The Rockstar Chapter 51

This sudden situation scared Wu Yongqiang and the little assistant silly.

The bodyguard reacted the fastest, rushed to Li Tiezhu first, the latter raised his hand and punched, but was easily dodged, and then, the bodyguard had a knee slammed fiercely on Li Tiezhu’s abdomen.


Li Tiezhu wowed, almost spit out his lungs, the pain was heartbreaking.

Got it wrong ah!

This guy is more than one point five, it should be two point five or three person parts of the fighting force, it is good to have money!

Li Tiezhu endured the pain, a headbutt hammer on the bridge of the bodyguard’s nose, the two were separated, the bodyguard was another kick to tease the yin leg, Li Tiezhu hold each other’s legs to the top of the head a support.

The bodyguard fell down, but still reached out and dragged down Li Tiezhu, the two rolled on the ground as a mess.

One punch, two punches, three punches, four punches ……

Four for four?

Li Tiezhu’s nose was bleeding and his eyebrow arch was cracked, but he failed to hit the other party for a moment. The driver of the other party also ran over with a baseball bat at this time, shining Li Tiezhu’s back is a burst of fierce blows.

In order to facilitate the driver’s assist, the bodyguard deliberately put Li Tiezhu on top.

After receiving almost twenty blows, Li Tiezhu’s consciousness was a little blurred, which was a precursor to fainting. He bit his tongue with force, woke up a lot under the stimulation of the fishy taste, and viciously spat out a mouthful of blood.


I have to stay awake to be able to do this ah, I haven’t even had time to perform my advanced communication skills yet, how can I fall down first?


Li Tiezhu completely gave up his defence, his hands held the bodyguard’s head in death, and ruthlessly smashed it into the concrete floor, once, twice, three times …… Advanced! Communication! Skill! Succinct and powerful!

Knock knock knock ……

After ten or so smashes, the bodyguard finally lost both eyes, and his hands gradually loosened their force.

Well, almost convinced one.

Li Tiezhu took the opportunity to carry the swing of the baseball bat to stand up, a foot boarded on the driver’s belly, the driver flew out three metres backwards, and the baseball bat was lost.

Li Tiezhu picked up the baseball bat, turned back, and really saw the bodyguard struggling to stand up again, still not convinced ah.

He looked at the driver who was scared out of his wits, walked to the wobbling bodyguard, held the holding bat with both hands, aimed, and smashed down hard.


Blood splattered everywhere.

As a rule of thumb, it should be a concussion for days, right? But with this guy’s physique, he’ll probably be able to slow down in a day or two.

Li Tiezhu looked at the bodyguard who was paralysed on the ground like mud with his legs twitching, and carefully assessed.

After confirming that the bodyguard could no longer stand up and was completely convinced, Li Tiezhu went to chase the driver, the guy wanted to get into the car and run away because, over there, the assistant and agent had already helped Xiao Zhen into the car.


This time it hit the driver’s back and smashed hard on the ground, arching his back and twisting like a shrimp. This guy is not a big talker, too easy to be persuaded.

Li Tiezhu has a measured hand, this driver does not carry a beating, he can not hit the head.

“Whew! Really Gil hurts, Mard, your family bodyguard is also too capable of fighting.”

Li Tiezhu could not stand steadily, holding the Rolls Royce, walking towards the door at an extremely slow speed, his eyes were a little blurry, it was blood. He looked up at the distant camera and grinned indifferently.

There should be very, very many cameras here, the security guards can’t even look over, so many dozens on the construction site he can’t even look over, each screen is as big as a cigarette box.

Besides, even if he was found out, it wouldn’t be a big deal, communication was well, inevitably a bit intense.

The car door was pulled open, inside the three people were scared and lost their colours.

Li Tiezhu single-handedly carrying a baseball bat, full of bruises, a bruised eye, a two-centimetre wound on the brow bone is dripping blood, bared his teeth and smiled, blood splattered, white teeth are particularly dazzling.

“My godfather will get you killed!”

