The Rockstar Chapter 44

Li Fugui took a look, the woman was wearing Tie Zhu’s clothes sitting on the bed and blowing a fan, covered with a blanket, with no intention of leaving at all.

Is it a senior …… takeaway?

This is also too good looking, right? Foreign woman? Mixed race? How expensive is this class? What a waste!

Ahem, it doesn’t matter ……

Li Fugui couldn’t help but be a bit anxious and said, “Your girlfriend came to look for you, I arranged for her to wait in the janitor’s room.”

Li Tiezhu was confused, when did I have a girlfriend?

Leng Ba heard, originally shy, she could not help but gossip, sticking out her head, “You have a girlfriend?”

Li Tiezhu: “I ……”

Li Fugui pointed at Leng Ba: “Don’t pry into what you shouldn’t know! Also, you can’t be seen by her.”

Leng Ba nodded her head repeatedly, her star status originally led to the fact that it was not appropriate for her to be seen, and she was also wearing Li Tiezhu’s clothes, it would be bad if his girlfriend found out. It seems that this old man also knows about my celebrity status, it’s still weirdly sweet.

“You know me?”

“What kind of profession you do, old man I can see it at a glance.”

Leng Ba said, “You old man is really powerful.”

Li Fugui said, “Almost there you go first, so I can call that girl child over.”

Leng Ba shook her head repeatedly, “No, I have to continue working, I just came over with him.”

Such a good new song, a little reluctant to give up, to learn a few more times to hurry to learn, to go to show off with Mimi sister to go, than she sang the theme song is much better.

Li Fugui dumbfounded, young people is good stamina, once is not enough, is it because the girlfriend does not give food?

So, the old man said to Leng Ba, “You are dedicated enough.”

Leng Ba shyly smiled: “I’m sorry, do a line of love, in order to earn money, not easy.”

Li Fugui thumbs up: “To get, hard to get! In that case, you hide in the cabinet for a while, I’ll call that girl over. Tiezhu, you think of a way to deal with it, and then coax her away, I see that she does look like she’s in a hurry.”

Leng Ba: “I ……”

Li Tiezhu: “How am I confused?”

Li Fugui said to Lengba: “When he coaxes his girlfriend away, you can come out to work again, you know? That cabinet.”

With a domineering finger, Li Fugui winded up and closed the door, moved the girl’s clothes and trousers from the girl inside to dry outside the next house, and then jogged to the janitor’s room, witty as I am.

Leng Ba jumped out of bed, put on his shoes, and looked at Li Tiezhu incredulously, “You actually managed to find a girlfriend?”

Sure enough, handsome and well-built is different, and you will have a girlfriend even if you don’t know how to chase girls.

Really envious!

Li Tiezhu shook his head, he was dizzy.

Leng Ba glanced at Li Tiezhu’s waist, two, four, six, eight, eight pieces, “Your girlfriend is so happy.”

Li Tiezhu: “Huh?”

Leng Ba took the mobile phone and duck-tongued hat to hide in the wardrobe, the space is not small, and will not feel suffocated.

Li Tiezhu: “You really hide inside?”

Leng Ba slender thighs cocked, with the implication of display, quite some pride: “Look at this leg, your girlfriend can not misunderstand?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend, I don’t even know who is coming.”

“That’s even more can’t be found out, I’m at least a star, be found undressed and stay in a house with you, how can that be?”


Li Tiezhu helped Leng Ba to close the door of the wardrobe, also right, this leg is really can’t be shown to others.

Not long after, the “girlfriend” knocked on Li Tiezhu’s door.

“Is it you?”

Zhao Liya’s cheeks turned red, lowered her head and quickly walked into the house, not daring to speak.

Li Fugui gave Li Tiezhu a look of good operation, some mental encouragement, and walked away with a brisk pace.

Li Tiezhu closed the door, “How do you say it’s my girlfriend?”

Zhao Liya said, “I don’t say that, that doorman grandpa wouldn’t let me in, and said you were busy with something important.”

“That’s my dad.”


“Classmate Zhao Liya, I said, that janitorial grandpa just now is my dad, full name Li Fugui.”

“Ah ah ah ah! Shame on you!”

Li Tiezhu looked at Zhao Liya who was scratching her hair and couldn’t help but feel amused, he really wanted to see how she would look when she ran into the old man again later.

In the cabinet, Leng Ba finally understood, no wonder after she said she was looking for Li Tiezhu, the doorman grandfather was obviously much more enthusiastic, and also returned the hundred yuan to her.

However, what did this Zhao Liya come to find my family Tiezhu for?

What kind of relationship do they have? Sneaky, but also pretend to be a girlfriend, now the little girl are so wild.

Li Tiezhu put the tea that Lengba did not drink, handed Zhao Liya: “What is so urgent?”

Zhao Liya twisted: “Your business, that …… you know, right?”

Li Tiezhu smiled, the heart is still warm, said, “I know, it’s okay.”

Zhao Liya looked at Li Tiezhu: “How can it be all right? This matter has a great impact, do you know? Moreover, how can you go to that kind of place? You …… are disgusting!”

Li Tiezhu laughed: “I didn’t go to that kind of place, you have to believe me.”

Zhao Liya got angry and said, “You still lie to me? That night, I secretly followed you, watched you go in with my own eyes, there was a passerby on the video, it was me! By now, you’re still full of lies ……”

“What are you following me for?”

Li Tiezhu surprised, and some touched, the facts with Zhao Liya said again, Zhao Liya also finally believed, but also vaguely some remorse.

On the contrary, Leng Ba gossip heart rose, Zhao Liya this niece is not right, actually tracked my home Tiezhu, not allowed to bring what evil and terrible purpose, such as – beg him to write a song?

Zhao Liya sipped a mouthful of tea and sighed: “If I had known, I wouldn’t have run away that day, and when you came out, I could still give you proof.”

“It’s not something honourable, it’s good that you weren’t involved.”

“Then what now?”

“Find the person who set me up.”

“It’s that simple? You don’t start by posting a statement online and telling the truth about what happened?”

“No need.”

“What’s the point of finding the guy?”

“Hey ……”

Li Tiezhu laughed, this is not the first time he met this kind of thing, from a young and stupid he has always been the object of bullying and framing. Later, after Li Tiezhu hardened up, he gradually also summed up a set of effective ways to deal with it.

Although Zhao Liya is worried, but there is no other way, looking at the small table a few handwritten sheet music, the heart secretly sighed, obviously so talented, did not think ……


Good old octave box ah, are so old.

Speaking of which, she had bought one as a gift back then, and it seemed to be similar to this style. At that time, she even carved words of encouragement underneath the music box, and it took her a long time to do so.

Curious, she reached for the octave.

“Anyway, thank you.”

Li Tiezhu subconsciously hid the octave box to the bedside, a little embarrassed. He sincerely appreciated Zhao Liya, this friend was not bad, forget about the hot pot that he owed, roast meat instead.

“It’s fine, I didn’t help much.”

Zhao Liya waved her hand in a hurry.

“Let me walk you out, and treat you to ice-cream on the way.”

Li Tiezhu was afraid that Coldba would be uncomfortable in the wardrobe for a long time, so he could only condescend to Zhao Liya.