The Rockstar Chapter 57

“What are you looking at? Never seen a Persian cat before?”

Leng Ba crossed Li Tiezhu a glance, counting you a bit of appreciation, can make the dumbfounded Li Tiezhu dumbfounded beauty, I’m afraid there are not many, right? At least, he was straight enough for Zhao Liya!

“No ……”

Li Tiezhu thought to himself, “How can I tell the cat breeds from the dirt dogs like me? Because Qin Tao’s family has a Persian cat, I know what a Persian cat looks like. Moreover, the cat in their house eats better than even Li Tiezhu.

Forcing himself to think of something else, Li Tiezhu finally did not spray nosebleeds, and lowered his head to play with his mobile phone without slanting his eyes.

I never thought that you were such a cat, teacher!

The little fanny Leng Ba went to the refrigerator and took a box of yoghurt to drink, and then sat on the sofa and played with the mobile phone. I don t want to tell Mimi that I went back to the East China Sea, otherwise, I will be dragged to the Hengdian construction site early tomorrow morning.

Swiping my mobile phone is so happy!

Sit and swipe, lie down and swipe, lie down and swipe ……

Li Tiezhu felt that he was about to explode, and the teacher …… was so white, no, it was so good!

She must be exercising my willpower, so that I can easily resist all kinds of temptations in this circle in the future, so that I can clean myself and keep my body like a jade. In order to hammer me, the teacher has made great sacrifices, wearing equipment with only 50% defence to accompany ……

What about the fart!

Li Tiezhu himself does not believe this excuse, she is the Great Demon King, again bullying me as a wounded man! Changing the posture of bullying!

“Teacher, I …… went to take a shower and sleep.”

“Sleeping so early? Play a little longer.”

“No, no.”

“Don’t you like mobile phones?”

Leng Ba felt that Li Tiezhu was boring to the extreme, change a new mobile phone and still sleep? I can swipe all night with a new mobile phone!

Li Tiezhu’s heart is suffocating, of course it’s not fun, can it be fun to be played?

I am now a smart person!

“Here! Bathroom is over here, come with me, I’ll tell you about it. This way is hot water. What? You want to take a cold shower? Won’t you catch a cold? And you’re still injured. Whatever you want, the hair dryer is here, the bath towel …… use mine first. Oh yeah, I had my driver prepare a change of clothes for you earlier, I’ll go there and give them to you.”

Lengba teacher is very enthusiastic, knowing that Li Tiezhu this earth dog many things will not use, explaining also very patient.

Li Tiezhu breathed sharply and was silent.

“Here, it should be able to wear it.”


“You’re welcome, ask me if you don’t know anything.”

Leng Ba privately thought that she was close enough to Li Tiezhu as well, I’m so good to him, how can I still have the cheek not to write me a song in the future? Act in a play, I’ll let you write me a song, after all, you can write a divine song like “Cool” in one night, hehehehehehehehehe ……

Li Tiezhu took the clothes, picked up an object and said, “Teacher you still have a razor?”

Leng Ba was stunned, “No! That’s not!”

Li Tiezhu frowned: “No way! I’m just borrowing it for a bit, well, forget it if you don’t want to.”

Leng Ba snatched the razor, blushed and said, “Scram! I’m a girl, where do I have a razor?”

Li Tiezhu was puzzled: “Ah? Right!”

When taking a shower, Li Tiezhu thought for a long time and did not figure it out, do girls need a razor? Obviously do not need! Then, Leng Ba teacher’s razor is …… her boyfriend’s!

So she has a boyfriend ah!

She’s wearing this? Her boyfriend doesn’t care? Besides, she has a boyfriend and she’s testing me. ……

Showbiz is horrible!

Cold shower to wake up and refresh the mind can also extinguish the fire, Li Tiezhu refreshed to change into new clothes, swept through the living room to say good night straight into the guest room, do not dare to look at more than one glance.

Leng Ba was embarrassed to take care of Li Tiezhu, but still did not hold back, concerned about: “will open the air conditioning, right?”

Li Tiezhu: “No.”

“Hey ……”

Leng Ba was also quite embarrassed, walked into the guest room to turn on the air conditioning, and then left, “Tomorrow morning, I’ll have the driver send a razor over.”

Li Tiezhu was ashamed, “I’m sorry! I’m rather stupid, just figured out that that razor …… it can’t be shared.”

