The Rockstar Chapter 46

Qintao walked over to the wardrobe, “Time to get a cat, there are rats everywhere.”

The two girls in the closet shivered, this is the rhythm of ascension!

Zhao Liya is still fine if she doesn’t hide, the big deal is that she is friends with Li Tiezhu, and hiding is being a thief. Leng Ba is even more ashamed, dressed like this, is a person will misunderstand his relationship with Li Tiezhu.

In the nick of time, Li Tiezhu yanked away Qin Tao, “I want you to say? I did not just buy a kitten, for fear that it ran away and shut the cabinet.”

Qin Tao’s eyes lit up: “Hey! Let me see if it’s cute.”

“My cat is adorable!”

Li Tiezhu forcibly pushed Qin Tao away, good looking is good looking, but you can’t look at it, no one can look at it, it’s my family’s cat!

Leng Ba and Zhao Liya breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, after the robbery!

Soon, Zhao Liya looked at Lengba s eyes were not right, the relationship is weird even if it is, but also a kitten? Huh …… scared.

Leng Ba blushed and had no place to go.

And then, Zhou Hongru chatted for a while about the matter of signing the authorisation of “Big Fish”, Li Tiezhu fully delegated to Qin Tao, and asked Qin Tao to contact Zhang Xiaomeng to ask about the division of copyright between the cast of “Kun” and Penguin Music.

Zhou Hongru handed the drafted contract to Qin Tao: “That’s fine, give the contract to Xiao Qin, go back and take a closer look at it, then ask Penguin’s side for their opinion. If there’s no problem, we’ll sign the contract tomorrow. I’m going to find a recording studio now, after signing the contract we’ll record the songs, the schedule is tight, are you guys okay with that?”

Qin Tao nodded repeatedly, “No problem.”

Li Tiezhu also said, “Thank you teacher, shall I send you guys?”

The two old gentlemen were a bit embarrassed, what? Is this an expulsion order?

Qin Tao said, “Why are you kicking me out? I stayed to keep you company ah, afraid you’re in a bad mood or something.”

Li Tiezhu pushed him out the door: “Get lost! My cat is much more fun than you, who’s going to play with you? Fat as a pig.”

Three people out of the door, know Li Tiezhu sudden bad blow certainly frustrated, forced to smile for so long should also rest rest, will not let him send, at the door to say goodbye.

Li Tiezhu closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief, I am too difficult.

Cabinet door opened, two women came out one after the other, have lowered their heads, the expression of extra shame.

Cat, is it fun?

Especially Teacher Leng Ba, who was showing her long legs, reached out and continued to button her buttons, not forgetting to complain, “Say it clearly, who is your cat? Playing with who as a kitten?”

Zhao Liya was so shocked that she was messed up, this word of tiger and wolf!

Don’t say it in front of outsiders ah, the answer is so obvious, I’m definitely not his house cat.

“Hey, brother you are really fine …… er ……”

Suddenly, the door opened, Qin Tao s concerned expression suddenly changed, first surprised, then dazed, and finally crouching …… wonderful ah!


Qin Tao fiercely kneeled on one knee and cupped his fist towards Li Tiezhu in the door, “Cat …… No, I admire it!!!”

Then, panting, he climbed up and darted after the second old man like a wild boar, with full horsepower.

In the room, the awkward atmosphere once again filled the air.

Close the door first.

Li Tiezhu is still sensible, there is a kitten wearing too little.

But others are not so sensible, Leng Ba lowered his voice: “Why did you close the door?”

Zhao Liya looked at Leng Ba oddly: “How can I do it without closing the door? You guys …… forget it, I will leave first, you guys continue.”

Leng Ba explained, “It’s not what you guys think, we’re in …… the middle of it.”

Zhao Liya waved her hand in horror, “Don’t say it to me! I’m not interested in these things! Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.”

After saying that, Zhao Liya secretly opened the door and watched the two old men walk away before sneaking out the door.

Leng Ba blushed and peeked at Li Tiezhu, she also wanted to leave, after having this misunderstanding that everyone understood, it was too weird to stay in a house with Li Tiezhu.

However, she didn’t have any trousers to wear!

“I’ll see her off.”

Li Tiezhu also heart fluttering, Zhao Liya misunderstanding is not important, the important thing is, Leng Ba teacher’s body is now so hot, half a metre away can feel the heat wave, in short, quite terrible.

“This is leaving?”

Old man Li looked at Zhao Liya who walked out with a warm face.

Zhao Liya’s face turned even redder as she lowered her head and sprinted away, “Um.”

Blushing on the right, Li Laohan heart with a clear mirror, tsk, this girl child age is really small, Tiezhu this little bastard …… did a good job!

“I’ll see you off.”

Li Tiezhu, while wearing a T-shirt, quickly followed up, seeing the old man with a weird smile, also speechless.

Old man Li sneakily stuffed Li Tiezhu with a hundred dollar bill, silently watching the two figures gradually walk away, the old father revealed an old fatherly smile. Then, he looked back to the tin house, the woman had not left.

It s not easy to …… fight workers!

It s not good for the pillar to be like this.

Li Tiezhu is not too brave to go back to face the bare legged Lengba, so he sent Zhao Liya a long way, and the two ice creams were finished before they were sent to the bus station.

“You quickly go back, teacher Leng Ba is still waiting for you. It’s really a pig that can’t be seen!”

Zhao Liya glared at Li Tiezhu, seemingly smiling.

Li Tiezhu was already too lazy to explain, said, “She’s too scary, don’t want to go back now, wait for you to get on the car and I’ll go.”

Zhao Liya was shocked: “No way? Leng Ba teacher is so dignified when she is wearing clothes ……”

Can not go on, Zhao Liya blushed like red Fuji, this kind of thing you do not tell me well, the more you say the more I want to hear, damn ah …… But the problem is, this kind of thing how to say to others to hear? You’re a pervert, aren’t you?

Li Tiezhu was speechless: “……”

I go, what do you mean when wearing clothes? Don’t say it, it’s more wrong to say it.

Both of them were silent, thinking carefully.

So this is what the world of grown-ups is like! Growing knowledge!

Soon, the car came, and Zhao Liya panicked and boarded the car and left.

Li Tiezhu sat at the station for a short while before gathering the courage to turn around and walk back, there is still a cat demon waiting to be fed at home. Looks like, today must teach her before she is willing to go.

Ah …… wasted another half day of working to earn money!

“Yo~ still know to come back ah?” Leng Ba took the sheet music, crossed her legs and rolled her delicate little white eyes, “Sending a girlfriend is different, lingering for so long.”

Li Tiezhu didn’t dare to look straight and shook his eyes, “Sorry, let’s continue singing.”

Sitting next to Leng Ba, Li Tiezhu was scared to death.

Leng Ba was interested in approaching Li Tiezhu, and he looked at the sheet music, but the calf was a hook pasted up, obviously felt Li Tiezhu’s body stiffened, Leng Ba proudly provocative: “Or, feed the cat first? Feed the cat and then sing?”

Li Tiezhu: “Cough cough cough ……”

Bad line!

For some reason, after hiding in the wardrobe for a while, Teacher Lengba was emboldened by her increased force.

After another hour, Li Tiezhu’s new T-shirt vest was soaked to the skin before he could teach Leng Ba, it’s really that there are a few parts of the song that are difficult to sing.

Leng Ba recorded a clean version, finally satisfied, WeChat sent to Mimi, and then stretched.

Li Tiezhu hurriedly skimmed his head, the shirt is still not long enough!

Is that the waistline that Qin Tao said?