The Rockstar Chapter 54

“How do you put it on a USB stick?”

“Last time the wine pen’s phone was hacked by one of your fans, so I’m being a lot more cautious this time.”

“So that’s it, my fans are awesome.”

Li Tiezhu didn’t know that his fans had even more powerful tricks, such as organising hundreds of people to live broadcast his friendly communication with Xiao Zhen.

Xiao Zhen said, “I …… will give you the video, you take it to clarify.”

Li Tiezhu shook his head, “I found that, in addition to the love of messy pull, you’re still a pretty good person well! But my mobile phone is a feature phone, and, I’m so earthy, I don’t really know how to go online.”

Xiao Zhen said, “Then you give it to your friends, let them pass it on for you, as long as the video is out, you’ll be fine.”

“Hey! That’s a good idea, you’re so smart!”


“I don’t have many friends, well, you’re kind of my friend, aren’t you?”


“We’ve had a nice chat today, do you consider me a friend?”

“When! We are …… not fighting, why don’t …… I help you pass the video to clarify?”

“Good brother!”

“No …… you’re welcome …… are friends, you are too outgoing. In the jitterbug pass?”

“You watch it! I believe you, bro!”

Xiao Zhen thundered, immediately connecting the USB stick to his mobile phone, finding the uncensored video and uploading it to his Jitterbug account, he has millions of fans.

Xiao Zhen is about to collapse, so stinky!


“You’re so good at making friends! Hahaha ……”

Zhao Liya laughed as tears burst out of her eyes, didn’t she force herself to be befriended by him? I didn’t expect Xiao Zhen, who was an enemy, to end up like this, cool!

Liu Wan Yun was a bit angry: “Tie Zhu is still soft-hearted, you can’t be blindly kind to this kind of person, it’s better to make him lose his reputation.”

Zhao Liya said, “That’s what’s not worth it, Li Tiezhu’s behaviour is against the law, to go to jail. Whether Xiao Zhen dies or not is not that important, Li Tiezhu can be resurrected with full blood is the right thing to do. For the sake of face and future, Xiao Zhen doesn’t dare to let today’s events see the light of day.”

Liu Wan Yun knew that her daughter was right, but she was still a little unrelieved.

Zhao Liya added, “I know you as a mother are heartbroken for your own child, understand, understand! Mama Wan Yun.”

Liuanyun: “After the live broadcast, I’m going to change the note ……”

Zhao Liya, for the first time in her life, condescendingly said to her mother, “That’s not necessary, even if the note is not Wan Yun’s mother, you are still Wan Yun’s mother deep inside!”

Liu Wan Yun s ears were red, and then …… a slap smacked Zhao Liya s eyes.


Over there, Xiao Zhen gritted his teeth and said, “The video is transmitted.”

Li Tiezhu smiled, “Thank you brother, but look. Will the fans look at it and wonder how you got this video? Although you were kind enough to help me clarify, what if there are those with a dark heart who say that both videos are your handiwork?”

“It’s fine, it was my fault in the first place.”

“I can’t bear it in my heart! You said you’re such a kind and lovely quality idol, how can you have a stain? It’s not okay to just be suspicious!”


“You’re like this, now make a video, also send this jitterbug, just say that we are iron buddies who have long admired each other. This time you know that I had an accident, launched together resources, finally found the original video, hereby for Li Tiezhu to right the name.”

“I ……”

“This can create the image of you being two for two for your brother ah! You wouldn’t want people to know that we are good brothers, right? Look down on me?”

“Don’t dare! I’ll send it right here, right now.”

Xiao Zhen’s hands trembled as he raised his mobile phone in preparation for a selfie.


Li Tiezhu bellowed.

Xiao Zhen was so scared that he almost dropped his mobile phone in shit and cringed, “What, what’s wrong?”

Li Tiezhu snapped, “Remember to turn on the beauty face, just slapped you, your face is slightly swollen, it will ruin your beautiful image.”


Xiao Zhen was like a small quail, shivering against the cold wind, and started taking selfies:

“Friends, Li Tiezhu and I have known each other …… for a long time, and this time, some people framed him and wanted to ruin his future. I, I can t watch …… it.”

The video was quickly recorded, Li Tiezhu checked it and let Xiao Zhen send it out.

Li Tiezhu said with satisfaction, “Good brother, your kindness I remember for life!”

Xiao Zhen: “……”

Li Tiezhu: “What? You don’t think I’m nagging and want to drive me away, do you?”

“No …… no, like to chat with you.”

“If you like it, then we will chat about ten dollars again?”

“No, no need!”

“It’s nice to have such smooth communication! But aren’t you forgetting something?”


“I just heard your agent say that he’s going to post the video of me and Zhao Liya cuddling online?”

“Oh, right, right, right! I’m deleting that video as well.”

Xiao Zhen formatted the USB stick and then gave it to Li Tiezhu. This way, he couldn’t even do it even if he looked like he was recovering the data, and in fact, after today’s incident, he didn’t dare to be a demon anymore.


“Cuddling? What’s going on?”

Liu Wan Yun stared at her daughter with an unkind gaze, interrogating her like a criminal.

Zhao Liya didn’t think that she was also in the ranks of being counted, scared into a cold sweat, if not for Li Tiezhu’s decisive action, she would have been caught in the crossfire. However, mum, what kind of expression are you wearing?

Shouldn’t you be concerned about me being counted?


Is this about me falling in love early?

At least it’s my own mother, this is still relatively reliable, I feel the warmth of motherly love again.

Zhao Liya touched the back of the head that still hurts, said: “That time I rode a bike carrying him, the road was bumpy, he also only embraced me for a moment and then let go, we are just friends.”

Liuanyun’s complexion relaxed a lot and said, “That’s good! Li Tiezhu is still young and can’t be involved in gossip. And as a friend, you have to keep a good distance, or you will bring him trouble.”


Zhao Liya is going to have a seizure, so you are afraid that I will bring trouble to Li Tiezhu?

Zhao Liya said: “Mum, you have to be reasonable. It’s him who hugged me, and it’s me, the girl, who suffered, okay? You do not think he bullied me?”

“Tie Zhu is not a casual person.”

“Oh? Then your daughter …… I am?”

Liu Wan Yun said calmly, “I mean, you don’t have breasts and no arse, would Tie Zhu care to take advantage of you? He’s so honest, it’s impossible for him to be furtive with you. Also, you’re only sixteen, right? No early love.”

Zhao Liya: “……”

It’s only now that you remember that I can’t fall in love early na? And not too sure about my age look …… really is the warmth of a mother’s love ah!


After dealing with the matter, Li Tiezhu switched off the video recording and said: ”Chatting with you is very pleasant! However, it’s getting late, so I won’t bother you to go home and change your trousers. Let’s chat next time!”

“Brother, goodbye! I’ll buy you a drink next time!”

Xiao Zhen breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he didn’t circulate this video, he could tolerate it, he could even tolerate his godfather.