The Rockstar Chapter 30

Li Tiezhu looked at Zhao Liya, Zhao Liya glared back at Li Tiezhu, Li Tiezhu cross-eyed cold, you cheat me still have reason? How dare you stare at me?

Li Tiezhu said: “A3 is my good friend Zhao Liya, although she cheated me, but I do not blame her, as long as you invite me to eat a hot pot I will immediately forgive her. Viewers who like her, please vote for her more, thank you!”

Zhao Liya rolled her eyes, who is good friends with you? Who cares to be friends with you, someone who goes to a place like that. Also hot pot it, drink ……TUI~

The eyes of the others, however, were fixed on Zhao Liya, no wonder Zhao Liya took care of Li Tiezhu just now.

They really know each other?

How could these two people look like they would ever cross paths, ah, one was a princess high above the world, and the other was a toad in the gutter.

The live pop-up screen strongly questioned:

“Li Tiezhu touched the porcelain!”

“Serious Brother just treated Zhao Liya as a staff member, and now he’s saying he’s a friend.”

“Look at Zhao Liya’s disgusted eyes! Absolute!”

“What Brother Serene said can’t be true, right?”

“Although I like Serious Brother, he’s not worthy to be friends with the Piano Princess!”

The host asked Zhao Liya, “Liya, you and Li Tiezhu are friends?”

Zhao Liya subconsciously tried to deny it, of course not!

Li Tiezhu scowled at her from the sidelines and used his mouth to say: ice-cream, battery car, towel.

He was afraid that Zhao Liya would deny friendship so that he couldn’t extort her hot pot, that’s the price for deceiving me, as for friends or not, it doesn’t matter! Ha!

“No ……”

Zhao Liya noticed the word “towel” and her face turned a little red, fearing that the guy would say something excessive. So, Zhao Liya had to change her words against her will:

“Not bad! We haven’t known each other for a long time, and he didn’t know that I was also a contestant, but we are friends. Moreover, I made up my mind to come to the contest after hearing him sing ‘Someone Like Me’ during the audition……. My family is not very supportive.”

The host exclaimed in surprise, “Oh! So there is such a story.”

The pop-ups were on their knees:

“Serious brother life winner!”

“I also want to be friends with sister Liya.”

“Look guys, Zhao Liya’s eyes are even more disgusted!”

“This is mutual dislike between good friends.”

“Don’t say it, the more you look at it, the more right it is.”

Li Tiezhu muttered, “Treat! Treats! Hot pot! Hotpot!”

Zhao Liya glared, “Don’t talk.”

Li Tiezhu: “Oh.”

The host gossiped, “Li Tiezhu player said deception, and what is the matter?”

Of course he knew that the audience loved to see this.

Li Tiezhu: “That’s her ……”

Zhao Liya’s eyes showed a fierce light, and she stared at Li Tiezhu with milky ferocity.

Li Tiezhu closed his mouth, fierce what fierce? If you don’t say it, don’t say it, as long as it’s on the house.

The scene a burst of laughter.

Hosts see Zhao Liya seems to be unwilling to say, naturally can not continue to ask, gossip two sentences, announced that the first group competition officially began.

Zheng Qian stayed on the stage to prepare for the competition, the remaining four contestants to the left side of the stage waiting area waiting.

Li Tiezhu followed Zhao Liya and asked in a low voice: “Did you really hear me sing before you came to compete? Isn’t it that you admire me?”

Zhao Liya didn’t say anything and sat on the sofa as an audience.

Li Tiezhu sat down next to her, “Why doesn’t your family support your singing?”

Zhao Liya ignored.

Li Tiezhu: “Are you very famous? The contestants are afraid of you, and, I just heard an audience member call you a piano boar.”

Zhao Liya crumbles a bit, “Can’t I please?”

Li Tiezhu: “Hey.”

Li Tiezhu was completely quiet, Qin Tao used to be driven crazy by him like this, treating him at least four or five times a month.

Lin Xiao and Sui Fei’er on the side suddenly had the feeling of being a light bulb, these two, was their relationship even this close? Look at their extremely aggressive flirting.


Zheng Qian finished her song and received full applause, walking to the waiting area to rest amidst the host’s praise.

Lin Xiao, the second contestant, took the stage.

This handsome rocker sang a song called “Kyoto, Kyoto” by Wang Song, with a charming voice and an extremely comfortable rhythm that was well done.

Lin Xiao stepped down, Zhao Liya stood up, straightened her skirt and prepared to take the stage.

She was a little bit nervous, she couldn’t do it at all with the same mindfulness as she did playing the piano, and besides, the first two in the group had performed very well.

“Come on! You’re the best-”

Li Tiezhu suddenly put his hands together around his mouth and yelled.

Zhao Liya was startled, raised her foot and kicked Li Tiezhu covertly, then carried her skirt and walked quickly onto the stage. Don’t say, being scared by Li Tiezhu, she wasn’t that nervous anymore.

Slowly came to the piano that had long been prepared and sat down, adjusted the microphone, Zhao Liya softly said: “Hello everyone, the competition track I brought is …… ‘Big Fish’.”


The stage exploded, the audience was noisy, even many staff members were mingling.

In the waiting area on the stage, the three contestants looked at Li Tiezhu, these two people are not making an appointment, right? The Great Demon King teamed up to bully the other newcomers in Group A. Originally, one song of “Big Fish” was gimmicky enough, now it was two, the others were a long way behind in terms of topicality.

However, Li Tiezhu was actually confused, how come Zhao Liya also sang ‘Big Fish’, who wrote it?

The judges’ table is also extremely interesting, Leng Ba, Lin Fan, Yi Feng all looked at Chen Posong, the hottest song in Jitterbug, “Big Fish” was written by Chen Posong, this is not a secret in the circle.

Chen Posong, however, slightly shook his head, he wrote “Big Fish” vicissitudes of ancient and clumsy, is not suitable for Zhao Liya to sing, she chose this song is a little risky.

The live broadcast room is also lively, originally thought that the five powerhouses in Group A were exciting enough, but did not expect there to be more exciting.

Zhao Liya added: “This song, ‘Big Fish’, is my most satisfying creation so far, and I have confidence in it, so I hope to sing it for everyone to hear. Moreover, ‘my friend’ also said it’s well written.”

When she said the words “my friend”, Zhao Liya gritted her teeth a little, with some provocation.

Chen Posong was puzzled, not singing what I wrote? Original?

Another original song!

Chen Posong can not help but laugh bitterly, this girl of the old Zhao family, since childhood, obedient and clever, I did not expect, the key moment of courage so big? I don’t know if it’s a good thing.

Li Tiezhu drifted off, and then, his back became a little sweaty.

The heart of the ah!

No wonder she asked me yesterday which song “Big Fish” is good! It looks like I was lucky yesterday, so close, so close ……

The other three contestants took a look at Li Tiezhu’s changing expression like the wind and clouds, and their hearts sank again… Sure enough, these two people have a problem, and the babies are suffering in their hearts.

Dingdong dingdong ……

The soulful and cheerful piano sound floated out with Zhao Liya’s elf-like jumping fingertips.

The intro came together, and everyone gasped again.

It is the second fire of the song “Big Fish”, this song is written by Zhao Liya, Shake ID “hot pot should be eaten standing” is Zhao Liya?

Zhao Liya’s clear singing voice rang out:

The waves of the sea noiselessly drown the night deeply

Over the corners of the sky’s end

Big fish swim through the cracks of dreams

Gazing at your sleeping silhouette