The Rockstar Chapter 39

Back to the site tin house is already very late, Li Tiezhu’s old man did not come back, probably chatting too deeply.

Li Tiezhu took a cold shower, spread out a piece of white paper, and began to write a song.

This is the first time he writes a song with a short score, after all, he does not know how to write a five-line score. Previously, he was in his head a few times on the line, anyway, he sang. Not this time, it was written for someone else, so he could only write it down.

5 points of IQ is 5 points of IQ.

I didn t think that the moralistic and icy teacher Leng Ba, who threatened people, was so ferocious Fortunately, I have a quick hand, otherwise …… I can t wash it even if I jump into the Yellow River.

Li Tiezhu gathered his mind, opened the browser with the function machine, searched for reports about the new drama Three Lives and Three Worlds, found that it was a novel adaptation, and checked the plot.

Roughly have a spectrum, Li Tiezhu entered the system mall, the songs in the mall can only see the name of the song and the price, can not see the lyrics and tunes, but there are a few lines of introduction to look at.

This song?

What a strange song name, however, look at the introduction seems to be quite suitable for that TV series.

Let’s go with this one.

I’ll take it!

It’s a good song, and it fits the plot. But, how can I put it …… soft ……


Strange thoughts popped up!

“Never mind! Go take another cold shower.”

Li Tiezhu suddenly felt so pitiful, being threatened not to mention, wasting 5 points of IQ value, and having to endure the torture of the holy light, too good eyesight really …… isn’t an advantage.

The next day, early morning.

Li Tiezhu woke up violently from the bed, had a nightmare, had a series of nightmares, and Teacher Lengba was even more frightening in the dream. How can it be like this? I’m still a child!

Draped in the golden sunrise, Li Tiezhu sat cross-legged ……

Holy as Buddha!

On the small table, a few sheets of white paper filled with short scores are pressed by the old octave box, which is the result of Li Tiezhu’s staying up all night after doing it.

Picked up the octave box screwed a little, Li Tiezhu bared his teeth, this thing a few years ago on the bad, there is no place to repair. However, the bottom of the octave box, still engraved with those few tender little words can not be thrown:

Pillar brother to be brave ah – Ya Ya.


“Yaya, tell mummy the truth, what kind of person provoked and encouraged you to become a singer? Mummy doesn’t blame you.”

Liu Wan Yun sat on the edge of the bed with steaming hot milk and said softly.

The golden sunlight sprinkled down, as if Zhao Liya s delicate body was gilded with a layer of gold edges, shining, even though …… she was now puffy and wrapped up in the quilt, only revealing half of her head.

“Well ……¥@*&#……”

Zhao Liya slurred and muttered, before eleven o’clock to wake people up is a crime ah, mother is a repeat offender, exhaustive crimes ……

Sleeping, is the first big hobby of Zhao Liya’s life.


The milk cup was high on the bedside table.

As usual, Liu Wan Yun lost her patience after three seconds, “Is it the one called Li Tiezhu?”

“Ah? You know?”

Zhao Liya rubbed her eyes, and after identifying the enemy and us, with a wimpy smile, she fell into Liuanyun’s arms and grunted.

“Aiya, I just want to try it out ……”

“No! OK!”


Without surprise, Zhao Liya was once again lifted over by a huge force and fell onto the bed, instantly discarding all her lowly fantasies of being cute and pampered.

“Does it hurt? Ya-ya!”

At the bedroom door, poking out half a head, a certain handsome and handsome middle-aged man held a dish of Xiao Long Bao in his hand.

His daughter was old enough to avoid suspicion, and after she turned six, he lost the right to freely enter her bedroom unless summoned by the Queen or Princess.

Liu Wan Yun gouged Zhao Liya: “Come in, your daughter is going to mix with the entertainment industry.”

Zhao Muye smiled gently, “Isn’t it still the music circle? Everyone is engaged in music, in fact, it’s also ……”

Her Majesty’s gaze was like a knife, decapitation?

