The Rockstar Chapter 55

Walking out two steps, Li Tiezhu suddenly turned back: ”Oh yes, this time I spent half a million in order to come over and make friends with you. The air ticket money I will not forget with you, after all, they are all family brothers. But that half a million, how about ……AA?”

Xiao Zhen begged, “I’m out! I’ll go back and transfer it all to you!”

Li Tiezhu boarded up his face, “You look down on me!”

Xiao Zhen cried, “Then AA, whatever you say, brother!”

Li Tiezhu then satisfied, cordial and Xiao Zhen exchanged mobile phone numbers, the two good brother of the liver and guts, about often contact.

“Brother, I’m leaving ah.”

“Brother! You slow down.”

Li Tiezhu put on his work clothes, buttoned up his hat and mask, then, waved at the camera, before pushing the bin humming “You Look Good When You Smile” and leaving slowly.

Security room, Wu Yongqiang angry teeth, this is too arrogant! Too rampant!

However, it’s fine when you’re done with your business!

Wu Yongqiang immediately took a few security guards who had been paid off to seize the door and rushed to the underground car park, not only to rescue Xiao Zhen, but also to carry the bodyguard and the driver to the car, destroying all traces that might expose this matter.

In a word, it is to wash the ground.

Li Tiezhu pushed the rubbish bin out of the passageway, saw Wu Yongqiang and the security guards who hurriedly ran down and asked, “Any bottles?”

Wu Yongqiang and the security guards ran down around him without paying attention to Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu turned back and shouted, “Pulled cans are fine.”

Wu Yongqiang ran far away with his men, still angry, and exploded, “Get out!”

Only then did Li Tiezhu continue to push the bin, humming and limping out, these guys …… are not civilised.


“Perfect victory, Li Tiezhu is powerful and domineering!”

Zhang Jianjun released the summary statement of this operation in the group, and then the entire group of over a hundred tried and tested warriors sent congratulatory messages.

“I knew it! Serious Brother Cowhide!”

“A string of rare idols also dares to hack my family’s Tie Zhu?”

“Relieved, too damn relieved.”

“I, Li Tiezhu, have come back to life with full blood!”

“Xiao Zhen will have to look at Li Tiezhu’s face for the rest of his life, just think about it and be happy.”

“I recorded the video, take it out and look at it when I’m in a bad mood.”

“First of all, it is announced that the serious gang will not expand by one person from now on, only we are the real iron fans!”

“Resolutely support!”

“Let those guys whose stance is not firm, regret it!”

“Unify your understanding, and keep a copy of the video for each person to protect Tie Zhu! However, remember not to let anyone know.”




“Tie Zhu is also badly injured, Linlin’s mum is heartbroken.”

“Wow! I used to hate you mummy fans, but now I’m officially apologising, I love you all!”

“Mama Wan Yun is the spiritual leader of mommy fans, go for it!”

“Speaking of which, why hasn’t Mama Wan Yun expressed her joy yet?”

Iron Man: “Mama Wan Yun, you’re Tie Zhu’s own mother!”

Liu Wan Yun raised her hand, wanting to whip Zhao Liya once more, but her daughter had already tactically retreated to the door, and was able to enter and retreat. She was so angry that she gritted her teeth, but there was nothing she could do.

This thing, must not let her husband know, otherwise it will be too humiliating, this life is difficult to be cross eyed in front of him, so …… do you want to unify the girl who owes a beating?

Can t let go of face ah!

Ah! There.

“Zhao! If you dare to expose me, I’ll tell your dad that you have a crush on Li Tiezhu and that you’re in love early. He even wrote you a song. Ironclad proof! And I’m just sneaking into the enemy’s interior to supervise you and Li Tiezhu.”

After the WeChat was sent out, Liuanyun smiled wittily, and what she didn’t expect was that Zhao Liya Lingran wasn’t afraid to reply on the spot:

“Li Tiezhu and I are considered close relatives, right? Wan Yun mum!”

