The Rockstar Chapter 49

At eight o’clock in the evening, the Voice East China Sea competition is in full swing, exciting and suspenseful, however, the focus of the pop-up screen is not in the programme, talking about Li Tiezhu.

“Li Tiezhu scum!”

“Serious brother turned out to be so serious! Oh.”

“I have detached myself from the decent gang and am deeply disgusted.”

“Singing to his deceased mum on stage, revealing himself to donate 200,000 and wearing old clothes donated by well-wishers, tsk tsk ……”

“Donating 200,000 is definitely fake!”

“That’s why Li Tiezhu doesn’t buy new clothes, saving.”

“Who in their right mind goes to a place like that? Hahahahahahaha ……”

“Why hasn’t the programme team blocked Li Tiezhu?”

“What’s the rush? Li Tiezhu is dead.”

“I even voted for him last night, it’s disgusting to think about it.”

“I’m relieved to see my Tie Zhu go to a place like that.”

“The front is even more disgusting!”

“You’ve got it wrong, he’s talking about the remarks of certain people in a proper gang, carrying on only.”

“His fans are as disgusting as he is.”

Backstage, Xiao Zhen watched the live broadcast on his mobile phone, a springy smile on his face.

Wu Yongqiang was also swiping his mobile phone on the side, keeping an eye on the developments, his focus was not on the internet, but in the circle. After receiving a message, Wu Yongqiang smiled:

“Battle, there’s new news from the programme team’s side, tonight at ten o’clock, at the end of the competition, it will be officially announced that Li Tiezhu will be blocked.”

“Hmm. We’ll end the match at nine thirty and send out Zhao Liya’s video when we get to the car.”

“Is that still necessary? Li Tiezhu can’t roll over anymore.”

“Of course there is! That bitch has humiliated me. When Li Tiezhu completely stinks and dies, then send out the video of them cuddling, that would be interesting!”

“You …… offend people like this, and the ones you offend are all national team bigwigs.”

“Really? How fun would that be!”

Xiao Zhen smiled even more broadly, those who have offended me should be duly punished, this is the rule, my rule! I’ve worked so hard, what gives you guys the right to look down on me? Who are you to humiliate me?

My efforts …… you can t see.

Wu Yongqiang did not dare to persuade again, and added: “The paparazzi who took the video ran away, and seemed to think that the money we gave was too little, he wanted fifty thousand.”

Xiao Zhen sneered, “Heh! I gave five thousand is already enough to look up to him. He doesn’t have that video in his hands anymore, so what is he afraid of?”

Wu Yongqiang worriedly said, “I’m afraid that if other people know about it, they will also resign ……”

Xiao Zhen: “The dog will come back when it’s hungry.”

Wu Yongqiang received another message, then, oddly looked at Xiao Zhen: “Someone just spoke out in favour of Li Tiezhu.”

When Xiao Zhen heard it, he was happy: “Which brat is so stupid?”

“Zhao Liya. No, more than that, another one, Leng Ba.”

“Eh? Are these two women crazy?”

“And, Mr Han Hong.”

“Tsk tsk …… The bigwigs of the national team have blown out, don’t they know that Li Tiezhu can’t be saved anymore?”

“Chen Posong, Zhou Hongru ……”

Wu Yongqiang had some worries, did something go wrong?

Xiao Zhen, however, was extraordinarily happy, holding his mobile phone, “Yoho! I also look at the hustle and bustle to go.”


Zhao Liya, whose ID is “hot pot should be eaten standing up”, posted a selfie video:

“Hello everyone, I’m Zhao Liya. This is my first video showing my face to help my friend Li Tiezhu clarify some things.”

“Actually, he was tricked into going to that kind of place by his workmates, and it just so happened that I was in that area that day, and I met Li Tiezhu. I watched him go in, but he soon came out. That video that went viral on the internet was only the first half, the image of Li Tiezhu resolutely leaving at the back was maliciously subtracted.”

“So, please believe in Li Tiezhu!”

The comment section was a tirade, obviously, most people didn’t believe Zhao Liya’s so-called clarification, thinking that it was helping Li Tiezhu to clear his name.

How could it be so coincidental?

How could you, a girl, show up at a place like that? And watched him go in?

Even Zhao Liya’s fans have left messages, letting Zhao Liya not be deceived by Li Tiezhu and not self-destructively help Li Tiezhu tell lies.

Of course, there were still a very few rational netizens who began to question whether the video had really been maliciously edited.

Xiao Zhen gave the video a nod:

“That’s funny! Look, I haven’t even posted the video of her showing her face yet, and she just posted it herself. And you advised me not to post her video? This stinking bitch, Li Tiezhu is ruined and still helping him, Laozi invited her to co-star in the film three times, but she threw her face at Laozi. You brought this on yourself!”

Wu Yongqiang was also extremely puzzled.

Leng Ba’s video was taken at the Donghai Airport.

“Hello everyone, I just got off the plane now, and I just found out about Li Tiezhu.”

“I think that as the mentor who personally put him on this stage, I need to explain it to everyone. I asked him about this matter and he explained it to me. As a matter of fact, he didn’t know that it was that kind of place that other people took him to, and he came out soon after he found out, and went back to the construction site to add a night shift, which I think the workers at the construction site can attest to.”

“That’s what I’ve learnt, and I believe him.”

In the comment section, netizens similarly didn’t buy it, believing that it was the programme group that didn’t want to give up on Li Tiezhu, forcing Leng Ba to come out and forcefully whitewash him.

Xiao Zhen once again double-clicked to nod his approval:

“That earth dog is pretty well liked. However, that group of folk workers can’t prove anything, maybe Li Tiezhu’s body is good, after that, he still has the strength to go back and work overtime? Haha ……”

Chen Posong and Zhou Hongru’s statement sent in the WeChat circle of friends, the old man’s contraption not many people see, and both of their defence is very pale.

Xiao Zhen directly ignored these two people and clicked on the official video of Hong Fund.

Mr Han Hong said to the camera:

“We noticed the queries from our friends, so I personally checked the data and information from the Shudu branch.”

“The information shows that Li Tiezhu received some clothes two years ago, and he and his father often came to donate. And he did donate two hundred thousand at the Hong Fund two days ago. These are all facts! The netizens don’t need to question it anymore.”

“As for Li Tiezhu’s scandal, it has nothing to do with the foundation. So, next, I’ll just say a few words on my own behalf.”

“Even if Li Tiezhu really did something wrong, then I also have a responsibility, back then I had promised his mother to help take care of and teach Li Tiezhu. However, I forgot about it later. Even, if it wasn’t for his sudden redness, I wouldn’t have been able to remember in my life that I had ever met such a child and made such a promise. I’m sorry!”

“I will personally go to him and correct his mistakes, and will never do it again. Even if, in the future, he stops singing and becomes an ordinary person. I implore everyone, give him some space and give me some time.”

“After I’ve met him, I’ll come back and give you all a report. Thank you!”

Xiao Zhen subconsciously clicked like at first, gritted his teeth after reading it, and cancelled the like again.

National team big brother, a bit ruthless!

The wind direction in the comment section finally wavered a bit, since Li Tiezhu s donation and wearing old clothes is true, there is no way to say that he is a great righteousness. Even if he really went to that kind of place, it was still a small loss.

Although this matter was also a dead end for public figures, at least it was no longer all doom and gloom.