The Rockstar Chapter 48

The dinner at the Zhao family villa was sumptuous, and Zhao Muye personally cooked and entertained Chen Posong and Zhou Hongru, who had travelled from afar, both of whom were Zhao Muye’s uncles’ generation. However, the atmosphere at the dinner table was somewhat torn, and everyone’s emotions were very different.

Chen Posong and Zhou Hongru drank a little wine, long pouting and sighing, lamenting Li Tiezhu’s bad luck, obviously a good boy, but was destroyed by a great future.

“Li Tiezhu shouldn’t be bullied like this, his talent for writing songs, I’m afraid it’s no less than Bao Island’s Xiao Zhou ……”

“The output may not be as good as his, but the quality is not low, and, the style is versatile.”

“If only I could find the second half of that video.”

“The other party wants to put Li Tiezhu to death, so they definitely won’t let others get the original video.”

There was a second half of that video? Li Tiezhu went in and came right back out?

Liu Wanyun dinner is not eaten, holding the mobile phone is a flurry of operation, even the two old masters do not take care of.

In the afternoon, the serious gang fell apart.

More than 10,000 Li Tiezhu’s iron powder, have turned against, cursing Li Tiezhu hypocrisy and inferiority, powder to black.

In the end, only a hundred or so people are still standing firmly on Li Tiezhu’s side, including Liu Wanyun, who has only just joined the gang, and they are divided into two parts.

A part of them trust Li Tiezhu’s character unconditionally, with Zhang Jianjun and other rural workers coming out as the main ones.

The other part is a group of thirty years old towards the top of the mother’s powder, in their eyes, Li Tiezhu is the stupid child who is always bullied, let a person extraordinarily heartache. For Li Tiezhu to go to that kind of place, their position is even more firm than the group of iron fans in front of them ……

My child spent money and didn’t scoop for nothing, who are you to scold him?


Besides, my kid is so stupid, mums are worried that he won’t get the hang of it. Now that some kind people have taken my kid to visit and learn, you’re still scolding him?

That’s right, that’s what Liuanyun thought, she didn’t dare to let her family know that she would actually have such an odd worldview, but that didn’t stop her from turning to various websites and APPs to speak out for Li Tiezhu.

So when she heard that Li Tiezhu didn’t go to that kind of place, she was surprisingly a little lost, but still sent the message to the only group left in the serious gang to urgently discuss new tactics with everyone.

This might be the last straw that could save Li Tiezhu.

“You’ve been playing with your mobile phone for ten minutes, and now it’s time to eat. Aren’t you going to toast the second old man?”

Zhao Muye touched his wife’s arm.

Liu Wan Yun looked at her angrily, “Shut up! Can’t you see I’m busy?”

Chen Posong and Zhou Hongru just laughed, this young couple had been like this for decades, they were used to it. Liuanyun was also the one they watched grow up, so they didn’t feel offended.

Zhao Muye could only lower his head and pick up his meal.

Zhao Liya stifled her laughter and gave her dad a piece of fish.

Liu Wan Yun put down her mobile phone and glared at Zhao Liya, “What are you laughing at? You still have the nerve to laugh?”

Zhao Liya was confused, “What’s wrong with me?”

“Aren’t you Li Tiezhu’s friend? The second old man said that something happened to Li Tiezhu, why didn’t you raise your voice to help him?”

“I ……”

“Although your level of this three footed cat is not worthy of being friends with my …… family, Li Tiezhu. But people don’t dislike you, you have to change your heart for your heart to be right. Besides, isn’t your what shaking voice several millions of fans?”

Liu Wan Yun looked at Zhao Liya’s eyes as if she was looking at a traitor.

Zhao Liya said with a strange expression, “Mum, why are you so attached to this?”

Liu Manyun suddenly felt weak, but her mind was like electricity as she said, “Is it this matter that I care about? I am educating you, letting you be a decent person, a responsible person, how can you stand by when your friend is in trouble? You have disappointed me too much!”

