The Rockstar chapter 5

The “Super Voice” programme team is delighted with this popular match-up that has popped up out of nowhere. In their excitement, they are ready to run a good operation to make the gimmick burn a little more fiercely and strive for another record high in the programme’s ratings.

Then, they were collectively confused.

Because …… they also didn’t know what the proper brother’s name was.

Sinning ah!

That guy just accompanied his friend, and at the beginning, the programme team only registered his friend Qin Tao’s name, not his.

After the serious brother sang, Chen Posong old man was excited to give people a PASS card, even forgot to ask the name. When the programme staff chased him out, the guy was long gone.

They didn’t register any information about the guy, and his friend only registered simple information, the auditioners don’t leave contact information at all.

Meanwhile, on the Penguin Music New Songs Chart, ‘Someone Like Me’ had reached the eighth position and was still rising.

The staff of Penguin Music, because of the copyright issue, contacted the Super Voice programme team, hoping to sign a copyright use agreement, the paid kind, with Serious Brother.

Who knows, the news they got was that the programme team couldn’t contact Brother Zhengjing either.

On the teaser, there are already a lot of people wearing vests, shorts and liberation brand rubber shoes, began to imitate the serious brother, harvesting a lot of popularity. At the same time, it has also brought fire to a popular golden sentence, historically known as – the decent body.

“Serious people who eat ah?”

“Serious people who fall in love ah?”

“Who’s a serious person who swipes the sound of a joke?”

“Who likes Xiaozhen?”

“Who’s a decent person who keeps a diary?”


Just in the afternoon of the next day, under the great wave of universal consumption of decent brother, an undercurrent rose against the trend, the wind and clouds were treacherous, the teasing sound blew up, the scarf blew up, the penguin forum blew up:

“Serious Brother plagiarised!”

“Serious Brother plagiarised famous composer Wine Pen’s new song ‘Unwilling to be Ordinary’.”

“Shameless man, stealing songs for the show.”

“Shocked: there are such shameless people in the world!!!”

“Composer Wine Pen: ‘The Super Voice’ must make a clarification!”

“By indulging artists in wanton plagiarism of others’ fruits, China is afraid to be the biggest loser!”

“A senior artiste from an island country: the fall of China and your country’s indifference to copyright has brought shame to the whole of East Asia!”

“Hundreds of pages of drafts and revisions of the composition of “Unwilling to be Ordinary” (i.e. “People Like Me”) by Wine Pen!”

“Well-known composer webcast: tearful cry against infringers, chopped liver ……”

Overnight, the Internet was flooded with text, pictures, audio, video and other information, none of which was directed at the “serious brother”. Certified physical evidence seemed to be all over the place, accusing him of plagiarising “Someone Like Me”, which he sang during the audition.

Many netizens who don’t like Jing Jing have found a way to fight back, and the online debate is getting more and more heated.

However, Li Tiezhu knew nothing about it, he was just a happy labourer.

The tin house of the construction site has no TV, no internet, and Li Tiezhu uses a feature phone, which can’t access the internet, so he is almost completely isolated from the outside information.

Even if the other workers would brush the teaser, they wouldn’t watch any stars at all, and the group only liked to watch all kinds of beautiful women or doggerel paragraphs.

During the period, Qin Tao did call Li Tiezhu, stammered for half a day, did not say anything.

Li Tiezhu think Qin Tao inexplicable, could it be that he really wants to wait for me to red, he can get rid of the pig’s destiny?

He has a system, in the future, if you have the opportunity, you can help this diehard, he was also beaten up a lot because of himself in school. After all, those people do not dare to mess with Li Tiezhu, can only take Qin Tao to take the air.

The next day’s auditions ended, more new hotspots were created, and most of the melon eaters were diverted some attention. However, Xiao Zhen’s fans and decent blacks still didn’t give up, but the resistance of the decent gangs was also tenacious.

The storm didn’t die down, and even, the voices accusing the Decent Gang of plagiarism were becoming stronger and stronger.

There were even people shouting slogans for Brother Serene to commit harakiri.


The two days of auditions were over and a new week arrived as The Super Voice was temporarily suspended to prepare for the next main round. One hundred contestants were picked for each region, just waiting for the first round of the main competition, 100 into 20, to begin next Friday.

The first round is split into two weeks, three and a half hours a night for each of the six regions. Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night respectively.

The Western Region bears the brunt of the first round, which takes place next Friday night, the 22nd of July.

However, everyone can’t wait to see Serious Brother right away because, after two days of brewing, Serious Brother’s plagiarism incident has been making a lot of noise.

The show’s team has been very tight-lipped about it and won’t accept interviews.

After all, if the outside world knew that the programme team hadn’t recorded the information at all, how big a scandal would it be?

Now, the netizens quit, especially the fanatic netizens who questioned Serious Brother’s plagiarism, and they took the programme group’s silence as a sign of weakness.

All sorts of conspiracy theories came out.

Some said that the programme group was harbouring the plagiarist, some said that the programme group didn’t dare to offend Brother Primavera because of his deep background, and some even directly said that Brother Primavera was planned by the programme group.

The reason is, which contestant dares to be so arrogant? Let one of the four little flowers, Leng Ba, bring him popsicles?

It’s called being emboldened!

Conspiracy theories are very marketable, but not the truth.

So, starting on Monday, a number of media outlets and public numbers launched a Proper Brother mansplaining programme, and soon a vast amount of information was unearthed.

On Tuesday, a student from a high school in Shudu, broke the news online that the production of Serious Brother was a classmate of theirs.

Soon, Xichuan Observation, which has broken a hundred million fans in the amusing sound, observed this classmate.

A reporter, interviewed him under the sycamore tree outside the school.

“Hello, this classmate. You said you’re a classmate of Brother Masanori, can you prove it?”

“Here, this is a group photo of our freshman year military training. Here’s a photo of us secretly taking pictures of him eating pickles under his rice, and here’s a photo of him drooling while sleeping in class ……”

The classmates used the photos in their mobile phones to perfectly confirm the identity of Serious Brother.

“What’s Serious Brother’s name anyway? How old is he?”

“His name is Li Tiezhu, 17 years old, right? Half a year younger than me it seems.”

“Pfft …… Li Tiezhu. So are you usually on good terms with him? Is he always this good at singing?”

“I have a bad relationship with him, we usually do not play with him, he is a bumpkin Well, I heard that once the holiday is in the construction site as a civil servant. Singing words …… haven’t heard him sing, writing songs is even more think not even dare to think, after all, he is so stupid ……”

“Do you have his contact information?”

“No. I know the classmates are not, he used or broken function machine. Only Qin Tao has his phone number, and they have the best relationship.”

“The same Qin Tao who participated in the audition with him? Can you help me ask Qin Tao’s classmate out?”

“I can’t, we beat him up so often that he doesn’t dare to come. I can give you the phone number.”

“Do you guys beat up Ching Tao too?”

“That can’t be ……”


“Can’t beat it.”

“Eh …… The above is Nishikawa Watch’s observation for today, and tomorrow we’ll continue to watch the story of Serious Brother.”

This video is undoubtedly on fire again, the conspiracy theories are bankrupt, and even the voices questioning his plagiarism are that much smaller.

Is Serious Brother really a sophomore?

Is Serious Brother’s name really Li Tiezhu? So poetic?

Is he really a labourer?

How can a rural student from a poor family go to Treasure Island to copy the music score of Wine Pen?