The Rockstar Chapter 41

Backstage at the programme of the East China Sea Region of The Super Voice, Xiao Zhen and his manager arrived at the competition site a few hours in advance. They adapted to the venue in advance and greeted the leaders of the programme and the judges in the meantime.

This was the role of relationships and resources, other contestants naturally did not have this treatment.

Then, Xiao Zhen left the TV station, ready to go to eat a French Western food, do a SPA, wait until four o’clock and then with the contestants “entrance”.

“Li Tiezhu’s video, the TV station’s midday news has already broadcasted it. Now it has spread on the internet, jitterbugs, bibs, forums, and hot searches, all of which have been trending. Our people, when are we going to move out?”

On the Rolls Royce, Wu Yongqiang reported to Xiao Zhen.

Xiao Zhen had his assistant pat his cheek with moisturising water, “There’s no rush, let the bullets fly for a while.”

Wu Yongqiang frowned: “Although we’ve found out clearly that there’s no team operating behind that guy, but his gang of fans have a strong fighting force, in case the wind is reversed by them ……”

“What we want is for them to make a move, make a big fuss!”

“What do you mean?”

“Hey! When the time comes, put out the video of Zhao Liya finding out he went to a place like that, along with the video of them cuddling the next day.”

“That won’t work! Zhao Liya’s background is too deep, bullying her is offending the ‘National Team’ bigwigs!”

“Why are you thinking about the problem like that?”

“Then how do you think?”

“If both people are out of the black, the show will need to abandon the car to save the show. Protect who? Those people behind Zhao Liya will be even more ruthless than us, and will definitely screw that dirt dog first so they can whitewash Zhao Liya.”



Penguin Culture Director’s office, Zhang Xiaomeng was lectured by the director.

“Are you a pig brain? How do you lead people? How long have you been in this business? Ten years, right? How could you make such a low-level mistake! Don’t you know how much the company values Li Tiezhu? Now that this scandal has occurred, what do you say?”

The director was so angry that he dropped his thermos cup, spilling wolfberries all over the place.

Zhang Xiaomeng lowered her head, not daring to retort.

Li Tiezhu this matter, it is really not his pot, after all, before Li Tiezhu only signed the copyright contract, did not sign the artist contract at all, Zhang Xiaomeng has not started to bring him.

The director only finalised the signing of Li Tiezhu after last night’s match, and rose Zhang Xiaomeng’s position early, allowing him to bring Li Tiezhu specifically in the future.

Who would have thought that before signing it, something happened.

Zhang Xiaomeng also wrong, the general public know that famous can not go to that kind of place, Li Tiezhu that brain how to think? Also was photographed in the right place.


“Sorry useful? You fucking …… roll.”

The director was already in seventh heaven, for the Penguin Music Rising Star Programme, Li Tiezhu was the most important piece of the puzzle.

Drag it out for a while and see which way the wind is blowing.


Leng Ba was dressed in casual attire, wearing a duck hat and mask, skulking alone in front of a construction site.

To go in or not to go in?

In the morning, Li Tiezhu notified Leng Ba of the writing of the song by text message and left an address.

Lengba woke up naturally at noon to see, was ready to let the assistant to pick up, after all, last night that thing is still quite embarrassing, and then she saw the big news of Li Tiezhu.

This thing has been spread all over the Internet, Li Tiezhu’s reputation, from last night’s unanimous praise steeply and drastically changed, and now all the bad words. Even the most iron serious gang, it is said that the internal split, the noise is extremely fierce.

Leng Ba thought for a long time, found that can not get through Li Tiezhu’s mobile phone, or decided to take a look at Li Tiezhu, he must be particularly broken now, right?

However, when she arrived at the entrance of the construction site, Leng Ba hesitated again, why should I come to comfort him? I don’t know him well!

It is also possible that the thing that I saw him last night was known by that guy?

He’s so vindictive, he could do it.

This kid is ruined. It’s possible that he got himself into this. Go comfort him.

Besides, that guy looks dull, I didn’t expect him to go to a place like that? He’s not a seventeen year old kid, he’s a person with combat experience.

It’s scary to think about it. Should I thank him for not killing me last night?

“Think of it as thanking him for …… helping me write a song.”

Leng Ba found that the sun is quite big, sunburned neck hot, find a place to ride a little cool is also quite good, so towards the janitor’s office.

“Hello moncler, how are you.”

Li Fugui was peeling garlic and looked up with a blank face:

“What is it?”

“I’m here looking for someone, can you let me in?”

“Check in first. Give me your ID.”

“Er …… not register okay?”

Leng Ba looked at the wrinkled hand that moncler outlet store reached over, and was instantly weak, but also registered ID card? Let the media know that I came to see Li Tiezhu at this time, it will not blow up?

“What? You girl child, don’t think that just because you are pretty, you can be special. No registration or you’re not allowed in!”

Li Fugui was righteous, although the other party definitely didn’t look like they came to steal steel bars, but it couldn’t be said, could it? Everything must be done according to the rules, Li Fugui works on principles.

“Then, can you call him out for me? Trouble you.”

“I’m peeling garlic, can’t win (no time).”

“Grandpa, I’ll peel it for you.”

Leng Ba handed over a big red banknote without any fireworks, and then lay down on the window to help peel the garlic.

Seeing that the other party really is not to steal steel, Li Fugui in line with the noble virtue of helping others, put the hundred yuan bill into the purse, kindly said: “Which one are you looking for?”

Leng Ba pinched garlic: “I’m looking for Li Tiezhu, he works at this site, do you know him?”

Li Fugui nimbly took out the large bills that had not been warmed up and returned them to Lengba.

Leng Ba was dumbfounded, Li Tiezhu is now so bad? He doesn’t even help out anymore? This matter has been spread to the construction site?

“Give what money, hard.” Li Fugui jumped out of the guardhouse with a strong hand and waved at the pretty girl, “Come on! I’ll take you to him.”


What’s the situation?

I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to get a good deal of money from me, but I’m sure you’ll be able to get a good deal of money from me, and I’m sure you’ll be able to get a good deal of money from me. The moncler jackets outlet store, finally in a new building in front of the Li Tiezhu is carrying cement.

I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to get a good deal on this, but I’m sure you’re going to be able to get a good deal on this,” he said.

“Pillar, someone is looking for you.”

Li Fugui called for his son with a face full of joy, nodding his head in satisfaction.

Li Tiezhu wasn’t much surprised to see Leng Ba, he was the one who told her to come over to get the sheet music: “Coming? Go, go sit in the house.”

Li Fugui patted Tiezhu’s head and smiled as he walked away, walking a few steps to look back, his son and the pretty girl were talking and laughing, it was so nice.

Li Fu Gui lamented, old man Huang you think my son needs to go to that kind of place? Tsk, see my son has a good eye! Although the girl child covered her face, but just by looking at those eyes, I know that good-looking, body is good.

Girlfriend? Doesn’t look like it!

In order to come in, give me this door stuffed one hundred, did not blink an eye, earn must be quite a lot! Anyway, my son has grown up and knows how to bring a pretty girl home to play, it’s fun to think about.

Li Fugui returned to the janitor’s office to continue peeling garlic, lit a cigarette to console his late wife in heaven.