The Rockstar Chapter 42

“You went in?”

“You really went in?”


“So …… then what?”

“You ask, of course it came out again.”

“Er ……”

Li Tiezhu opened the door of the tin house and let Miss Lengba into the room, his heart was puzzled, how did she know that the old man took me to the curved alley? Moreover, she is a female, why is she so interested in this?

Always feel a little afraid.

Leng Ba is a big devil, last night in the dream was bullied by her enough, the means is extremely cruel, resulting in Li Tiezhu today moving cement efficiency are down a lot.

“You really don’t know?”

“Sit, know what? What are you drinking?”

“Coffee. No, how can you not know when the internet is trending all over you right now?”

“I’ll make you some tea.”

Li Tiezhu made a cup of the cheapest jasmine tea for Leng Ba, and sat on the edge of the bed, slightly away from Leng Ba Daemon King.

Although it wasn’t in a dream and there was basically no possibility of being pounced on alive, but from her behaviour of wearing a bath towel to see herself, it was better to be on guard. What if this teacher, has some unknown special hobby?

“Hehe! The matter of you going to that kind of place was broadcasted by the East Sea News, and that video is all over the internet as well.”

Leng Ba sighed.

“So that’s what happened, so what if people know about it?”

Li Tiezhu straightened up, his body was not afraid of the shadow.

The weather is very hot, Li Tiezhu all cement grey vest off threw the bucket, holding a huge plastic tea cup filling herbal tea.

Leng Ba was angry and rolled her eyes, what makes you so tough?


This body, this muscle, this line, this sweat dripping down …… with last night s dream is completely different ah!

It’s a loss, a loss ……

Leng Ba was a little thirsty, touched it, and found that the flower tea was still hot, so he had to lick his lips, remove the duck-tongue hat and fan it, and continued:

“You are also a public person now, how bad is your …… influence like this? Your reputation is all ruined, even if you sing well, you donate more money, useless!”

Li Tiezhu was shocked: “Is it that serious?”

Leng Ba said, “Do you know you are afraid? This matter is very serious, even …… the programme group may block you.”

“On what grounds ah?”

“On the basis of this matter! Isn’t it serious enough? What do you think?”

“It was I who yellow …… was taken by someone else.”

“But you went after all.”

“But ……”

“There’s no buts, you made a mistake in this case all in all. Think about how to publicise it! However, it’s too hard, so many stars fall into this kind of thing and can’t turn around for the rest of their lives.”

“It’s too much.”

Li Tiezhu was puzzled, going to that kind of place is wrong, but didn’t I immediately realise the mistake and quit right away? It’s wrong to do nothing? Still blocked?

It is not important to make money or not, Li Tiezhu is used to a hard life, but can not participate in the programme to earn IQ can not tolerate.

I can be poor all my life, but I don’t want to be stupid all my life.

Leng Ba saw Li Tiezhu’s wrathful appearance, also a little angry: “You are still angry? Why can’t you control your …… last night, didn’t you control it? Am I not as good looking as others?”

Li Tiezhu did not dare to offend Leng Ba, and quickly shook his head, “No, no, no, you look good, you look much better, you are so white ……”

Leng Ba: “……”

Li Tiezhu: “Er …… no, I mean you have a better body, well ……”

The anger was suddenly a bit awkward.

You have a better figure! Leng Ba knew that her head was hot, and she asked the wrong question, so this matter, right, can not be brought up again. Her face was getting hotter and hotter, her head flashed those strange images in her dreams, and her duckweed flapped harder.

Li Tiezhu thought about it, IQ 93, or a little bit worse.

Li Tiezhu turned on the electric fan and blew it against the cold bar teacher, and the teacher s face was hot and red, looking strange.

For a while, Li Tiezhu said:

“In fact, there are all old aunts there, short and fat, I was so scared that I ran out on the spot. Even if they are really as good looking as you, I …… still won t. So, I am not saying that you are not good looking ah, teacher you look good.”

God damn you good looking.

Leng Ba heart, I know I look good, please don’t say it. Besides, didn’t you say you didn’t see anything last night?

“No …… you said you went in and came out right away? No that what?”

“Yes ah. Just told you at the beginning ah, I went in and then I came out. I’m only seventeen years old ah!”

“I see, you’re being manipulated.”

“What do you mean?”

“The video that was shown on the news and on the internet were both only of you going in, not you coming out. So, someone maliciously edited the video that could have proved your innocence and used it to frame you.”

Li Tiezhu then nodded in hindsight, since it captured him going in, it should have captured him coming out.

“Unfortunately, you’re a guy.”

Leng Ba not without regret, even go to do medical identification as evidence is not feasible, you say you are brand new unopened, others do not believe ah.

However, it’s cute to think about it.

Actually is a fledgling, no wonder he was scared last night, almost hit the door when he escaped.

This wave is not bad ……


How did the thought process go off the rails?

Leng Ba subconsciously glanced at Li Tiezhu’s body, forcing himself to return to the upright thoughts, how to help him right his name? It seems that the only way to do so is to find the original video, however, the other party will definitely not let us get what we want.

Why should I help him think of a way?

Just because you have a good body?

Leng Ba felt that there was still something wrong with her thinking, probably because it was too hot, and glanced at the smoking flower tea, and then looked at the huge cup of herbal tea on the bedpan behind Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu was also picking his brain, being bullied again!

He hated being bullied the most, since his mother left, but whenever someone bullied Li Tiezhu, he reflexively slapped him.

First find out who did it, then ……


That bun looks familiar.

Yuck! You’re the one with the steamed buns, your whole family is steamed buns.

Li Tiezhu raised his eyes and saw the steaming pasta in the neckline of Leng Ba’s V-neck T-shirt, startled, how did she pounce?

Sure enough, it is a big devil!

“What are you doing?”

Li Tiezhu subconsciously clasped his hands in front of his chest and shrank back.

Leng Ba probed and picked up the herbal tea, looked at Li Tiezhu strangely, then tilted his head and started to drink the herbal tea, although the flavour was average, it was still refreshing to drink.

“Gudu, gudu …… ah !!!!”

The hand shook, the herbal tea drenched Coldba all over, and the whole T-shirt trousers were wet most of the time.

Li Tiezhu scared a shiver: “What?”

Leng Ba backed up two steps, pointing to the corner above: “There, there are spiders.”

Li Tiezhu relaxed a lot, reached out and pinched the spider, threw it out the window and looked at Leng Ba: “What’s so …… scary about spiders.”

You’re the one who’s scary, my damn eyesight!

Leng Ba this just found himself in a bad situation, low, a glimpse of the waves, some fabric, right, it can not be stained with water.

Li Tiezhu suspected that the Great Demon King was intentional, bullying me addicted?

Evil Daemon King!