After all, it’s someone’s boyfriend’s, why give it to me to use? No wonder the teacher reacted so violently. I blame myself for usually using the old man’s razor too much and being impolite.

Lengba suddenly messed up, of course that thing can not be shared, you know do not say it ah! You’re getting a murderous streak in you, aren’t you?


Be careful not to be “brutally murdered” in your own home.

Running back to the bedroom, closing the door and locking it behind her, Coldblood realised that her heart was beating too fast and that I was too pretty.

Hey, what’s that in the mirror?

Why am I wearing this nightgown? Also this look in front of him to play so long mobile phone! It’s over, it’s over, it’s over …… No wonder Li Tiezhu has been acting strange, he doesn’t think I don’t want to “live”, does he?

My God, I’ve lost all my face!

Thanks again to Li Tiezhu’s “do not kill” grace! You good people life peace!


Jingle Bells ……

“Wang Da Shao requests a video call with you.”

Leng Ba, who was trapped in shame, hung up at the first opportunity, this thing again? It’s so annoying! Just because you have money, you can do whatever you want?

Here we go again!

Chairman of National Treasure Live? The only son of a property tycoon? Is that so great?

Leng Ba dropped himself onto the bed and rolled over, facing up on his back. According to Mimi’s theory, if there is no external effect massage, try not to sleep on your back, or it will be easy to become smaller.

WeChat received a message, “Why didn’t you answer my video?”

Leng Ba just sneered and did not return.

Not long after, the other party sent another message, “Xu Shanqiang is going to make a new film, do you want me to help you get a role? Female lead? Female second? Take your pick! I’ll do the talking.”

“Not interested, thanks!”


The son of the former richest man is really something.

Switch off and go to sleep.

Me! Dilimurati-Lengba, even if I give Li Tiezhu as a mistress or a pet, I won’t give you, the ugly rich second generation, as a plaything! At least, Li Tiezhu is more affectionate to his broken toy octave box than you are to a used woman.

I, Leng Ba, am not a moral controller, I am simply – a face controller.

That said, this rich second generation that leaves seeds everywhere has been harassing her for not one or two days, almost three years, Leng Ba is almost broken.

If it wasn’t for Mimi stopping her, she would have publicly blown the whistle on this pervert.


He has no less than ten female companions, and he came to pester her to make her a proper girlfriend, and he also said that …… the weak water is 3,000 I will only take a dipper, and the others, they are all casual drinks!

Heh! You scoop well!

Mimi has told Lengba that in this circle, almost all the big brothers are perverts, and all kinds of strange stories are a basket.

Leng Ba couldn’t take it.

So, after she graduated, she had thought about moving towards dance, or leaning towards music where her father was? But fortunately, she was picked up by Mimi, and she hasn’t been bullied over the years, except that, this time, facing Wang Dashao, Mimi didn’t dare to take a hard line.

This night, Leng Ba slept poorly.

The next morning, Leng Ba, as always, stayed in bed.

Knock Knock ……




“I’ve cooked skinny congee with eggs, so get up and have some when you wake up, teacher.”

“Oh, I know.”

“Why don’t you open the door and I’ll bring it in for you?”

“Don’t, I’m not dressed.”

“Erm …… I’ve put it on the table, you can come and eat it yourself.”

Li Tiezhu was very gentle, but Lengba could not let go of last night’s embarrassment, and made up her mind to be paralysed in bed all day and not go out of the bedroom.

Gulp ……

The stomach began to protest, Leng Ba’s face flinched, the indisputable thing, don’t howl, last night was seen naked, disgraceful not? You still have the nerve to scream?

Finally, under the temptation of food, Leng Ba rarely woke up early and drank congee.

Li Tiezhu …… handicraft can be ah!

In addition to the skin and egg thin meat congee, there is a stack of kimchi mixed with red oil, which is delicious to the explosion.

Suck it up and huff it up!

Leng Ba finished the big bowl of skinny congee with eggs, then the doorbell rang.



No one answered.

Leng Ba clutched her bowl and wondered to the door, then regretted it; she should have pretended she wasn’t home.

Only to see, Wang Da Shao stood outside the door in a white suit with a bunch of white roses in his hand, revealing what he thought was a very evil and impetuous creepy smile, staring at Leng Ba.

