The Rockstar Chapter 47

The weaker the prey is, the more arrogant the hunter is, just like a cat playing with a mouse, Leng Ba now has a huge fat guts, if you dare to wimp out, I dare to be wild to you. How in the world can there be a spotless goddess? People before the simmering persona, held for a long time will be gradually distorted, more or less.

Anyway, this little guy wouldn’t dare to “kill” me!

Leng Ba even found that the other side of the hidden weapons have become incredibly sharp, but a retreat again and again, can not help but rampant thought, the enemy is so timid I’m afraid of what you do? Your pain is my pleasure!

Let you say that I am the cat you raised!

Just tease you, to the death! Think of it as …… revenge! Think of it with vigour.

“Your shirt isn’t clean, it smells like sweat.”

“Does it?”

“Smell it if you don’t believe me, here, smell it.”

“Teacher stop it!”

“What’s wrong? You didn’t wash your clothes and you’re blaming me?”


Li Tiezhu in the end was still forced to press his head by the Great Demon King, where was the smell of sweat? There was only a scent that made him nearly lose his soul.

Jingle Bells.

Leng Ba mobile phone rang, look at the Li Tiezhu who is about to explode in place, which put away the sinful deeds, picked up the mobile phone to see, the face became serious.

“Half a million.”

“What …… what half a million?”

Li Tiezhu hadn’t come back from the shock, looking at the saintly Leng Ba teacher, for a moment there was still some discomfort. Subconsciously looked towards her chest, she didn’t mean this, right?

Where am I so valuable?

Leng Ba smiled, “Thinking about what? Oh ……”

Li Tiezhu: “No! I didn’t think about anything! Don’t you talk nonsense.”

Leng Ba smiled triumphantly, “Hahaha …… let you bully me, afraid?”


“Say the main thing. Two hours ago, I entrusted Mimi to help check the person who hacked you, Mimi was not too keen, she didn’t really want to get into trouble, but she did send someone to check. Just now I sent her the demo of the clean song and ……”

“Found it?”

“There’s a doorway. It is said to be a paparazzi, the other party wants half a million. In fact, it has long been found out, originally Mimi concealed this news, after listening to the song, she felt that I owed you a favour, before telling me.”

Li Tiezhu frowned, a message half a million?

Also too expensive.

Moreover, he had donated all of his own money and only had more than twenty thousand left.

Leng Ba looked at Li Tiezhu’s difficult appearance, and found that there is no sense of revenge, but also did not tease the fun. Moreover, looking at his tangled appearance, he inexplicably some heartache, strange!

“I don’t have that much money.”

“Sister lends it to you.”

“Okay, I’ll write you an IOU.”

“No need, just promise it to me.”

“No kidding, Miss Leng Ba, this message is very important to me.”

Li Tiezhu was speechless.

Leng Ba looked serious: “You think I am joking with you? In fact, I’ve already helped you with the money, now the message is on its way here, what to do, you understand, right?”

Li Tiezhu was dumbfounded, trying to see the break in Leng Ba’s expression, but he failed.


The Daemon King’s eyes were too sincere and passionate!

Jingle bells.

Leng Ba picked up her mobile phone and looked at it, covering her mouth in shock: “It’s actually him? So it is!”

The answer arrived.

It wasn’t that guy, thankfully.

Li Tiezhu wanted to come over to look, Leng Ba dead covered the mobile phone, and looked at Li Tiezhu wistfully, looking at him hairy.

So tangled ah!

Dignity or not is secondary, after all, there is no shame in relying on the body to eat.

The main thing is, this woman counts fake fake is also her own teacher, and should be respected, how can …… it be like that, it is not pure!

However, she looks really good-looking, good to see the extreme kind of good-looking, Li Tiezhu poor vocabulary completely unable to describe.

In fact, it is not a loss, it should be a blood profit.

But why does it always feel wrong?

Li Tiezhu bit his lower lip for a long time, and finally, put his heart across, since the teacher is so in need of help, then help others to be happy, she helped me, I also help her Well, friendship and mutual assistance.

“Come on!”

Li Tiezhu quite a bit of sadness to the bed a trip, set out a big shape.


Wooden glyph.

Leng Ba froze for a moment, and then, laughed so hard that he covered his stomach with flowers, tears streaming out of his eyes.

“Hahahahahahaha ……”

Li Tiezhu instantly face into a pig liver colour, finished, was fooled again.

Sure enough the IQ should be recharged.

Li Tiezhu sat up again, his face blue.

Leng Ba handed the mobile phone to Li Tiezhu, and then, lying on the bed himself, he laughed violently, and also used his hand to slap the bed board fiercely.

My God!

He actually lay down, that sad expression cute sister me!

Li Tiezhu saw the message sent by Mimi to Leng Ba: the black Li Tiezhu is Xiao Zhen, and the original video is also in the hands of Xiao Zhen, one hundred per cent confirmed.

Li Tiezhu suddenly fell silent:

“Who is Xiao Zhen?”

It was only after several minutes that Leng Ba stopped laughing epileptically, rubbing the non-existent early crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes, and said, “What? You don’t even know who Xiao Zhen is? I knew you were dirt, but I didn’t know you were this dirt!”

Looking at the photo of Xiao Zhen on his mobile phone, Li Tiezhu’s brows locked tighter.

After a long time, he said in a puzzled manner:

“This young lady also looks quite facetious, why is she framing me?”

Leng Ba opened her mouth wide, “Miss? Please look carefully, this is a male! Although girly, it is indeed a male.”

This time it was Li Tiezhu’s turn to be surprised, a male? It’s so tempting to ask Qin Tao to check it out, he has this hobby.

“But, I have no grievances with him, what is he setting me up for?”

“Are you sure there is no grievance?”


“On the Penguin Future Stars list, who did you step on to get into the top ten in the first place?”


“Who else could it be? Also, as far as I know, Wine Pen is now working behind the scenes at Xiao Zhen’s company, got it? Also, the most important thing, the Kun theatre group that just approached you to sign up for Big Fish had previously internalised the theme song, and it’s the Kun Peng that Xiao Zhen is going to sing at the competition tonight.”

“So …… it’s still my fault in the first place?”

Leng Ba shook his head, this is not who is right and who is wrong, the problem is that this circle is such a tricky and weak, obviously, halfway out of Li Tiezhu knows nothing about it.

This matter is very difficult to deal with, even Mimi will not intervene, provide information has been benevolent.

Leng Ba also can not help but sigh: “What are you going to do?”

Li Tiezhu rummaged through his three-handed Nokia at the bedside, found that it was dead, took a new battery from the universal charger on the side and installed it, and switched it on. Dozens of missed calls, as well as ten or so text messages, respectively from Leng Ba, Qin Tao, Zhao Liya, Chen Po Song, Zhang Xiaomeng and Tony.

Li Tiezhu replied to Zhang Xiaomeng and Tony and said, “Teacher Lengba! Please, help me book a plane ticket to East China Sea, I’ll go to him to make things clear.”

Leng Ba thought she heard wrong: “You go to find Xiao Zhen?”


“Are you really stupid or not?”

“I have experience in this matter.”


Leng Ba obviously thought that Li Tiezhu was being silly again, but Li Tiezhu was calm, he was really experienced in this kind of thing.

Since childhood Li Tiezhu has not encountered this kind of thing, at first it is still very suffocating, but gradually it is comfortable, every time he can use his sincerity to sensitise the other party.

Communication also has skills, Li Tiezhu’s communication skills are great.

There is no other, only hand familiar.

One hour later, 5.30pm.

Li Tiezhu boarded the plane to East China Sea, the first time he sat on the plane he was a little nervous.

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