The Rockstar Chapter 34

A song that seals the deal?

After listening to Chen Posong s proclamation, Zhao Liya is recognised, she knows that Chen Lao is not exaggerating, just stating a fact …… only.

The rest of the players could only acquiesce, and as opponents, they were actually sung to tears.

The backstage players are all the more secretly thankful that they did not share a group with Li Tiezhu Daemon, or they will be scared to death, too horrible.

For Chen Posong’s righteousness and straightforwardness, the audience applauded most warmly.

Leng Ba wiped her tears while nodding her head.

On the contrary, Yi Feng and Lin Fan, who were on the sidelines, exchanged glances and smiled vaguely and bitterly, and then, unobtrusively, swept their eyes towards a certain assistant behind the director, Wang Zegang.

The assistant slightly shook his head, It’s all about big shots, it’s enough for us to do our part.

Now, things are out of his hands.

Chen Posong didn’t comment on the other contestants at all, even Zhao Liya, he didn’t mention even a single word, and when he finished, he held up the voting card with three words written on it:

Li Tiezhu.

This vote was worth ten points, equivalent to the votes of one hundred thousand ordinary viewers, and was worth a lot of money.

Then, Lin Fan and Yi Feng started to comment, the two of them were relatively much calmer, after all, they were both bloodthirsty men who didn’t cry that easily. They also praised Li Tiezhu fiercely, and praised and encouraged the other four contestants, focusing on Zhao Liya’s overall strength.

This was also correct.

Although Li Tiezhu was a better song writer than Zhao Liya, and the infectiousness of her singing was also stronger, but if it was just about singing, Zhao Liya was number one.

Thus, Lin Fan and Yi Feng voted for Zhao Liya.

Finally, it was Leng Ba’s turn.

Somewhat flustered, Leng Ba grabbed the microphone and glared at Li Tiezhu with red eyes, “Causing me to cry all over my make-up!”

The whole audience laughed, Leng Ba was a really cute girl.

However, speaking of which it seems that Leng Ba is quite embarrassed every time she meets Li Tiezhu, the first time she helped Li Tiezhu to get the popsicle and was almost questioned about stealing food, the second time she sat on the tip of the knife to give the promotion medal to Li Tiezhu, and this time, she let Li Tiezhu’s one song make her sob miserably.


Leng Ba did not say much, directly raised the sign: Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu: “Thank you.”

Leng Ba said to Li Tiezhu: “Li Tiezhu, for three periods, we are all clear that you are a child from a really poor family, knowing that you work at a construction site in the summer to earn tuition fees, but we don’t know that you …… still have such an unfortunate situation. But it’s okay, you’re great, very, very great! I will always support you! From today onwards, I am your little fan girl! Go for it!”

Another round of applause, from the audience from the bottom of their hearts.

A mentor who blatantly shouted out “I’m your fan girl” during a live broadcast, how much courage and sincerity did that require?

Li Tiezhu bowed again.

The host also thanked the judges again, and then said: “At present, Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya two contestants, respectively won two judges’ votes, each counting twenty points. However, the final advancement slot will be chosen by the votes of the general audience. Now that the backstage voting has closed, let’s look at their scores!”

The scene was once again quiet, and a tense atmosphere began to fill the air.

Knock Knock ……

Three heavy heartbeat sound effects.

And then, the big screen in the middle of the stage suddenly lit up with the avatars and names of each of the five players in Group A.

The host pointed to the big screen:

“Come! We’ll first announce the score of the first contestant to appear, Zheng Qian.”

On the big screen, above Zheng Qian’s avatar, a white columnar pattern began to rise, and above the pattern, the numbers were changing rapidly.






Eventually, the columnar pattern stopped rising and the branches stayed at 89.

The host said, “Let’s congratulate contestant Zheng Qian, who has scored a total of 89 points, which means that a whole 890,000 people voted for her! Not a bad score!”

Zheng Qian gently shook her head, she knew she had lost.

Normally in other groups, although this score couldn’t take the top two, third could still be fought for, possessing the opportunity to participate in the play-offs. But in the strongest death group ever …… dead!

“Next is the score of the second player to appear, Lin Xiao.”

Lin Xiao’s score began to change and eventually surpassed Zheng Qian, stopping at 131.

Lin Xiao, however, was not excited at all, this score, hanging. If it was any other group, it would be the proper second in the group.

“Third place Zhao Liya.”

Zhao Liya was calm and even dared to look straight at the change in her score with a hint of a smile.



In the end, the score stopped at 284, and with the 20 points from the judges, a total of 304 points were earned.

The host exclaimed, “Congratulations to Zhao Liya! Congratulations! She became the first contestant in the history of The Voice to score over three hundred points in the division! This was an unprecedented achievement, scoring three hundred and four points! In other words, more than two million eight hundred thousand viewers across the country voted for her! This is a new record!”

Historically, the highest score in The Voice division was 268 points, and that included 40 points from the four judges.

Zhao Liya appeared low-key and couldn’t help but look at Li Tiezhu.

I can get 300 points, it’s because of this guy, right? So, how many points could he get?

Zhao Liya has always had a high IQ, and has been measured before, around one hundred and fifteen.

She quickly figured out the reason, her own popularity is certainly a reason, but the real reason is still Li Tiezhu. Because of the appointment of “Big Fish” that was set a week ago, and also because of the heat of this afternoon’s jitterbug live broadcast.

The overlap of these two things made tonight’s Shudu division’s attention particularly high, which made it possible for her to capture such a high score.

The fourth, Sui Fei’er, had absolutely no bottom in her heart, she had performed poorly and naturally had no confidence.

Sure enough, the score came out: 61 points.

The lowest in the whole group so far.

“Next, let’s reveal the score of the last contestant to appear, Li Tiezhu! He sang and cried everyone in the audience, including me, with an original song called ‘Big Fish’, so I wonder what the score will be. Let’s wait and see!”

The host pointed to the big screen.

On Li Tiezhu’s avatar, the white bar graph began to slowly rise, and the values were constantly changing.








The score had already surpassed Zhao Liya, but the values were still wildly changing. The bar graph had already reached its highest point and was no longer continuing to grow, instead, the bar graphs of the other four players were shrinking rapidly.

The live audience, the viewers in front of the live broadcast screen, and especially the crowd of the Serious Gang led by Zhang Jianjun, had their palms tugged out sweat!

Backstage, Qin Tao and Teacher Tony embraced each other.


And it’s far from over!

That’s strength!

Absolute strength!

The host was already incoherent: “Oh my god! What did I see? What did I see! Three hundred points! Four hundred points! Five hundred points! I can’t believe my eyes! No one’s ever done it before or since! The final score is ……”

The numerical transformations began to slow down, and then, slowly settled:


More than twice that of Zhao Liya!

The host was so excited that he grabbed his hair, “That’s right! That’s right! Although Li Tiezhu is really dirt! Although Li Tiezhu often dislikes me so much that I want to punch him! Although Li Tiezhu …… sometimes has a bad brain!”

In fact, he wanted to talk about Li Tiezhu’s farce of “kidnapping” Mr Tony this afternoon, but he held back.

Ignoring Li Tiezhu’s angry look, the host continued to howl, “But I still can’t help but cheer for him! Not only did he make history, but also, set a record for scoring at the National Finals level! Together with the mentors’ votes, the final score of contestant Li Tiezhu is ……”

Instead of announcing it himself, he aimed the microphone at the audience.

The audience shouted in unison, “Seven hundred and fifty-four points!”


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