The Rockstar Chapter 36

The host exclaimed, “No. …… Isn’t it about the dream? To pursue music or something like that.”

Li Tiezhu: “Who sings for serious people? My dream is to be a bagman.”

“Pfft ……”

Zhao Liya couldn’t hold it in anymore and laughed out on the spot.


“Coming coming coming!”

“Who sings for serious people?”

“Recreating the classics.”

“Dreams? How much for a pound?”

“Who comes without money, hahahahaha ……”

“Serious brother never lets me down.”

The host was infinitely resentful: “So after you participate in this competition, will you go back to work at the construction site? Strive to be a contractor in the future?”

Li Tiezhu: “Are you stupid? When I get a place in the finals, I’ll be famous and make a lot of money, so why do I still want to do hard labour? I dream of being a contractor because a contractor earns more and singing earns more, of course I know how to choose, I’m not a fool.”

Isn’t it?

The host was shocked, where did you get the confidence? I was surprisingly speechless for a while.

Zhao Liya, who was next to me, choked with laughter.

The judges’ table also laughed continuously, and the audience even clapped and screamed.


“I’m not stupid!”

“Not a fool, so confident?”

“Serious brother might have some misunderstanding about himself.”

“He’s actually not stupid, can a fool write such an awesome song?”

“Serene Brother is dumb, adorably dumb.”

“Not stupid? How do you explain the Shake Shack live stream kidnapping the make-up artist?”

“Schrodinger’s IQ.”

Li Tiezhu patted the choking Zhao Liya patted the back, Zhao Liya did not laugh, her face reddened.

The host’s eyes widened, aren’t your movements too intimate? It’s being broadcast live! Do not care about the impact at all?

The pop-ups are even busier:

“My God! What do I see?”

“These two are so close?”

“Let go of my goddess!”

“Brother Serious is a winner in life!”

“Is there a tape choking your hand?”

“You’re not right!”

“Zhao Liya is confused, see how she blushes?”

Li Tiezhu knew that his subconscious action, which was inappropriate, might bring trouble to Zhao Liya, so he hurriedly disliked the host and diverged from the topic.

“Are you still asking or not? If you don’t ask, we’re leaving, someone wants to treat me to a hot pot.”

With a higher IQ, it was different.

The host smiled awkwardly, “Ask ask ask, before Zhao Liya said you guys are friends, then why did you treat her as a staff member before?”

Zhao Liya was afraid that Li Tiezhu would talk nonsense and snatched, “We didn’t know each other before, I let him pretend to be a courier to mix in the competition in the last period, he always thought I was a staff member. That’s it!”

Li Tiezhu said, “Right, she deceived me. When I met her at Hong Fund yesterday, I invited her to eat ice-cream at nine dollars a piece, and she didn’t even tell me the truth. Do you think it’s infuriating?”


“So infuriating!”

“Nine dollars for ice-cream? Is that so extravagant?”

“Didn’t realise? Li Tiezhu hasn’t even fully figured out Zhao Liya’s identity now.”

“Serious Brother wouldn’t think that Zhao Liya is just an ordinary player, right?”

“It’s obvious isn’t it?”

Host: “So you’ve only met twice? And you became friends?”

Joelia: “Yeah.”

Mentally, she says, “Actually, it was three meetings.

Host: “What are you guys doing at Hong Fund? And met up so coincidentally?”

“Donating some old clothes.”

Saying this, Zhao Liya glanced at Li Tiezhu, thinking that he wouldn’t tell the truth, right? It’s also too humiliating.

The scene resounded with applause.

The host also praised, “I didn’t expect that you, Zhao Liya, are not very old, but you’re already passionate about public welfare, this is a good example! Then, contestant Li Tiezhu, are you also going to donate clothes?”

Li Tiezhu shook his head, “No, I’m going to get clothes. My family is poor, and Hong Fund has given me so many clothes in the past two years that I don’t even have to buy them myself.”

The host was shocked once again, “You, you used to wear old clothes donated by others?”

Li Tiezhu nodded his head rightfully, “Yes, what I’m wearing today is also all donated by kind-hearted people.”

The audience at the scene exclaimed, and then, sent encouraging applause.

Zhao Liya, on the other hand, was emboldened, but don’t tell about the towel, can’t afford to lose that person!

“But as far as I know, you signed a copyright contract with Penguin Music two days ago, and got a good share of the money! Why don’t you buy new clothes and ask for old ones?”

The host said in his heart, “You’re rich and you still go and rob from the poor?

Li Tiezhu: “Old clothes are quite good, I’m used to it. Moreover, the money that was shared was taken and donated.”

Host: “Well? You donated money?”

Zhao Liya also looked at Li Tiezhu incredulously.

Li Tiezhu: “Yeah, I went to Hong Fund yesterday to get clothes and donated some by the way.”

“How much was donated?”

“Don’t say the number, right? Donated some anyway.”

“It’s okay, how much?”

“Two hundred thousand.”

“That much? How much of the royalties do you share?”

“Over two hundred and twenty thousand.”

“That’s only two hundred and twenty thousand in total, and you donated two hundred thousand?”

“Aang! I wanted to donate twenty thousand, but I accidentally pressed an extra zero.”

“This ……”

The host was incredulous, didn’t you say you weren’t stupid?

The scene was once again filled with applause, and the four judges and the programme staff followed suit.

Zhao Liya looked at Li Tiezhu oddly, is it true? In fact, Zhao Liya has already believed it, he did not say it yesterday, and if he had not been repeatedly pressed today, he should not have taken the initiative to talk about donating money.

But she also felt strange, he himself poor, why still go to donate money? Shouldn’t he be living his own life first?

Moreover, the day before yesterday, he went to visit that kind of place, and yesterday, he went to donate two hundred thousand.

Something’s not right.

The pop-ups were also full of praise:

“I can’t believe that Serious Brother hasn’t even worn new clothes.”

“Suddenly having money, I can’t believe I went to donate in the first place and almost finished!”

“What’s even more rare is that he’s rich and still wears old clothes.”


“Pink Li Tiezhu really wasn’t wrong.”

“Pressing an extra zero while Li Tiezhu has no heartache at all, it’s really good.”

“Too few overnight riches have this kind of mentality.”

Zhao Liya suddenly asked, “Can I ask you? Your family is already poor, now that you’ve made money with great difficulty, why did you take it and donate it?”

The host nodded his head, this is what many people have in mind.

Li Tiezhu said, “My father taught me, he does not earn much, but also often go to donate three to five hundred, three or four times a year. Ten years ago, my mother was sick, the family owed hundreds of thousands of foreign debts, and could no longer borrow money……. It was the Hong Fund helped us, before and after giving about more than 100,000 it. Although my mother was not cured, we are very grateful to all of you. My dad said, those who helped me, we are afraid that we can’t pay back in this life, but we can do our part to help more people.”

These words, he said plainly, as if they were taken for granted.

Zhao Liya was silent.

I did not expect Li Tiezhu to have such a story, but it is a bit like that friend of hers, whose mother also left early. She donated money and goods, in fact, from the beginning of knowing that friend.

The host exclaimed, ”Although Li Tiezhu often dislikes me so much that I doubt my life, I forgive you. It’s amazing! This real Li Tiezhu deserves everyone’s vote! His character, more than his song, is even better! Let’s give these two kids our warmest applause, they’re both great! Once again, congratulations to both of them for advancing!”

Zhao Liya smiled and nodded her head, no matter what, she was quite touched, and was now willing to really treat Li Tiezhu to a hotpot.