The Rockstar Chapter 52

Half a minute later, the car was dead silent.

Li Tiezhu still maintained that position, but the other hand was bored and twirling the baseball bat.

Xiao Zhen was afraid of getting his head blown off, so he had to shiver and take the bottle of medicine and drink it. Anyway, this guy doesn’t dare to kill me! As long as Godfather sends someone to arrive, I’ll get him killed!

It’s important to save my life first.

Li Tiezhu nodded and lazily said: ”No need to be so sad, it’s just a laxative, it’s not poison. Well! Let’s talk about the main topic, there’s no rush, take your time, your agent is very understanding and will leave us enough time.”


Xiao Zhen was shocked again, what did it mean that his agent knew what he was doing?


Wu Yongqiang did know his stuff when he calmed down.

The main reason is that he is afraid that Li Tiezhu will jump over the wall, ah, with Li Tiezhu’s current display of aggression and madness, who dares to take risks?

At this time, Wu Yongqiang and a TV station leader who is close to the Kyushu culture, are in the security room, staring at the enlarged monitor screen live communication conference with a black face.

At this angle, the situation inside the car could be captured through the open door. And, the video was also magnified by the technology to see the movements of the two men.

They didn’t notify the programme or the TV station, nor did they call the police, and even the security guards at the scene were gagged.

The reason for this choice was that on one hand, they were afraid that reporting to the police would irritate Li Tiezhu and Xiao Zhen’s life would be in danger. The other aspect of the reason was because Xiao Zhen must not have such a scandal, it would ruin his future – people would know that it was Xiao Zhen who framed Li Tiezhu.

Of course they hated to kill Li Tiezhu.

But at this moment, they can only be so consumed, waiting for Li Tiezhu revenge enough to take the initiative to go away, this revenge and so on later to report! Now, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of Xiao Zhen.

However, although he could see the picture, but could not hear the content of the conversation, naturally did not know what Li Tiezhu gave Xiao Zhen to drink, and could not help but be scared.


In contrast, the other live broadcast was much more vivid, because there was sound.

Go back ten minutes.

Zhang Jianjun finally found Xiao Zhen’s mobile phone number, and then quietly hacked into it, and did not find Li Tiezhu’s video, but he was not willing to do so, so he took the risk of opening the microphone of Xiao Zhen’s mobile phone.

After that, Xiao Zhen went into the lift room, and the signal was interrupted for a while. When the signal was restored again, Zhang Jianjun was shocked because he heard the voice of his own love bean:

“Hello! Xiao Zhen right?”

Li Tiezhu had actually gone to East China Sea to look for Xiao Zhen, and he also knew that it was Xiao Zhen who was hacking him?

Zhang Jianjun backhandedly hacked into the monitoring system of the East China Sea TV station and pulled up the live picture, plus the simultaneous sound, which was simply a perfect live broadcast.

At this time, he thought that Li Tiezhu was going to go soft.

Unexpectedly, Li Tiezhu raised his hand and gave Xiao Zhen a slap, and then fought.

Zhang Jianjun looked shocked, Li Tiezhu was too impulsive, too stupid. At the same time, Zhang Jianjun realised that this was an opportunity and the last chance, a chance for a possible Jedi comeback.

Regardless of whether Li Tiezhu’s behaviour is against the law, as long as Xiao Zhen dares to humiliate Li Tiezhu and dares to tell the slightest bit of truth, this video with sound will become ironclad evidence.

Zhang Jianjun also knows that he is likely to be exposed afterwards, he is not afraid. What he is worried about is that those people have their hands in the air, and he is unable to protect this evidence.

Thus, Zhang Jianjun had a bold idea.

A message appeared in the proper gang group:

“Latest intelligence, Li Tiezhu is violently beating Xiao Zhen in the underground car park of Donghai TV station. Everyone click on the link below to watch the live broadcast and record the video, so that if anything happens to me, everyone has a backup in hand to help Li Tiezhu. The live broadcast is limited to ten people. Link: ……”

Distribute the evidence so it’s foolproof.

