The Rockstar Chapter 50

At nine o’clock in the evening, Li Tiezhu, who was wearing flip flops and beach trousers, came to the East Sea.

This is the first time he travelled out of the province, the mood is a little excited, went to the roadside to buy a bottle of water, and shopped in a small pharmacy, and then, skipped to the East China Sea outside the TV station.

“Now, what are you going to do?”

Leng Ba wrapped herself tightly, for fear of being recognised, and at the same time, forced Li Tiezhu to also put on a mask and duck-tongue hat.

Originally, Li Tiezhu was planning to come alone, but Leng Ba didn’t know why, but had to follow her. She also recorded a special video at the airport to help Li Tiezhu clarify, and Li Tiezhu was also quite grateful.

Li Tiezhu handed Leng Ba the water and said, “Go find Xiao Zhen ah, tonight the East China Sea tournament, he is the third group to appear, he has just ranked first to advance, it should be out soon.”

Leng Ba was strange: “How do you know?”

Li Tiezhu raised his Nokia: “Tony told me, he’s in a make-up artist group, and there’s a person who’s Xiao Zhen’s make-up artist who’s been bragging about it in the group. Moreover, Tony is watching the game live.”

“But how did you find him?”

“Go wait for him in the car park. You don’t have to go, just wait for me here. Thank you, really.”

“I’ll go with you.”

Leng Ba of course didn’t have to get into this muddy water, but for some reason, just didn’t like this lowly appearance of Li Tiezhu right now, obviously he was the one being smeared, why did he have to come and suffer Xiao Zhen’s humiliation?

What face-to-face communication to make the problem clear, is simply a lie, three-year-old children know it is impossible.

Li Tiezhu must be afraid that he will see his humiliating appearance.

What she can do is to brush her face, try to let Xiao Zhen mercy, let Li Tiezhu a way out. Only, it was not certain whether people would buy it or not, after all, he had a godfather.

“You can’t get in.”

Li Tiezhu dropped a sentence, then walked to the side of the road, picked up a set of cleaner’s overalls from the bin, put them on his body, and then pushed the bin towards the entrance of the car park.

Of course Leng Ba couldn’t follow him, how did he do this?

Arriving at the security booth, Li Tiezhu knocked on the window, “Big brother, do you have bottles and cans?”

The security guard was watching a football match on his mobile phone and said irritably, “No!”

Li Tiezhu gave an oh, pushed the bin into the car park and turned back, “Next time, if you want to have it, save it for me.”

The security guard was even more annoyed, “No no no!”

Li Tiezhu then pushed the bin into the car park, idly walking.

Leng Ba looked at all this oddly, not quite right!

Why are there overalls in the rubbish bin? Or is it for the East China Sea TV station? How did he know? Li Tiezhu has a problem, to go to say sorry, is it necessary to make it as fancy as a secret agent?

Besides, does he know where Xiao Zhen’s car is parked? Could it be that ……


Zhang Xiaomeng, who was working overtime, carefully emptied the text messages and deleted those pictures from her mobile phone album in the meantime.

“That guy is also really open-minded, also, he is a poor boy suddenly burst into flames, and suddenly fell into a desperate situation, face and so on, I’m afraid that I can’t care about it. Just, why did he go to find Xiao Zhen? This time, Li Tiezhu’s matter, is he doing it again? Is it useful to apologise?”

Zhang Xiaomeng stroked his beard and shook his head slightly, he didn’t think highly of Li Tiezhu’s apology trip at all.

In this circle, once something is done, it has to be done, just like Xiao Zhen this time, he simply will not give Li Tiezhu any chance to turn over, naturally, he will not accept the so-called apology.

Even so, Zhang Xiaomeng still chose to help Li Tiezhu.

After all, if Li Tiezhu finished, his promotion will be yellow, even because of this matter, will affect his future career.

Let’s treat the dead horse as a living horse!

Originally Penguin Culture is one of the organisers of the Voice, the position is not low Zhang Xiaomeng, want to let the East China Sea colleagues on the scene, to help take two pictures or can do. Anyway, Xiao Zhen is so high-profile, his luxury car Penguin employees know.

And getting a set of Donghai TV’s cleaner’s uniform would be even easier.


Nokia’s display really isn’t that great, and the picture was enlarged a few times before I could see the licence plate number and parking space number clearly.

After only a few minutes, Li Tiezhu found the black Rolls Royce with an old driver sitting in the car.

Li Tiezhu was playing with his mobile phone at the right rear of the luxury car.

Text message from Mr Tony: Xiao Zhen has finished removing her make up and is about to take the lift downstairs. Brothers, it is useless to apologise, it will only bring shame to ourselves, we don t have to.

Li Tiezhu replied: It’s not an apology, it’s a frank communication, so that he realises his mistakes and corrects them.

Tony: No, brother? Do you really think that kind of person will reason with you?

Li Tiezhu: You know I’m good at communication, I can definitely move him.

Li Tiezhu typed a little slow, when he finished sending the message, not far away from the lift doors are open, Xiao Zhen walked over surrounded by agents, assistants and bodyguards.

With only a glance, Li Tiezhu lowered his head and counted his fingers carefully:

“Zero point three, zero point two, zero point five, one point zero, one point five, the total is …… three point five people, barely.”

Xiao Zhen and his entourage approached, the driver got off the car to welcome, the assistant young lady quickly came over to open the door, the agent Wu Yongqiang fawningly complimented Xiao Zhen’s performance today, the tall and sturdy bodyguard slightly relaxed and scanned the surroundings, automatically ignoring the cleaner.

Wu Yongqiang said, “Do you really want to send out the video of Li Tiezhu and Zhao Liya?”

Xiao Zhen: “The bigwigs of the national team have gone down, so what are we left with? Just keep things hidden.”

Wu Yongqiang nodded repeatedly.

Just as Xiao Zhen was about to get into the car, Li Tiezhu raised his head:

“Hello! Xiao Zhen right?”

Xiao Zhen raised his head in confusion and looked over as the bodyguard vigilantly blocked in front of Xiao Zhen.

Li Tiezhu removed his duck-tongued cap and mask and smiled with bared teeth, “Get to know me, I’m Li Tiezhu.”

Several people were stunned for a while.

Li Tiezhu?

How did he run from Shudu to the East Sea?

And, what’s he doing here at this time looking for Xiao Zhen?

After the surprise, Xiao Zhen’s pale face, suddenly surged a trace of sickly redness, his eyes flashed with inexplicable excitement, he couldn’t help but ooh and aah and laugh, gently pushed away the security guards in front of him and walked towards Li Tiezhu:

“I thought who is it, so it’s you, this dirt dog? You are quite well-informed? You specially came to kneel down and beg for forgiveness?”

Li Tiezhu slightly reserved: “It is to find you friendly communication, the first time we meet, first say hello.”

Xiao Zhen sneer: “Hit you MAD move ……”


Li Tiezhu swung his arm round, an ear slap slapped Xiao Zhen the whole person hit the rear of the car, this greeting is quite loud.

“Ow ……”

Xiao Zhen screamed in pain.

Li Tiezhu quickly grabbed a head of Xiao Zhen’s hair and violently pulled it towards his right rear, then swept his right leg fiercely and kicked on the other party’s calf.

In this way, it could ensure that the other party’s knee landed first when he fell down quickly. According to Xiao Zhen’s zero-point-two fighting strength, he wouldn’t be able to get up without ten minutes.