The Rockstar Chapter 35

Unprecedented crush!

Not only did Li Tiezhu’s score reach the finals level, but also, it was still more than twice that of the second place Zhao Liya, and the most frightening thing was that his score alone was one hundred and fifty points more than the sum of the scores of the other four contestants.

This was a miracle.

As soon as Li Tiezhu’s score came out, the whole audience cheered and applauded.

The host said: ”Congratulations! In this group, Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya advanced to the top 10 hand in hand, and Lin Xiao, who scored 131, could only settle for third place, going to participate in the additional round to be held later. And player Zheng Qian and player Sui Fei’er, unfortunately, eliminated from the round.”

The host interviewed the eliminated Zheng Qian and Sui Fei’er, and both of them cried, after all, they were too miserable, obviously with good strength, but they were placed in the group of death.

The tournament system was so cruel, some people won and some people lost.


East China Sea, in the villa.

Xiao Zhen watched the live broadcast and couldn’t believe his eyes, didn’t he say that this guy would be eliminated? How did he even advance? And he advanced with a record breaking score.

There are countless people who have been eliminated for singing well, after all, the programme group wants to choose not only those who can sing well, but more importantly newcomers who have the flow to be red, so that they can make money.

By the way, Li Tiezhu, this kind of image and temperament, there is no reason to advance to the right!

What’s more, he also tied up the make-up artist backstage, how could the programme team possibly promote him? On what basis did the audience vote for him so much?

It’s illogical.

The most infuriating thing was that Godfather had already made all the arrangements, drawing Li Tiezhu to be the last one to appear in the group of death, and also arranging 300,000 votes for Lin Xiao. It was to let Zhao Liya and Lin Xiao advance and top off Li Tiezhu, and even if he participated in the additional rounds, there were still more arrangements waiting for him.

Unexpectedly, he managed to get more than seven hundred and fifty votes.


Xiao Zhen was so angry that he gnashed his teeth.

Right now, he was ranked ninth in the Penguin Future Star Ranking, advancing one place. However, Li Tiezhu had risen to fourth, which made him even more cynical.

Why was he the one?

Broker Wu Yongqiang received a message, looked at it, and looked at Xiao Zhen with an incredibly complicated look:

“A bad news, the company’s latest understanding is that Penguin Music is ready to sign Li Tiezhu to strongly promote him. The 300,000 tickets that were arranged for Lin Xiao in this scene were actually not able to be put in, they were stopped by the Penguin technical team.”

Even if Lin Xiao added another 300,000 votes, he would not be able to threaten Li Tiezhu, and he was even a hundred thousand miles away from Zhao Liya.

Xiao Zhen’s eyes widened, “Penguin Culture? No wonder ……”

The domestic music market was three-pronged, Kyoto Monolith Culture, East China Sea Jiuzhou Culture, and Yuezhou Shining Star Culture. The three almost monopolised the entire Chinese music scene, ninety-five percent of the famous singers came from these three music giants.

But there was one exception – Penguin Culture.

With Penguin Music’s huge paying subscriber base, Penguin Culture has been on the rise in the past few years.

One of the organisers of The Voice is Penguin Culture.

Penguin Culture signs very few singers, almost only the top newcomers, which means that as long as Penguin signs anyone, whoever is waiting for fire.

What makes them …… look at Li Tiezhu’s dirt dog?

Wu Yongqiang said: ”Let’s stop here. Let’s focus on the competition, as long as you’re more popular than him, there will be plenty of opportunities to take revenge in the future.”

Xiao Zhen was unwilling, but could only do so, “I know.”

Although his godfather was good, the resources he could give him were limited, and it was not worth spending too much on this matter.

“Ring ring ring ……”

Wu Yongqiang phone rang: “Hello? Teacher Zhou hello! Hello! Problems with the theme song for Kun? What did you say ……?”

Xiao Zhen looked at Wu Yongqiang and found that the latter’s face was white, so his heart thumped:

“What’s wrong?”

Wu Yongqiang did not say anything and silently turned his mobile phone into amplified mode.

“Xiao Wu ah, it’s like this, we just kept watching the Super Voice Western Region’s competition, and both of those ‘Big Fish’ songs are better than your ‘Kun Peng’. Especially Li Tiezhu’s song, it’s simply extremely high in attainment, and it fits our story incredibly well, so we unanimously decided to use his ‘Big Fish’ as the theme song, and now I’m on my way to the airport. I hope you and Xiao Zhen can understand our decision, after all, we just want to pick the better ……”


That guy is better than me?

A head-to-toe, dumb-ass hick?

Xiao Zhen was so angry that his mouth shivered, his eyes filled with blood, and he instantly exploded, ”Get lost! Marder! What kind of bullshit cartoon, I don’t care! Roll ……”

Toot toot ……

That side hung up.

Wu Yongqiang slightly shook his head, Zhou Lao is a veteran in the film soundtrack circle, Xiao Zhen directly opened the scolding, I’m afraid that in the future there will be no film to find him to sing.

However, he could understand Xiao Zhen, who let the person who intercepted the film be Li Tiezhu?

“Old Wu, I want to fuck that guy to death!”

Xiao Zhen stared at Wu Yongqiang.

Wu Yongqiang sighed: “Hey …… it can only be like this! The circle is so big, there is no impermeable wall, a lot of people know that you want to sing the theme song of Kun, now if you don’t get the scene back, in the future …… there will be no future.”

Originally, they had all decided to let that guy off the hook, but it turned out to be a never-ending situation again.

Xiao Zhen used an icy tone and said, “Put that video out, I want to make him lose his reputation! Never have a day to come out! Hehehehehehe …… I’ll see if Penguin still dares to sign him! Go to a construction site and move bricks for the rest of your life!”

Wu Yongqiang nodded.

Those who were involved in this kind of thing in this circle, no matter how big of a curiosity they were, all died without a burial place, and none of them were spared.


The eliminated Zheng Qian and Sui Fei’er, as well as the pending Lin Xiao got off the stage, and the host was asking the two promoted contestants for their thoughts, as was the international custom.

Zhao Liya was unperturbed, and at her young age, she had a cloudy aura.

Li Tiezhu was very honest: “Of course I’m happy, how can I not be happy about advancing to the top ten? If you get a good ranking in the next match, you can also get a bonus.”

Not only can you make money, but you can also earn IQ, so all fools are happy.

[Ding! Host completes the main mission to advance to the top ten of the division, gaining 20 IQ points]

[Main quest: advance to the top ten of the finals, 50 IQ points for completing the quest]

Wow ……

Li Tiezhu added points to himself while drooling in his heart, 50 points ah! Huge amount of money!

[Ding! The host can’t add more than 10 points each time, and the next addition can only be made after ten days]

How can you do that?

Current IQ: 98 points.

10 points remaining.

It’s fine, it’s just as well to add it next time.

Li Tiezhu thought to himself, 98 points is too smart, right? It felt like his brain capacity, suddenly expanded several times.

The host laughed and asked, “So, contestant Li Tiezhu, you came for the prize money?”

This was originally a flirtation, everyone knows that the prize money of the division is actually not high, and everyone is also a face, even if it is for money, it will be said that it is for the dream.

Li Tiezhu was different: “Of course! Who will come without money?”

Now Li Tiezhu was really not stupid, this time he said something that was over his head.

After his IQ was added, he was immediately clear about his positioning – earthy and stupid folk worker + genius who can write and sing, two very distinctive labels with drastic contrasts.

However, it’s very pleasing to the eye, as it’s exceptionally strong and quite grounded at the same time.

With such a good “persona”, it is natural to keep strengthening it.