The Rockstar Chapter 32


In Kyoto, the bigwigs from the cast and crew of Kun gathered to watch Super Sound, and yes, they were here for Li Tiezhu’s Big Fish.

Just because the lyrics of “Big Fish” are more suitable for this film, whether the song is suitable or not is anyone’s guess. And although Xiao Zhen’s song “Kun Peng” was not bad, it always felt almost flavourful.

So, they didn’t expect much, but there was an unexpected gain!

After Zhao Liya sang, the conference room was silent.

The producer said, “This song is not bad! I feel that it’s actually quite like singing the female lead, and Chun and Zhao Liya’s images are particularly similar.”

The music director said, “Chun helps the boy, but in the process, she constantly violates the laws of God’s world and triggers all sorts of disasters, but she never hesitates for a moment, and Zhao Liya’s current ‘rebellion’, is also very similar …… ”

A few of the rest agreed, but again, this song wasn’t much better than the one by Xiao Zhen.

The quality of the writing of both songs wasn’t too far off, it was just that Zhao Liya’s vocals and infectiousness were far stronger than the idol-type Xiao Zhen’s, so it created an illusion that Zhao Liya’s ‘Big Fish’ was better.

The director was also a bit torn, at this time Li Tiezhu took the stage, he said, “Let’s listen to Li Tiezhu’s version first.”

The crowd then paused their discussion and turned up the TV sound.


Li Tiezhu adjusted the microphone, put his guitar on his back and lowered his head.

He suddenly wanted to say something, before when he silently skilfully sang this song in his head, he would recall that gradually obscure look in his eyes. So, from the beginning, he hadn’t intended to sing exactly according to the singing style of that world.

Li Tiezhu even felt that this song was the true state of mind of that last glance of hers, right?

“This song ……”

As soon as Li Tiezhu opened his mouth, his voice felt like it was blocked by something, and he paused in silence.

The audience at the scene listened to their hearts, as if they felt something.

The whole audience was quiet.


“Whew ……”

Li Tiezhu grinned, just like when she left, Li Tiezhu forced himself to smile, “This song is dedicated to my mother, she left ten years ago, and I have finally read the eyes that gradually darkened when she left …… but could never close them. Want to say to her ……”

The audience reddened, a few aunts have begun to wipe tears.

Leng Ba’s mouth grew in surprise, she had never thought that the oddball comedian like Li Tiezhu had such a side.

Zhao Liya’s nose was a little sour, remembering a certain teenager who had experienced the same tragedy. It was just that it had been years since they had contacted each other, and they didn’t know if he was living peacefully.

Li Tiezhu began to pluck the strings, and the prelude sounded.

The music was like a tidal wave turning over with the wind, and a distant feeling of sadness came over, hitting the heart directly.

Li Tiezhu closed his eyes:

“I want to say …… to her that the big fish has really grown up.”

The prelude ended quickly, Li Tiezhu did not open his eyes and sang softly:

The waves of the sea noiselessly drowned the night deeply

Over the corners of the sky’s end

Big fish swim through the cracks of dreams

As soon as he opened his mouth, he shook everyone in the room.

Almost everyone, it was as if they felt a surge of electricity, running straight from the soles of their feet to the sky, and the hairs on their bodies instantly stood up.

Is it a female voice?

This KEY is too high, right?

Li Tiezhu used to have a good soprano voice, but he hadn’t sung this high before!

Many people seemed to understand that this was him mimicking his mother’s tone of voice as he sang to himself.

Chen Posong sat up straight, his expression was grave, as soon as Li Tiezhu opened his voice he knew that he had lost, a defeat.

Zhao Liya even covered her mouth with her hands, she wanted to cry.

Gazing at your sleeping silhouette ……

Closing his eyes, Li Tiezhu seemed to be back in the past.

There was a time when he often woke up in the middle of the night to find his mother sitting on the edge of the bed looking at him, as if she had the luxury of seeing what he would look like when he grew up from that tender face.

Sometimes she would wipe her tears, but most of the time she was silent and calm.

Li Tiezhu was the last to learn of his mother’s condition, at that time, her mother had already lost her skin and bones.

Look at the colour of the sea and the sky

Listen to the wind and rain

Holding my son’s hand and blowing away the misty sea

In fact, she is just a very ordinary rural woman, so ordinary that Li Tiezhu even somewhat unable to remember her appearance.

Once upon a time, she also looked forward to a miracle, right? Looking forward to being cured, accompanied by the child to grow up, accompanied by the child through thick and thin, watching the child to become a home and start a business ……

But it didn’t take long before almost all of her hair fell out.

So yeah, she could only lie on the hospital bed, force a smile, and repeatedly tell the little boy who was only in the first grade:

“You’re a man, you’ve grown up, mummy knows you’re brave! Right?”

Big Fish Wings

Already too vast

I let go of the rope of time

She was banished from time, dead, or temporarily out of his life. Even though she couldn’t let go for eleven million years, she had no choice.

When that moment came, she didn’t have much sadness, only regret.

She just gently took the little boy’s hand and looked at him, knowing that she would never see him again, and that this glance would be goodbye forever.

Already tired, the last ounce of strength in her life had been drained out of her.

But she was still unwilling to close her eyes, this moment, she was finally afraid, she was afraid to leave him alone in this world. Afraid that he would forget himself, but even more afraid that he would not be able to walk out of this sadness.

She didn’t want to be forgotten, but she wanted him to be happy.

Afraid of you flying away

Afraid you’ll fly away from me

I’m afraid you’ll stay here forever

She poured her heart and soul into her little boy, gave him everything she had left and was proud of it.

He grew up weak and sickly, and she named him Tiezhu, but he still got sick often. Often she was the one wearing tattered cloth shoes and carrying the skinny little man on her back as she trekked dozens of icy miles to find a doctor to get medicine and injections.

When he was young and dull, he was often bullied by other children and couldn’t beat them. She then went to beat those wild children, and often ended up fighting with the children s mothers, pulling hair and spitting scratching face and biting arms …… alive a shrew.

Later, she put then also black thick head of hair sold twenty-five yuan, to buy him two listen to soybean milk powder. She heard on TV that children who drink more milk grow stronger, but she did not know that soya milk is not milk.

Every tear

All flow towards you

Back into the bottom of the sky

Li Tiezhu’s eyes never opened, quietly singing the song, the whole person entered a state of almost forgetfulness.

The first half of the song was finished, and then there was a change in his singing voice, the sadness faded, and a healing power filled with healing came from the song, flowing like waves.

The waves were silent drowning the night deeply

Roaming over the corners of the sky’s end


It’s as if two souls are communicating across life and death. The first half of the song is the mother’s regret from ten years ago, and the second half of the song is the boy’s answer to his mother from ten years later:

Your little boy has grown up, all is well!

For Li Tiezhu at this moment, it is actually not sad, and his heart is grateful.

She belongs to the sky and can not be touched. But late at night, whenever he fell asleep, thoughts and feelings of admiration still flew back to her arms, like a baby.

See you fly far away.

To see you fly away from me

You were born to be in the sky

Every tear

Flow towards you

Back to the first time we met