Liuanyun a mouthful of old blood almost sprayed out, was about to rage, Zhao Liya’s mobile phone rang.

“Hello? Teacher Leng Ba, how is he? Is he seriously injured? Is it? It’s true that you can’t go to the hospital, just get medicine. Then please take good care of him …… Huh? I’m sorry ah! I said the wrong thing again, what is the relationship between you and him ah, it is not my turn to thank, it’s okay, you do not need to explain, I understand, Tiezhu all told me. Well, then …… goodbye!”

Hang up the phone, Zhao Liya rolled his eyes, people call over to declare “sovereignty” it, his own stupid almost said the wrong thing.

Didn’t listen to Leng Ba said?

She is directly to the Li Tiezhu to their own home, what will happen next is self-evident …… really, Tiezhu hurt like that are not spared, this woman physical strength is really good.

“Why is that Leng Ba again? How is Tiezhu?”

Liu Wan Yun asked.

Zhao Liya said, “It said that he was hurt so badly that he couldn’t even walk steadily on the road. Leng Ba and dare not send him to the hospital, afraid of the incident exposure, so Leng Ba called their own driver driving, Li Tiezhu led her home to recuperate, but also bought all the medicines, it should be nothing. After all, the East China Sea is Leng Ba teacher’s base camp, the company in the East China Sea, the house also bought in the East China Sea.”

Liuanyun shook her head slightly and frowned, “What makes her bring Tie Zhu to her home? If the media finds out, won’t it cause trouble for Tie Zhu again?”

On what grounds?

Zhao Liya said in her heart, people are justified, okay? After all, they are the kittens that Li Tiezhu raised.

This matter Zhao Liya can not say, can only say: “She is also concerned about Tiezhu, and, people also sent a video in the jitterbug to help Li Tiezhu clarify.”

Liuanyun said, “Something is not right, always feel that this Lengba is not right! Li Tiezhu went to see Xiao Zhen, why did she follow her? I’m afraid that Tiezhu will suffer if he goes home with her.”

“Li Tiezhu is a man, what loss will he suffer?”

“What do you know? I just think that Leng Ba is not as decent as she looks.”

Zhao Liya was dumbfounded and exclaimed in her heart:

Lady Warrior has good eyesight!

Liu Wan Yun was worried again, “The main thing is that Leng Ba looks too pretty, like a demonic spirit, which is like you look so safe? Tie Zhu is simple and will probably suffer.”

“How am I safe? Am I not pretty?”

Zhao Liya was unconvinced, am I also good looking? In the eyes of the fans, it is also a goddess level.

Liu Wanyun said, “Don’t think blindly, you are not growing now, grow up if …… you still don’t have that woman pretty, hey, I hope Tiezhu is okay.”

Zhao Liya looked down at a pair of A in front of her chest, radish and greens each have their own love, I will also grow it. Besides, I don’t care that Li Tiezhu likes me, he is second hand!


Thinking about it this way, it’s really a cold bar teacher who has earned it!

Mum’s right!


With Xiao Zhen’s two videos sent out, the entire network suddenly changed, Li Tiezhu’s “wrongful case” completely snowed, so good people actually be wronged, too hateful.

Even, because of being tricked to go to that kind of place and the courage to turn away from the action, let Li Tiezhu won a higher praise.

Li Tiezhu’s character image, unprecedentedly high up.

Xiao Zhen, who helped Li Tiezhu “turn the tide”, was also widely praised, countless fans, and the comment section is also a one-sided song of praise.

“I didn’t expect that Xiao Zhen and Li Tiezhu are good brothers, it’s amazing.”

“My family battle is really a good person.”

“Zheng Zheng apologises, I used to think you were effeminate, but now it seems that you are a real man!”

“Li Tiezhu, you are lucky to have such a good brother.”

“Pfft! I’d rather string thin in a Rolls Royce than be constipated in a battery car.”

“What does the front mean? Can’t understand it!”

“Those who understand naturally understand.”