The Rockstar Chapter 53

In the car park, the drama is still running wild all the way in strange directions.

Li Tiezhu took out his mobile phone and started recording a video at Xiao Zhen, smiling, “In order to witness our next historically significant communication, I’ll record a video, do you mind?”

How dare Xiao Zhen shake his head?

Li Tiezhu purposely came close to the close-up piss-wet seat and aimed at Xiao Zhen again, “It’s like this ah, when I participated in the audition, I was inexplicably promoted by the netizens to the list of new stars, and I only heard about it later. There is no thought of stepping on you to get to the top, it is all because the netizens are too enthusiastic, this, I apologise to you, you …… can accept it, right?”

Xiao Zhen just wanted to end this nightmare as soon as possible, “Yes, can accept it.”

“I didn’t force you, right? Sincerely accept?”


“Tell me what you think, communication! We all need to speak freely, you such a sentence of two or three words, let me completely feel your sincerity ah!”

“I accept, really accept! This …… thing, is that I am too …… careful, I shouldn’t be like this. I also shouldn’t …… shouldn’t hire a wine pen to maliciously accuse you of plagiarism. It’s all my fault!”

“Don’t look like this! We are all friends now, I can hold a grudge against you? The past is the past, and didn’t Wine Pen get the punishment he deserved?”

“Yes, yes, yes, thank you for your generosity.”

“Tsk! You’ve distanced yourself, haven’t you? Who are we? By the way, you pissed your trousers, aren’t you going to change them?”

“Eh ……”

“Forget it, as long as you’re happy. Next topic, the video of me being secretly filmed going to a place like that, you’re the one who released it to East Sea TV, right?”

“Not me!”

“You’re not interesting enough! Communication should be honest, so that everyone can make friends.”

“No …… I didn’t lie to you, it’s none of my business ……”

Li Tiezhu sighed, feeling a little difficult. I sincerely asked questions, but you lied, how else to communicate ah?


When they saw this paragraph, Zhao Liya and Liu Wanyun laughed with joy, and their worries were much weaker.

“Recording a video, tsk, Li Tiezhu has turned bad!”

Zhao Liya couldn’t help but spit.

Liu Wan Yun refuted, “What has changed for the worse? This is the way to deal with bad guys, he recorded the video on his side, plus our side, that’s ironclad evidence! My Tie Zhu is smart!”

“Ahem ……”

Zhao Liya didn’t know what to say, and when she heard the words my family Tiezhu, a deep sense of shame arose.

Liu Wan Yun face even more red, as a mother’s dignity is gone, stammered: “Tiezhu this child has a good heart and no mother, that …… we care about caring for him only.”

“Know, Wan Yun mum well.”


In the room, the atmosphere became even weirder, the mother and daughter blushed at each other and continued to watch Li Tiezhu ravage Xiao Zhen.


Li Tiezhu is not smart, not smart before, now IQ 93 he is not much better, of course, it is impossible to think of any brilliant ideas in a flash of light.

He can only sum up the experience in the case, continue to learn and improve, and try to refine his communication art.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so skilful when tying Tony.

The last time he communicated with someone was three months ago, and that was by far the most successful one, very informative. This time, dealing with Xiao Zhen’s matter, it was almost an exact copy of that time.

That time was a school bully in the next class, because he was dissatisfied with his cheating being exposed by Qin Tao, maliciously P the picture of Qin Tao secretly taking pictures of the women’s bath and spreading it around, and also looking for someone to act as a witness.

In the end, Qin Tao was unable to defend himself and was about to be expelled from school.

Li Tiezhu found a dark and windy night opportunity, knocked over a few of the school bully’s lapdogs, and forcibly took him captive to the construction site. His lapdogs also know that they are guilty of framing in the first place, do not dare to call the police.

Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao poured that guy drank laxatives, and then recorded video interrogation, the other side is also tough, just do not admit.

Until he pulled a crotch, Li Tiezhu threatened to spell expulsion, but also to send the video to the school network. The guy then panicked, hurriedly admitted the error, and took the initiative to send a microblogging to the teacher to admit the error.

The next day, the guy publicly apologised and admitted his framing behaviour self-petitioned for disciplinary action.

From the memories to draw back thoughts, Li Tiezhu then looked at Xiao Zhen: “Your future is bright, right? I heard that your resources are better than a lot of famous stars, I’m really envious.”

Xiao Zhen was alert: “What do you mean?”

Suddenly, a cramping pain came from his stomach, and Xiao Zhen’s features twisted in pain.

“It’s like this, I’m looking for you to communicate, ah, I just want to solve the matter, we continue to be friends and make peace. But as you know, my future is gone, so, do you think you will have smooth sailing?”

“You …… ah ah ah ah ah!”

“We agreed to be friends, we have to have difficulties together ah, no reason for you to be a big star, I continue to move bricks at the construction site, right? This video, I will send to the Internet, so that your fans to look forward to a good time.”

“So what?”

“That will leave you with no place in the entertainment industry!”

Li Tiezhu’s tone was flat, and his heart was still a little bit beautiful, 93’s IQ was still good, and he could speak beautiful idioms.

Xiao Zhen endured the pain: “Think beautiful ……”

Is not just wetting his trousers? It is still not forced by you, when the time comes to public relations, the problem is not big, saying that it is mineral water is also believed by some people. And before framing Li Tiezhu, it is not impossible to argue.

Puffy Puffy Puffy ……

A series of weird sounds rang out, and Xiao Zhen s face went white.

He string thinned.

At this moment he understood it all, the colour just wasn’t right ah, it had all been filmed. If this video was spread out, he, Xiao Zhen, would become the laughing stock of everyone, and the entertainment industry wouldn’t be able to stay at all.

And what about Li Tiezhu? Sue him? The most he can do is go to jail, and himself?


A stringy idol?

Li Tiezhu was prepared, two small paper balls stuffed nostrils, urn voice: “What are your habits? Pissing a trouser does not count, but also pull the crotch.”

Xiao Zhen a little stomach, dry heaving a bit, completely softened: “You win, I say! I asked someone to give the video to the TV station, and the video is also on my USB stick.”


No wonder I couldn’t find the video, so it was in the flash drive, it’s really a lesson learnt.

When Zhang Jianjun saw this, he could not help but applaud and applaud, who said that Li Tiezhu was stupid?

Obviously witty a match well!

Now, Xiao Zhen must find a way to help Li Tiezhu clarify, and, from now on do not dare to bully Li Tiezhu. After all, admitting that he framed the testimony, as well as the video of the conspiracy, are in the hands of Li Tiezhu.

In case one day to provoke Li Tiezhu unhappy, video first-class out, Xiao Zhen will be ruined.

Worrying is a little redundant ah!

Zhang Jianjun can not help but feel some emotion, this “live video” seems less important. However, the live broadcast or to continue, anyway, we all saw, so wonderful no reason not to watch the end ah.

Everyone is curious, Li Tiezhu will have what next genius performance?