The Rockstar Chapter 38

Ten thirty, Li Tiezhu riding a battery car back to the site, by the way, also gave the old man a special hot tripe two beef a disc of broad noodles, packaged to take back, anyway, is Zhao Liya spend money.

Doo doo doo doo ……

The phone rings.

Li Tiezhu parked the car on the side of the road to take a look, it was Leng Ba teacher called, the last competition left each other a phone. What is she doing looking for me in the middle of the night?

“Hey, teacher Leng Ba, hello, you ……”

“Li Tiezhu! You come over to me right now! Room 23 on the 18th floor of Hongda Hotel, you are limited to ten minutes!”

“But I ……”

Toodle-oo ……

What’s wrong with her? Is it for the fact that she’s thanking me for helping her explain herself on Shakeology just now?


I’m not stupid now, she sounded like she was going to eat me.



The distance from the construction site is very close, Li Tiezhu packed hot pot directly to the room of Aunt Liu, sure enough, the old man is again chatting about work, conscientious old and strong.

Then, Li Tiezhu drove to the address given by Miss Leng Ba.

To know how to respect the teacher!

Twenty minutes later, Li Tiezhu, with trepidation, knocked on the door of room 23, and an ominous feeling rose in his heart.

The door opened.

“Teacher Leng Ba …….”

“Die come in.”


Li Tiezhu turned back to close the door and walked into this opulent room to see Teacher Leng Ba wrapped in a white bath towel, sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, holding crisps, an expensive snack, in her hand.

Her face was cold, staring straight at Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu’s heart was hairy, standing in place hand and foot, wanting to compensate for the smile, but not daring to smile.

Half a minute later, until Li Tiezhu’s back began to sweat, Leng Ba coldly said:

“Know why I called you here?”

Li Tiezhu shook his head, not daring to speak, not daring to look directly at teacher Leng Ba, she …… is too good looking. Not only the face, the places that can not be looked at, even better.

Leng Ba finally smashed over with a bag of chips:

“What are you commenting blindly? When people @ you, you go and join in the fun? Are you deliberately trying to disgust me? What did I do to you?”

Li Tiezhu caught the chips, a piece didn’t spill, and said, “Jitterbug? I was watching them talk nonsense, so I’ll help you explain.”

“You ……”

Leng Ba was speechless, and straightaway her chest rose and fell violently in anger.

Li Tiezhu scared and hurriedly lowered his head, really people can not be seen, seawater can not be measured, Leng Ba teacher usually looks so thin ……

Leng Ba headache, this nerd really does not understand ah.

Forget it, anyway, it is not because of this matter to call him to come, scare to scare.

Leng Ba lifted the somewhat slipping bath towel upwards and said, “In short, this matter you deeply hurt me and caused irreparable trauma! You have to be responsible.”

Li Tiezhu smiled awkwardly, “I’m sorry.”

In his heart, he was thinking, “Where did I go wrong? Helping you to speak has become my fault?

Sometimes, simplicity is worse than stupidity.

Leng Ba coldly grunted and reached out his hand, “Hmm?”

Li Tiezhu hurriedly took two steps forward, offering expensive snacks with both hands in a very humble manner.

Leng Ba took a piece of crisps and put it in her mouth, said, “You are not smart, I can not blame you for this matter, but you can not have nothing to show, right? Apologise, what’s the use of just a sentence of sorry?”

Li Tiezhu just obediently held the chips, “You say, as long as I can do it.”

The corner of Leng Ba’s mouth gently hooked.

He said, “Little boy, sister, I’m going to eat you today!

“It’s also because I’m a soft-hearted person, if it were someone else, I’m sure I’d let you take off layers of skin without dying.”

“Thank you! Your heart is even more beautiful.”

“Write one for me. It’s cheap.”

“Write a song?”

“Right. I’ve recently starred in a TV series, Three Lives, Three Worlds, and I was asked to sing the ending song. But that song isn’t very good ……”

“So, let me write one for you?”

