The Rockstar Chapter 43

Turning around, taking his only white shirt hanging above the bed, as well as a pair of beach trousers, Li Tiezhu did not look back, handing it out, “Teacher, change first, I …… am afraid.”

When Leng Ba was embarrassed and had no place to go, he suddenly couldn’t help but laugh, this guy is really gutsy! Yoho! That guy’s ear roots are red through and through, and his hands are still shaking a little?

Tsk, the game seems to have become interesting …… It turns out that I am the hunter.

Receiving the shirt, Leng Ba stifled a laugh and said, “No peeking!”

Li Tiezhu pointed at the wall and shook his head, “I swear.”

Leng Ba stripped off the T-shirt and jeans, hung by the window with the hanger of the white shirt, and found that the sun could not be sunbathed, twisted his head to look at Li Tiezhu, and it was really honest, and reassured a lot.

She said, “Later, you take my clothes out to the sun.”

Li Tiezhu turned around, “Okay, er ……”

A look.

Silently turned back again.

Coldbar was helpless, “I’m talking about later ……”

Li Tiezhu: “I’m sorry.”

Lengba began to wear a white shirt, inexplicably a little arrogant, this eccentric pride was born, tsk! As a foodie, my body is also invincible.


It doesn’t matter, at least today there is a chest armour to protect the body, as if wearing a swimsuit, what is there to be afraid of? Unlike yesterday, there is no defence equipment at all.

“Alright, turn around.”

Li Tiezhu lowered his eyebrows and took the T-shirt out to dry, then came back and continued to lower his eyebrows, so constrained that he didn’t know how to put his hands.

Leng Ba took out her mobile phone and said, “Let’s do it this way, I’ll look for a relationship to help you find out who did it. As for you, first teach me to sing the new song that was written.”

Li Tiezhu took out the sheet music and handed it over, not daring to look at the other party, do you wear a shirt with only three buttons? And, why do you dislike my beach trousers? Luckily, my shirt is big and long enough.

Leng Ba Kou also had some face heat, the first time he had the courage to be so wild, and lied to himself, I simply disliked those trousers ugly.


A few minutes ago.

Li Fugui peeled a large pot of garlic, looked at the mobile phone, full of pride: “In the end, it is young, this is more than half an hour, not yet finished chatting, is it ……”

Aunt Liu came to take the garlic and asked, “Why is there movement in your house? Tiezhu did not go to work?”

Li Fugui board face: “Go cook your rice! Tiezhu is busy with something big, so don’t bother him, okay?”

Aunt Liu nodded: “Yes, I heard my daughter call and say that Tiezhu has become an internet sensation. Look, he bought you a battery car, must have made a lot of money.”

Li Fugui was even more pleased, Tiezhu won a lot of money in the competition, and also met a beautiful girl.

Aunt Liu left.

Knock knock.

A much younger, pretty waif, knocked on the window of the janitor’s room.

“Hello grandpa, can I come in?”

Li Fugui sized up the other party, what a pretty little girl, why are you running around sweating? Which leader’s daughter of the construction site?

He said, “ID card registration.”

Zhao Liya wiped her sweat: “I don’t have an ID card.”

Li Fugui was a little embarrassed, “Which one is your father?”

“My dad’s name is Zhao Muye.”

“There’s no leader with that name.”

“I’m here to find someone, his name is Li Tiezhu, do you know him? Why don’t you help me call him out for a moment? I have something important to find him.”

“That won’t do, he has more important things to do right now.”

“Do me a favour, please.”

Zhao Liya was so anxious that she was on the verge of crying, Li Tiezhu’s phone couldn’t be reached, and even Qin Tao had called the phone to her.

Li Fugui frowned and asked, “What is your relationship with Li Tiezhu?”

Zhao Liya thought, “Why are you asking this? This doorman is a real nuisance, he is really loyal to the construction site, he moves a brick and call it important? What’s wrong with a delay? What’s wrong with a little delay?

If I say it’s just a friend, I’ll probably be given a hard time by the guard again.

Zhao Liya clenched her teeth, “I’m his girlfriend, this is particularly urgent, can you let me in to find him?”

Li Fugui shivered, “No way! No way!”

Zhao Liya’s eyes turned red: “Why?”

I’ve made so many sacrifices, why won’t you let me in? What a shitty construction site! It’s made to look like a military site.

Li Fugui sheepishly glanced at the distance of just more than twenty metres from the tin house, and then look at this watery heartbreaking little girl in front of him, especially looking at her tearful and pitiful appearance, the heart inexplicably feel ……

I’m happy!

Wow, my family Tie Zhu can ah!

But Tie Zhu and that pretty girl from before, they won’t do anything weird, right? If my girlfriend sees them ……

This female child looks really kind, after all, it is Tie Zhu’s serious girlfriend, not the kind of roadside wildflower just now. Look, this female child is so good looking even when she cries, it is worthy of being my future daughter-in-law.

Li Laohan is extraordinarily enthusiastic: “Come, come, come in and say, there is air conditioning in the janitorial room.”

Zhao Liya oddly said, “Ah? What do you mean?”

“Tiezhu he is really busy now, things are also a bit important, men, career is important. According to the time, it should be soon. At that time, I will take you to him. OK?”

“That’s fine, thank you.”

“Don’t be so polite, we’re all family. Come in, it’s hot outside.”


Then, Zhao Liya was invited to the only chair in the guard room, the guard sat on a very small bench, and asked Zhao Liya and Li Tiezhu how to get on, Tiezhu has not bullied you and so on.

“Grandpa, are you familiar with Tie Zhu?”

“Familiar! I’m very familiar! Which one of you is chasing which one?”

“Eh ……”

“How old are you? Where do you live? What do mum and dad do for a living?”

“I’m sixteen, and my house is not far from here ……”

Suddenly, a woman’s scream came from the tin house.

Li Fu Gui cold sweat, this dead child, really explore the work again! Why is the noise so big? It would be bad if this girl child found out, good thing she doesn’t seem to know the situation.

Anyway, stabilise her first.

After chatting for a while longer, Li Fugui went out of the janitorial room and secretly made a phone call, and found that Li Tiezhu’s phone was switched off, so he had to go back and continue to stabilise the enemy.

Judging from that voice just now, I am afraid that it is almost the same.

Experienced Li Fugui in the end misjudged, ten minutes later, the woman before still did not leave, and the future daughter-in-law is already about to stabilise.

“Are you hiding something from me? Did something happen to Li Tiezhu him?”

Zhao Liya anxious up, that guy should not be unable to withstand the blow ……

Li Fugui hurriedly said, “Don’t be anxious, nothing has happened! You wait aha, I go in to help you tell him that you came, want it?”

Zhao Liya had to nod.

Li Fugui jogged all the way to the outside of the tin house, saw the woman’s clothes and trousers drying outside the house, startled, now the young people do things are too fussy.

Pick the door to listen to, no movement, Li Fu Gui this knock on the door. This Shura, after all, need children to face themselves.

Li Tiezhu opened the door: “What is it?”