“What are you doing here?”

“To see you! To see if my future wife is tired of working lately, if she’s tired, my shoulder for you to lean on.”

Wang Da Shao said and patted his left shoulder.

Leng Ba resisted the feeling of vomiting and said, “Young Master Wang, go about your business, I’m quite busy.”

Wang Da Shao directly broke in, “It’s fine, I’m not busy! Money makes the Devil turn the mill, where is the boss to do things personally? I’m just playing around, I have people to do things for me.”

Leng Ba almost wanted to smash the bowl on the head of this goods, but Li Tiezhu cooked porridge is too delicious, can not afford.

This excuse can be.

Wang Dashao entered the door and sat down on the sofa, making himself at home.

Leng Ba could not drive away, but could only sit at the table and continue to drink congee, if he was not concerned about Mimi’s words, he would have snapped the bowl fiercely on Wang Onion’s heavenly cap.

“What I told you last time, how’s the consideration?”

Wang Da Shao played with his mobile phone and asked.

Leng Ba was silent.

Wang Da Shao put down his mobile phone and looked at Leng Ba: “Hey! Talking to you, what attitude?”

Leng Ba: “What is it? I forgot.”

Wang Da Shao heatedly smiled and said, “Don’t pretend! What are the conditions despite mention, I’m a very free-spirited person, talking about a you love me, I see your appearance and body, you open your price, it’s normal, do not be embarrassed, despite the requirements!”

Leng Ba ate a piece of red oil mixed pickles, Li Tiezhu handcraft is really good, smiled: “What conditions is that one?”

Wang Da Shao shrugged, “One hundred thousand a month.”

Leng Ba added: “What about the new one out of this three thousand year old beauty?”

Wang Dashao thought about it and seemed a bit sluggish, “No money, it was given to me for nothing. It’s just for me to give her some resources to make her red.”

Leng Ba nodded, “Then, what do you think is the right price I should offer?”

Wang Da Shao looked up at Leng Ba, then tilted his head and thought carefully, “You’re not lacking in money, you can let me make you the number one flower girl in the entertainment industry! Big blockbuster heroine! I may not necessarily be able to do it, but 60% of the nation’s cinemas are owned by my family. This sincerity, is it enough?”

“Is it enough? Oh ……”

Leng Ba pushed away the bowl of porridge, wanted to violently beat this stupid turtle, but could not beat it, she said.

“So, do you think I would sell myself like goods? Or do you think you’re charismatic enough to make me kneel under your legs?”

Wang Dashao froze, “What do you mean? Isn’t it always like this when you’re in love?”

Leng Ba: “I Leng Ba is not considered to be a pure and holy woman, but I only dedicate myself to the person …… I like! Not for money or fame, willingly.”

Wang Da Shao’s eyes narrowed, this woman’s concept of love is problematic.


Not far away, the bedroom door opened, and Li Tiezhu walked out carrying a small strip of cloth, cursing in his mouth:

“Teacher, I found a strip on the bed, is it yours?”

Leng Ba’s face reddened, that is …… the room where Mimi lived when she came a few days ago, I didn’t think that she would be so “throw away”, ahem! So shameful!

However, Wang Dashao did not know that Li Tiezhu lived in the master bedroom and second bedroom ah, he instantly looked at Leng Ba.

Li Tiezhu startled, how there are outsiders?

He froze and handed the cloth to Leng Ba, her boyfriend? Oh my god, it will not be a disgrace to Miss Lengba, right?

Leng Ba lowered her head and looked at the equipment with a defence value of 0 left behind by Mimi.

“Li Tiezhu?!”

Wang Da Shao knows the entertainment industry very well, he suddenly laughed, this guy is full of injuries, it seems that the news received last night is true, he and Xiao Zhen ……

Li Tiezhu froze: “You are the boyfriend of tutor Leng Ba? Ah! That what …… I just live temporarily, I will leave in a couple of days, you do not misunderstand!”

Wang Da Shao was delighted, oh? Just temporary residence ah!

Leng Ba suddenly eyeballs a turn, came up with a brilliant plan, although it is also self-inflicted damage, but as long as you can poison this rich second generation on the line, the other can not care so much.

“Oops! Why are you taking out my trousers?”

Leng Ba suddenly stomped her foot, her face flushed red, her acting skills were first class and real as hell. Thank you Mimi for your assist, you’re a good person.