“Ahem …… you know, I’ve always been very resourceful, although I’m not a singer, there are many people around me who can write songs. The reason why I chose you is because …… give you a chance, understand?”

Leng Ba again straightened his chest, the bath towel gradually strained.

In fact, she had begged people all over for this song, where are the good songs? Moreover, a good song it …… expensive ah.

Just now, Mimi called Lengba and instigated her to find Li Tiezhu to write, and that guy has the nerve to ask you for money? Leng Ba happened to be angry by Li Tiezhu, so she called Li Tiezhu over, and even forgot to change her clothes.

“Thank you teacher! But ……”

Li Tiezhu was a bit torn, although Teacher Leng Ba’s reason was not sufficient, but in theory it should not be refused, after all, Leng Ba was the most supportive tutor of Li Tiezhu.

But writing a song for her costs IQ ah, I still have to compete next.

Leng Ba asked, “‘You Smile So Beautiful’, was written for the female staff member who helped you mix into the TV station, right?”

Li Tiezhu: “Ah …… yes.”

Leng Ba sneered, “Hmph! Today, Zhao Liya said that she helped you mix in, right?”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

Leng Ba ate three chips in one bite, her eyes gradually reddening, “I knew it! Hmph! Unconscionable guy ……亏我为了帮你,都被拿来人拿来恶意调侃了。 Unexpectedly, you don’t have me in your heart at all ……”

Li Tiezhu: “????”

The tip of Leng Ba’s nose was slightly red, and she glanced at Li Tiezhu without showing any trace, is my play not good?

How come he hasn’t reacted yet?

It has been more than twenty seconds without blinking, as expected, Leng Ba’s eyes are filled with tears, poignantly looking at Li Tiezhu, revealing an inexplicably pale smile:

“Hey …… finally paid by mistake ah ……”

Li Tiezhu was already sweating, “No no no! Teacher you mustn’t say that, when I get into the top ten of the finals, I’ll help you write, write as many capitals as you want, okay?”

After getting 50 IQ points, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Leng Ba said that this is more or less the same, moreover, after writing it out, we have to go to record the song, so tired ah, it is better to be paralysed at home and eat snacks and play with mobile phones comfortably, later on later on.

However, acting is about a front and back, so it is professional.

“Heh!” Leng Ba laughed miserably, threw away the crisp bag and shook his head, “In the end, it’s not the same! Tsk …… no need to explain, I understand, you guys are friends. I’m just a small mentor in a division, not worthy of being your friend.”

“That’s not true ……”

Li Tiezhu’s scalp was about to explode, is this woman crazy?

“Then why write for her and not for me?”

A slap on the table, Leng Ba fiercely probed and rose, the body with the emotions of violent trembling, all …… the body is a drama.

Then ……

The knot of the bath towel, was collapsed.



Li Tiezhu in the end, his hands were athletic, and he reacted faster than a 98-point IQ brain.

When he said it was too late, he grabbed the knot that was untied zero point one second ago and pressed it back to the teacher’s body in death, the heavenly opportunity did not leak …… right?

The teacher was furious and exploded, it was really exploded ah!

Acting into the Leng Ba was confused, feeling that he had endured a huge pressure that he should not have endured, yes, a little bit of pain.

Li Tiezhu turned his back to her, his voice trembled: “You don t scare me! I …… I will write it for you is not okay? I will go back at night and write it for you, and tomorrow morning you will come and take it away, okay?”

Leng Ba heart fluttered: “That ……”

Li Tiezhu fled in a mess: “I have to go back to sleep, and then later …… the site will be closed.”

“Pfft ……”

Leng Ba laughed, after all, it is a siren that has been in the entertainment circle for many years.


As long as I’m not embarrassed, the one who is embarrassed is you.

Scared, huh?

Sitting back in the sofa, Leng Ba realised that his calves and stomach were shaking, and he was afraid. Fortunately, this guy is clumsy, if you change other people ……

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