The Rockstar chapter 4

[Main Quest: Participate in “The Super Voice” with an all-original song and make it to the top ten, rewarded with 20 IQ points]

“Be an immodest person from tomorrow onwards.”

Li Tiezhu already knew what he was going to do next, singing chanting, being a star making records on variety shows and what not. In short, it’s a bit boring, definitely not as fulfilling as moving bricks.

[Newbie gift pack, the host obtains the skill “Dislike the sky, dislike the earth, dislike the air”, note: this is a passive skill.]

What the hell?

Wait, the brain is not enough, a little turn over, I run a …… ah, oh ……

5 IQ points for some useless shit?

For the system to deduct IQ points privately, Li Tiezhu has no power of resistance, the system is bound to the impossibility of quitting, the only way, can only try to earn IQ points.

Lying on the bed, Li Tiezhu was familiarising himself with the system, because of the slippery slope of his IQ, which led to a lower layer of his information processing ability and speed. After a long time, he realised that under his attributes, there were three quest lines, respectively:

Music Achievement: 2 points.

Variety Achievement: 1 point.

Film and TV Achievements: 0 points.


For each area, reaching a certain achievement value will result in a corresponding achievement medal and reward, which includes, but is not limited to, IQ points.

100 points will earn you the “First Time” medal and corresponding rewards.

300 points earns you the “Emerging” medal and corresponding rewards.

1,000 points earns you the “Small Achievement” medal and the corresponding reward.

3,000 points earns you the “Great Achievement” medal and corresponding rewards.

10000 points earns you the ……

In addition to singing, there are also variety shows and films? Is this to become an all-round star? It’s too hard, isn’t it?

Singing an original song and only getting 2 achievement points?

But Variety even has 1 achievement point?

Strictly speaking Super Voice was also a variety show, so having a variety achievement was deserved.

Looking at the prices of some songs in the system mall again, Li Tiezhu’s brain buzzed with pain.

A minimum of 5 IQ points for a song.

I can’t fucking afford it!

Suddenly Li Tiezhu was a bit scared, could it be, before he entered the top 10, his IQ would fall to the gorilla level? At that time, not to mention the system, the whole person said goodbye to the bicycle.

The more Li Tiezhu thought, the more confused his brain was, like a paste, and soon he fell asleep.

Smart people have insomnia, and the sleep quality of fools is unique.


The night is already late, but the network is more and more active, after all, it is the weekend, the old man does not work tomorrow.

The first day of the auditions for the sixth season of The Voice, which took place simultaneously in all six regions from 10am to 6pm, was a complete success, with the highest ratings.

The number of viewers nationwide who watched the live broadcast through TV, computers, and mobile phones exceeded 240 million, more than the previous sessions, and many people were cutting back and forth between several regions to watch.

Every year, The Super Voice takes the world by storm.

This year is no different, the show’s wonderful moments have become a hot topic online, from the scarf to the jitterbug almost all the Voice contestants brush screen.

The Central Region’s folk song girl, who sang her way through the judges, made it to the top.

The eastern region was surprised by the appearance of the beauty of the world, Xiao Zhen fairy face circle countless fans.

In the Southern Region, the rock girl wins four PASS cards in one song.

The North Region’s smoky-voiced uncle, a popular actress, has been turned into a fan girl!

Western Region …… decent people who sing ah?


One race after another, the hotspots look over, and the netizens cry out for more, until the western race comes along, as if something strange has been mixed in.

The number of plays and likes for this video was surprisingly far more than the best of the other regions, close to twice the difference.

Five million likes?

The video wasn’t short, it was a full seven minutes or so.

How did it get so long?

Even if the other contestants sang and commented, it was only five minutes or so. Is he a singer or a comic?

Click on the video, wow! Spicy!

In the first two minutes, the boy dressed as a Minuteman has an in-depth discussion with a chubby little man about whether or not to raise a pig when he becomes a big star.

This …… is a Hama Pi, right?

The first day of auditions in the western region did not appear to sing well? A high face value?

In the middle two minutes, it’s even more strange, letting the national goddess Leng Ba get you a popsicle? Are you out of your mind?

What the hell are you singing? You’re crying like a ghost.

Chen Posong still lets that bumpkin sing solo?

There’s something shady going on, isn’t there?

Even if the audition was shady, why did the video get so many likes? Are you all blind?

That’s not true.

Why is it singing an original song? You dirt dog, do you know pentatonic music? Just dare to write a song, you fucking ……


It’s so fragrant!

This song …… is so catchy too, isn’t it?

And it’s original!

As a result, Li Tiezhu’s audition video, which became a scarf headline and Jieyin explosive hit, swept the country overnight.

Almost everyone who followed the show knew that there was a serious brother in the western region who sang a superb original song called “People Like Me”.

Thus, he was on fire online.

Whether it was Li Tiezhu’s dress, mannerisms or temperament, or even his name, it was all very old-fashioned, standard rural people folk labourer style.

Before this, there has never been such a “grounded” artiste.

Rare is expensive?

There is a group of people on the internet who highly respect Serious Bro. In just ten hours, a considerable number of fan groups have been formed, with people from all over the world, all of whom are avid fans of Jing Jing.

They also gave this fan group a resounding name – the Decent Gang.

Well, it’s unorthodox as soon as you hear it.

Even, they have Luo collated “The Quotations of the Serious Brother” and “Those Things of the Serious Brother”.

The best part of the “Serious Brother’s Quotes” is the line “Who sings for serious people?”

The best part of “What’s up with Serious Brother” is when Serious Brother asks Leng Ba to get him a popsicle and at one point suspects that the other guy is stealing food.

Listen and see.

Is this a human thing to do? He’s the only one who’s not convinced by the walls!

Even many operation teams have been working all night to study the operation ideas of Brother Ching Ching, which is simply the antelope hanging on the corner of the tricky to the extreme! They had no doubt that the so-called “Serious Brother” was fired by a high-level team.

Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental? How could it be so strong?

In addition to Scarf and Jitterbug, even the Penguin Future Stars Hot List didn’t escape this wave of hits.

I don’t know who, built a new tag on the list:

Serious Brother.

With the push and pull of the Serious Gang and the enthusiastic netizens, Serious Brother harvested more than three million little red hearts overnight.

It actually rushed into the top ten.

So much so, Xiao Zhen, the national beautiful boy who was originally ranked 10th, was brushed behind the 10th place, both contestants of the same programme, how could they be too anxious for each other? Xiao Zhen’s fans were enraged and organised a strong attack on this rival who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Serious Brother also had quite a few fans, so after the big hit, a big battle started again.

“Surname Zheng, you’re dead!”

“Dare to spend money to buy hot searches and suppress my family Zhen Zhen, scum!”

“Hey, the naive batch upstairs, people don’t have the surname Zheng.”

“Crap! Are Xiao Zhen’s fans all Hama Pi?”


“Serious Brother is someone’s nickname, their real name isn’t that.”

“What’s his real name?”

“I don’t know ……”

“I go, this group of water army don’t even know what the master’s name is, so they dare to come to spray my family war war, the falsification is also too obvious.”

“That proper gang looks like a water army!”

“Even though we don’t know what Serious Brother’s name is, we’re real fans!”

“Serious Brother’s aura is two metres and three inches!”

“My Xiao Zhen’s singing is the best in the world!!!”

“Serious man who sings?”

“Pfft ……”

So here’s the problem, all the people who love Serious Brother don’t know what his name is, and neither do the rabid Serious Gang.