As Li Tiezhu’s roadrunner fan, Zhao Liya smiled bitterly, “Fine, fine! I’ll record a statement to send out at night.”

Black fan Zhao Muye quit and said, “Ya Ya don’t get involved in this, how can a girl get involved with this kind of thing? Besides, flies don’t bite seamless eggs! If Li Tiezhu was clean, would he go to a place like that?”

Iron Pink Liu Wan Yun said in a domineering manner, “Facts are facts. Besides, Yaya herself said on the programme that she and Li Tiezhu are friends, so if she doesn’t help speak up at this time, her reputation will be good?”

Zhao Muye: “……”

Zhao Liya knew that her old man had always been a war veteran, and she actually wanted to help Li Tiezhu, and wasn’t afraid of any gossip.

So she said:

“Alright, alright, I think mum is right. We have to resist this kind of crookedness in the entertainment industry, and I will definitely help Li Tiezhu speak. I’ll learn from Li Tiezhu in the circle in the future, with a decent style.”

This started to chuck personal goods.

Shrewd as Liu Wan Yun, how could she not know that her daughter had opened a price, she nodded her head and showed a trace of a kind smile:

“Ya Ya is good! Mum didn’t support you to sing in the past because she was afraid that you would learn bad things. Now that you have such an awareness, mum is relieved! Be a singer and work hard too.”

“Thank you mum! Mum is so nice!”

Zhao Liya secretly winked at Liu Wan Yun, hehehehehehehehehe.

Liuanyun was unsure, then looked down and saw that in the serious gang group, a guy called “Iron Man” had sent a sentence:

“Thanks mum! Mum is so nice!”

At once, Liuanyun’s face was as red as an apple, and finally began to concentrate on eating, without lifting her head, not daring to lift.

Zhao Liya put down her phone and pinched another slice of fish for Pops, who hasn’t joined the organisation yet? Cut! I, Zhao Liya, am a patriarch, okay? I’ve been a part of the proper gang since I heard People Like Me.

Silently look at you this newborn, in the group, “bewitching” for half a day, do not speak, you think I am a zombie number ah?

However, Mum, I did not expect you to have such a cracked outlook!

Tsk tsk tsk ……

Zhao Liya is still deep in shock and can’t get over it, what kind of magic does Li Tiezhu have?

Surprisingly, my mother such as extremely repulsive showbiz people, have developed into a brainwashed fan. In the afternoon, the furious mother said in the group, “Seeing Tiezhu go to that kind of place, mother is relieved,” “Don’t say he spends his own money to go, mothers crowdfunding for him to go even”.

Moreover, that idiot actually slept with Leng Ba, the goddess of half of Chinese men!

Or the other way round makes more sense.

The furore over Li Tiezhu’s what’s-his-name didn’t seem to be that serious, and Li Tiezhu and Leng Ba didn’t look worried at all.

The two of them still have that mind, doing sports without shame in broad daylight, could it be that teacher Leng Ba already has a way to help Li Tiezhu save his reputation?


Zhang Jianjun is very frustrated today, the wind on the Internet is on one side, as if he wants to split Li Tiezhu into five horses to thank the public anger.

There is also news that the Voice programme team is discussing the matter of Li Tiezhu, and if the live broadcast of the East China Sea competition ends soon, it will be announced that Li Tiezhu will be blocked.

It looks like there is no way back, Li Tiezhu is finished.

Until he saw the message from “Wan Yun’s mother”, he saw hope again.


It’s the mothers who are so fierce. Zhang Jianjun shivered when he thought of the tiger and wolf speeches made by “Wan Yun’s mother” and others in the group.

So there’s a second half of the video? As long as we find that video, we can turn the tide.

Others can’t do it, but Zhang Jianjun will try.

He didn’t even go to the internet cafe, time was running out, Zhang Jianjun couldn’t care about hiding his identity anymore, he directly opened his own computer and hacked into the communication company, looking for Xiao Zhen’s mobile phone number.