The Rockstar Chapter 31

Zhao Liya sang with great dedication, her eyes already glistening with tears, but her voice remained smooth and clear.

The audience was mesmerised, and the judges also closed their eyes to listen.

In the audience’s mind, the image of a youthful and energetic girl chasing her dreams jumped out, optimistic and cheerful, strong and courageous, overcoming obstacles and bumps in the road, but always with a smile on her face.

Much better than the version on Jitterbug, apparently, the Jitterbug version was sung by Zhao Liya who deliberately changed her voice, which is her real strength.

This song, Zhao Liya’s own song to herself, the first time she saw the lyrics, she thumped her heart.

Afraid you’ll fly far away

Afraid you’ll fly away from me

I’m afraid you’ll stay here forever

Sixteen-year-old Zhao Liya is proud, excellent, and even more confused.

At a young age, she has made remarkable achievements in the field of piano playing, and is even more highly expected by many people, but she has another dream, a dream that everyone is against.

Should she follow everyone’s expectations? To give up her dream?

Zhao Liya is very afraid, afraid of flying aimlessly to nowhere, afraid of becoming something she is not, and even more afraid of being trapped in a circle for the rest of her life, not having the courage to step out of that circle on the ground, and staying in the same place forever.

However, she is brave again, she took the first step and is still moving forward.

That’s why this song carries only a little bit of youthful uncertainty, but more positive sunshine, urging people to move forward.

Especially when she sings the last few lines, Zhao Liya stops the piano accompaniment and chooses to sing cleanly, her voice a little shaky, but with a determined strength and strong confidence.

So you were born to belong to the sky

Every tear

Flows towards you

Back to the first time we met

Everyone, at this moment, felt the determination in Zhao Liya’s song, her first heart, the most primitive dream – to go back to the beginning, the encounter between myself and myself, my future is unlimited!


The applause rang out for a long time.

On the live screen, a close-up of the audience, who were moved to redden their eyes, shouted.

In the waiting area, Li Tiezhu and the other three contestants applauded together, they too had been shaken.

Especially Li Tiezhu, he knew that song, to be honest it is not considered the best written, but I did not think that Zhao Liya could sing to this point, it is simply terrible!

In terms of singing ability, she had to be ten blocks away from himself, right?

Zhao Liya, who finished singing, took a few deep breaths, smoothed out her emotions, and picked up the fixed microphone.

“Thank you! Thank you everyone. This song was written for myself and dedicated to all of you. At the same time, I would like to say …… to my grandparents, parents and relatives, as well as the teachers and seniors who love and care for me, but I may have to let you down. Because, I have my own dreams!”

The applause, which had subsided, was once again enthusiastic.

In the end, Zhao Liya said, “I love music, music is more than just the piano, and I will become an excellent musician! Thank you!”

Bowed and exited the stage.

Zhao Liya also reddened her eyes, if it was in the past, she wouldn’t have dared to say such words, but this song gave her strength, she wrote the song herself.

Lin Xiao, Zheng Qian, and Sui Fei’er all stood up and high-fived Zhao Liya who walked back, having to be convinced.

Li Tiezhu also stood up, and when Zhao Liya walked in front of him, he stretched out his hand and made a two gesture in front of Zhao Liya’s eyes.

Zhao Liya: “What?”

Li Tiezhu: “You lied to me once again! So now it’s two hot pots!”


Zhao Liya, who was so moved by herself that she was on the verge of crying, was instantly in the wrong mood.

And then, with Fei’er on stage to sing, there is Zhao Liya pearl in front, and there is Li Tiezhu tiger and wolf in the back, her mind is a little chaotic, not very good performance, and even sang a wrong lyrics.

When she got off the stage, her mood was low to the extreme.

Competitive programmes are so cruel.

“Thank you to Sui-Fei’er for singing, next, please welcome the last contestant of Group A, Li Tiezhu, to bring – ‘Big Fish’.”

When the host said that, cheers came to the stage, the main event was here.

In fact, in order to maintain the mystery, the contestants were not required to declare the songs they would sing to the programme team in advance. Therefore, the host usually didn’t report the song title either, but this time he did because there was absolutely no mistaking it.

Li Tiezhu went on stage and said into the microphone, “Please give me a guitar, thank you.”

Original, can only play and sing by himself.

Originally, Qin Tao was going to contribute the guitar, but after using the show’s premium guitar last time, Li Tiezhu couldn’t look at Qin Tao’s cheap stuff.

One of the buddies from the show’s band came with a guitar and plucked the strings, “Is this one okay?”

Li Tiezhu thanked, “Thanks, it’s the second string that’s not allowed.”

The guy froze, he had accompanied Lin Xiao and the others for three songs, and now you’re telling me that the strings aren’t allowed? Aren’t you slapping me in the face?

Li Tiezhu didn’t feel the other party’s mood change and said, “Big brother, can you help me tune it? I don’t know how to tune it.”

The dude was even more confused, you can’t even adjust it, and you still say it’s not allowed?

The scene was a bit awkward for a while.

“Cough cough ……” Chen Posong interjected, “young man, the second string is indeed not allowed, give me it, I will tune it for him.”

The band mate gave the guitar to Chen Posong.

Slightly tuned, Chen Posong gently played again and asked Li Tiezhu, “Now what?”

Li Tiezhu: “A little higher.”

Chen Posong tuned it again and played a sound.

Li Tiezhu jogged forward and took the guitar, “Okay, thank you teacher.”

Chen Posong’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Don’t rush to sing first, come on, you try to use your voice to pronounce this sound first.”

Saying that, Chen Posong took the tip of a pen and scratched it on the table, making a sharp sound.


Li Tiezhu was uncertain, but his mentor told him to do it, so he sang:


Chen Posong nodded his head and had a backhanded knuckle tap on the desktop, making a dull ringing sound.


Li Tiezhu sank his breath into his dantian and sang in a low voice:

“Ah ……”

The audience is not sure, the host is also a bit confused, Chen Posong whole these do what?

Leng Ba and Yi Feng, not really professional musicians, stared like curious babies, while Lin Fan, a professional singer, revealed a look of envy and jealousy.

In the waiting area, Zhao Liya was slightly surprised, while the other three had a more bitter look on their faces, so it turns out that Brother Jingjing is really a big devil ah!

Lin Fan was incredulous and asked Chen Posong, “Elder Chen, really?”

The host wondered, “What is it?”

Chen Posong smiled and nodded, “Really, not a hair out of place, Li Tiezhu is an absolute sound sense. This is one in a million in the professional field, moreover, most of them are still absolute sound sense evolved through long term practice in early childhood, just like Zhao Liya. And Li Tiezhu is not, he was born with an absolute tone sense.”

The audience was uncertain!

Li Tiezhu was a bit ashamed that he wasn’t born with it, it was given to him by the system, he asked, “Teacher, can I start now?”

Chen Posong nodded: “Sing it! I hope you really write better than me, the one with the highest Shake Shack likes was written by me.”


The scene once again exploded, really? Chen Posong said it at this time to put pressure on Li Tiezhu?

What’s a fairy fight? This is what is called a godly fight!

This group is strong and explosive!

Two absolute sonic fiends, two original Big Fish songs. No, not two, three “Big Fish” songs, and a big man sitting at the judges’ table.

Heartache for the other three contestants in Group A for a second ……