

Only the civil worker Li Tiezhu in rubber shoes and shorts was singing, anxious to go back to move bricks, so his singing voice was a little lazy and perfunctory:

People like me who are not willing to be ordinary

How many people are there in the world?

Inexplicable people like me

Will someone’s heart ache

The song ends and all is silent.

For the first time, there was not a single pop-up on the live screen of Super Voice for three long minutes.


Good sound?

It’s a song that no one has ever heard before, and its depth, its sadness, the helplessness and compromise as it pours out of Li Tiezhu’s overly lazy and perfunctory vocals, gives the listener an unrivalled resonance.

Who hasn’t had a former her?

Who wasn’t that magnificent teenager at the beginning?

Who wasn’t a self-appointed dreamer?

Even the side of the Qin Tao, eyes are foggy, this is the first time he heard Li Tiezhu sing the full version. It is not hoarse, nor is it painful, like a kind of youthful persistent question, with a long aftertaste.

Leng Ba frowned slightly, she remembered her bumpy and confusing journey along the way. Countless times, in search of the future on the road deep into the thorns, hopeless and powerless to resist the feeling of despair.

For a moment, she actually forgot about the popsicle that had put her in an awkward position.

The four tutors led by Chen Posong were silent, and they all twisted their heads to look at each other with the same look of excitement in their eyes. It was as if they were saying that they had picked up a treasure.

Only, such a good song, was it really written by this excessively young folk?

The live broadcast room that had been silent for a full three minutes, the pop-up screen once again exploded, densely packed and extraordinarily lively.

“Suddenly remembered someone ……”

“Worth a PASS card!”

“If this doesn’t advance, there’s something shady going on!”

“Serious brother, you made me cry singing, you pay me back!”

“What’s there to be proud of? I’ve already wasted half a packet of tissues!”

“How can you even jerk off?”

“Upstairs, you’re not right!”

“Thinking of my first love, who got involved with another woman ……”

“Red Star Detective Agency, make your other half disappear, contact number: 133XXXXXXXX.”

“It seems to be mixed up with something strange.”

After singing, Li Tiezhu didn’t have any frustration when he saw that the judges didn’t react, after all, he had never had any expectations at all, let alone thinking of becoming a star overnight.

Serious people who sing ah?

How fulfilling it is to move bricks.

Even Li Tiezhu is a little angry. Other people are singing two sentences and call a halt, why not call a halt when it comes to me? It caused me to sing from beginning to end for a full three minutes …… loss.

“Thank you.”

Li Tiezhu nodded as a bow, then walked over and took back the popsicle from Leng Ba’s hand, “How is it still getting less?”

He looked at Leng Ba with a hint of suspicion.

Returning to her senses, Leng Ba’s small face suddenly turned red, it can’t be that she suspects me of stealing food, right? Am I that kind of person? I can totally hold back, okay?

She was slightly nervous, “It’s hot, it melted.”

What kind of look is that?

The glimmer of good feelings that had just risen, gone in seconds, this guy is pissing me off!

Li Tiezhu swept another glance at Leng Ba, thinking that she is a big star, she should not be unable to afford popsicles, which turned to pull Qin Tao, ready to get off the stage.


Participate in the competition?

Li Tiezhu didn’t think about it, this summer holiday, he was an honourable hitman.

The pop-up screen began to relentlessly tease Leng Ba for stealing food, and the melon eaters came back to life and made a mess.

Qin Tao, who was pulled off the stage, could not help but feel full of regret in his heart, he knows that he has no talent, but Li Tiezhu is really good at singing!

Why didn’t the judges show?

In fact, the judges were initially too involved in listening, and then was Li Tiezhu questioned Lengba stealing food, made to cry and laugh, have not yet had time to make a comment.

This is gone?

Yi Feng and Lin Fan are stunned, flat head boy how good you sang, don’t you have a point in your heart?

Chen Posong couldn’t help but smile, reached over to the table and picked up his PASS card, then held it up, “Wait a minute, you sang very well, and the song was written well too. Congratulations, you’ve advanced to the main round.”


Li Tiezhu licked his popsicle and was confused, what’s the situation with this old man?

Isn’t he delaying my part-time job?


[Congratulations to the host for getting the PASS card, the Interdimensional Arts and Entertainment Classic Exchange System is officially activated]

[This system will help the host grow into a superstar]

[The system is loading ……]

[0.1% ……]

[0.2 per cent ……]

[0.3 per cent ……]

What’s going on here?

The PASS card activates the system?

What a coincidence!

For this system, Li Tiezhu is not unfamiliar with it at all, and has always felt that it is very cocky to come.

The system has been with Li Tiezhu for many years, just has not been activated, useless, Li Tiezhu also indifferent to this. He only knows that the system claims to be from another world, and this song “People Like Me” is the only one brought by the system at the moment.

Growing up to be a superstar?

Li Tiezhu was confused, this is a very different life from the one he planned, completely unprepared.

For ten whole seconds, Li Tiezhu stayed in place, his eyes empty.

Qin Tao had to help Li Tiezhu receive the PASS card, and by the way, he thanked the judges and teachers, just as excited as he was to advance.

Immortal board!

Li Tiezhu went red, so the old man wouldn’t have to raise pigs!

The judges only thought that Li Tiezhu was suddenly happy, smashed dizzy head. The audience even flirted with Li Tiezhu, but there was no bad language, after all, that song is really amazing.

No one knew that what really knocked Li Tiezhu out was the system.


Li Tiezhu did not know how he walked out of the selection room, and after Qin Tao separated, dizzy, he took the PASS card and took the car back to the construction site …… to continue to move bricks.

The whole process, as if dreaming.

The loading of the system is very long, until the night is late, Li Tiezhu finished his shift and returned to the tin house to prepare for sleep.



[System loading is complete, may I ask if the host is bound to the system?]

Still need to bind?

Although Li Tiezhu is not smart, but very cautious, first understand the function of the system before.

Crouching …… pit!

It turns out that in the system it is possible to buy the cultural and entertainment works of another world, such as songs and so on. However, the currency of purchase is not money or points, it is – intelligence points, commonly known as IQ exchange.

Li Tiezhu hesitated, he saw his initial IQ points in the system:

87 points.

If I bind to this broken system, won’t it make my IQ, which is already not rich, worse?

But the system also said that as long as you complete the system’s tasks, you’ll be able to receive an intelligence reward.

Doesn’t it mean that one can become smarter?

“What was the bonus again?”

Li Tiezhu opened the PASS card and read the rules of Super Voice again carefully.

In the division, the top five prizes were in order: 100,000 yuan, 60,000 yuan, 40,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan, and 10,000 yuan.

National competition, the top five prizes are in order: 1 million yuan, 600,000 yuan, 400,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan.

“Well …… for the love of being able to be smart ……”

Money is a good thing, Li Tiezhu finally made up his mind, and ticked the “binding” option in his mind.

[Ding! Consuming 5 points of intelligence, the system is bound successfully, the exchange function is officially opened.

“Crap ……”

Binding isn’t even free?

Li Tiezhu obviously felt that his little brain became emptier, and his actions, perception and thinking, were all retarded by a large margin.

Current Intelligence Value:

82 points.

Critical! IQ emergency!



1, about the system, is used to pull the main story line, appear and will not be too much

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