Xiao Zhen who felt his legs were about to break, seeing this fierce face of Li Tiezhu, he was so scared that his body sifted, his colours were so strong, his voice was even sharper, like a virtuous woman who was about to be insulted.

Li Tiezhu slowly took off the cleaner’s overalls, fortunately not stained with too much blood.

“You’re the assistant? You go.”

The girl had already cried in fear, glanced at Xiao Zhen, and still under great fear, she stepped out of the car and ran away screaming.

Li Tiezhu looked at Wu Yongqiang: “Broker? Are you leaving or not?”

Wu Yongqiang looked at Xiao Zhen, who grabbed him with both hands in a death grip, obviously begging not to leave him alone to face this madman.

Li Tiezhu smiled slightly and looked at Wu Yongqiang with a solicitous look.

Communication was a physical job!

Li Tiezhu did not intend to persuade those who were meaningless, such as the assistant young lady who had an inherent lack of communication skills, and this fat agent who seemed to be intolerant of chatting.

Wu Yongqiang s teeth were fighting, pushed away Xiao Zhen s hand, and whispered, “I, I will find someone …… to find a way to save you.”

Li Tiezhu cocked his head, “Trouble give us both more time to communicate.”

Wu Yongqiang got out of the car, did not dare to look directly at Li Tiezhu, sticking to the car backward: “You you …… don’t mess up ah! You’ll be dead if something happens to him, you ……”

Li Tiezhu slightly shook his head, “You misunderstand me, I simply want to have a serious chat with Xiao Zhen, you won’t think I want to slaughter him, right?”

Wu Yongqiang was scared.

Li Tiezhu bristled, “You city people are really something, you always think that we rural people are barbaric, but in fact, we are also very reasonable. If you don’t believe me, ask that bodyguard and driver.”

Wu Yongqiang decided that this guy was a perverted lunatic, didn’t dare to theorise, pulled his legs and ran.

Xiao Zhen is the only one left in the car, he also wanted to run, but his legs are too soft to move, and he was afraid that he ran to anger Li Tiezhu even more, if that guy is crazy to shine a stick on my head …….

“Hiss – it hurts me!” Li Tiezhu grimaced, sat in the back seat of the car, and did not close the door, “Tch, the car is good! It must be several hundred thousand, right? When you have money, give me a car for my old man, it’s great!”

Xiao Zhen’s heart was in his throat, shivering, and a warm current came from his crotch.

Li Tiezhu took the paper towel in the car, wiped the blood on his face, and looked at Xiao Zhen with a smile: “I heard that you have just been promoted? Congratulations!”

Xiao Zhen: “……”

“Huh? Pissed?”

“You’re so …… naughty! What kind of person pees in a car? Can’t figure out what your little fresh meat fetishes are.”

“What about coming here today, I want to have a frank chat with you, may I ask, are you free right now?”

Li Tiezhu had a peaceful smile on his face and looked at Xiao Zhen with a smile.

Xiao Zhen’s eyes dodged: “I ……”

Li Tiezhu said, “It wouldn’t be very busy, right?”

Xiao Zhen hurriedly shook his head, “No, not busy ……”

“Then …… chat?”


“Look, this is so good! Dialogue and communication is the right way to solve misunderstandings.”

Li Tiezhu revealed an appreciative expression.

Feeling around his body, Li Tiezhu took out a small medicine bottle and handed it to Xiao Zhen: “Tired from a performance, right? Brought you something to drink.”

Xiao Zhen’s body shrank back, “What is …… this?”

Li Tiezhu narrowed his eyes, “I thought we were considered friends, I didn’t expect, I sent you a drink all the way, you actually reacted this way.”

Xiao Zhen: “……”

Li Tiezhu just kept the action of handing over the medicine bottle, not moving at all, with a smile on his face.

Xiao Zhen looked at the blood rolling down Li Tiezhu’s face, and remembered the tragic situation of the bodyguard and the driver, he was even more scared to death, this guy is not going to poison me, right?

No! He didn’t dare.