The Rockstar Chapter 56

Donghai, a certain high-class flat.

Li Tiezhu took his own three-handed Nokia from Leng Ba, and then deleted the video she had just watched with raised eyebrows, a video with a flavour.

“Why did you delete it? Without this video, Xiao Zhen is still afraid of you? If he deals with you again in the future, you won’t even have the cards to fight back.”

It was too late for Leng Ba to stop it.

Li Tiezhu took out the mobile phone card, mounted it on his newly bought Huami phone and switched it on.

Really fragrant!

This boot up animation is so good that it’s like a board.

The mobile phone is “back” on the way to buy, of course, is the money out of Lengba, Li Tiezhu body only a few dozen dollars in change.

Li Tiezhu calculates that after two days of getting the song royalties from the cast and crew of Kun, he will return to Miss Lengba and ask her to eat a spicy hot pot to express his gratitude.

“I heard that the last time Wine Pen P’s song score was found by one of my fans hacking into his mobile phone.”

“And then?”

“So I was thinking, Xiao Zhen must have this kind of powerful people under his hand, they hacked into my phone to find the video and deleted it, then he was completely relieved. Now that I’ve deleted it myself, and how they can’t find the video when they hack in, they’ll be scared all the time. He definitely won’t think I’ll delete the video.”

“Wonderful! Are you already smart to this extent?”

Leng Ba came to a realisation and couldn’t help but give Li Tiezhu a high look, this operation was so tawdry.

Li Tiezhu smiled coyly, could have been smarter, you wasted 5 points. However, thank you for helping to set up a meeting between me and Xiao Zhen, a pair of good brothers, I don’t blame you.

Li Tiezhu opened his new mobile phone and immediately gave the old man a call, today he hurriedly ran to the East China Sea more than a thousand miles away, and did not go back in the middle of the night, the old man was afraid of being anxious.

Did not pick up, continue to play.

Leng Ba on the side to pack the medical box, Li Tiezhu just gave himself medicine, simple treatment of the wound, Leng Ba also can not insert the hand, mainly by the frightened.

Li Tiezhu’s face injury is okay, the body injury is called a horror, she did not know how he insisted on it.

Tonight she is considered to reacquaint herself with Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu actually used such a simple and brutal way to solve the problem that she thought was unsolvable. And the most amazing thing is, Li Tiezhu strange “communication” way, actually really “penitentiary” Xiao Zhen, the two became good brothers?

Pfft! A string of good brothers!

Listening to Li Tiezhu briefly said things, Lengba completely did not expect Li Tiezhu so able to fight, Xiao Zhen’s bodyguard is certainly not simple.

A little thinking, Lengba know, to Li Tiezhu’s fighting strength, if she intends to “kill” her, she will certainly be “killed” very bad. It turns out that yesterday and today, they are on the verge of death crazy temptation ah!

I can’t afford to mess with you!

In the future, it is better not to tease him again, no, less tease it, appropriate tease, or this guy launched crazy, I am afraid to fall apart.

“Hello? Old man, it’s me ……”

Li Tiezhu froze.

The voice of Aunt Liu came from the phone, “Column ah? That …… your old man is resting, what do you have?”

Li Tiezhu thought, I did not go home in the middle of the night old man are not worried? Actually sleep?

“Auntie, I’m just saying, I won’t go home tonight. I won’t go home for the next two days, when Lao Han wakes up, you give him a word.”

“Your old man told me.”

“How does he know?”

“He said you’ve gone to be with your girlfriend and won’t be back tonight. What’s going on? Your girlfriend’s asleep? It’s a waste not to come home for two days. A hotel is not as comfortable as home. If you bring your girlfriend back, I’ll cook for you, and your old man can sleep here in my spacious bed.”

“No no no, that’s it ……”

Li Tiezhu hung up the phone, can not help but sigh, Aunt Liu really righteous! Her bed is a single bed to come.

Because of the facial injury, Li Tiezhu listened to Miss Lengba’s suggestion to stay at her house for two days first and not rush back to Shudu. If he was photographed by the media, he might be implicated in the matter of him beating up Xiao Zhen, in short, it is better to be careful.

Leng Ba glanced at Li Tiezhu who was not wearing a shirt and asked, “How did you come up with that idea?”

Li Tiezhu blandly said, “Didn’t think about it. I’ve often been bullied and falsely accused and whatnot, and after so many years, I gradually summed up a set of experiences. Their kind of people are the same, not unreasonable, just that we do not understand the language, with their understandable language reasoning on the line. Look at Xiao Zhen, actually quite reasonable.”

“Also right.”

Leng Ba nodded, you have a good figure to say anything right.

Li Tiezhu said, “Actually, Xiao Zhen was wrong, I’m not an earth dog, but a wild dog. The wild dog doesn’t care about the domestic dog barking at him, as long as the owner of the domestic dog is not there, the wild dog will rush up and bite its throat, and then accompany the domestic dog that is convulsing and waiting to die, and lie down together to bask in the sun.”

“According to you, the entertainment industry is all dogs? What breed am I then?”

“No, you’re not, you’re a cat, a Persian, the exceptionally good looking kind.”

“Oh ……”

“Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Wild dogs don’t ‘kill’ cats, do they?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what it means.”

“Do I …… know?”

Li Tiezhu was again looked at by Lengba and blushed, so he had to lower his head to register WeChat, the first one to add Xiao Zhen, passed in seconds, and then he sent a video call over.

How did I start to die again? Leng Ba saw him videoing with someone and panicked a little:

“Don’t film me! Who are you videoing with? Girlfriend?”

“Ah?” Li Tiezhu was puzzled, do I look like the kind of person who would have a girlfriend? He said, “I’m videoing with my good brother Xiao Zhen, don’t worry, I won’t film you. Huh? Why didn’t you pick up for so long?”

Leng Ba suddenly felt that this honest guy is actually quite evil inside, Xiao Zhen is now stringing thin strings of emptiness, right? However, the wild dog is no matter how fierce, as long as it does not “kill” the cat! Persian cats are so cute!

“Okay, I’m going to take a shower, in order to accompany you to the East China Sea, I even left my assistant in Shudu.”

“Thank you teacher!”

Li Tiezhu stared at the screen, could it be that the new phone has a bad signal?

Then the video connected.

“Brother! You …… you find me something? Don’t worry, I’ll transfer the money to you right away.”

“It’s not polite to mention money! I’m just asking if you’re asleep.”

“No, you haven’t rested, how can I go to bed early? I’ll chat with you for a while.”

“That’s good! It just so happens that I have a whole bunch of questions to ask you, you said that I, an earth dog, just started out, don’t know anything, so I have no choice but to ask you.”

“Brother! You mustn’t say that, feel free to ask, I’ll answer anything I know.”

“OK, do you think I should sign a company or something too? Just like you guys?”

“Totally necessary! Let me tell you, the most important thing in this circle is resources and connections, you see I used …… when I falsely accused you before”

The two brothers chatted for almost half an hour before saying goodnight to each other, and Li Tiezhu couldn’t get enough.

Long knowledge, the original showbiz rules so much ah! Good complicated look, although the good brother said extremely thorough, but Li Tiezhu’s small brain is still a little confused.

This kind of thing is too esoteric, of course it is not so easy to understand.

At least, it is definitely not as …… shallow and easy to understand as Miss Leng Ba dressed like this.

Looking at Lengba teacher who wiped her hair and walked, Li Tiezhu gave birth to an ominous premonition …… that he would have nightmares again tonight!