The Rockstar Chapter 33

The song was sung, the piano trickled, and the room was silent.

On the live screen, a tearful face flashed, female audience, male audience, Leng Ba, Zheng Qian, host, cameraman, director, accompaniment teacher …… and Zhao Liya who covered her face and sobbed in a low voice.

Even Chen Posong had red eyes, biting his lower lip as if restraining something.

The camera captured that his jaw was shaking.

Snapped ……

Chen Posong was the first to applaud and stood up.

Then came Leng Ba, Yi Feng and Lin Fan, and the four judges stood up and applauded.

Zhao Liya also stood up and drove the remaining three contestants to applaud together, tears still streaming down her face.

The entire audience also stood up one after another, even the director Wang Zegang wiped the corners of his eyes and joined in the applause.

The applause wasn’t frenzied, it was very calm.

Li Tiezhu did not open his eyes, strumming the strings, not disturbed by the applause, slowly humming:

“Ah ……”


The applause stopped instantly, everyone held their breath, and there was only one voice in the huge scene.

The sound of singing, straight up into the clouds!

Chen Posong finally failed to hold back, his body trembled violently, and two lines of hot tears rolled down his face. He didn’t reach out to wipe them, not to mention hiding to cover them up, but only grasped the edge of the table with both hands in a death grip.

In the audience, those who hadn’t had time to collect their tears were even more weepy, far more so than before.

“Ah… ah ah ah ah …… ah ah ah ah ah …… ah ah …… ”

At this moment, this ethereal and poignant song without lyrics, soft and without a trace of power, easily pierced through millions of hearts.

If the entire song in front of it, it is a letter sent to heaven, telling her:

Big Fish has grown up, everything is safe, do not miss.

Then, this last hum is the little boy bawling his eyes out after sending the letter:

I’m sorry I lied, I still miss you!

The song fades.

The guitars stopped.

There was no applause, no screaming, no cheering.

There was no other sound in the whole scene except the sound of people sobbing.

Li Tiezhu’s tightly closed eyes slowly opened, lowered his head, and did not speak.

Dad and I are doing quite well.

Really quite good.

I don’t know. How are you doing?

Standing on the stage for a long time, Li Tiezhu did not move, and no one urged, and everyone did not make a sound.

The audience is still immersed in sadness, unable to extricate themselves.

The judges were almost, moreover, with a deep shock.

The host, who was supposed to start the CUE process, was hiding next to the band and wiping his tears at this time. He knew it was time for him to go on, but he didn’t want to go up and disturb Li Tiezhu right now, even if Li Tiezhu often disliked him.

For almost a minute, the entire competition site was silent.

And then, Li Tiezhu bowed, “Thank you!”

He didn’t cry.

Only, the moment he turned around, the wind and sand still misted his eyes, and he blinked hard, but in the end, he didn’t let the tears fall out.

She didn’t like it when he cried.

When he cried, he was either sick again or being bullied again.

Li Tiezhu hadn’t cried in ten years.

He didn’t cry even when he was beaten up, and he beat them back one by one, and he had to beat them up one by one even when his head was full of blood before he was willing to fall down, and he couldn’t afford to lose a single one of them.


Kyoto, the conference room was silent, as quiet as the live screen.

The bigwigs looked at me, I looked at you, there wasn’t a single one whose eyes weren’t red, especially the director, who had long since burst into old tears.

Along the way, Kun, the animated film, was too difficult.

For a long time, the music director lit a cigarette, took a drag, and immediately snuffed it out again in the ashtray. He stood up with a flourish, raised the phone, and walked towards the door in large strides:

“I’ll call Xiao Zhen’s agent right now, the contract will not be signed. In addition, I’ll take a plane to Shudu overnight.”

No one objected.

The director huffed and said, “It must …… be taken!”

The music director went out the door and left, “If I can’t take it, I won’t come back!”

The conference room was silent for another short while, then suddenly a fierce applause rang out, and it was not clear whether it was for Big Fish or Kun.


Dressing Room 10.

Mr Tony was crying his heart out and couldn’t stop.

Although Qin Tao also shed some tears, he was accustomed to being heartless and quickly recovered, and began to comfort Tony and hand him tissues.

Tony, his face full of tears and snot, grabbed Qin Tao and cried, “My mum’s been gone for years too, oooh wow …… oooh oooh oooh ……”

Qin Tao: “……”

Tony blew his nose and pointed at the TV, “If contestant Li doesn’t advance, it’s because the show is shady!”

Qin Tao said, “It can’t be, can it? It’s such a big show.”

Tony wiped his tears while grunting, “That’s not necessarily true, this circle ah ……”


Like the audience at the scene, the audience in front of the screen, the vast majority of them also cried, their applause could not reach the scene, they could only use the pop-up screen to express their emotions.

“I cried from the beginning to the end, my eyes are swollen!”

“Heavenly music, divine heavenly music.”

“Soprano throughout, sang my head off!”

“Mum, I miss you too ……”

“Never heard such a touching song.”

“I held it back for a whole four minutes without crying! The last ah ah ah brought me to tears.”

“Ditto! I’m still twitching from crying.”

“Serious brother is so into it, you can feel it just listening to the song, hey ……”

“My wife came home and laughed at me for crying even watching a live stream, and now, when I play it back for her, she’s about to break down crying.”

“When the Divine Song comes out, the group of evils will not be easy!”

“This song ‘Big Fish’ is my new mobile phone ringtone.”

“My God! A family of three cried two, leaving a stone-hearted man in a nappy.”

“God-like voice, space spirit!”

“I once hacked Serious Brother, here’s a formal apology: sorry!!!”

“It’s not easy for Serious Brother …….”

Sitting in front of the screen, Zhang Jianjun, trembling, threw away the tissue that wiped his tears and shook his head. Go back to your hometown this year for the New Year, it has been many years, even if they often quarrel and argue …… at least they are all still there, I am more fortunate than the proper brother.

Worthy of being my idol!

I just want to ask, once this song is released, who will compete with it?

At this moment, Zhang Jianjun was the same as those guys who were frantically swiping the screen inside the group of the Decent Gang, all of them were the most fervent supporters of Brother Decent.

Every member of the Decent Gang felt:

With this song, Serious Brother would definitely advance! Moreover, there would be no suspense.


The scene, after the silence, naturally raised a round of warm applause.

The host guided into the next round of the session, the five contestants on stage together, to accept the judges’ comments, as well as …… reveal the points ranking situation.

Chen Posong took the brunt of the speech, at this time he, his eyes are still red and swollen state, pick up the microphone, pointing at Li Tiezhu: “Li Tiezhu, you won! I lost. You wrote it much better than my song, and sang it better. It can be said that …… a song seals the deal!”

The crowd was in an uproar, not expecting the always strict Chen Posong to give such a high evaluation.

Seal the God?

Chen Posong said, “Just based on this one song, the Chinese music world will always have a place for you, Li Tiezhu! There’s no half-exaggeration!”

Original! Original song!

How many people can sing live and cry in the audience?

Since the wine pen apology, everyone knows the power of Li Tiezhu. However, people still far underestimated the strength of Li Tiezhu, including Chen Posong, until …… this song “Big Fish”.