Zhao Muye’s expression immediately straightened up, “Although they’re all engaged in music, the atmosphere and ethos is completely different! Those singers and whatnot, simply pandemonium, YaYa, you’d better practice the piano ……”

Give up the illusion to prepare for battle!

Zhao Liya squirmed down from the bed in her Pikachu pyjamas, took a sip of hot milk, beckoned, and her dad served Xiao Long Bao, still the taste of the old Xu family.

More than ten years, unchanged a home ah! Even breakfast is the same, meaningless.

Zhao Liya laughed softly: “Did not watch the programme, hearsay news, right? Go check it out, listen to my songs, listen to his songs.”

Liu Wanyun manically stood up, was stopped by Zhao Muye, calmed down a little, said, “I heard about it, Li Tiezhu is a genius, mum recognises his talent, and doesn’t object to you making friends with talented people. He is right, he is very good, he is a poor child born, walk this road is very good, rare but also enthusiastic about public welfare, quite good a child. But you are different, you can have higher goals and pursuits ……”

“I don’t like to eat high-end western food, I like to eat roadside stalls risotto.”


“Noble or vulgar, yangchunbaixue or down and dirty …… each to their own. Still, listen to the song ‘Big Fish’, that’s my pride and joy, my best work so far.”

Zhao Liya walked out of the room with bare feet, deliberately kicking the little yellow duck slippers by the bed, I have long seen that you are not good, humph! When I’m only three years old?

Liu Wan Yun was so angry that she nearly exploded in place, the slippers I picked out with my own hands, hot and cute!

Zhao Muye slipped away against the wall, I told you that Yaya doesn’t like little yellow ducks, right?

Adolescence versus menopause, the fire is fierce, fierce! Hiding a little, do not be affected by the fish, the last hidden private money of the shocking case is not yet closed.

Zhao Liya rode his own speedo, out of the villa gate, with half a small dumpling in his mouth, covered with Pikachu pyjamas.

Coming to the side of the creek, Zhao Liya squatted to pick up pebbles.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Silly pillar, will you support me? The whole world is against me now! Oh, there’s one who supports me, and he’s a fool too.”

“More foolish than you.”

“But I write really good songs… Whisper it, I’ve had my own ‘Big Fish’ on a single loop all night. Hehehe ……”

“But that idiot writes better than me.”

“He sang it to his mum ……”

“He’s a bit like your experience, but …… I’m suddenly so envious of him.”

“But he’s not as good as you, he ah, boo! How old is he when he goes to a place like that, tsk tsk ……”

Picking up another one, looking at it, and throwing it back into the river, Zhao Liya pouted:

“Just like there’s no identical people in the world, there can’t be identical stones either, even though mum just threw it here, but I couldn’t find it after picking it up for ten years, it might have been washed away by the water …… Sorry.”

“Never to be found again.”


Liu Wan Yun searched for Big Fish on her mobile phone:

“How old is she? Didn’t I teach her that three-legged kung fu? How can she write anything decent? Since she was a child, apart from being good at the piano, which of her musical skills is she good at? Ask your parents if they’re willing to let YaYa go to that filthy, filthy, filthy entertainment industry.”

Seeing that Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya’s big fish is extremely popular, nearly ten million on demand overnight, can’t help but sneer, what a flamboyant circle ah!

Zhao Liya’s Big Fish slipped right past and was ignored.

Click on Li Tiezhu’s Big Fish.

Liu Wanyun turned up the sound of the mobile phone, “I would like to see, what is that guy Chen Posong blindly boasting about, a little kid in his teens ……”

The waves of the sea noiselessly drowned the night deeply

Roaming over the corner of the end of the sky

Big fish swim through the cracks of dreams

“Well ……”

Liu Wanyun was demented, covering her mouth with red eyes, trembling, like a wintry autumn grass.