Li Tiezhu: “Isn’t this a strip of cloth? That thing is under my pillow ……”

Leng Ba: “Not allowed to say, there are outsiders! You’re so bad, don’t you know if it’s under your pillow? It’s all your fault. Shame on you. ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Hm????”

Wang Dashao’s smile is also gone, not right, I have not even caught up with the woman, I was cuckolded in advance? What’s the situation?

Leng Ba had a shy face and pushed Li Tiezhu towards the bedroom, “Don’t you talk! Shameless …… don’t take me as a girlfriend, also can’t be so bad to trample people ah!”

Li Tiezhu: “I ……”


The bedroom room door was closed.

Li Tiezhu was confused, what’s the situation? What the hell is that little strip of cloth!

In the living room, Wang Dashao’s face was cold: “What do you mean? You and Li Tiezhu …… are in love?”

Leng Ba red faced and waved her hands, “No, no. It is that he is bad, and he must ask me to be a cat for him, and then, it is to tame the cat and so on, I am a girl, which is his opponent ah ……”


Wang Da Shao kicked away the coffee table and turned around.

Damn, to give Li Tiezhu this kind of bumpkin as a cat, not even to Laozi as a proper girlfriend, you he meow have enough under the sword.

Wait and see!

Leng Ba has a colourful face, oye!

I’m proud of my own acting skills, and it wasn’t long before Leng Ba received a WeChat from Zhao Liya, and was pissed off all over again.


The third day, evening.

Li Tiezhu, who had recovered from his injuries, returned to his teacher’s home from the recording studio, and bought some food on the way to make a thank you banquet in the evening.

Tomorrow, he will return to Shudu.

A small pot of spicy hot pot, a dish of fried cabbage, a portion of back to the pot beef, a purple cabbage and egg soup.

The two people ate in silence.

For the past three days, the two had been in this mode of getting along, awkward as hell.

At first, Li Tiezhu naively thought that it must be that the teacher was embarrassed after being glimpsed, so it seems that she is not intentionally bullying me, and there is still a teacher’s virtue.

These days, Lengba teacher’s dress code, proper and outrageous, evening dress are whole on, the dead sheep mending the same.

Later he realised that the cat was really angry.

Well, Zhou Hongru and Zhang Xiaomeng chased to the East China Sea, these days, Li Tiezhu recuperating at the same time, but also in the studio to record their own three “old songs”, relatively busy.

And Mimi found another music studio, Leng Ba busy recording “cool”.

Therefore, the two usually do not have much interaction, only at night can see above, and everyone also in their respective bedrooms to stay, the embarrassment is not too obvious.

Jingle Bells ……

Transferring five hundred and forty-four thousand two hundred dollars.

Leng Ba looked at his mobile phone and then at Li Tiezhu across the dining table, “The air ticket only cost twelve thousand.”

Li Tiezhu had become a signed artiste of Penguin Culture, and, was a key target on the original music track. At the same time, the crew of Kun paid 200,000 in royalties, and with the signing award and the money that came from his good brother Xiao Zhen AA, excluding the commission given to Qin Tao, it was enough to pay off the debt.

Li Tiezhu said: ”The extra three thousand is the money for accommodation and buying clothes and razors. Thank you teacher! Give you trouble!”

“Heh! Having money is terrific!”

Leng Ba smiled skinlessly and collected the money.

Thinking to herself, wild dogs really don’t need charity, domestic dogs do, only, after all, wild dogs are just wild dogs, they can’t be raised well!

Li Tiezhu smiled awkwardly and did not dare to respond.

Continue to eat.

Then, Leng Ba finally couldn’t help herself, slapped her chopsticks and roared, “Li Tiezhu! Am I not good to you? Why did you go and start a rumour about me?”

The Persian cat was enraged.


Li Tiezhu was confused, why is she angry? Where did I make a rumour?

“Pretend! Keep pretending!”

Leng Ba put WeChat open, click and Zhao Liya chat records, three days ago Zhao Liya sent a message, Leng Ba did not dare to return.

“Teacher Lengba, Tiezhu said you have a boyfriend. I take the identity of Li Tiezhu’s friend, I take the liberty to ask you, let Li Tiezhu go, he is stupid and doesn’t know anything, don’t bully him. Thanks!”