Zhang Jianjun built a live broadcasting room, began a delayed broadcast of the “live”, is secretly desperate serious gang members, immediately enthusiastic.


Zhao family villa, after sending off the two old, Zhao Muye opened a long dishwashing work.

Liu Wan Yun and Zhao Liya were silent with each other, swiping their mobile phones in the living room.

Suddenly receiving a message sent by Zhang Jianjun, Liu Wanyun’s face changed and she quickly walked upstairs into her bedroom and was about to close the door when she saw Zhao Liya follow her in.

Liuanyun pushed Zhao Liya outwards: ”What are you following me for? Mum has important work to do.”

Zhao Liya revealed a bizarre and powerless expression, “Isn’t our ‘work’ the same?”

Liu Wan Yun’s pretty face flushed, “Eh ……”

I had forgotten that my identity had already been exposed, and that I was an “accomplice” with my daughter.

However, it’s still so shameful!

Of course, now Li Tiezhu is beating people, the matter is very serious, also can not care about other, then watch it together. Mother and daughter together, their benefits break the gold!

Locked the door, the two opened the “live” video.

See Li Tiezhu instant KO Xiao Zhen, mother and daughter two excited cheers, and then the situation took a turn for the worse, Li Tiezhu was surrounded by two people, the two women are about to cry out.

Subsequently, Li Tiezhu Jedi counterattack dry support bodyguards and drivers, Liu Wanyun and Zhao Liya looked at each other and smiled, found that the other’s eyes also red!

But what is he going to do to Xiao Zhen?

If he just beat him up, breaking the law, not to mention, it would not solve the problem at all ah.

“I heard that you just got promoted? Congratulations!”

“You are really …… naughty! Where do you pee on the car? Can’t figure out what kind of crappy fetish you fresh meat have.”

“What about coming here today, I want to have a frank chat with you, may I ask, are you free right now?”

“Look, this is so good! Dialogue and communication is the right way to solve misunderstandings.”

As Li Tiezhu’s calm words rang out, both mother and daughter were shocked, I didn’t expect that my family Tiezhu had this side? Calm enough to be perverted ah! Stupid is a bit stupid, but it looks like he didn’t act on impulse, but had calculated it earlier.


Giving Xiao Zhen a laxative to drink?

“Well done! Tie Zhu, mummy supports you!”

Liu Wan Yun happily applauded, then saw Zhao Liya’s reddened face, and immediately collected herself, the child is there, too shameful.

Zhao Liya was embarrassed to a match, so, love will disappear right?

Lost in thought for a moment, Zhao Liya suddenly took out her mobile phone and began to dial.

Li Tiezhu can completely turn over with this video, and at the same time let Xiao Zhen get out of the entertainment industry, but this video will also make Li Tiezhu go to jail. It was a double-edged sword, but it was not important, what was important was Li Tiezhu’s safety.

“Hello? Teacher Leng Ba? I know you’re in Donghai …… You’re waiting for him outside? That’s great! Li Tiezhu is now beating up Xiao Zhen in the car park, don’t you know? He knocked out the bodyguard and driver, and now his face is covered in blood. I am afraid that Xiao Zhen’s people will block Li Tiezhu to retaliate against him, you immediately call a car, Li Tiezhu as soon as he comes out, um, good! Thanks!”

Hanging up the phone, Zhao Liya was dumbfounded, what am I thanking her for? That’s her man, it’s only right for her to thank me.

Liu Wan Yun looked at Zhao Liya angrily: “Why did you tell outsiders about Tie Zhu’s beating?”

Zhao Liya shook her head, “No! She’s not an outsider!”

Yes, the two of us dry excitement is outsiders, even if we are Li Tiezhu’s “close guards”, the other two are “know the roots” of the people.


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