The Rockstar Chapter 45

Seeing how calm Li Tiezhu was, Zhao Liya thought that he had a foolproof plan, and was quite relieved, and stood up after him, saying, “I want to eat the hashtagan that costs nine yuan a piece.”

Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya walked to the door, they heard noises coming from outside, and the loudest voice was Li Laohan’s voice.

“Qin Tao, are those two really Tie Zhu’s teachers?”

“What’s the big deal? I’ll go and call Tie Zhu for you.”

“Hey hey hey, don’t barge in there!”

“Don’t run! Tiezhu! Your teacher’s here. Your teacher’s here for a home visit!”


Li Tiezhu was at a loss, and Zhao Liya shrugged her shoulders.

The sound of footsteps approached, and Qin Tao’s voice rang out, “Uncle, don’t follow, I know the way. He’s the programme’s tutor, teacher Chen Posong, and there’s another one who’s the music director.”

Li Tiezhu then understood, I told you that the big summer holiday where what home visits, Mr Chen is also here to ask the teacher?

“Oh no! Grandpa Chen and my grandfather are good friends.”

Zhao Liya suddenly panicked.

Li Tiezhu said, “What good frenemies?”

Zhao Liya was nervous: “No, can’t let him see me. Otherwise tell my grandpa and it’s over, if your dad says I’m your girlfriend again, it’s even more over!”

Li Tiezhu: “Not afraid, explain clearly on the line.”

Zhao Liya suddenly became less nervous: “It’s okay, I’ll just hide. Bye!”

Li Tiezhu was shocked: “Hey ……”

Zhao Liya was agile, a pull open the door of the wardrobe, just to drill to the frozen, Leng Ba teacher? My goodness! What are you wearing? Where’s the dress? Where are the trousers?


The sound of the door opening.

Not bothering to be surprised, Zhao Liya hurriedly dug in and casually brought the wardrobe door with her.

Li Tiezhu covered his head with one hand, this time it is estimated that he really can not explain.

Small tin house, four people scrambled to drill in, when the first person is Li Fugui, panicked, he found no one in the house, even more surprised, expression gradually began to pervert.

“Tiezhu, you …… Huh?”

Originally, the old man was worried about the child’s early love by the school teacher bumped into, so, all the way to loudly remind, as long as they pretend to do homework together soon all right?

But I did not expect, the female child was hiding, before you are doing something strange?

Li Fugui’s eyes are weird, this child does not speak of martial arts ah!

There is also a professional person hidden in the cabinet, and Tiezhu is just outside to his girlfriend that and that and that, looking for a chance to educate him. Where’s he hiding the guy now? Under the bed?

Not important, Li Laohan saw his son sullen face, he could only turn around and leave, or the janitorial room is comfortable, there is air conditioning.

Chen Posong and the other old man glared at Li Tiezhu and hummed heavily.

Qin Tao passed a look to Li Tiezhu, and then nimbly moved the plastic bench, led the two old gentlemen to sit down, and used a paper cup to make a cup of tea for each of them.

This tin house, Qin Tao is as familiar as his own home.

In the cabinet, Zhao Liya looked straight at Leng Ba, her mouth was open enough to stuff an egg.

Woosh! Wowser! This is Li Tiezhu’s men’s shirt, right? Only three buttons? Neckline wide open, snow white piece, black bra. This sitting position, wide shirt can not cover ah, slender white legs, as well as small black trousers.

This body, this face, this dress, I am a girl can not bear to see ah! No wonder Li Tiezhu can not hold!

Leng Ba must have started it!

Tie Zhu is so honest.

No wonder Li Tiezhu’s dad put off letting me come. What are you doing?

This is …… also too exciting in broad daylight.

No wonder his father’s expression was so strange after hearing that I was Li Tiezhu’s girlfriend, tsk tsk ……

What did Li Tiezhu, that fool, rely on to capture the national goddess? Even for him, Leng Ba descended to hide in the wardrobe?

Now, she was beyond convinced that Li Tiezhu wouldn’t go to that kind of place. If this matter broke out, the planting of Li Tiezhu going to that kind of place would not be broken!

There is such a demonic goddess in the family, would she go to that kind of place?

Leng Ba blushed to the extreme, knowing that the other party misunderstood, and could not open his mouth to explain, so he could only pull his shirt down and shake his head.

Zhao Liya nodded with slight excitement and signalled, Teacher don’t worry! I definitely won’t say anything.

Leng Ba was speechless: I’m a first tier star, I’ll let him take it?

At this time, voices of conversation came from outside the door.

It turned out that Mr Zhou Hongru, the music director of the Kun crew, flew into Shudu last night and looked for the programme to get Li Tiezhu’s phone number, but he couldn’t get through when he called the next day.

Time-critical Zhou Hongru found his good friend Chen Posong to help, and in the late afternoon, Chen Posong found Qin Tao through Teacher Tony of the Festival, which, at that time, coincided with the Li Tiezhu shopping incident that had been blown out of proportion.

So, the two men combined, led by Qin Tao, together killed to the construction site tin house.

Zhou Hongru is still exceptionally firm, even if Li Tiezhu burst out of the scandal, but that song must be taken, the big deal is to let someone else sing it.

Chen Posong is going to come to teach Li Tiezhu a lesson, a righteous old gentleman who can not tolerate sand in his eyes, today even if the belt is broken, he will teach this little son of a bitch who does not know how to cherish his talent.

Then, after he softens and admits his mistake, think of a way to find him another doorway to live. He can’t continue to participate in the programme, but such a good talent should never be buried.

After hearing the two old gentlemen’s intentions, Li Tiezhu was grateful and hurriedly explained:

“Two teachers, the matter is like this …… I won’t let the show block me, I will try my best to resolve this crisis. Thank you guys!”

After the two old men learnt the truth, they were even more sorry for Li Tiezhu, obviously a great talent, but he was screwed, this circle is really getting more and more chaotic, so chaotic that it makes the two old men’s hearts cold.

Chen Posong said: ”Don’t be afraid! The big deal is that in the future, change a pen name, specialising in writing songs can also do a career, I’ll find you a doorway, the price is by no means low.”

Zhou Hongru already admired Li Tiezhu’s talent, see him so poor and simple, even more like, said: “Film and television circle I am more familiar than old Chen, I will take you! Let’s see who dares not to buy.”

Qin Tao on the side are listening to straight wipe tears, a mouthful of a thank you, on the spot to the two old gentleman kneeling. I, Qin Tao, really don’t want to raise pigs! Thank you big brother help my brother a hand.

Li Tiezhu reached out to help Qin Tao: “Do not kneel. Your weight you know, it’s tiring to help you stand up.”

Qin Tao: “Roll! It’s not for you, why are you acting like nothing happened?”


The wardrobe door suddenly shook.

Li Tiezhu instantly tensed.

Several people looked over, and Qin Tao even walked over, “There are rats in your house?”

In the wardrobe, the two women shivered in fear, if this was seen by the two circle bigwigs, wouldn’t they rise up in place?

Originally, before the two people in the closet will seem a little crowded, squatting for a long time Zhao Liya carefully sit down, leg stretch accidentally touched Leng Ba thighs, this is a nervous Leng Ba long legs violently shaking, touched the door of the wardrobe.