The Rockstar Chapter 40

“Ahhhh …… ah – ah ~~~~ ah ……”

The song ended, Liu Wan Yun emotionally exhaled a long breath, how can there be such a touching song? Although he did not know who he was singing to, and did not know what the lyrics meant, but …… just wanted to cry.

Liuanyun used a tissue to gently wipe the corners of her eyes, and saw that there were MV words next to the list of songs, and she knew that it was the live video of last night’s match.

Originally, as a senior professor of the music department and a national level music performer, she disdained this kind of folk chest-breaking type of so-called competition, but this song was different, and she hadn’t fully understood it.

So, she clicked on the music video again.

Zhao Muye stopped it from the side: “Didn’t you listen to the song written by your daughter?”

Liu Wan Yun: “Want to find your daughter? Go on!”

Zhao Muye: “I didn’t say ……”

Liuanyun: “Sure and squatting by the creek to pick up pebbles, in fact, there is no need to go, that snack food, hungry at noon naturally go home. You do not cook?”

Zhao Muye body turned to half, and then forced to turn back, this is the meaning of not letting go? Cooking also have to first accompany the queen adult to watch the video ah!

“This song ……”

“This song is dedicated to my mother, she left ten years ago, and I also finally read her eyes that …… gradually darkened when she left but could never close them. Want to say to her ……”

“Want to say to her …… big fish, really grown up.”

In the video, the dark skin and three-dimensional features of Li Tiezhu slowly closed his eyes, the tender face glittered in the spotlight.

Liuanyun’s nose was violently sour:

“I told you, I told you! No wonder it was so hard for me to listen to this song, it turned out to be sung to his mother …… This child, so poor, it is not easy to be a mother! It’s not easy to be a mum. If only I had such an understanding child ……”

Zhao Muye was very self-conscious and handed over two tissues.

As the song rose and fell, Liuanyun eventually cried, just like most people who had heard the song.

Zhao Muye couldn’t bear it, “Don’t cry, isn’t it just a song ……”

“You’re inhuman!” Liu Wan Yun reddened her eyes, “People are so miserable, and you’re still talking sarcasm. Besides, how well written is this song? Can you write it? How good is the singing? Singing, singing skills …… are relatively ordinary la, but people’s feelings sincere and full, the voice is crisp and clear, only people who have experienced it will be so committed ……”

Zhao Muye: “……”

Liu Wan Yun: “Why don’t you say anything? Oh! Not even interested in discussing music with me anymore? It’s faded! Faded!”

God damn it, it’s faded!

Zhao Muye remembered the short Shake Shack video he had seen a few days ago, where an Obasan was crying and howling about fading while burying his best friend. Frightened, he shivered and said:

“Well written! Well sung!”

“It’s so hard for this kid, he’s still working at a construction site during the summer holidays. The pop-up screen said that he even just got two hundred thousand royalties were taken to donate, and he himself still wears the old clothes donated by Hong Fund, which is …… so heartbreaking. The child who is so sincere and simple, how good wow! It’s like this dead girl in my house!”

Zhao Muye smiled with a smile on his face, his heart was howling:

Menopause, you are happy, but my little princess is by no means a dead girl.

Bullshit Li Tiezhu! Bah!

At this moment, another Li Tiezhu black fan was born.

Then, Liuanyun used her mobile phone and watched the video of Li Tiezhu’s previous match as well as the Shake Shack hotspot video, too.

The sea selection song “People like me” was simply written to poke the heart!

I’m such an excellent female musician, I should have lived my life splendidly, but I ended up meeting such an uncomprehending stone, so it’s really the same disease.

Liu Wan Yun glared viciously at Zhao Muye.

The Super Voice pre-game live video highlights with pop-up trolls.

Liuanyun was furious:

“These people, they have brain problems, right? Why are they mocking my family’s Tie Zhu? Isn’t he just working as a civilian labourer at a construction site? Didn’t he accidentally tie up the make-up artist? Why are they bullying him?”

“This is flirting, besides he tied someone up ……”

“You shut up!”


‘You Look Good When You Smile’ is upbeat and sunny, what a youthful song!

“Written for Ya Ya? Li Tiezhu ah! A lifetime of fame …… is ruined. That dead niece, how does she deserve such a good song? She doesn’t deserve it! However, my family Tiezhu is really a genius among geniuses, writing a song on the spot, ten minutes of time …… can actually write a divine song that is on fire in the jitterbug. I said that the students in the class have been humming this song recently, so it was written by Tie Zhu!”

“Do you …… want to calm down? This song, it’s just that.”

“Roll. Go cook for your daughter.”


This is the difference between black fans and iron fans.

Finally, Liu Wan Yun still handily clicked on Zhao Liya’s Big Fish.

Half of the song was cut off without even listening to it.

As the aroma of braised pork wafted out, Zhao Liya returned, barefoot and with nine yuan worth of hastagen ice cream in her mouth.

Liuanyun ignored Zhao Liya, she was watching the replay of Li Tiezhu Explosion History in front of the TV.

In just two hours, she had already successfully penetrated the inside of Li Tiezhu’s fan base by virtue of her musical attainments as high as two or three floors and her bragging skills, and had become a member of the honourable and proper gang.

Of course, this was a secret.

Zhao Liya, who had been in a depressed mood, was overjoyed when she found her mum playing back The Super Voice on the TV in the living room.


Finally recognising my talent and hard work!

Mum seems to have cried, her eyes are swollen like ping pong balls, so it’s better to keep a low profile.

So, silently, I went to the kitchen to steal some red meat.

During dinner, Liu Wan Yun was watching the recording of last night’s match, and when she saw her own daughter go on stage and say she was going to sing “Big Fish” that she had written, she spat out the half-eaten pancetta, and hurriedly fast-forwarded with the remote control.

Even, she didn’t forget to despise Zhao Liya: “Shame on you, you still want to compare with my family Tiezhu ……”

Zhao Liya black question mark: “???”

Zhao Muye expressed his deep sympathy and silently gave his daughter a piece of half-fat, half-skinny pancetta as a slight consolation.

When Li Tiezhu finished singing and advanced with high votes, Liu Wanyun switched off the playback and watched the news, sighing every now and then for Li Tiezhu’s miserable childhood.

A meal, father and daughter trembling.

Suddenly, a news item appeared on the TV station:

A talent show contestant, Li Tiezhu, was filmed going in and out of inappropriate places, see the video below ……

Black powder Zhao Muye was instantly delighted: ”Tsk tsk! It’s true that we know people’s faces but not their hearts! YaYa will be less likely to hang out with him in the future.”

Iron powder Liu Wan Yun angrily shouted, “The news now is also too hateful! Li Tiezhu he …… well, it’s my family Tiezhu in the video, but he was dragged in, didn’t you see? Unscrupulous media! Moreover, this video, may be P!”

Originally also worried about Li Tiezhu Zhao Liya, can only smile bitterly: Mom, is really not P, in the next witnessed!

Liu Wan Yun put the rice bowl a push, take the mobile phone on the stairs, drip drip drip, mobile phone has been ringing non-stop. It is obvious that the internal group of the serious gang has exploded, and this is the charge.

Prepare for battle!

Although she had only joined the organisation for two hours, Liuanyun’s ideological awareness was very high.

Zhao Liya also stopped eating and went back to her room to ventilate Li Tiezhu.

Zhao Muye felt that the red roast meat was more fragrant, and even opened a bottle of wine, tsk …… the old sky opened his eyes na!