The Rockstar Chapter 37

The enthusiastic applause gradually calmed down.

Zhao Liya looked at Li Tiezhu: “Hot pot?”

Li Tiezhu nodded: “Go.”

Host: “……”

The match isn’t over yet, will you guys be a little too wild like this. The two walked off the stage one after the other, still whispering about tripe, duck intestines, golden needle mushrooms and whatnot.

The competition is still continuing, but the advanced Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya can already leave, there is nothing behind them.

And the two of them put on a classic that has stayed in the history of the show forever.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this group was the best round of The Voice ever, with two great songs with the same name and lyrics, the same best strength, and the most positive positive energy.

Group B’s competition had already started, but the pop-ups were still discussing about Li Tiezhu.

“I bet a pineapple-flavoured popsicle on the winner of the Positive Brother division.”

“Leng Ba: I want to eat it.”


“Huh? Suddenly there’s a brilliant inspiration, everyone wait for the jitterbug, I’m going to go cut the film.”

“Postpartum brother said that Li Tiezhu is going to win the national championship.”

“It’s really possible if we only talk about strength.”

“One song seals the deal, Li Tiezhu is really a genius, he has a great future in the future.”

“Does this simpleton Li Tiezhu know that the East Window is out?”

“Hush! This matter is known to the heavens and the earth, you know it, I know it, and he knows it.”

“I guess they ate mandarin duck hot pot.”


It’s impossible to have a mandarin duck hotpot, it has to be an extra spicy red soup hotpot.

Five people entered the hot pot restaurant with masks, zipped into the box and waited for all the dishes to be served, and only after the waiter exited did they remove their masks.

“Is it necessary to be so exaggerated?”

Li Tiezhu did not have any self-consciousness as a “star”, and thought that Zhao Liya and her fat assistant, Sister Wen, were making a big deal out of it.

“There is! It’s too necessary.”

Teacher Tony lowered his head to play with his mobile phone, revealing a strange expression of having said a dog, he swiped himself on Jitterbug, some people called him Ma Guobao the Second, the King of Self-Inflicted Disgrace, the Little Mutiny Darling, and the Marilyn Monroe of the make-up world.

In the spirit of the principle of not fighting, Li Tiezhu Tony teacher also brought, after all, not their own money, white treat him a meal just let him seal, lest leak “heavenly secret”.

Zhao Liya stifled a smile: “You two still do not know it? This programme in Shake Shack has a pre-match live broadcast, starting from this round.”

Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao looked at each other.

Finally, under Zhao Liya and Wen’s narration, Li Tiezhu’s three knew the truth, and the atmosphere was quite awkward for a while.

It was good that the programme team didn’t pursue the matter, and the audience was happy to see it.

Li Tiezhu Iron Bean’s label was sort of sitting on the ground, not knowing whether it was good or bad.

Tony received a phone call, and then, inexplicably, looked at Li Tiezhu with an unusually complex expression and some kind of strange sentiment in his eyes.

Li Tiezhu was terrified: “Scram! Or else beat you up.”

Tony said, “Sister Lin, the host I gave make-up to, suddenly called me and said that I don’t need to give her make-up ……”

Li Tiezhu said, “You were fired? It’s not so bad, isn’t it just a trip on the live broadcast? You’re a make-up artist, modesty is worth a few dollars?”

The other three also froze, although Tony lost his face, but the one who was spoofed and mocked the most was Li Tiezhu, right?

This can also be fired?

Tony said: ”Sister Lin said to me that Happy Flower Roll wants to find me to sign as an artiste, and he encouraged me to go. Happy Flower Roll’s people said they watched the live broadcast in the afternoon and said something about my image being interesting, and they want me to go as a fill-in contestant next week to take part in Cheerful Comedian, just to act out the part of being tied up……. It’s said that the treatment is given quite a high price, you guys, do I still have to thank contestant Li Tiezhu?”

The crowd was dumbstruck.

Tony even toasted Li Tiezhu three cups of old Wang Ji, and the exquisite boy never drinks alcohol.

Li Tiezhu is all divine, and there is this kind of operation?

Music Achievement: 15 points.

Variety achievement: 35 points.

Film and TV Achievements: 0 points.

I didn’t expect that after a match, the music achievement only went up by 8 points, while the variety achievement, actually went up by a full 31 points because of the afternoon’s jitterbug broadcast.

What kind of standard was this nymphet?

Qin Tao, who had eaten and drunk enough to play with his mobile phone, suddenly got excited:

“Crouch! Not it ah sir, this …… see me all that, this video is also cut too slippery, how many men can top? Hey! Tie Zhu, many people @ you.”


Leng Ba returned to the hotel already very late, the live show is just tired, too much mental effort.

After taking a shower, Leng Ba hugged a dozen packets of snacks and lay on the sofa playing with her mobile phone. This is the day of the gods, only wrapped in a bath towel how you want to roll how to roll, unrestrained.

Shopping scarf, water forums, jacking the king, brush teasing sound ……

If you don’t play again, when you return to the Three Lives and Peach Blossoms theatre group in a couple of days, you will be forced by Mimi to be like a donkey in the production team again.


My Jitterbug blew up again?

Haha! I’m not ashamed to say that my popularity is just so awesome, just posting a random video of eating popsicles is easily a hit.

“Erm ……”

Before the competition, Leng Ba posted the cross-dressing video of eating popsicles, and the likes were naturally high, two million.

But why did the comment section all @ her to watch another video?

Nice guy!

Clicked in and saw that there were 5 million likes and, moreover, it was posted no more than two hours ago. The content of this short video is even …… more of a mouthful.

This is a mixed cut ghost animal video:

When Li Tiezhu was in the first round of the audition, he handed the popsicle to Leng Ba: “Please, help me hold it.”

Close-up, Leng Ba’s throat rolls, with a gurgling sound. (A detail I thought no one would notice, but it was still cut out)

Then there’s the video Leng Ba posted today, a few shots of a mixed cut of eating popsicles, eating like a thief, in various poses, with special effects kind of thing. 崩,瞎卡拉卡,崩,瞎卡拉卡……

It’s easy to cause people’s blood to spurt in reverie.

Then, it is Li Tiezhu taking back the popsicle from Lengba, with a sceptical look, and Lengba blushing.

The scene shifted and Leng Ba seductively winked after changing her disguise: “I’m your fan girl from today onwards.”


Leng Ba’s pretty little face, brushed red.

In fact, stealing popsicles such a spoof, tolerate it, but that’s not as simple as licking a popsicle ah, the implication is too strong!

Disgusting! And @ Li Tiezhu?

This is ……

Li Tiezhu’s comment:

“Don’t believe the rumours, it wasn’t my root she ate.”

Six hundred thousand likes, one hundred thousand comments.

That’s right, after being shared this video by Qin Tao, because it had been @ed too many times, Li Tiezhu still logged into the account with Qin Tao’s mobile phone and went up to clarify it deliberately, after all, Leng Ba had helped her a lot.

After the clarification, Qin Tao, Wen and Tony, have eerily looked at Li Tiezhu, their expressions gradually began to pervert.

This has nothing to do with IQ, Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya are four-eyed and naive, oblivious.

That’s right ah, the one that Leng Ba ate was bought by herself, right?

“Ah ah ah …… you stupid fork! I should have known that I wouldn’t let you advance last time. Pissed me off! I’m going to rip you apart!”

Leng Ba was on the couch pulling her hair and pounding her chest, her bath towel falling to the floor.



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